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    Written by: Jennifer Walsh    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

When Angela arrives back at The Terrace, she finds Rob in the kitchen having something to eat; he explains that he got sick of waiting and needed to soak up some of the alcohol. He adds that it's lethal stuff, that champagne! Angela starts to unpack her shopping as Rob continues that he wishes he didn't have to go to work tomorrow; he wants to stay there and look after her. Angela assures him that she can still get around. She then adds that she wants Rob out of her hair as it's the last day before the Coffee Shop opens and there's lots to do. Rob tells her not to overdo it. He then asks Angela if she's made an appointment with the gynaecologist. Angela says she'll ring first thing in the morning. Rob tells her that he doesn't want her to take any chances - he wants her to see the gynaecologist at least once a week! He puts his arm round his wife as Angela replies that people don't make that much fuss about having babies these days. Rob, though, says it's not just any old baby; they said they couldn't do it; he wants it to be perfect. He then asks about names, adding that they can forget 'Megan'! Angela suggests that they concentrate on first things first: she's starving! Rob asks if he can help, and Angela replies that he can put out the garbage. The 'phone starts ringing, and Angela looks at it, nervously. She tells Rob to go on outside, and when she's sure he's out of earshot, she answers the call: it's Paul, who tells her that he's got to see her. Angela pleads with him to please leave her alone, but Paul retorts that it could be his baby. Angela insists, "It couldn't. It's not. There's nothing else to say." She then tells Paul not to ring her again, and hangs up. Rob comes back in and asks who it was. Angela replies that it was a wrong number.

Bert is standing behind the bar at Dural when he hears the front door slam. He quickly downs his glass of brandy and puts the stopper back in the decanter. He then pours himself a glass of mineral water. Fiona comes in and sighs. She tells Bert that she's sorry, but Alec is a pig-headed fool. Bert, slurring his words slightly, says Alec will come round in time. He offers Fiona a drink, but she declines. She tells Bert that Alec has gone on home, adding that she told him that Bert will be in touch. Bert airily replies that he might and he might not. He then adds that Alec's not worth worrying about. Fiona insists that he is; Bert won't see Tommy otherwise. Bert says it's a storm in a teacup. He then continues that he reckons he might head off home, as he has an early start in the morning. Fiona agrees that, if he's upset, it might be the best thing. Bert immediately snaps, "I'm not upset. Like I said, it's an early morning." He heads off. As he goes, Fiona calls out to him not to forget that Gordon has invited him to lunch tomorrow. She then goes to the bar and pours another glass of mineral water into Bert's glass. As she goes to drink it, she smells the alcohol in it and an expression of concern crosses her face.

At the Palmers', David admires the design that Peter has come with for The Terrace's logo, and Peter says he's going to create a big version and put it on a sandwich board. Doug chips in that he doesn't like the sound of that: men used to go round with sandwich boards in the Depression, asking for work. David laughs that he doesn't reckon too many people will remember that! Doug continues that it might give the place a bad name. David calls out to Beryl, who's in the kitchen, to ask what she reckons. Doug asks her if she doesn't think a sandwich board will lower the tone of the place. Beryl replies that she doesn't think they're going for tone. She joins the men in the living room, holding a jar containing jam; she's just writing on the label. Doug says he might have a word with Angie about the board. Beryl tells him that he can take the jam, as she's almost finished. David suggests that Beryl herself could take them over tomorrow, to the opening. Beryl, though, says she doesn't think she can get there. David, looking puzzled, says he thought Beryl said she could wangle the day off. Beryl retorts that there could still be problems. David looks surprised.

Brian pulls up at Dural in his mini and gets out. Fiona, who's outside, looks surprised and asks if he shouldn't be at the track. Brian explains that he's looking for Bert. Fiona says she hasn't spotted him, and Brian replies that he's done a disappearing act: he's not at the track and he's not at his boarding house - although his car's there. Fiona remarks that it's not like him to be late for training. Brian suggests that he's probably the jumped gun - he probably arrived too early and then went looking for him. Fiona says she hopes that's all it is. Brian says there's nowhere else he could be, is there? Fiona suggests that he try the track again. Brian goes, leaving Fiona looking worried.

