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    Written by: Paul & Liz Cunningham   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Karl Zwicky

Two detectives are at Martin's house, both standing while David is sitting telling them that, as he told them before, he came over to get Angela; noone answered the door and, as it's always open, he walked in, found Martin lying there, saw the gun and realised he'd been shot. One of the detectives asks David why he touched the gun. David replies that he doesn't know... he picked it up; Martin was just lying there when he walked in... He asks if he can go now - and get Angela away, as she's upset enough as it is. One of the detectives sits down and assures David that Angela is being looked after by a policewoman; he adds that there are still a few things they'd like to clear up. David stands up and snaps, "I've told you everything I know." The second detective nods at him to sit down, and he does. The first detective tells him that they have a very upset young lady next door, who says he killed her father. David repeats that he's already told them - he was dead when he got there. The second detective tells David that Angela said she was woken by a loud noise; she walked into the living room and found him standing over her father with a gun in his hand. David yells that he'd just picked it up - he didn't kill him - he had no reason. The first detective reminds David that he's already told them about the restraining order taken out to stop him seeing Mr. Healy's daughter. David says, "Yeah, but... you don't kill bloke for something like that." The first detective curtly replies, "People have been killed for a lot less." The second detective then suggests that perhaps there was a fight when David got there: perhaps Mr. Healy threatened him with a gun, and there was a struggle? David doesn't respond. The first detective sharply asks, "Was there a struggle, Mr. Palmer?" David remains quiet for a moment and then says, "No." The second detective suggests that, supposing during the struggle, the shot was fired which killed Mr. Healy? David repeats that Martin was dead when he got there. The detective tells him that somebody shot Martin, and he's their only suspect so far. David sighs heavily, and looks upset. He then says "Not true." The first policeman says, "Why did you kill him?" David rubs his face with his hand, looking weary.

Beryl arrives home and goes into the kitchen, to find David's dinner on the stove, almost burnt. Doug comes in the back door and Beryl immediately asks where David is. Doug, though, says he doesn't know, and he suggests that he must have put the dinner on, forgotten about it and gone out. He starts to search through the cupboard under the sink, and Beryl impatiently asks him what he's looking for. Doug replies that it's his gun - it's gone missing. Beryl tells him he won't find it in the cupboard! Doug snaps that he wishes people would leave his things alone. Beryl reminds him that she's told him she doesn't want it in the house - ever. Doug starts grumbling that a man can't even keep an historic relic without people objecting. He then says he wonders if Kevin and Peter have got it, and he decides to ring them at The Terrace. Beryl, though, points out that it's 11pm, and then asks what they would want with the gun. Doug says you never know, but he promised he'd show it to Victor. Beryl says there's no rush - he can ask the boys when they come home. Doug says he'd just like to get it cleared up. Beryl replies that she'd just like to clear up where David is - it's not like him to be late.

The two detectives are still at the Healy house, but are now questioning Margaret, who is sitting with her head on her hand. The detective tells her that he can see she's upset, but they have to ask questions. Margaret says, "Of course..." She takes a sip of a drink and says she's sorry - it's just shock. The detective says he understands. He then asks Margaret when she was last speaking to Mr. Healy. Margaret replies that it was early this evening - before she went out. The detective asks, "When would that have been?" Margaret says it was about quarter to eight. The detective asks if Martin was depressed or anything, but Margaret says he wasn't - he was quite normal. She then suggests that the police don't honestly think David could have been responsible for Martin's death. The detective points out that he was discovered standing over the body, holding the murder weapon - and they know that there'd been trouble between them. Margaret replies that that's ridiculous - she knows David - he wouldn't kill anyone - he's not the type. The detective asks, "Who is the type?" Margaret tells him, "My sister - and she had the motive."

