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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Karl Zwicky

Margaret is standing outside the police station, looking in turns upset and then thoughtful. There is a rubbish bin next to her, and she appears to be looking at it and thinking. A man starts walking towards her, and she momentarily tries to stand there and pretend that nothing's wrong. As soon as he has passed by, though, she takes out Martin's screwed-up suicide note, and drops it in the bin...

Patricia is doing some gardening at Toorak when someone approaches her: it's John, who's dressed in his airforce uinform. He tells Patricia that he came as soon as he could. Patricia stands up and hugs him, telling him - with emotion in her voice - that she's glad to see him.

In the lounge room at Dural, Fiona is reading out the story in the newspaper about David being remanded in custody pending a bail hearing set for that day; there is a look of disbelief on her face. Jill says to imagine what Beryl is going through. Fiona says that none of it makes any sense - David's just not capable of killing anyone. Gordon points out that he still have to be proved guilty. Wayne, who has taken the paper, reads that a court order was taken out to stop David from seeing Martin's daughter. Gordon incredulously says, "Angela?" Wayne says, "Must be." Fiona cries, "Oh, what on earth is going on down there?" Jill says she knew David and Martin didn't get along, but nothing like that. Fiona says one thing's for sure: whatever help they need, they can rely on her. She goes to the 'phone, and Jill asks her if she's calling Beryl. Fiona replies that she wants to hear for herself what really happened. Jill tells her to ask if David got bail. As Fiona dials, Gordon says he's made arrangements to visit Barbara this afternoon, so he'll have to leave, he's afraid. He adds that Fiona should tell Beryl that, if she needs any help, she only has to ask. When Fiona gets through, she finds the 'phone at the other end is engaged, and she says she'll call later. As Gordon leaves the room, he asks to see Wayne before he goes. The two of them head out. Jill, who is now holding the paper, says to Fiona that it doesn't seem real - reading something like this in the paper about people you know... Fiona, in agreement, suggests that Jill won't want to go ahead with wedding now. Jill asks why not. Fiona replies that Martin's death is bound to change Johnny's attitude to the airforce - more than likely, he'll quit. Jill asks why should he? Fiona replies that he only joined to please Martin, but Jill retorts that he joined because he was interested - he loves what he's doing; that's not going to change. Fiona suggests that Jill should at least wait and talk to him, adding that another couple of days aren't going to make a scrap of difference. Jill, though, says, "No, Fiona. I'm getting married to Brian this afternoon. And if you think John's going to change, you're crazy." Fiona looks upset.

As Gordon and Wayne emerge from Dural, Wayne tells his father to let Barbara know that he's thinking of her. Gordon says he will. He then continues that he didn't want to say anything in front of Fiona and Jill, but he'd understand if Wayne wants to phone Patricia. Looking surprised, Wayne says he hadn't intended to. Gordon suggests that, if she loved Martin enough to want to marry him, then maybe she's upset. As they start walking to the car, Wayne tells Gordon that Patricia is a survivor - she's a lot tougher than all of them. Gordon points out that Wayne was still fairly close to her - she may be expecting a call. He quickly adds that he knows what their deal was... Wayne replies that he's made the break. Gordon says she is family, but says it's up to Wayne. Wayne says, "Mother knows where I am. If she needs any sympathy, she can always ring."

In the lounge room at Toorak, John says to Patricia that it's like some kind of bad dream - Angela, Martin... He adds that she shoud have let him know what was going on. Patricia replies that it all happened so quickly that she didn't have a chance. John sighs, and says Martin was so friendly whenever he came to visit - he never let on that he was having trouble with his family. Patricia tells him that he's lucky he wasn't around to see how Martin treated his children - and David and Beryl. John says he just can't believe it. Patricia tells him that, with what was happening, it's hardly surprising that David-- John interrupts and sharply says he doesn't want to talk about it - the man is dead; there's no point. Patricia says, "Of course not." She then asks John if he's been in touch with Jill, lately. John replies that there have been the usual letters and 'phone calls. Patricia then asks if everything's alright, and John admits that Jill has seemed a bit distant at times... He looks at the expression on Patricia's face and asks what's wrong. Patricia replies that, the night before he died, Martin admitted that he told Jill that she ought to get out of his life for the sake of his career. John incredulously asks, "What?" Patricia continues that Martin felt Jill's background would make his son a laughing stock, and wreck whatever chances he had of promotion; she was shocked; they had a huge row. John comments that the man was nuts! Patricia tells him that he doesn't have to convince her. John asks if Jill is still at Gordon's. Patricia replies that she is as far as she knows... John says he has to talk to her - try and sort it out. Patricia says, "What about Beryl?" John says he'll go round and see her as soon as he's 'phoned Jill. He leaves the lounge room. Patricia looks worried.

