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    Written by: Christine Schofield    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Beth and Jill are in the lounge room at Dural, having returned from a walk in the grounds. Beth remarks to Jill that it's a lovely garden, and Jill readily agrees. Beth then continues that she enjoyed today - but she's sorry about Bert. Jill, though, says it was her fault - she should have warned Beth that he's not supposed to drink. Beth says she'll know better next time. Jill replies, "If there is a next time..." She looks at Beth anxiously, but Beth just says she's thinking about making a move. Jill suggests that they could have lunch tomorrow, but Beth says she's not sure, explaining that she has a couple of people to catch up with to make her visit up there look legitimate; at least she can tell her husband that she's seen them. She suggests that she ring Jill when she's more organised, and Jill agrees. Beth quickly adds that she's not trying to fob Jill off; she's enjoyed the last two days more than Jill would believe. As they go out into the hall, Wayne comes downstairs and joins them. Jill tells Beth that she can borrow a car and drive her home, but Beth hurriedly says she'll be OK. Jill assures her that it's no trouble, but Wayne quickly steps in and says he'll do it, adding that he's going to the city anyway. Beth says that's settled then, adding, "Where would we be without Wayne, eh?" Wayne turns to Jill and says, "For you and your mum, anything." He and Beth go outside, and Wayne shuts the front door. Beth immediately says she doesn't know why she ever agreed to do this in the first place. Wayne snaps that he doesn't know why he ever asked her. They go to the car. Beth tells Wayne that she's managing alright; Jill is happy enough. Wayne replies that he wants Jill to trust her; it's not going to help getting Fiona offside. Beth points out that she was doing OK 'til then. Wayne opens the car door for her, and Beth sarcastically says, "Thankyou, Wayne. I mustn't forget to tell Jill what a kind, generous person you are." Wayne sourly says, "Right." Beth snaps if he wanted acting, he should have hired an actress. Wayne retorts, "Your sort are the best actresses in the world, aren't they?"

A while later, Wayne's car pulls up outside a building with a signboard labelled 'Swedish Massage - Female Escorts' over the door. Wayne gets out of the car and quickly walks round to Beth's side as she gets out. As they walk over to the path of the Massage Parlour, Wayne asks what the problem is. Beth says she doesn't know - she's starting to go off the whole idea. She then asks Wayne why, if he's so sure he's the right guy for Jill, he doesn't convince her himself, instead of getting her to do it. Wayne reminds her that he told her about the bust-up: no matter how much he tries to convince Jill that they'll work again, she's still not going to believe him - especially with Fiona putting him down; but if her mother tells her, she will. Beth reluctantly says she supposes Wayne knows what he's doing, but quite frankly, she feels like chucking the whole thing in. Wayne, though, tells her there's no way - not now she's started - he can hardly pull another mother out of the hat; all she has to do is tell Jill what a kind-hearted and generous person he is. Beth says, "Right..." adding that she hasn't noticed the 'generous' part yet. Wayne reaches into his pocket and takes out a bundle of money. Beth tells him that he's looking better all the time! Wayne, though, tells her to save it for Jill. Beth sourly remarks, "The things I do for money..." Wayne goes back to his car, gets in and drives off. As he does so, a man walks over to Beth and calls out, "Meryn, what's going on?" Beth quickly tells him - referring to him as Dan - that she's not turning tricks on the side, but Dan says it certainly looks that way. He adds that that young bloke - he indicates the car that's just driven off - was in the other day as a customer. Beth replies that Wayne is the craziest customer she's ever had - and that's saying something! Dan asks the story is, and so Beth explains that Wayne came into the room and told her that he just wanted to have a talk; she thought, "Here we go, one of that type, eh?" Then he put this crazy idea on her: he's paying her to pretend to be his girlfriend's mother - although she's not really his girlfriend, although he wants her to be; he told her all this stuff about her, bought her some new clothes and told her to go to it. Dan asks what Wayne gets out of it. Beth replies that he gets Jill - or he's hoping he will. Having heard the story, Dan tells Meryn that she's really tried to put some across in her time... He starts to stroke her face nastily, adding that that one really takes the cake. Beth says it's true, but Dan, obviously not believing her, says, "Sure..." He adds that, just as long as he gets his percentage, he doesn't really care what the guy's kink is. He holds out his hand and Beth hands over the cash that Wayne gave her. Dan puts it in his pocket.