A while later, the detectives are at Toorak, where Patricia snaps, "You're not seriously suggesting that I'm involved in Martin Healy's death?" The detective replies that he's not suggesting anything, but they do have to make enquiries. He asks Patricia where she was at about ten o'clock that night, and Patricia says she was there, at Toorak, all night. The detective asks if she can prove it, and Patricia tells him that she was on the 'phone to a business associate in Sydney - she got the call at about ten o'clock and it lasted for half an hour. The detective suggests that it was an expensive 'phone call. Patricia sharply retorts, "Not to my friends, Inspector." The detective raises his eyebrows and then says they'll check that. Patricia snaps, "Please do. Quite frankly, I don't know why you're bothering - obviously you've got the right man." The detective asks, "Why's that?" Patricia replies that David was there earlier tonight: he'd just been served with a restraining order, but he was still determined to see her daughter. The detective asks Patricia why she took out a restraining order. Patricia tells him that David is a violent, dangerous man - there's no doubt in her mind that he shot Martin. The detective then says he understands that Patricia was engaged to Mr. Healy. Patricia agrees that she was, but says she had second thoughts. The detective remarks that she doesn't seem very concerned at his death. Patricia retorts that her feelings are her own affair - she's more concerned about her daughter. The detective assures her that Angela is being well looked after - she's in shock, but... Patricia interjects and says, "Then she'll need me." She asks if that's all, and the detective replies that it is for the moment. He adds that Patricia has been very helpful. Patricia says she'll see him and his colleague out. As they head to the door, the detective tells her that they're sorry to have troubled her so late. Patricia cooly tells them that they have to do their duty. As the two detectives leave, the one who's been doing all the talking tells Patricia that they may have to talk to her again. Patricia coldly says, "If you have to." They go. Patricia looks thoughtful. She then goes to the 'phone, dials a number and, when it's answered, orders a taxi for as soon as possible.

At the Palmers', Doug is still searching for the gun, this time in the lounge room. Beryl snaps, "Oh for heaven's sake, Dad." Doug suggests to Beryl that she should go to bed like she said she would. Beryl, looking worried, says that the least David could have done was left her a note. There's a sudden loud knocking on the front door, and Beryl answers it to find a policeman standing there. He introduces himself as Detective Sergeant Anderson, and asks Beryl if she's Mrs. Palmer. Beryl confirms that she is. The detective asks if he can come in. In the lounge room, Doug looks round at the doorway in surprise. Det. Sgt. Anderson then asks Beryl if David Palmer is her husband. Beryl worriedly asks, "Is he alright?" The detective replies that there was a shooting earlier that night. Beryl, looking concerned, says, "Not David?" The detective says it wasn't - the dead man's name is Martin Healy. Beryl says, "Oh, no..." The detective then says he's sorry to have to tell Beryl this, but they're holding her husband. Doug asks him what he means. Det. Sgt. Anderson replies that David has been charged with Mr. Healy's murder. Beryl looks at Doug.

A taxi pulls up outside the Healy house, and Patricia gets out. A policeman who is standing by his car asks her if he can help her. Patricia says she's come to collect her daughter. The policeman, though, says he's sorry but she can't go in. Patricia indignantly asks why not. The policeman replies that the forensic team are just finishing up - no members of the public can go in until they've completed their investigation. Patricia explains that she's Angela Keegan's mother - her daughter was there when Mr. Healy was shot. She asks where Angela is, and the policeman tells her that she's gone - she left half an hour ago. Patricia, looking surprised, says she was told Angela was in shock; where did she go? who went with her? The policeman replies that Miss. Dunne took her away - she didn't say where they were going. Another policeman suddenly calls out, and the first officer asks an annoyed Patricia to excuse him.

