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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Doug and Peter are wiping up the dishes at The Terrace, and Doug tells Peter that he cleaned his gun, and it looks real good. He asks Peter if he'd like a go with it, and Peter says that would be great. He asks if they can try it in the bush, but Doug says that would be too dangerous, adding that a lot of idiots do that already. He continues that he has a mate in the RSL who has a few contacts at the shooting range; he should be able to organise something. Peter asks Doug when he'll be able to fix it. Doug replies that he'll see how they go; he might call him later. The two of them go into the dining room to start laying the tables. As they do so, Beryl comes in. She asks Doug if he's got it all sorted out. Doug replies that they're just setting the tables. Beryl snaps that she meant has he set the roster? Surprised at the tone of her voice, Doug asks what's eating her. Beryl snaps that it's nothing. Doug says he's not a fool... Beryl just says she's got something on her mind, and she can't wait for David to get back to talk it over with him. Doug tells her that she can talk to him, but Beryl replies that they have more important thing to worry about, like organising how they're going to run The Terrace.

Patricia goes into Angela's room at Toorak and gives her a drink, which she says has something in it to calm Angela down. Angela, though, says she doesn't want anything. Patricia sits on the edge of her daughter's bed and tells her that Beryl won't come back. Angela asks, "Who was she?" Patricia replies that it was someone Angela knew before she fell ill; she didn't like her very much. She continues that she tried to stop her coming upstairs, and adds that it won't happen again. Angela says she wishes she could remember... Patricia tells her that the best way she can recover is not to worry; it'll all come back eventually. The 'phone starts ringing, and Patricia calls out to Margaret to get it. Margaret does, in the hall. The caller is Paul, who tells Margaret that she'll be pleased to know his money's come through and he can pay her what he owes her. Margaret says that's good, as she's waited long enough. She tells Paul to send a cheque, but Paul says he'd rather not, as he's got something else to put to her - if she's interested. Margaret looks round to see if anyone's about, and when she sees there isn't, she says she could be. Paul replies that he thought she might, and he asks her to come down to the park near the shops. Margaret says, "Now?" Paul asks why not, and adds that he'll see her in fifteen minutes. Margaret hangs up and goes into the lounge room, where Patricia is now sitting. She tells her sister that she's just going down to the shops, and will be back shortly. Patricia asks who the caller was, and Margaret replies that it was just somebody selling something, as usual. She goes upstairs to get her bag. Patricia looks as if she didn't believe what she was told...

Margaret and Paul are walking in the park, and Margaret is saying that it's all rather sad: all Angela does is lie there and stare at the ceiling. Paul replies that he wants to see her, but he doesn't want to do anything to make it worse; it would probably only upset her if she saw him. Margaret says, "Who knows?" Paul says he'll stay away until she's better. Margaret tells him that it's up to him. Changing the subject, she asks Paul about his proposition. Paul hands Margaret the cheque and then says there's another $5,000 if she's interested. Margaret replies that it depends what he wants her to do - she's not totally mercenary. Paul laughs and says, "Aren't you?" They continue walking along as Paul asks Margaret whether, so long as it's putting Patricia down, it's fair game. Margaret tells Paul that he knows it is. Paul continues that it's quite simple, really: all he wants Margaret to do is write Gordon a letter. Margaret says, "And?" Paul replies that she's to tell him about how Patricia and Wayne tried to frame him at Woombai and get him up on another charge. Looking puzzled, Margaret tells Paul that she doesn't see what that will achieve for him. In reply, Paul explains that Ramberg is that far - he indicates a small amount with his fingers - from bankruptcy, and is existing on loans that are coming up for renewal. They stop walking, and Margaret says, "So?" Paul continues that a contact told him last night that unless Gordon goes back, those loans won't be renewed. Margaret asks if Paul's saying that telling him about Woombai is enough to make sure he doesn't. Paul replies that he'd give short odds - and Margaret gets what she wants: without Gordon, Ramberg goes down the tube and so does Patricia - she got herself that far in debt to buy his shares, and if those shares are worthless, she's broke. Margaret ponders the $5,000 and says it's almost worth doing it for nothing - but she'll need the money. Paul says, "I'll say you will. You won't have long to get more out of Patricia - 'cos she won't have any left..."