Rob is sitting in the lounge room at the Palmers', drinking beer, as Beryl sits nearby and asks him if he doesn't think he should talk to Angela - just a 'phone call to see how she is. Rob bluntly says, "No." Beryl then asks him if he'd rather let Patricia have her way. Rob slurs, "Angela wanted to go." Beryl asks him if he's not going to try and stop her. Again, the answer is, "No." Rob turns to Kevin, who's sitting in one of the armchairs, and asks him if there are any more beers. Kevin just looks at his mother. Beryl suggests they leave Angela for the moment, and she turns to the subject of the coffee shop and asks Rob what he's going to do about that? Rob sourly comments on them doing all that work and putting in all that money so Angela would have something to keep her busy while he's away, adding that she was 'busy' alright. Beryl asks him if he's just going to let it go down the drain after three days. She then continues that there's Peter, Jen, her; they can keep it going 'til Angela comes back. Rob snaps that she won't be back. Beryl frustratedly says, "Oh, Rob!" Rob again asks Kevin if there are any more beers, but Kevin says there aren't. Rob says he reckons he'll go down the pub, then. Beryl tells him that he's not going anywhere in the state he's in. Rob stands up and, realising he's unsteady on his feet, says he supposes she's right. Beryl tells him to sober up, adding that getting drunk never solved any problems in the long run. Rob snaps that Angela doesn't need him - let her do as she likes.

Angela is wandering along a street, looking lost and almost bumping into people as she turns to stare at the various buildings. She eventually bumps into an old lady, who stops and asks her if she's alright. Angela asks, "Where am I?" The lady tells her and asks Angela where she wants to go. Angela looks at her and says, "I don't know." She keeps looking round, and the lady asks her if she's sure she's alright. Angela just walks off...

Margaret is looking at a magazine when Patricia comes into the lounge room at Toorak. She asks if Angela's turned up yet, but Patricia says she hasn't. She looks worried and asks, "Where is she?" adding that she looked everywhere; the taxi driver radioed base, and noone's picked her up. Margaret asks if there's no sign at all, and Patricia says there's nothing - they kept driving round and round the streets, hoping they'd catch a glimpse of her. Margaret asks if Patricia has tried Rob or the Palmers, but Patricia snaps that she doesn't think Angela would go there. Margaret says that, if there's anything she can do to help... Patricia goes to the 'phone in the hall and dials a number. It rings, and the police answer. Patricia says she'd like to report a missing person.

Two policeman are walking along the street and walk past Angela, who's sitting on the pavement, leaning against a wall. One policeman says to the other that she could be the missing person they were told about. The other policeman radios to base to check out the description. Angela stands up and starts wandering down the street again, still looking lost. One of the policeman suddenly reaches out and takes her arm. He asks her if she's Angela Keegan. Angela looks at him, blank-faced.

It's dark when the 'phone rings at Toorak. Patricia answers it and the police sergeant comes on and tells her that it's about the missing person she reported. Patricia asks if they've found her, and the sergeant tells her that they have a girl who matches the description - but he'd like Patricia to come to the station and identify her. Patricia asks if she's hurt, but the sergeant assures her that she's alright. Patricia asks why they don't just bring her home. The sergeant replies that he doesn't want to alarm Patricia, but the girl isn't responding to the name Patricia gave them; she doesn't seem to know who she is...

Jennifer is in the kitchen at The Terrace when Rob gets in. She offers him something to eat, but he says he's not hungry. He goes to the 'fridge and takes out a beer, before asking Jennifer what she's doing. She explains that she's looking at menus for the coffee shop for tomorrow - if Rob wants her to do them. Rob tells her to suit herself - he'll be on a run to Adelaide. Jen asks if she should open the place or not, adding that it would help her out a lot, as it's not easy finding a job - and Pete's keen to keep it going. Rob snaps that she can do what she likes. Jen looks at him in pity, and says it'll be alright. Rob, though, snaps that he's had it all from Beryl - "I don't want to know about Angela - got it?" Jennifer walks off upstairs, and Rob immediately looks sorry. He goes into the dining area, where the chairs are stacked on the tables. He pushes a couple of chairs onto the floor, in anger.

Angela is in bed at Toorak, and a doctor and Patricia are both in her bedroom. The doctor asks Patricia if he can have a word downstairs, adding that Angela will be out for at least twelve hours. Patricia kisses her daughter, strokes her cheek and leaves her. As they go downstairs, the doctor tells Patricia that he'll be giving her a number of prescriptions, as he thinks it's wise to keep Angela sedated. Patricia asks what's happening to her. The doctor replies that, in layman's terms, she's lost her memory. He continues that he can guess what happened earlier: she woke up in bed, didn't have a clue who she was or where she was, so she panicked, and ran. Patricia asks what causes someone to lose their memory. The doctor tells her that it's mostly where you're under a lot of stress - like Angela - or have gone through a traumatic experience - in Angela's case, losing her child; then you can go into a state of withdrawal - your mind just refuses to cope; some people block out certain memories, people, events, a period of their lives; others block out everything. Patricia asks, "And Angela?" The doctor replies that the memory loss appears total, as far as he can tell so far. He tells Patricia that he'll give her the name of a specialist in the field, adding that it's important that Angela sees him. He gives Patricia the prescriptions, and Patricia, looking worried, says, "She will recover, won't she?" The doctor tells her that, in time, with the specialist's help, there's no reason why she shouldn't. Patricia asks how she should handle it, and the doctor tells her that Angela needs to feel safe - she needs to know Patricia can be trusted, but Patricia shouldn't put any pressure on her; she shouldn't try to make her remember anything - not one thing; Angela has to do that herself - if she feels pushed, she'll probably withdraw further. Patricia points out that surely telling Angela that she's her mother is going to help, but the doctor tells her that she can't force it - to Angela, she's just another stranger. He repeats that Patricia mustn't tell Angela who she is - and that goes for everyone who comes into contact with her; they can't take any chances. Patricia looks very upset.