Margaret is at Jill's apartment with Paul, who pours Margaret a drink and asks how Angela is. Margaret replies that she's sleeping soundly. Paul gives her the drink and tells her that he really appreciates her bringing Angela there. Margaret says she couldn't think of anywhere else to go. She sits down at the table and remarks on what a day and night it's been. Paul tells her that she looks pretty shaken up, and says it's a terrible thing to happen. Margaret starts to say that she always thought that, one day, Martin and she... that's all gone now. Paul says he didn't realise Margaret was so close to Martin. Margaret snaps that if it hadn't been for Patricia... She suddenly starts worrying about Patricia guessing where Angela is, but Paul says it's too bad if she does: Angela needs all the care she can get - he won't let Patricia have her back. Margaret says that's good, adding that, if they're lucky, this just might make sure Patricia doesn't have a chance with her. Paul asks Margaret what she means. Margaret tells him that the police are interviewing Patricia about Martin's death - "Could be the only place she's going to is jail..."

Doug gives Beryl a cup of tea and tells her not to worry, adding that it'll all work out - she'll see. Beryl says she just wishes she'd been at home - none of this would have happened. Doug tells her not to go blaming herself - nothing could have been done to stop it. Beryl says she could have stopped him rushing off. Kevin, who's sitting on the couch, next to his mother, quietly tells her not to be like that. Beryl then asks how Peter and Jennifer took it. Kevin says it was hard to tell - they were both pretty spaced out when he left. Beryl looks at Doug and tells him that, when she called, she could hear Peter laughing in the background; she felt terrible knowing what she had to say. Doug tells Beryl that she's got enough worries of her own; Rob will look after them.

Peter carries a packed bag into the Healy house, followed by Jennifer and Rob. The two kids look round, and Rob asks them if they're alright. Jennifer says, "Yes," adding that they just don't know what they expected - it all looks so normal, like... Sensing how upset Jennifer is, Rob asks her if she'd like a drink of water. Jennifer accepts. Peter tells her to hang in there. Jennifer sits down and says she can't help thinking about it... Rob asks if it wouldn't be better if they went back to The Terrace, adding that he doesn't know why they came over there in the first place. Peter snaps, "There are things to do." He calms down and explains that they have to ring Adam and their gran, and let them know what's happened; sort some of their Dad's papers out - he'll get onto the solicitor tomorrow... things like that. Rob points out that it's 1:30am, but Peter says he wants to do it now. Rob asks, "What about Jennifer?" Peter looks at his sister and says, "You'll be OK, won't you, Jen?" Jennifer doesn't answer. Rob gives her the glass of water, and she tells him that she's alright now. Rob says that, if there are any arrangements he can help with... Peter says he'd rather do it himself. Rob says he'll leave them alone, then. Jennifer tells him that he's been big help, and Peter thanks him for the lift over. Rob goes. Jennifer immediately remarks to Peter on the fact that he doesn't seem upset. Peter asks, "Why should I? I hated him." He goes to the 'phone to call Adam. Jennifer looks worried.

Beryl is doing some cleaning, and Doug suggests leaving it until morning, but Beryl tells him that it helps, doing something - she couldn't sleep, anyway. Doug reluctantly says that's fair enough. Beryl then tells him that they're going to need his help. Doug replies that of course - anything he can do. Beryl tells him that they're going to need his money - for legal expenses: she wants to get David the best lawyer they can, so he may have to lend them some to tide them over. Doug says that'll be OK - no worries; he does look worried, though. Beryl thanks him and explains that buying the truck nearly cleaned them out, and they haven't saved enough since. Doug says he thinks he'll get along to bed, and he tells Beryl to do the same, as she looks done-in. He heads off, telling Beryl to try not to worry as he does so. Kevin stands up from where he's sitting at the kitchen table and tells Beryl that it'll be alright - it's all a mistake. Beryl, though, says, "Is it? Your granDad's gun is missing. What if David took it when he went to see Angela? Maybe he did kill Martin..."