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Beryl is sorting out a pile of washing as David puts his socks on. She rants that she's angry with Patricia, of course, but Angela was a real mess - she didn't even recognise her. David comments that it sounds a bit far-fetched - Angela's bunging it on so she doesn't have to face up to facts with Rob. Beryl, though, points out that she saw her. David dismisses this, though, saying Beryl saw what she saw; he still thinks Angela's playing games. Doug comes in and asks what's going on. Beryl replies that it's between David and her. Doug indignantly says he's part of the family, too - he might be able to help. David tells his father that he thought he was there to get the gun to take Peter to some shooting range or other. Doug says he is, adding that there's no need to snap. He calls out to the lounge room and asks Peter if he's ready. Peter is. Doug joins him and Beryl shuts the kitchen doors behind him. Peter asks Doug if something's wrong, but Doug says, "Don't ask me." In the kitchen, David tells Beryl that Patricia might have her bluffed but she's certainly not going to do it with him.

Angela is sitting in the lounge room at Toorak, while Patricia is in the hall with Martin, telling him about Angela's condition and about how she's not registering very much. She adds that the most important thing is that she's not pushed into trying to remember. Martin says he understands. Patricia tells him to take it slowly, adding that, if Angela does get upset, he's to leave immediately. They go into the lounge room, and Patricia introduces Martin to Angela. Angela asks if she knows him, and Martin tells her that they've met, and it's nice to see her again. Angela apologises, saying she doesn't feel very well at the moment. Patricia suggests they go out in the garden. Angela readily agrees and goes outside. Martin remarks to Patricia that it's weird. Patricia says she knows; the main thing is to take it easy. Martin says that he knows it's a pretty awful thing to say, but in a way, he's glad it happened, as it gives her a chance to get to know him again the right way; it wasn't easy the first time, with her taking a set against him. Patricia warns him not to rush it, and Martin says he won't - he'll be patient. He adds that at least he'll be close to one of his children - he's not doing too well with the others...

Angela is outside, wandering along the verandah, when David suddenly calls out, "Angie?" Angela looks round as he approaches. As he gets close to her, Angela asks who he is. David says he doesn't know why she's decided to play games, but she's not being very fair on anyone. He walks and stands in front of her. Angela, looking frightened, tells him that she doesn't know who he is - honestly. David says he'll take her home and talk about it. He goes to put his arm round her, but Angela pushes it away and tells him to leave her alone - she doesn't know him and doesn't want to go anywhere with him. David snaps at her to stop this nonsense for once and for all. He grabs her, to guide her to the car, but Angela cries out to leave her alone. Patricia and Martin come out of the house and Patricia snaps at David to leave Angela alone. David says Angela is coming with him. Martin tells him there's no way. Angela goes over to Martin, and he puts his arm round her. David says Angela should be at home with them. Patricia asks how dare he? She continues that Beryl could see how sick Angela was. She walks up to David and quietly tells him that Angela is not his daughter, so he's to keep out of it; the doctor doesn't want Angela disturbed, and she'll make sure she isn't - in fact, she's going to take out a restraining order on him, so he can see how he likes arguing with the police. She goes back to Angela and leads her inside. Martin goes as well.

Inside, the 'phone rings, Patricia answers it. As the STD pips sound, though, she asks the caller to hold the line. She then asks Martin to take Angela upstairs; they go. Patricia goes back to the 'phone. The caller is Wayne, and Patricia impatiently asks if it's important, explaining that she just had another upset with Angela. Wayne says he wouldn't be ringing if it wasn't. He continues that Gordon will be back from Perth tomorrow, and Patricia had better be up there to see him. Patricia says she can't, as Angela's too sick. Wayne, though, tells her that things got a lot worse yesterday: Coleman released last month's figures, and they're a disaster - there's no way the loans will be refinanced without Gordy back. Patricia says she simply can't leave Angela, but Wayne tells her that it's sink or swim time. Patricia reluctantly says she'll think of something. Wayne tells her that she'll see her when she gets there. Patricia hangs up and goes into the lounge, where she asks Martin how Angela is. Martin replies that she's settled a bit. Patricia then tells him that she has to go to Sydney on business, and she asks him if he could organise with her solicitors to take out a restraining order on the Palmers. Martin, looking incredulous, asks her if she means to go ahead with it. Patricia says that of course she does - she'd do it herself, but she has to get to Sydney urgently. Martin points out that surely her daughter means more... Patricia, though, snaps at him to just do it, adding that she won't catch the 4pm flight if she doesn't hurry. She walks off. Margaret comes into the room, and Martin asks her if she heard all that. Margaret says she did. She asks if there's a crisis at Ramberg. Martin replies that no business problem justifies carrying on like a small child. He walks off. Margaret immediately goes to the 'phone and dials, looking round as she does so. The person she gets through to is Paul, and she tells him to come round to the house in about an hour. She adds that Patricia won't be there, and tells him that she has some very interesting news for him...