Beth is pouring a drink at the bar in the lounge room at Dural, when Wayne comes in and sarcastically comments that she's settling in pretty quickly. Beth retorts that everyone keeps telling her to make herself at home... Wayne nastily says it must be a pleasant change from what she's used to. Beth tells Wayne that everyone sells themselves one way or another - even him. The 'phone starts ringing; Beth picks up the handset and passes it to Wayne. The STD pips sound and then John comes on. Wayne immediately says, "Well, well, well. Flyboy's back in circulation, is he?" Beth looks at him in surprise. John asks to speak to Jill, but Wayne tells him that she's gone out for the day. He asks if there's any message, but John says to just tell her he called; he'll ring back later. Wayne asks if there's anything else. John says to tell Jill he loves her. Wayne sarcastically says he's sure she'll be thrilled to hear it. John snaps at him to just tell her. Wayne nastily says, "OK - I'll tell her." John thanks him and Wayne hangs up. Beth immediately asks, "Who's out for the day?" Wayne says, "Jill." Beth points out that she's in the garden with Brian. Wayne, though, says it's a good thing he took the call, then, isn't it? As he goes to leave the room, he says he thinks it's about time Jill was told that he knows about her wedding plans. Beth says she thought he wanted to stay in her good books. Wayne replies that he does - that's why she's going to be the one to tell her.

As Kevin and Beryl arrive home from the courthouse, Beryl says they must think David's guilty or they would have given him bail. Kevin tells her that it doesn't mean that at all, but Beryl asks, "Then what? Either it means they think he's dangerous, or he'll disappear on them; it all points to the same thing." The two of them go into the kitchen, where Kevin tells his mother that, even though they've charged him, they've still got to prove it - and they know David wouldn't... He stops mid-sentence, and Beryl picks it up, saying, "Wouldn't murder anyone?" She adds, "Kevin, for a while, I thought it myself." Kevin reminds her that she didn't think that after he explained it, but Beryl says that doesn't matter - she should have believed him in the first place. Kevin tells his mother to sit down, while he makes the tea. Beryl says she can't forgive herself for what she was thinking - and she doesn't think David will, either. Kevin tells her that of course he will, but Beryl replies that he saw how David was in the court this morning... Kevin says it's going to be a bad time for all of them - they've just got to stick together and do the best they can for him, no matter what. Beryl reluctantly says she knows. Kevin asks if the solicitor said how often they can visit David. Beryl doesn't hear this, though, as she has noticed a piece of paper beneath the vase in the middle of the kitchen table. She reads what's written on the paper and then snaps, "The stupid boy." She asks why Kevin didn't tell her about this. Kevin innocently asks, "What?" Beryl replies, "Peter - taking the gun over to The Terrace." Kevin says he didn't know - Peter didn't say anything to him. Beryl snaps that he's left that note, apologising for any trouble he might have caused. Kevin says he's sure he didn't realise... Beryl snaps that it was because the gun was missing that she thought David had taken it to Martin's; if Peter was here now, she'd... ; she just wishes she'd never set eyes on any of the Healys.

Paul is looking out of the window of Jill's flat, but turns round when Margaret comes into the room. Paul asks how Angela is, and Margaret replies that she's alright - she gave her a sedative; she'll soon be asleep. Paul says it's the best thing for her - she needs all the rest she can get. Margaret asks Paul if he's talked to her, yet. Paul says he did for a while this morning. Margaret then asks if Angela knows who he is, but Paul says she doesn't - although he gets the feeling that she trusts him; she's still very confused, though. Margaret sourly remarks that it's amazing she trusts anyone after what's happened. She then adds that it's only a matter of time before Patricia comes there, looking for her daughter. Paul replies that he and Angela are flying up to Woombai this afternoon. Margaret asks if Angela agreed to go. Paul says he explained to her that it's a quiet, peaceful place in the country; she seemed keen to get away - and it's the last place Patricia will think of looking. Margaret says she agrees, but points out that the way things are between him and Fiona... Paul says Fiona won't know - they're going to book in as guests; he gets on well with the staff - they'll keep quiet. Margaret says Fiona is bound to find out sooner or later, but Paul tells her that, by then, things should have started to settle. He adds that he'll tell Fiona that it's for Angela's good; he doubts if she'll kick them out. Margaret says she hopes so - it sounds awful, but she's just so glad he's there to take Angela off her hands - she's just got more than she can handle. Paul suggests to Margaret that Martin's death knocked her a lot more than she's letting on. Margaret quietly says, "Yes..." Paul tells her that she doesn't have to explain it. He then adds that there's one thing he'd like her to do for him while he's away. Margaret starts to say that she's got far too much on her plate at the present, but Paul tells her that it's another chance to wipe the smile off Patricia's face - "Poetic justice, you might say..."