Peter is on the 'phone, and he tells the Operator that he'll just have to wait 'til they get back from Paris. He hangs up. Jennifer asks him if he had any luck, but Peter tells her that Adam and their gran have gone touring in the country somewhere - they hired a car. Jennifer tells him that they tried - there's nothing more they can do. Peter, though, says he'll have to start getting Martin's things together; the charities will do alright... He starts to walk off to his father's room but Jennifer gasps and stands up, crying, "Don't you feel anything? He's dead, Peter." Realising how upset Jennifer is, Peter says he knows - he's sorry. Jennifer points out that they had lots of good times together, and asks if Peter doesn't remember. Peter replies, "Of course I remember." Jennifer says she wouldn't think so - she hasn't seen him even close to crying. Peter tells her that he'd feel a hypocrite after all those things he said to him. Jennifer, though, says she doesn't care what anyone says - he was still their Dad - and she loved him. Peter comfortingly puts his arm around her and says he knows.

The next morning, Margaret throws a newspaper down onto the table at Jill's apartment; the headline reads, 'Airforce Man Slain in Family Feud.' Margaret snaps, "Damn. That's typical of Patricia - she could talk her way out of anything." Paul tells her that he thought she being pretty hopeful last night - there's obviously no case against her. Margaret, though, rants that of course there is - she hated Martin. Paul points out that, if the police have arrested David Palmer, they must be pretty sure of their facts. Margaret insists that Patricia is at the bottom of this - she told the police that. Paul points out that David was after Martin, and Angela saw him over the body with a gun; what other explanation is there? He walks off. Margaret looks annoyed.

Doug is on the 'phone, and he says, "He'll be back today, then?" He then says goodbye, hangs up and tells Beryl that that was Point Cook - they're letting John come home on a compassionate leave pass. Beryl, who's standing at the kitchen sink, looks relieved, and says that's good. Doug says he can't get over it - David, of all people. Beryl tells him that it mightn't be as bad as he thinks - they'll know more when they've talked to the solicitor. Doug asks Beryl when she's seeing the solicitor, and Beryl replies that it'll be at the court, before the hearing. Doug then starts to tell Beryl that there's something he wanted to talk to her about, but he's interrupted by a knock at the front door, which he goes to answer. The visitor is Rob, who asks how Beryl is bearing up. Doug replies that she's not too good. He then tells Rob that he's got a problem: last night, Beryl asked him if he could help with David's legal expenses. Rob says they'll need it - lawyers don't come cheap. Doug says he knows - that's the point: he hasn't any spare cash - he's been trying to tell Beryl, but he hates to add to her worries. Rob remarks that he thought Doug sold his unit. Doug reluctantly explains that he invested the lot in the hydroponics scheme - he put a bit in, and it was going so well that his mate asked him if he'd like to put the rest in - so he did. He adds that it'll be a money-spinner in the long-run - but he's a bit short right now. Rob tells Doug not to worry about it - he'll take care of it - they won't have any problems. Doug tells Rob that he doesn't know what a relief that is. Rob assures Doug that, as long as he's around, Beryl's got nothing to worry about. He goes to join his sister in the kitchen.

Margaret walks into the lounge room at Toorak, where Patricia angrily asks, "What do you want?" Margaret replies that she wants to talk to her. Patricia snaps that she doesn't remember inviting Margaret in. Margaret ignores this and says she's just read the newspaper - about David's arrest. She nastily asks, "How did you manage to worm your way out of it?" Patricia, who is standing with her back to Margaret, realises what her sister is implying and says she might have guessed Margaret set the police on to her. Margaret snaps, "You deserve to go to jail. You're as guilty as if you pulled the trigger." Patricia angrily says it didn't have anything to do with her - she was on the 'phone at the time - the perfect alibi. She then says that, if Margaret will excuse her, she's going to David's commital hearing, to collect Angela. Margaret says she wouldn't bother - Angela's not going to be there. Patricia, looking shocked, asks Margaret what she's talking about. Margaret replies that Angela isn't well enough to appear - she's taken her to where Patricia won't find her. Patricia snaps that she wants Angela back before this afternoon or it becomes a police matter. Margaret smiles nastily and tells Patricia not to be ridiculous: Angela is old enough to make her own decisions - she just has to get the girl to tell the police that she doesn't want to be with Patricia. She adds that one thing Martin did before he died was to make sure Angela didn't trust her mother; she might not have got Patricia arrested, but she'll make damn sure she doesn't get her daughter back; that's a good second. She goes, leaving Patricia looking furious.

