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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Karl Zwicky

Inside the house at Woombai, Fiona is on the 'phone to the receptionist at the riding school, who tells her that Paul and his girlfriend booked in a short time ago, and now they've gone for a walk. Fiona snaps at the receptionist that she could have told her. The receptionist uncertainly replies that they assumed Fiona knew he was there. Fiona sourly remarks that Paul conned them into keeping quiet, and the receptionist replies that Paul said he'd contacted Fiona himself. Fiona snaps, "I bet..." She asks the receptionist to tell Paul when he comes back that she wants him over there immediately - on his own. She slams the receiver down.

Jill and Beth come downstairs at Dural, and Beth apologises to Brian - who's waiting for them in the hall - for the delay, explaining that they couldn't get the hairdryer to work! Jill is wearing a long pink dress, and Brian tells her that she looks beautiful. Jill thanks him, but adds that she'd still feel more comfortable in jeans and a shirt! Brian is wearing a smart grey suit. He walks over to the hall table and picks up a small posie of flowers, which he hands to his fiancée, explaining that the immigration deptartment might twig if she doesn't have them. Looking at the trouble Brian has gone to, Jill tells him that he could have picked flowers from the garden, but Brian replies that it's not the same. Jill laughs that he thinks of everything. Brian readily agrees - and then brings out the confetti he's arranged, as well! He hands it to Beth. At that moment, Wayne comes downstairs and the party of four heads off.

John is driving along, and he passes a sign pointing the way to Dural: 36km on the Old Northern Road.

At Woombai, Fiona yells at Paul that she cannot believe he'd bring Angela there when he knows how she feels about the situation. Paul tries to explain that there's a good reason, but Fiona yells that she doesn't care; she orders Paul to pack his bags and get out. Paul yells that Angela's sick - she's blocked out the things she doesn't want to remember. Fiona sarcastically yells, "Oh yes, we can all conveniently forget things when we want to." Paul, though, yells back that it's serious, and he adds that, if Fiona would only shut up and listen, she'd realise. He continues that he's not talking about forgetting a few things; it's a total memory block; he brought her there because he thought it would be the best place for her; she's a mess. Fiona asks if there isn't somewhere else to take her, but Paul retorts, "Suggest a place." He points out that Rob doesn't want to know her, she can't go to the Palmers' because she's a witness for the prosecution... her mother would have her, but he'll be damned if she's going back there; Angela always enjoyed Woombai, and he thought familiar surroundings might help her. Fiona snaps that he should have called before coming up. Paul replies that he knows what her reaction would have been: he wouldn't have got two words out before she hung up in his ear; he just wanted to give Angela a couple of days to settle down, and then he was going to write to Fiona about it. Fiona snaps, "I see." She then continues that there's only one way she'll agree to them both staying: if Angela moves in there, and she looks after her. Paul retorts that Angela has come to depend on him; in her eyes, he's just a friend helping her out, and if he's not around, she'll get upset. Fiona replies that Angela will just have to get used to it, because those are her terms: Paul can stay in the other house, but she'll decide how often he can see Angela; it's that or nothing - she won't have Paul exploiting the situation just to get close to her. Paul pauses for a moment, and then reluctantly says, "OK."

Wayne brings the car round to the front of Dural, and he opens the door for Jill to get in the back. At the same time, Brian helps Beth into the front seat on the passenger side. The two men also get in, and Wayne pulls away. As they head down the drive, John's car turns from the main road and heads up the drive. Wayne spots the approaching vehicle and stops his car, telling Jill as he does so that she'd better get down. Jill asks him what he's talking about, but Wayne just replies that, unless she wants the whole thing screwed-up, she should get down. Jill duly lowers her head so that she can't be seen. John's car pulls up alongside Wayne's, and Wayne asks him what he's doing there. John replies that he wants to talk to Jill, and he asks Wayne why he didn't give her his message. Wayne tells him that Jill hasn't been home, yet. John asks if Wayne knows when she'll be back, but Wayne says he has no idea. He adds that the house is locked up, so he wouldn't bother waiting, and he suggests that John give her a ring tonight, from wherever he's staying. John retorts that, hopefully, Jill will be staying with him; he'll wait. He drives off up to the house, and Wayne turns to watch him go. When the coast is clear, he tells Jill that she can get up now. On the back seat, Brian and Jill look at each other. Jill unhappily says, "Let's go." They drive off.

