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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Paul and Angela quickly pull away from each other; Paul stands up and says it's not how it looks. Rob just orders Paul to get out. Paul starts trying to explain but Rob repeats his order to get out. Angela cries, "Please, Rob..." Paul tells Rob that he'll explain downstairs; he's just not to get upset. Rob yells that he doesn't need any explanations. Angela cries again that he doesn't understand, and so Rob says, "Alright, you explain it, then." Angela sobs that she can't, and Rob snaps that he thought so. He pushes Paul out of the room and they start going downstairs. As they do so, Paul tells Rob that he doesn't want to fight him; he can explain it. Rob tells him to go on. They stop in the hall, and Paul turns to look at Rob. He tells him that he's not going to con him - they did have an affair - but it's over; what Rob saw upstairs was him kissing Angela goodbye. Rob snaps, "I'll bet." Paul says "It's the truth." He continues that Angela decided to stick with Rob and do whatever's necessary to have that baby; if that was him, it would count for something. Rob angrily says, "Yeah, OK, I'm real impressed." Paul asks him to try to understand, but Rob yells that he understands alright: Angela told him before they were married what she was really like; how many guys she fooled around with; about how she almost broke up a marriage because she was a bored little rich girl with nothing better to do. Angela is crying in the bedroom as Rob continues that it was all good, clean fun; in fact, everyone made him feel lousy for letting it upset him - so he said 'fine, what difference does it make what she was like before he met her?'; so they got married, and just two weeks later, she was fooling around with Paul; that was a really good start - it felt like she'd ripped him apart, but everyone said 'Poor Angela - don't give up on your marriage, she's sorry'; he believed them; he was so happy; he thought she'd changed; all that other stuff - everything her bitch of a mother had made - he thought that had gone; and when she became pregnant, he felt like all his Christmases had come at once. He pauses as a look of realisation crosses his face. He asks Paul how long this has been going on. Paul replies, "About six weeks. It could be mine." Upon hearing this, Rob lunges at Paul and puts his hands round his neck. He then throws him over a table, which falls apart beneath the weight. Angela gets up from bed. Downstairs, Rob pushes Paul around the dining room, continually picking him and and throwing him down again. Nearly all the tables and chairs are left in pieces. Angela runs downstairs and cries, "Rob..." Rob is on top of Paul, trying to strangle him.

The 'phone rings at Toorak, and Margaret answers. Rob comes on and asks for Patricia. Margaret gets her. Patricia goes to the 'phone and Rob tells her that it's Angela - she's asking for her; she's lost the baby. Patricia asks, "When? How?" Rob tells her to just get over there - Patricia's the only person she wants to see. Patricia hangs up, looking upset. Margaret comes over and asks what's wrong. Patricia says, "Angela's miscarried - she needs me." She goes out.

At The Terrace, Angela is lying in bed, sobbing heavily. Patricia strokes her head and says, "My poor darling..." Angela cries, "What am I going to do?" Patricia asks her what she wants to do? Angela replies that she doesn't want to see them. Patricia tells her that she can come home with her; she can always trust her. Angela looks at her. Patricia asks her if she wants to come home with her. Angela nods. Patricia says she'll go and call a cab and then pack Angela's things. She kisses her daughter's forehead, looking really upset herself. She then promises Angela that she won't let them hurt her again.

Downstairs, in the kitchen, Patricia is on the 'phone, and she asks if the cab can be sent as soon as possible. She then says she appreciates it, and hangs up. Rob comes in and says he heard Patricia saying there would be two passengers. Patricia replies that she's taking Angela with her. Rob says, "No," but Patricia angrily tells him that she's not going to leave her there after the way he treated her. Rob looks incredulous and says, "What about me?" He continues that, a couple of hours ago, he was the bloke with everything in the world going for him; now, because of Angela... because of what Patricia made her, he's lost the lot. Patricia goes to walk off, but Rob grabs her and tells her that there were two sides to Angela: one was the side that he and everyone else brought out, and the other was what Patricia made her when she was growing up. Patricia tells Rob to get his hands off her. She snaps that it's always her fault where Rob and his damned family are concerned; it's easier to blame her than to admit he's a failure as a husband and lover. She adds, "Paul's not exactly a prize catch, but he's certainly an improvement on you." Stunned by what he's just heard, Rob slaps her face. Patricia puts her hand up to her cheek as Rob looks at his hand, apparently shocked at what he's just done. Patricia tells him, "And you know it." She storms off.