Angela is sitting at the table in Jill's apartment, telling Paul that she was lying awake thinking about him last night. Paul looks at her, surprised. Angela continues that, when they first arrived, she didn't recognise him, but now she has the feeling that he's been a friend of hers, once. Paul sits down and says he was. He then adds that she shouldn't try and force it - the important thing is for her to get better and to feel safe. Angela says she does feel safe there. She then asks if she's been there before last night. She looks round and says she had some happy times there. Paul, looking pleased, says "Yeah. Yeah, you did."

Beryl, Rob and Kevin are standing outside the courthouse when a man comes over and introduces himself to Beryl as Alan Gascoigne. Beryl introduces him to Kevin and Rob. The solicitor starts to say he has some prep to do before the hearing, but Beryl interrupts him and says she was hoping to talk to him before the hearing - about David and how he is. Mr. Gascoigne says he can go one better: he's made arrangements for her to see David. Beryl turns to look at Rob and Kevin, but Mr. Gascoigne then tells her that only she can see him. He adds that she's not to worry - he'll do all he possibly can for David. Rob asks if it'll be alright. Mr. Gascoigne assures him that everything will turn out for the best. Looking at Beryl again, he tells her that he'll see her in fifteen minutes and then goes inside. As he heads off, Margaret approaches and introduces herself to Beryl, explaining that she's Angela's aunt. They shake hands, and Beryl tells her that she's pleased to meet her. Margaret replies that she just wanted to say how sorry she is that this happened - she knows David couldn't have done it; he'll soon be released and everything will be cleared up. Beryl looks at her in surprise. Margaret tells her to please not worry. Beryl thanks her, and she, Rob and Kevin go inside. Margaret looks worried.

Peter enters the Palmer house by the back door; Doug is doing the wiping-up in the kitchen. He tells Peter that he's sorry to hear about his Dad. Peter says it's alright - there was no love lost between them. He then continues that he thought he better drop this back; he puts Doug's gun, wrapped up in a towel, on the table. He adds that he meant to tell him last night - he used it for target practice - that mate of Doug's from the range called and said there was a vacancy... Doug stares at the gun and then snaps, "You stupid young fool." Peter, looking shocked, asks him what he means. Doug looks at him and tells him that he's a damned idiot. He asks if he knows what he put Beryl through - she thinks David used that gun to kill Martin.

Beryl is sitting at a table in a sparse room inside the courthouse; she has her head in her hands. She suddenly looks up as she hears a noise and David is escorted into the room by a guard. He tells Beryl that it's good to see her. Beryl replies that she's been so worried. She stands up and they hug and kiss, before both sitting back down. David says everything will be alright - they made a mistake, that's all. Seeing the tears in his wife's eyes, he tells Beryl not to start crying; he strokes her face and takes her hand. He continues that he's spoken to the solicitor, and he told him that he should be able to get out on bail - it might not even go to trial; it'll be good to get home. Beryl, with her eyes still tearful, says, "I hope it's that simple." Looking surprised, David says, "Sorry?" Beryl replies, "There might be complications." David asks why - the solicitor told him that all the evidence is circumstantial. Beryl says, "You took Dad's gun, didn't you? That might make it look like premeditated murder." Looking even more surprised, David says he doesn't know what she's talking about. Beryl says, "I mean you took Dad's gun - might..." David interrupts her and tells her that Martin Healy was killed with his own gun, not Doug's. Beryl eyes widen as she realises what she's said. She puts her hand to her face in horror as David says, "You think I killed him - with Dad's gun?" He pauses and then continues, "You could actually think I killed him?" Indicating the outside world, he adds, "Hell, love, what I chance have I got out there?" Beryl has her hand over her mouth, looking horrified at what she's said.


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