Jill and Brian are walking in the grounds of Dural; Brian has his arm around his fiancée. He tells Jill that he still wishes they were going to be married in a church. Jill asks, "Why?" Brian says it's just the way it should be done. Jill, looking amused, says, "Oh, Brian!" She adds that she thinks he's making a big fuss about nothing. Beth suddenly comes over and asks them if they're having their first fight! Jill explains about Brian thinking they should have a ceremony with all the trimmings, and Beth asks why not; weddings are supposed to be happy occasions! Jill says, "Even when they're not for real?" Beth tells her that, if they're going through with it, they might as well have some fun. She asks Jill if she's decided what she's going to wear. Jill says she thought she'd wear what she has on; she indicates her casual shirt and jeans. Beth tells her that she's not wearing that while she's her mother! She continues that they'll go into Hornsea and buy Jill a special outfit. Jill tells her not to be silly, but Beth replies that it's her gift as the mother of the bride. Jill laughs that a girl hasn't got a chance with her and Brian around! Brian chips in that he didn't think he was going to say it, but he thinks he's going to be glad to have a bossy mother-in-law around! Beth tells Brian to go and do whatever he has to do - she wants to have a mother-daughter chat. Brian goes. Jill tells Beth that Brian is a lovely guy, but he's so over-enthusiastic about everything! Beth points out that it'll be over this afternoon. She then suggests that they go inside, as Jill had better be sitting down when she tells her what she's just found out.

Looking shocked, Jill asks, "How long's he known for?" Beth replies that it's quite a while - and the reasons for it, too; he told her because he wanted advice. Jill asks how he found out. Beth replies that Bert got drunk and told him everything. She adds that she's sure he didn't mean to. She then tells Jill not to worry - she's sure Wayne isn't going to say anything. Jill asks why he hasn't said anything to her. Beth replies that it's because he knew she'd be upset - he's been wanting to talk to her for a long while, but he was worried about how she'd react. Jill says she's not surprised - he's the last person she'd trust. Beth tells Jill not to be too hard on him, and she explains about Wayne also saving them from a bit of a panic a few moments ago. Jill looks at her as Beth says, "John called." Jill looks worried, but Beth says it's alright - nothing was said about Brian. Jill says she doesn't want to talk to John until it's all over. Beth replies that that's what Wayne thought - he told John that she'd gone out for the day. She adds that Wayne is a lot better friend than Jill gives him credit for. Jill says she supposes she should go and thank him. Beth replies that he's certainly done the right thing by Jill - that's all she can say...

Kevin is walking down the garden path of the Palmer house as John is coming through the gate. Looking pleased, Kevin asks his brother when he got back. John says it was this morning. He then asks if Kevin is heading out, and Kevin explains that he's going over to Jen and Pete's, to pack up some of Martin's stuff. John asks how they're doing. Kevin says Jennifer is coping the worst, but he reckons Peter would be a mess if he let it out. John then asks if Beryl's inside, and Kevin tells him that she'll be glad to see him. John tells Kevin that he'll catch up with him later, and he starts to head up to the house. Kevin says, "Good to see you." Before John can get very far, though, Beryl comes out of the house, and she hugs him, saying she missed having him around.