At the Palmers', Doug is on the 'phone to Rosie, telling her that he's glad she's feeling better. Rosie happily replies that the country air did the trick. Doug asks her when she's coming home, but Rosie says it won't be for a while, as Fiona called this morning, and asked her to spend a few days with her at Woombai. Doug says that's nice, and Rosie tells him that she's really looking foward to it. She adds that her friend is just about to drive her over there now. She then comments to Doug that Fiona's not her old self. Doug asks what she means, and Rosie replies that she seems on edge. There's suddenly a knock at the front door of the Palmer house, and Doug calls out to the visitor to come in. He then explains to Rosie that it's Rob who's just arrived. Rosie tells Doug to give Rob her love, and Doug replies, "Will do!" He passes the message onto Rob as he passes by on his way into the kitchen. In the kitchen, he asks Beryl how she's going, and Beryl tells him that she's keeping herself busy; she adds that it's hard, though. Rob tells her that she'll be alright once she sees Dave. Beryl says she hopes so; she's not looking forward to it. Having finished his call, Doug joins them, and Beryl asks how Rosie is. Doug replies that she sends her love and said she'll say a prayer for Beryl. He adds that she also said that the whole idea of David being charged is stupid - and he couldn't agree more. Beryl goes off to get changed. Doug says to Rob that he's been thinking about the cash problem, and he doesn't reckon it's right that Rob foots the bill - he's the head of the house now that David's away, and if he talks to his mate and tells him what happened, there's a good chance of getting his money back. Rob suggests Doug give him a ring, then, as the more they have in the kitty, the better chance they have. Doug, though, says he isn't on the 'phone. Rob, looking bemused, says, "You're kidding!" He adds that the bloke runs a business and he's not on the 'phone! Doug explains that his mate is a bit eccentric - he doesn't trust the things. Rob remarks that that's a great one to leave money to! Doug indignantly says his mate is the salt of the earth. Rob then tells Doug that, if his mate is just outside Brisbane, he's got a run there in a couple of days, and Doug can come with him if he likes; it's probably better to sort it out face-to-face. Doug replies that he'd like to, but he can't leave Beryl at the moment. Rob points out that she has Kevin to look after her, and he adds that Doug will be able to do more good if he got her more money. Doug reluctantly says he supposes so. He then says he'll have a word with her, adding that the main thing is not to add to her worries.

David is sitting on the bottom bunk in a dingy cell in Pentridge when a prison officer opens the cell door and tells him that he's got company. David stands up as a teenage boy is ushered in. David immediately introduces himself and holds out his hand. The boy walks in, says, "G'day," and adds that he's taking the bottom bunk. David says, "Like hell - first in, first served" The boy reluctantly says OK. He then introduces himself as Tony Parker, and he sits down on the single chair in the cell. He asks David what he's in for, and David replies that it's murder - but he didn't do it. Tony laughs and says that's what they all say. David insists that it's true. He then asks Tony what he's there for, but Tony says it's no big deal: just knocking off a TV. He offers David a cigarette.

At the Palmers', Doug tells Beryl that he thinks he can get some of the money back, but he'll have to go up there to see the bloke. Beryl snaps that she was counting on that money to help out; now she finds out it's tied up in a vegetable garden. Doug, looking upset, asks how he was supposed to know this would come up. Rob tells his sister that Doug can come up to Brisbane with him. Beryl, realising she over-reacted, apologises. Doug tells her not to worry about it, and he leaves the room. Beryl immediately tells Rob that he's game, having Doug as a passenger: by the time they get back, Doug will have taught him to be a really good truckie - just like he was in the army!