The next morning, at The Terrace, Rob is having breakfast and Jennifer asks him about Adelaide, but Rob doesn't want to talk. Jennifer tells him that she knows he doesn't want people talking, but moping around isn't going to get him anywhere. She continues that her life hasn't exactly been a barrel of laughs lately, either, but there they are: two arms, two legs, everything works, they've got friends; Rob's even got a job. Rob reluctantly says he supposes she's right. Jennifer says, "So?" Rob replies that he'll think about it on the road. Jennifer, though, tells him that he won't: he'll sit on it like a broody hen! She then asks him if he's allowed to take passengers. Rob tells her that it's against company rules, but Jennifer asks if they have to know! She adds that she's a great travelling companion - better than a radio! Rob says he thought she was looking after the coffee shop, but Jennifer points out that there's always Beryl and Peter. She asks Rob if he really wants to go all that way on his own. Rob asks her if she's got a toothbrush and a change of clothes. Jen nods, happily.

Kevin is sitting at the Palmer kitchen table, reading to Beryl a letter that he's written to Lynn. He asks if he should send one of Peter's baby cartoons too. Beryl says she thinks Lynn would love it. She then asks what's brought the writing on. Kevin replies that the way Rob was carrying on about Angela made him think of the way he's been with Lynn; you have to give a little bit sometimes. Beryl says she's glad to see someone acting their age at last. She then says she's off to the coffee shop, and adds that she hopes Rob's had a change of heart too. Kevin continues writing as Beryl goes out. He signs his letter with lots of 'Xs' and adds, 'PS I love you!' He then picks up the letter and reads it.

At Toorak, Patricia serves Angela breakfast. Angela sits up in bed and asks, "Where am I?" Patricia tells her that she's at home. Angela looks at her and Patricia quickly adds, "At my home." She serves the tea. Angela says she was walking down the street... Patricia tells her that she's just been ill and needs lots of rest. She adds that she'll be downstairs if Angela needs her. Angela asks Patricia if she's a nurse or something. Patricia starts to say, "I'm your--" but stops and says, "I'm a friend - my name's Patricia." She leaves the room. Angela looks round. Downstairs, Margaret asks Patricia how Angela is, and whether there's anything she can do. Patricia says no - not at this moment. Margaret snaps that she's not totally inhuman - she can feel sorry for the girl. Patricia snaps, "Good." She walks off.

At Dural, Wayne and Jill are having breakfast. Wayne asks if Fiona's not hungry, and Jill replies that she thinks she wants to be by herself for a while, as she's still pretty upset about Bert. She continues that she hopes Beth's not blaming herself, and she asks Wayne if her mother said anything on the way home. Wayne, though, says she was too busy talking about Jill! Jill looks happy. She tells Wayne that she wishes she could spend more time with Beth, and she asks him where she was staying; was it a nice place? Wayne quickly replies that you've seen one, you've seen them all. He adds that it was suburban. Jill asks what the people are like. Wayne tells her that they're pretty ordinary. Jill says she wishes she could stay with her 'til she goes. Wayne, though, says he doesn't know about that - he gets the feeling that Beth's not keen on them knowing about Jill. Jill looks disappointed and says she'll have to make the most of the time that they do have together. Wayne says he supposes so. He suddenly appears to think of something, though, and says, "Of course she does - they haven't got long." He gets up from the table and says he has to go into town, on business. He dashes out and picks up his car keys from the hall table, looking very pleased with himself.