Inside, Beryl, with tears in her eyes, says keeping crying won't help anyone. John assures her that she can cry as much as she likes. Beryl says it's such a terrible thing to happen - she knows how he must be feeling. John says he's OK. Beryl tells him that Martin did some terrible things. John says he knows; the amazing thing is, he was so respected in the airforce. Beryl comments that you never really know anyone... John replies that the same goes for David - he never thought he could do anything like that. Looking shocked, Beryl snaps, "Your father didn't do it." John starts to say that the police must be... but Beryl yells that she doesn't care what the police or anyone else says - there's no way David would be capable of murdering anyone. John suggests that they have to face facts, but Beryl yells at him that he's jumping to conclusions like everyone else; she did, too, but when David told her he didn't kill Martin, she believed him. John suggests that maybe it was an accident, self defence, who knows...? Beryl, though, says David wouldn't lie to her. John says he's only going on what he's been told, but Beryl tells him that he's not giving David a fair chance. John retorts that she's not being realistic - she's burying her head in the sand. Beryl says she loves David enough to believe him, and so should he. John stands there, silent for a few seconds, before saying, "I can't." Beryl says, "Then you'd better go. We have enough to contend with without that sort of thinking." She walks off. John sighs, heavily.

Jill comes downstairs at Dural, and she tells Wayne, who's in the hall, that she's been looking for him. Wayne 'innocently' asks what he's done now. Jill replies that Beth told her that he knows about her and Brian. Wayne starts to say that she wasn't supposed to... but Jill interrupts and tells him that she just wanted to say thanks for not letting the cat out of the bag. Wayne replies that it's none of his business. Jill explains that she didn't tell him because she thought he'd make waves. Wayne suggests that maybe she can start trusting him, now! Jill says, "Yeah... I'm sorry." Wayne then says he doesn't know if she's doing the right thing, marrying Brian. He quickly adds, "Still, you're over 21!" Jill smiles and says, "No I'm not!" They both laugh. Wayne tells her that she knows what he means! Jill replies that she she wishes somebody else would realise that. Unknown to Jill, Fiona is sitting in the lounge room, and she winces when she realises she's being talked about. Wayne asks Jill if she's having hassles, but Jill assures him that there's nothing she can't handle. Wayne asks if the big event is this afternoon, and Jill tells him that, if he's got nothing else on, he can come along. Wayne says he'd like to. Jill tells him that he can be Beth's date, adding that he's won a heart there! Wayne smiles as she walks into the lounge room. She looks shocked when she sees Fiona sitting there, and says she didn't realise she was there. Fiona says she couldn't help overhearing. She adds that Jill's a fool if she trusts Wayne. Jill retorts that at least Wayne doesn't tell her she's an idiot. Fiona says Wayne is telling her what she wants to hear. Jill says, "Let's not argue..." Fiona stands up and tells Jill that she's making the biggest mistake of her life.. Jill pleads, "Please?" Fiona, though, says she's as sick of arguing as Jill is, but if she hangs around there, it's only going to get worse, so she's decided to fly up to Woombai for a few days, and keep out of the way until the whole stupid mess is over and done with. Jill looks upset.

At Jill's Melbourne apartment, Paul asks Angela if she's still feeling groggy. She replies that she is, a little bit. Paul tells her that, once they get to Woombai, she can rest-up as much as she likes. Angela asks if Margaret is coming with them, but Paul says she isn't, as she's got things to do in Melbourne. He tells Angela that it'll just be the two of them, and he asks if that bothers her. Angela replies that she's just glad to get away. Paul tells her that he guarantees she'll love the place they're going to!

John is on the 'phone at Toorak, and Patricia, sitting in the lounge room, looks annoyed as she hears him say he'll pick his tickets up at the airport. He hangs up, walks into the lounge and tells Patricia that he's got a seat on the next flight. Patricia tells him that she doesn't understand why he has to go rushing off to Sydney immediately. John, though, says he has to see her; Beryl doesn't want him around, so there's nothing keeping him there. Patricia says "What about me?" She asks if it can't wait for a few days, adding that she's sure Jill's not planning on skipping the country. John says he'll be back tomorrow, to which Patricia sourly replies that, in the meantime, she has to cope with all these problems on her own. John points out that there's nothing he can do about her money hassles, and she's got no idea where Margaret has taken Angie... Patricia asks if they shouldn't be looking, then. John says they will - when he gets back; it's important that Jill knows where he stands - he loves his job, but if he has to make a choice between her or the airforce, she wins every time - and he wants her to know that. He adds that he thought Patricia understood that. Patricia says she does, but he's only been back for five minutes and he's rushing off again. John says it'll only be for as long as it takes Jill to pack her things and come back with him. He then says he'd better make a move, as he can't miss his flight. Patricia tenderly says she hopes it all works out for him. John happily replies, "It will!"