Paul is standing just along the road from The Terrace as the cab pulls up. Inside, Patricia helps Angela get out of bed and put her dressing gown on. Angela quietly says she hurt them both so much... Patricia, though, tells her daughter that she won't have any thinking like that; they are the ones responsible: if they hadn't been fighting, Angela wouldn't have lost the baby. The cab driver hoots the car horn, and Patricia tells Angela that they'll get her home and tucked up into a nice warm bed. Angela says, "Who?" Surprised by this sudden change of subject, Patricia asks, "What?" Angela says Rob is downstairs, isn't he? Patricia replies that of course he is, and she asks why the question? Angela says she just couldn't think for a minute. Patricia tells her that she's been through a terrible ordeal. They head downstairs; Rob is sitting at one of the remaining unbroken tables as they do so. There's suddenly an impatient knocking on the front door, and Patricia calls out in annoyance that they're coming. Rob gets up, walks over to Angela and tells her that if she stays, there's just a chance they can work things out; if she goes with Patricia, he doesn't want to see her again. Angela doesn't respond, though, and Patricia guides her past Rob and out the door. Outside, the driver asks if they want a hand, but Patricia snaps at him to just open the door. She then spots Paul standing nearby. She helps Angela into the car and the driver remarks that she doesn't look too good. Patricia snaps at him to just drive. Paul walks over and asks how she is. Patricia snaps that she's fine. Paul then asks about him and Rob - how Angela feels about them. Patricia replies that she hates them and she'll make sure she doesn't change her mind. Paul incredulously tells Patricia that she's actually using it: Angela miscarries, and all Patricia can think about is using it against him and Rob. Patricia retorts that the day Angela told her she was pregnant was one of the most wonderful experiences of her life, and look at her now; he and Rob have done that; if he thinks she's not going to make him suffer for it, then he doesn't know her very well. Paul glares at her. Patricia tells the driver to head for Toorak.

At the Palmers', Beryl gives Rob a brandy, but he says he doesn't want to start drinking. Beryl tells him that she'll just be a minute - she wants to ask Doug to stay in his room, as they don't need his advice at the moment. She leaves the room. Rob wanders over to the shelf by the window, on which there are family photos, and he picks up Kevin and Lynn's wedding picture. Beryl comes back in and Rob comments that they don't have much of family record... Beryl, though, says Doug told her that Kevin read one of Lynn's letters the other day. She takes the photo and continues that the next step is for him to write to her. Rob bitterly asks why he should waste his time. He takes the untouched brandy and says, "What the hell?" He downs it in one. Beryl asks him what he's going to do about it, but he says he doesn't know. Beryl asks him if he'll go to Patricia's or... Rob interrupts and says he can't even think about it; he just wants some company. Beryl says that's OK; she knows he'll do the right thing. Rob says that, when he walked in and saw them... he loves her... he wanted that baby so much. Beryl puts her arm round him.

The next morning, in the flat at the back of Dural, Fiona remarks to Jill that she must have got in late; she was up until 11:30pm! Jill explains that Beth talked her into seeing a movie. Fiona comments that they must have had a nice day, and Jill replies that it was fabulous! She adds that she still feels a bit strange about the way Beth turned up out of the blue, but she's so nice. Fiona tells Jill that she's really happy for her. Jill says she's invited Beth to come along with them today; she hopes Fiona doesn't mind? Fiona, who looks put out, says she doesn't. She adds, "Adopted mum meets real mum!" Jill tells her that Beth wants to meet her - she's really keen. Fiona asks Jill if Beth told her much about her family; has she married again? Jill says she hasn't said a lot - she thinks she likes to keep all that pretty separate. Fiona asks Jill how she feels about that. Jill pauses and then says that, as she was growing up, her parents were just two names - the last time she saw them she was four; she tries to remember their faces every now and then, but she never could; she'll never see her dad again, but, no matter what comes out of it, at least she had the chance to meet Beth.