In the cell, Tony asks David to tell him about the murder, adding that he can trust him. David is looking out of the small window in the cell door, but he doesn't reply. Tony, who is lying on the top bunk, says to David that, if he tells him, he might be able to help. He adds that he thinks he's had a bit more experience than David has. David looks round and asks him what he means. Tony replies that he's been up on more charges than David can poke a stick at - ever since he was eight; he's spent more time in boys' homes in the last ten years than he has anywhere else. David responds that he doubts Tony can help him, and he points out that the kid is back inside again... Tony says it won't be for long, and adds that, when you make your living as a crim, you have to expect to spend a bit of time inside. David points out that there are easier ways to make a living. Tony says, "Like what?" David replies, "Working." Tony, though, replies that working is for mugs - his old man always made his living as a fence, and he's doing alright. David comments that Tony's old man is a crim too, and Tony says, "Yep." He gets off the top bunk and he and David both sit down on the edge of the bed at the bottom. He tells David that his Dad is one of the best - he's only been caught a couple of times. David comments that he's lucky, then. Tony says he's got brains - his father used to tell him what a buzz it was when you pulled a job and got away with it; he didn't believe him 'til he tried it, but he was right. David asks if that's why Tony does it. Tony replies that he couldn't do without it. The cell door suddenly opens, and an officer comes in and tells David that he has a visitor. David gets up and goes. Tony watches as he does so, looking upset...

Beryl is sitting, looking through a glass partition, as David is escorted into the room and sits down on the other side of the glass. He picks up the 'phone used for communicating and tells Beryl that he wondered when she'd be in. Beryl asks him how they're treating him, but David just replies that they treat everyone the same there. He then asks how the family is, and Beryl tells him that they're fine, but worried. She then tells him that she wants him to know that she believes him - honestly; she's so sorry... but he can't blame her for what she was thinking: Doug's gun went missing, hearing Martin had been shot... she didn't want to believe it, but the facts were there. David says it's OK, but Beryl continues that she feels awful... David repeats that it's alright, and Beryl asks him if he's sure. She then asks how things are going really, and David admits that he nearly went off his brains before, until they put a bloke in with him; it helps relieve the boredom. Beryl humorously remarks that she thought he'd find the going tough - he never was one to get stuck into a library book! David laughs. Beryl then tells him that she's brought some things for him: clothing, a magazine, a cake, which she's given to the guards... David says that's good. He then asks his wife if she's heard from John: is he getting any leave? Beryl looks down and then just says, "Trying..." David says he's glad, as she'll need as much help as she can get. Beryl tries to tell him that she's alright, but David reminds her that he knows what a worrier she is. Beryl repeats that she's alright, but tears then fill her eyes, and she starts to break down. David, on the other side of the glass, says he wishes so much that he could give her a hug right now. Beryl sobs, "So do I." She then cries that she promised herself she wouldn't let this happen - it's just that she loves him so much. David emotionally says, "Stop that, Curly, you'll have me going..." He takes the 'phone handset away from his ear, looking upset.

Doug is doing some gardening in the Palmers' front garden when Rob's car pulls up and he and Beryl get out and come up the path. Doug remarks that they didn't take long, and Rob replies that they had a good run in the traffic. Doug asks how David is, and Beryl tells him that he's alright. She adds that she's glad she took those things in, though. Doug then tells Beryl that she's got a visitor inside. Beryl asks who it is, and Doug replies that it's Margaret Dunne. Beryl, looking surprised, asks what she wants. Doug says, "Search me!" Beryl then asks him why he left Margaret inside all by herself. Doug replies that he tried to get her talking, but she didn't seem to want his company; besides, he doesn't see why he has to be nice to Patricia's sister. Beryl gives an exasperated sigh and heads inside. Doug sourly comments to Rob that the less they have to do with Margaret's family, the better.

Inside, Beryl apologises to Margaret for Doug, but Margaret says that's OK. She adds that she knew Beryl was visiting David - and as she said the other day, she has nothing to worry about: he's not guilty. Beryl says they know that; she just wishes the police did. Margaret says it won't take them long to find out. Beryl says she hopes not. She then tells Margaret that it's very nice of her to take an interest, but she doesn't quite understand why she's there. Margaret says she's sorry, and she starts to explain that she likes David; she's always thought he's a fine man, even in the days when he was going out with Patricia - and more recently, when she came round to see Peter... she thinks he's been wrongly charged, and if there's anything she can do to help... she can help financially; she's got a bit of money put away. Looking surprised, Beryl thanks her, but says she's sure they'll be alright. Margaret replies that, if there's anything else she can do, Beryl's not to hesitate to call. Beryl says she won't. Margaret says she doesn't think they'll convict an innocent man. Beryl replies, "Neither do I."