A while later, Patricia is packed and is in the lounge room with Martin, impatiently complaining that the cab is late, and she'll never make it now. Martin says he could have driven her; he still could. Patricia, though, says it's alright - she'll catch a later flight. Martin sourly says he hopes she won't carry on so much when they're married, every time a business problem crops up. Patricia says she's sorry, but there won't be any business to cause problems if she doesn't sort this one out. Martin then asks Patricia if she's chosen someone to be attendant yet. Patricia looks surprised, and quickly says it'll be Margaret of course; who else? A car horn suddenly sounds, and Patricia realises it's the taxi. She dashes out. Martin sees her go, and then comes back and says to Margaret that he'll be off. Margaret tells him that she'll see him tomorrow. Martin replies that he'll be back first thing to take Angela to the psychiatrist's. He asks Margaret to say goodbye for him, adding that it's probably best to let Angela rest for the moment. Margaret agrees that that's a good idea. Martin thanks her for all her support. Margaret says he'll always have it.

David is on the 'phone at the Palmers' - he thanks the caller and hangs up. Beryl says, "Don't tell me..." David replies that there are such things as restraining orders: Angela's parents can apply for a court order and he gets a summons from the local sheriff. Beryl asks what that means: does he have to go to court? David replies that he does whether he likes it or not: the magistrate listens to the case and then decides whether to enforce the court order. Beryl says it's absolutely ridiculous, adding that there must be something they can do about it. David says, "Not according to Legal Aid." Beryl says she wishes Rob was there, as she's sure he could do something - he's her husband. David sourly says Martin Healy's no better, and Beryl agrees. She then says she supposes they should tell the others what's happened. David comments that Patricia might be bluffing about that order, but Beryl says no - not her.

Paul is at Toorak, and Margaret comments that she wondered where he'd got to - she was worried he might have bumped into Patricia. Paul explains that he waited until he was sure Martin wasn't coming back. He asks where Patricia is, and Margaret replies that she's in Sydney, as Gordon's coming back from Perth tomorrow, and she's gone up to talk him into rejoining Ramberg. Paul sourly says, "Trust her to be quick off the mark." Margaret tells Paul that they've got to get to Gordon first. Paul says he doesn't see how that's going to help. They sit down, and Margaret continues that he knows how Gordon feels about Angela: if Paul gets onto him first and tells him about her breakdown, he'll stop over there on the way back - and then Paul will have the chance to say his piece first - and she'll back up everything he says. Paul points out that they don't know where Gordon's staying, but Margaret says there can't be that many hotels in Perth that he'd be likely to use. Paul asks if they should ring them. Margaret replies that she'll find him, adding that Paul will trump Patricia before she even gets to talk to Gordon. She gets up and goes to the 'phone. As she does so, Paul tells her that she's not unlike Patricia. Margaret stops and looks at him in surprise. She then says, "Whatever I am, she made me."

Patricia arrives at Dural, and Wayne lets her in. The go into the lounge room, and Patricia remarks that it feels strange coming there. Wayne says he can imagine. Patricia tells him that she's not exactly confident about seeing Gordon tomorrow. Wayne replies that she shouldn't worry too much - the way things have been between Gordon and him, she'll romp it in. Patricia says she'd better - if she can't talk him into it, Ramberg will have had it, and so will she. Wayne says he can't believe there isn't someone who can take over and make it work. Patricia asks Wayne if he thinks she hasn't looked. She adds that the trouble is, the people who could make it work aren't interested - the company's got a bad name now; who wants to take over someone else's disaster? Wayne pours drinks at the bar as she continues that she hates to say it, but Gordon is the only answer, and if she has to get down on her knees and beg, she'll do it. She then says she's been thinking about Fiona, too. Wayne asks her what she means. Patricia explains that Fiona could be very useful when it comes to Gordon, seeing as she stands to lose as well; for once, she may be willing to support her. Wayne says he wouldn't count on it, explaining that Fiona's not very receptive, as she's just ditched her boyfriend, and reports are that he's gone on a bender. Patricia comments that, faced with Fiona, she's not surprised! Shen then says she'll tackle Fiona in the morning; it'll be good practice for when Gordon arrives.