Beth emerges from an anonymous house and walks down the path. A woman is on the path of the house next door, picking up the newspaper, and she says to Beth, "What are you up to, Meryn? Trying to make a bit on the side?" Beth replies that the woman could say that; she's going to visit a friend. The woman asks if it's anyone she knows, but Beth tells her that it's not one of their mob, and not a client, either. She adds that it's a social call. Looking at Beth's smart dress, the woman remarks that, whoever he is, he's got good taste in clothes. A cab pulls up, and the woman asks who Beth is trying to impress. Beth goes to the cab and says, "Dural, please, driver." Looking astonished, the neighbour says, "Dural? Who's paying your fares these days?" Beth gets in the car, closes the door and calls out, "Bye, Alice..."

In the flat at Dural, Fiona is reading the newspaper while Jill is doing some cleaning. There's a knock on the door - it's Bert. Jill goes off to do the housework elsewhere. Fiona looks embarrassed. Bert says he supposes he's done his dash after yestarday. Fiona replies, "Just about. I don't like being humiliated." She asks him what he's going to do about himself. Bert says he's trying - honest he is - but she's right: he was kidding himself to think he could control it. Fiona takes his hand and tells him that, if he's prepared to make the effort, she'll help him. Bert replies that he never had a drink this morning; he made it to the track on time, too. Fiona smiles and says, "Good."

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Beryl asks Rob if he's feeling any better today. Rob says he is; he adds that he's sorry he carried on a bit last night. He explains that he had a job on, and when he got home, Patricia had taken all Angela's things. Beryl asks how she got in. Rob replies that Jen let her in. Beryl asks if Jennifer found out how Angela was, but Rob says he doesn't know and doesn't care. Beryl points out that the poor girl has just had a miscarriage... She gives Rob a plate of sandwiches, but Rob asks her if she's got a beer. Beryl goes to the 'fridge. Rob says he drank himself to sleep last night, but it didn't help his thinking any. Beryl tells him that he's going to have to do something - he can't just let it ride. Rob drinks his beer.

Patricia pours a drink at Toorak. Margaret goes to take Angela's breakfast upstairs, but Patricia sharply says she'll take it. Margaret says she can manage, but Patricia tells her that she'd rather she didn't. Margaret asks Patricia what she thinks she's going to do: tell Angela what a dreadful woman Patricia is? Patricia replies that she wouldn't put anything past Margaraet. She takes the tray and says she's looking after Angela; Margaret should just remember that. She goes upstairs, leaving Margaret looking annoyed. As Patricia approaches the bedroom, she says, "Here you are, darling." As she enters the room, though, she finds the bed is empty. A shocked expression crosses her face, and she runs back downstairs, asking, "Where the hell is she?" Margaret is tidying the lounge room and Patricia asks, "Where's Angela?" Margaret asks what's wrong and Patricia quickly explains before asking Margaret if she's seen anything. Margaret says she hasn't; Angela was there half an hour ago because she looked in; she seemed to be asleep. Patricia says, "Let's hope she's in the garden; the state she's in, there's no telling what she could do." She goes outside. Margaret looks worried.

Fiona, Jill and Beth get out of the car at Dural, and notice Bert's car parked nearby. Jill comments on the fact that he's arrived. Fiona explains that she invited him for lunch. Beth says it will be nice to be able to meet him - he can give her a few tips! Fiona asks her if she likes a little flutter, and Beth replies that she does, every now and then. She then asks Jill what she thinks, but Jill just replies, "Oh, yeah!" Beth tells her that it's good to see her take after her mum; she didn't know a thing about racing 'til one day, she was dragged along kicking and screaming and came away converted!