Rob and Doug are both gardening as Margaret goes back down the path. When she's gone, Doug remarks to Rob that it's funny her turning up - he thought she might know where Angela is. Rob says, "So?" Doug asks him why he doesn't run after her and find out. Rob replies that he's not interested; that's why.

Rosie is at Woombai, drinking tea. Looking surprised, she says to Fiona, "He brought Angela here?" Fiona asks what she could do. Rosie suggests that she could kick him out for a start. Fiona, though, replies that she wanted to, but to be honest, she's seen them together, and he does seem to be a good influence on her - and she's done a deal with him and he has to go along with it. Rosie pointedly comments that the sooner Angela starts remembering things and goes back to Rob, the better. At that moment, Angela comes in, and Fiona introduces Rosie to her as an old friend. Angela looks at Rosie and says, "I know you: you're Rosie." Rosie smiles, happily.

A short time later, Angela is sitting down and saying it's wonderful - she actually remembers Rosie! Paul has also joined them, and, looking happy, he says that's great news. Angela recalls that, when she was a little girl, Rosie used to help her do her hair. Rosie happily tells her, "I practically brought you up!" Paul asks Angela if there's anything else she remembers, and Angela replies that she thinks there was a dog - a half Kelpie called Kippy? Rosie, getting excited, says that's right! Fiona steps in at that moment, though, saying she thinks that's enough for the day; she suggests Angela has a rest. Paul agrees that that's a good idea, and Rosie says she'll see her to her lie down. The two of them leave the room. Fiona turns to Paul and tells him that he's right: the place is obviously good for her. Paul says it's a start - and the memories are happy ones. Fiona asks him what he'll do if Angela doesn't want to know him when she finally remembers everything. Paul replies that he'll deal with that when it happens.

The wedding party pulls up outside Dural; John is watching from a distance. Jill, Brian, Wayne and Beth get out of the car, and Jill says to Beth that she's not looking forward to seeing John. Beth suggests that he might have got sick of waiting and gone. Jill, though, says his car is still there. As she walks to the house with Brian, Jill brushes some confetti out of his hair. Wayne and Beth walk behind, and Wayne tells Beth to make sure Jill stays inside. As she, Jill and Brian go into the house, John approaches Wayne.

Inside, Jill suggests that John must have gone for a walk. Brian tells her that she doesn't have to see him if she doesn't want to - he'll speak to him, if she likes. Jill, though, says, "No - I've got to do it."

Outisde, John says, "Married? You're joking." Wayne asks why Jill would be carrying a bouquet and brushing confetti out of Brian's hair? John says he doesn't believe it, but Wayne says, "Sorry - it's true." John says he's going to see her, and he starts to head towards the house. Wayne pulls him back, though, saying it's done; it's over - John can't change anything. John retorts, "I can ask her why she did it - she's supposed to be in love with me." Wayne tells John that Jill met Brian in Woombai, they saw a lot of each other and fell in love. John sourly says it happened very quickly. Wayne replies that it happens to people like that sometimes; Jill wasn't game enough to tell him until they were married, and he couldn't do anything about it - that's why she got him to put John off earlier. John looks upset as he realises, "She was in the car?" Wayne adds that Jill wouldn't take his call, either. He continues that John can talk to Jill if he wants, but he doesn't see what good it will do. John suggests that, if she fell for someone in nine weeks, she could never have been in love with him in the first place. He walks off down the drive, looking dazed. Wayne smiles as he gets into his car and drives off...

Brian is pouring champagne in the lounge room as Wayne comes in and says he just saw John. Jill asks where he is, but Wayne tells her not to worry: he 's gone. He adds that John saw them drive up, and he caught him as they came inside. He'd seen enough to realise what had happened; he had to tell him the truth; he's sorry. Jill tells Wayne that it's not his fault. Brian hands his wife a glass of champagne, and, seeing the expression on Jill's face, Beth tells her that it's supposed to be a celebration! The four of them say, "Cheers!", but Jill looks uphappy as she sips her drink. She turns her head away from the others, so that they can't see the tears welling-up in her eyes...

John's car is roaring along the road. Looking annoyed and upset, John is hitting the steering wheel, repeatedly.


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