The next morning, Fiona opens the front door of the flat at the back of Dural to find Patricia standing there. She immediately remarks that she could think of better ways to start the day. Patricia shrugs and says it must be a bit of a shock seeing her again so soon. She continues that she won't beat around the bush: she's come to ask for Fiona's support. Fiona asks why, and Patricia replies that she needs it: when she didn't want Gordon back in charge before, she was wrong: she admits it - this time. Fiona tells Patricia that she's still wrong. Looking surprised, Patricia says, "I beg your pardon?" Fiona tells Patricia that she heard. Patricia says she'll do anything necessary to make sure the company survives, but she must have Fiona's support; she points out that Fiona stands to lose as well. Fiona says, "Quick, aren't you." Patricia snaps that she didn't fly up there for fun - Fiona and her are both in a very dangerous situation - all she's asking for is Fiona'a support on a business level. She continues that there are plenty of people in business who hate each other's guts, but are willing to stick together if they know that's the way they'll survive. Fiona says she's not one of them. Patricia says Fiona must be worried about the money, and she asks what she's going to do: suddenly lower her living standards? Fiona replies that she's still got the riding school; she'll survive - it's Gordon's decision and she's not going to force him one way or another; the only good thing if the company does fold is finally seeing Patricia get what's coming to her. Patricia threatens that if she wins with Gordon, Fiona should just remember who saved her. Fiona says she's sure Patricia won't let her forget. Patricia snaps that Fiona can bet on it.

Martin is back at Toorak, and he asks Margaret what sort of night Angela had. Margaret tells him that she slept right through, and Martin says that's good. Margaret explains that Angela was taking pills, and Martin reluctantly says he supposes that's the only way. Margaret asks when Angela's seeing the psychiatrist, but Martin says there's ample time - Patricia asked him to call in on the way past and pick up the last of Angela's things. Margaret asks if that's a good idea; supposing there's somebody there? Martin says there shouldn't be - and he'll leave Angela in the car; she'll be alright. Margaret asks how Martin's going to get in if there's noone there? Martin replies that Angela should have a key in her handbag; he'll check, anyway. Margaret says that, if there's anything else she can do... Martin tells her that she's been great.

At Dural, Patricia is stirring a cup of coffee agitatedly, and Wayne jokes that she should leave the bottom in the cup! Patricia snaps at him not to start using Rosie's expressions or she'll scream! She impatiently asks what's keeping Gordon. Wayne calmly replies that it takes time. Patricia sarcastically asks if he's coming by camel! She then asks Wayne to pass her cigarettes. Wayne gets up and gets them off the bar. He tells Patricia that there's no point talking herself into a state. Patricia asks what she's supposed to do: everything depends on his answer. Wayne asks what she'll do if Gordon says 'no'. Patricia replies that she hasn't thought about it. Wayne remarks that that's not like her. Patricia tells him that Gordon has got to say 'yes' - that's all there is to it.

Martin's car pulls up opposite The Terrace, and he tells Angela, who's in the passenger seat, that there's no need to be nervous - the doctor's going to be really patient with her; she's got to get better in her own time. He then tells her that he's just got to go over to the house and get some of her things, and he asks her to wait there. He asks her if she recognises where they are, but Angela says she's never seen it before. Martin gets out of the car and goes over to The Terrace.

Inside, Beryl and Peter are laying tables when Martin comes in. Peter angrily asks him what he's doing there and how he got in, but Martin ignores this. He instead looks at Beryl and tells her that he's come to pick up some of Angela's things, as Patricia's away and he's looking after their daughter.

In the car, Angela looks at the sign across the road, painted with the words 'The Terrace Coffee Shop'. She then looks away again.

Inside, Peter accuses Martin of just trying to get Angela on-side while she's sick - while she can't remember what he's really like. Martin tells Peter not to be ridiculous, but Peter retorts that if Angela was alright, she wouldn't have anything to do with Martin - Martin knows damn well how much Angela hates him, and he doesn't really blame her.

Angela gets out of the car.

Martin says he'll just go and get Angela's things. Peter says, "Yeah, that's right - walk away when someone's trying to tell you the truth. You're one of the lowest people that I've ever met." Beryl warns, "Peter..." but Peter continues, "My father, the hero. All those years of just lying to us. It would have been better if you were killed in Vietnam and not Jennifer's father." Beryl tells Peter that that's enough. Martin just stands there. Peter glares at him. Martin then says that perhaps he'll get Angela's clothes later. He goes out and finds Angela standing on the doorstep. He starts to guide her back in the direction of the car. As he does so, Angela tells him that she got the strangest feeling when she was sitting looking at the place: something awful happened there. They cross the road and Angela continues that she can't quite remember - it's so frustrating not being able to remember anything, or people, or... Martin opens the door for her, and she gets in. Martin gets in the driver's side, turns to Angela and says, "If it's any help to you, I'm your father." Angela looks at him, smiles and says, "I'm glad. Thankyou for telling me. It does help." She then asks him if she has any brothers or sisters. Martin tells her that she has one brother - in the airforce. Angela asks if there are any more. Martin looks across at the house. Beryl and Peter are just coming out, and he looks at Peter intently. He then turns back to Angela and says, "No. Noone else." He drives off as Peter glares after him.


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