Angela and Doug are walking along a busy street in Melbourne. They've been talking about the sandwich board, but Doug has to go and catch a tram, and he leaves Angela to it. As Angela continues to walk along, Paul approaches her from the opposite direction. As soon as she spots him, she turns round and starts to walk away, but Paul catches up with her and says he's going to stick around until they talk it over properly. Angela, looking worried, says someone might see them. Paul snaps that he's been waiting all morning; he wants to talk. Angela says, "No." Paul replies that he wants her. Angela tells Paul that, if he loved her, he'd let her work it out in her own way. Paul takes Angela's arm, but Angela snaps, "Please," and pulls away.

A while later, at the Palmers', Angela tells Beryl that there's the slightest chance. Beryl, looking angry, says Angela told her it was a recent-- Angela interrupts and explains that there was one time - before Paul went to Woombai; the first time. Beryl realises, "Six weeks ago... " She then angrily asks Angela how many more lies she's told. Angela says Paul has got it in his head that it's his baby, and he just won't leave her alone. Beryl snaps that Angela went looking for trouble and it certainly looks like she's got it. Angela, getting upset, says she can't talk to anyone else about it; she's not just worried for herself; Paul has been hanging around the house, ringing up; she's sure he wants Rob to catch him. She continues that Rob is so happy about the baby, and she asks if Beryl can't just talk to Paul? Beryl incredulously says, "Me?" Angela replies that Paul won't listen to her, and she gets upset whenever sees him; if Beryl could just explain to him... Beryl snaps, "You have got the most incredible hide. You were so smug a few days ago: you could stay married to Rob, have an affair with Paul and still get away with it. It was bound to come crashing down on your head, and when it does, you expect me to get you out of it. No - you sort out your own mess." Angela insists that she can't - she's trying to do the right thing by Rob; no one seems to understand that. She continues that she's sure it's his baby - it has to be. She stops as she suddenly notices David standing in the kitchen doorway. He tells the two women that if they want the whole neighbourhood to know, they're going the right way about it. Beryl remarks to David that she thought he was out. David explains that he got held up out the back - but at least he knows now what the problem is. Beryl aks if he heard the lot, and David replies that he heard enough. He adds, "What a mess." Angela tells him that she feels terrible that he knows about it. David assures her that it's alright. Angela, though, says she feels so ashamed. David suggests that they stop things before they get worse. He asks Angela if Paul has been giving her a hard time. She nods. David asks what if he has word with him. Angela quietly says, "Could you?" Beryl tells David to stay out of it. David replies that he's not saying that what Angela did was right, but someone's got to help her. Angela explains that she told Paul that she doesn't want to see him again, but he won't keep away; she's just so scared he's going to pick a fight with Rob. David tells her to leave it to him: he'll give her a lift home, and if Paul is still there, he'll sort him out. Beryl looks concerned.

At Dural, Gordon gives Jill some drinks for Wayne and Brian. Fiona tells Gordon that she's sorry - they should be there. There's suddenly a knock at the door, which Fiona answers. Bert and Brian are standing there, and Bert rolls in, drunk and slurring his words. Gordon offers him a drink, and Bert goes into the lounge room. Fiona bitterly remarks that it's not his first of the day. Brian explains that he finally tracked Bert down at his local - the last place he would have looked. Fiona asks if Brian knew about Bert's drink problem. Brian replies that Bert told him a bit about it. Fiona says she thinks last night set him off: the row with Alec; she was hoping it wouldn't...