Inside, in the lounge room, Wayne is asking Bert if he's thinking in terms of any of the big races: the Melbourne Cup? Bert laughs that there's a long way to go - but you never know! The women come in, talking all about horses. Beth tells Wayne that he shoud have come with them! She then introduces herself to to Bert before sitting down and commenting that her feet are killing her! She asks Fiona if she's going to take her shopping to the flat. Fiona, surprised at what is almost an order, laughs nervously and says, "Of course..." Beth asks her to take hers, too, adding that they don't want it cluttering up the room during lunch. Wayne offers to do it, and he takes Beth's and Jill's bags. Beth remarks that Wayne is a dying breed - there aren't many gentlemen around these days. Fiona looks at Bert and asks if he had a good morning. Bert smiles and indicates that he did. Wayne tells everyone to help themselves to drinks, and Beth says that's wonderful, adding that she's never too tired for a G&T! She adds that she'll get one for Wayne for when he comes back. Fiona listens in the hall and then walks off. Wayne asks for a scotch on the rocks, Jill asks for a mineral water and Bert says he'll have the same. Beth realises that they're out of ice, and so Jill goes to get some from the kitchen, leaving Beth and Bert alone. Beth remarks that there's nothing like a nice cold G&T - it's the best pick-me-up she knows. Bert watches intently, as she fills the glasses...

In the flat, Fiona puts the bags of shopping down on the couch. Wayne follows her in and puts down the bags he's carrying. Fiona tells him not to wait for her - she'll be a few minutes. Wayne doesn't leave, though, choosing instead to ask Fiona what she thinks of Beth. Fiona replies that she's pleasant enough. Wayne asks Fiona if she doesn't like her. Fiona retorts that, in other words, she meant exactly what she said. Wayne says he was just wondering... He continues that Fiona and Jill have always been so close, adding that Fiona must be feeling...; he doesn't know. Fiona tells Wayne that she doesn't feel it's any of his business. Wayne tells Fiona that she won't give him a go. Fiona reminds him that she told him how things stand when he first got back; she admits he's been less unbearable to live with than she expected, but she's hardly ready to have deep-and-meaningfuls with him. The 'phone starts ringing and Fiona answers it. It's Jill. She tells Fiona that she'd better get back over to the house quick, as Beth's given Bert a drink.

In the lounge room, Bert is drunkenly telling Beth a story. Jill rejoins them as Bert tells Beth that she'll like this one! He's slurring his words as he speaks, but Beth appears to be listening intently. Jill looks embarrassed. Fiona comes in, looking annoyed, and Bert slurs that she's back quick - just in time to hear one of his best stories. Fiona angrily tells him, "You said this morning you wouldn't drink again." Bert laughs and says it's just something to wet the whistle. Fiona asks what sort of fool he takes her for; she told him she'd help him through and he said he'd make the effort. Bert says he was going to - honest. Fiona tells him to promise her there and now that he'll never ever take another drink, or she doesn't want to know about him either personally or professionally. Bert says, "Fair go, Fiona." Fiona repeats that she wants him to promise. Bert looks at Beth and says that's the trouble with women: they want to mother you. Fiona immediately snaps, "Don't you dare talk about me as though I wasn't here." She continues that he's had his chance; he's fired; she'll send his money to the boarding house - and quite honestly, she doesn't care if she never sees him again. She walks out. Jill follows her, to check she's OK. Beth turns to Bert and tells him that she wouldn't have offered him a drink if she'd known. Bert tells her not to don't worry about it; it's not her fault. He stands up and tells Wayne that it was nice knowing him; he shakes his hand. Wayne says he's sorry it worked out so badly. Bert says it's alright, adding that Fiona's not the only owner in the world; he'll get a job to replace it. He turns to Beth and says it was short but sweet. He adds, "Like I said: they always want to mother you." He heads for the front door and goes outside. He pauses for a moment, looking thoughtful as he stands by his car. He then gets in. Back in the lounge room, Wayne is looking out of the window at Fiona and Jill, and Beth asks what they're doing. Wayne says they're sitting out by the pool. He adds that it looks like Fiona is crying. Beth tells him that his drink's on the bar. She then says she really put her foot in it. Wayne says, "You certainly did." He continues, "I'm paying you to get me close to Jill; not to cause trouble round the place. Be a bit more careful from now on, eh?" Beth looks at him, raises her glass and says, "Yes, boss..."


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