A while later, Patricia has a visitor looking around the lounge room, asking her if she wishes to sell the contents along with the house. Patricia says she hadn't really thought about it. The visitor - Mr. Howes, the real estate agent - tells her that she would probably realise considerably more if she did sell separately. Patricia says it would be a pity to see things sold below their market value... Mr. Howes suggests that they go ahead with the contents sale initially, then. Patricia asks if it could be arranged fairly quickly, and Mr. Howes replies that it'll be much faster than if they had to auction both at the same time. Patricia tells him to do that, then; she then asks if he can go ahead and organise the auction of the house as well. Mr. Howes says he'll do it as soon as he gets back to the office. Patricia, trying to play it cool, tells him that there's not any hurry, but if real estate prices go down any further, she'll probably have to take the house off the market. Mr. Howes replies that he wouldn't blame her if she did. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and goes to answer it to find Margaret standing in the porch. She angrily asks her what the hell she's doing there. Margaret replies that she's got business to discuss, and she barges past her sister, into the house. She stops dead in her tracks, though, when she sees Patricia has a visitor. Trying to keep face in front of Margaret, Patricia tells Mr. Howes to just go ahead with what they discussed. Mr. Howes says he'll arrange for the furniture to be collected tomorrow afternoon. An expression of annoyance crosses Patricia's face at the agent having given the game away to Margaret, and she asks him to see himself out. He goes. Margaret immediately asks if everything's going under the hammer, but before Patricia can answer, she continues that she's arrived at the right time, then. Patricia snaps at her to say her piece and get out. Margaret retorts that she's there to make Patricia an offer: Paul wants to buy her out. Patricia snaps, "Never." Margaret nastily says she wonders Patricia can afford pride, the state her finances must be in. Patricia says she'll survive, but Margaret asks how, as she has a pile of worthless shares in a bankrupt company, there are creditors knocking on her front door... She walks over to the bar and pours herself a drink as Patricia snaps that she may have to sell the house, but Margaret can bet her life it won't be to Paul Sheppard. Margaret smiles and points out that, if she sells it through the normal channels, it could take months; Paul can pay in cash, right now. Patricia sarcastically says, "Good for him, but no thanks." Margaret points out that Paul does have a right to the place - it did belong to his grandfather. Patricia snaps that she doesn't believe Margaret: the great love of her life was murdered last night, and she's standing there now, wheeling and dealing without a flick of emotion. Margaret replies that naturally she's upset, but she's just returning a favour to Paul. She asks Patricia if she wants to sell or not, but Patricia ignores this as a look of realisation crosses her face. She says, "So that's where Angela is - she's with him; she's at Jill's flat, isn't she?" Margaret takes a sip of her drink, and tells Patricia that she's afraid she's too late - Paul has taken her away. Patricia snaps at Margaret that if she had a shred of decency left in her, she'd tell her where, and then get out of their lives for good. She adds, "Haven't you done enough damage?" Margaret nastily replies: "I doubt if you could spell the word 'decency', let alone know its meaning." Patricia looks furious.

Paul and Angela are walking at Woombai, and Angela says she hasn't felt this relaxed for ages. Paul reminds her that he told her she'd like it there. Angela asks how long they can stay, and Paul tells her that it's for as long as she likes. Angela says, "If that's alright...?" Paul says he can't see why not - he knows the owner. Angela says, "And he won't mind?" Seeing a smile cross Paul's face, Angela asks him what it's for. Paul replies that it's a 'she', not a 'he' - the owner of Woombai is a woman; actually, she's a friend of Angela's. Angela says, "Not another one!" She adds that her head's spinning from all these people who say they were friends. Paul asks her if she doesn't believe them. Angela replies that some of them she just can't take to. Paul tells her that she knows he's a friend of hers. Angela says, "Of course..." She adds that all she wants now is peace and quiet and no hassles. Paul assures her that she's safe there - he can promise her that.

Fiona is being driven up to the house at Woombai, and she asks the driver if he's new there. He replies that Alan hired him a week ago. Fiona asks him if he's enjoying working there, and the driver replies, "Too right!" He asks Fiona if she plans on staying long, and Fiona tells him that it'll be just long enough to unwind. The driver asks if the city is getting her down, and Fiona tells him that he could say that... As she looks around at the scenery, Fiona suddenly tells the driver to stop the car. He asks what the matter is, and then notices that Fiona is looking over to where a man and a woman - Paul and Angela - are standing by a gate across the nearby field. The driver says to Fiona, "Know those people, do you?" Fiona looks upset and replies, "Yes. I know them..."


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