A while later, Wayne rings the ball at Beth's house and, when she answers, asks if he can come in. Beth says no, adding that she's in a hurry. Wayne tells her that he's got a proposition for her. Beth says he's come to the right place! Wayne ignores this and asks Beth how she'd like a holiday. Beth says she'd love one, and she asks if Wayne's going to pay for it. Wayne says he will: all expenses - food, wine, clothes, spending money... Beth asks, "Where?" Wayne says his place: Jill wants her to come and stay for a while. Beth asks if Jill likes her that much. Wayne tells her that she's a big hit. Beth says she doesn't know, but Wayne assures her that he'll make it worth her while. Beth says it's not the money; she doesn't want Jill to get hurt; if Jill's getting to like her, she's going to be a bit carked if the truth came out. Wayne, though, says it won't, adding that Beth can trust him, and that it will mean more money. Beth says she's got to sort things out with her boss, and that will take a day or so, but alright. Wayne smiles and says, "Good..."

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Beryl asks Rob and Jennifer if they're both going to Adelaide. Jennifer replies that it's only for a couple of days. Beryl asks, "What about the coffee shop?" Rob tells her that it stays closed - unless she and Peter want to do it all. Beryl snaps that they might just do that, adding that, after all the work Angela's put into it, she can't just let it drop. Rob sourly points out that Angela's not showing much interest. Beryl, though, reminds him that Angela has just lost a baby, and she remembers what it can do to you; she tells Rob to think back to how she was with David. She then tells him to just go and talk to Angela before he goes to Adelaide, but Rob says no. Beryl snaps that she doesn't know why she wastes her breath. She tells Rob that she's disgusted with the way Angela treated him, too, but she's his wife and she needs him - and he's just letting Patricia walk in and take over when Angela's in no fit state to see through her. Rob just ignores this. Beryl continues that if he doesn't care, she does; the coffee shop stays open: as of next week, she'll run it herself. Jennifer asks about Beryl's job. Beryl replies that she'll resign, and she adds that if Rob won't do something about Angela, she will. She walks off.

Wayne looks pleased as he arrives back at Dural and joins Jill in the lounge room, where she's cleaning the silver; Jill tells Wayne that she's been hanging round in case Beth called. Wayne says he's been thinking: if it's alright with Gordon, why don't they ask Beth to stay with them 'til she leaves. Jill excitedly says, "You're kidding?!" Wayne says they can ask him when he gets back from Perth. He asks Jill what she thinks, and Jill hugs him, saying she's so happy! She then tells Wayne that he's terrific!

Beryl knocks impatiently on the front door at Toorak. When Patricia answers it and see who's standing there, she snaps, "What do you want?" Beryl replies, "What do you think?" Patricia tells her, "You're not going to see her," but Beryl angrily asks, "Who's going to stop me?" Patricia starts to explain that Angela is in a state of shock because of the way Rob treated her, and she's not to see anyone - doctor's orders. Beryl asks Patricia if she really expects her to believe that. Patricia says it's the truth: if Beryl goes in now and tries to talk to her, it'll only make things worse; Angela's not to be forced - the doctor has warned her. Beryl just ignores this, and barges past Patricia, into the house. Patricia again tells Beryl that Angela won't know her, adding that she doesn't recognise anyone. Beryl, though, tells Patricia to come off it. Patricia says Angela's lost her memory; it's true. Beryl says she wants to see for herself, and starts to head for the stairs. Patricia says, "Don't - I'm not lying - honestly." Beryl, though, says she's not leaving 'til she's at least seen Angela - alone. Patricia gives in, but says she'll be waiting right outside the door, and at the first sign of Angela becoming upset, she wants Beryl to leave.

Angela is lying in bed. Beryl goes in, smiles at her and says, "Hello, love." She continues that they've been very worried about her, adding that Rob's like a bear with a sore head, but she does owe him some sort of explanation - she can't just walk out; it never solves anything. Angela stares at her. Beryl asks why Angela doesn't talk to him. Angela stares at Beryl blankly and says ,"Who are you?" Beryl tells her that it's alright, but Angela cries out, "Patricia?" Patricia comes in. Angela asks, "What does she want? I don't know her, do I?" Beryl looks astonished. Beryl says it's her: Beryl. Angela tells Patricia to get her out; she doesn't know her; she doesn't want to talk to her. Patricia guides Beryl out of the room and says she told her so. She tells her to please go - now. Beryl looks at Angela and leaves the room. Patricia tells Angela not to worry.

Back downstairs, Beryl goes into the lounge room, and Patricia follows. She tells Beryl that she said Angela wouldn't listen. Beryl angrily asks, "What have you done to her?" Patricia says, "Me?" She adds that it's Beryl - her and her precious family. Beryl says they were only trying to stop Angela from ruining her life, which is more than she can say for Patricia. She continues that she's getting Angela out of there. She starts to head back upstairs, but Patricia grabs her arm and tells her that she's not taking Angela anywhere: Angela's her daughter, and none of the Palmers are ever coming near her again. Beryl says, "You can't stop us." Patricia says, "Really? Oh try me. If I have my way, she won't even remember that you exist - any of you. Now get out!"


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