David and Angela pull up outside The Terrace; Paul is standing there, waiting. David gets out of the car and tells Angela to go inside. He then approaches Paul, introduces himself, and tells him that Angela would like him to leave her alone from now on. Paul snaps, "Sticking together, aren't you." David responds that they don't want to cause any trouble. Paul asks what David thinks he's going to do: he only wants to talk to her; he loves her and she loves him - he knows she does. David tells Paul that he can see how he feels, but he and Angela are kidding each other; Angela's got enough on her plate - Paul should forget about her. Paul angrily asks, "What about me?" David snaps that he doesn't care about him, and he tells Paul that if he's still out there when he comes out, he'll start throwing punches. Paul storms off.

Fiona is inside Dural when Jill comes in. Jill remarks that this is where Fiona is hiding. Fiona quietly says it got a bit noisy out there. Jill tells Fiona not to take it so hard - Bert's been the life of the party; everyone gets tipsy once in a while. Fiona says, "Not Bert." She then asks if Jill has ever seen him take a drink. Jill thinks and then admits that she hasn't. Fiona tells her, "He's an alcoholic, Jill. He told me how it had nearly destroyed him, but that he'd got it beaten - at least, he thought he did." She then continues that, now he's started again, she just hopes he can stop. Jill explains that Wayne is taking Bert back to the flat for a lie down, so Fiona can come back outside if she wants. Fiona remarks, "Wayne?" Jill replies that Charile has nabbed Brian and won't let him go! Fiona smiles and says alright - she'll be there in a minute. Gordon comes in and offers Fiona some coffee. She accepts. She then tells Gordon that she's really very sorry about Bert. Gordon assures her that it's no trouble - he supposes Bert is still celebrating yesterday; he's a bit raucous, but everyone's had a bit under their belts at some time. He walks off, leaving Fiona looking worried.

Outside, Charlie tells Jill that she was just saying to Brian that she goes rather cuddly, herself - but there's no telling how people behave when they're tiddly. She remarks that Bert turned on rather a floorshow. Jill replies that at least he enjoyed himself, and Charlie admits that that's true. She then continues that she's got a friend in Melbourne who's great fun when she's drunk; talk about 'spill the beans' - she can't keep her mouth shut!; whenever Charlie wants to catch up with gossip, she just calls on her with a bottle of wine! There's laughter!

In the flat, Bert tries to get up from where he's lying on the sofa, slurring, "Let's get back to the party." Wayne, though, restrains him, and continues trying to pull his shoes off. He tells Bert that he needs a little rest, and he helps him lie down again. Bert starts slurring that he really likes everyone; he even likes old Brian. He then slurs, "Oh, the stupid idiot." Wayne jokes that Bert sounds like a great boss! Bert slurs that it's Jill; poor Jill. Wayne, suddenly interested, asks, "What about Jill?" Bert slurs that Brian is doing the wrong thing by her - and she's lovely; she's a lovely girl. Wayne persists, "What about her?" Bert slurs that Brian doesn't love her; he still loves the girl in the photograph - and he should tell her. Wayne asks, "What photograph? What girl?" Bert slurs, "Maureen. Maureen. His old sweetheart in Ireland. And she died. Maureen. Spitting image." Wayne asks him what he means. Bert slurs, "She's the spitting image of Jill." Wayne looks taken aback. Bert continues, "He's still in love with Maureen." At that moment, Brian comes in, saying he thought Wayne might need help. Wayne tells him that Bert is fine - he passed out as soon as he got him in there - quiet as a lamb...

Sometime later, Charlie and Wayne are walking in the grounds, and Charlie asks Wayne if he's sure it wasn't just Bert rambling. She adds that if Brian really is in love with her, it's a lot more than a marriage of convenience. Wayne replies that, basically, Brian is tricking her into it - it sounds like he's keen on her because she looks like some old girlfriend. Charlie remarks that it's no wonder he wouldn't look at her! Wayne continues that Jill is in for one hell of a shock after the wedding. Charlie comments that surely Wayne is going to tell her before then. Wayne, though, says no: Brian is his one sure way to cut out John; if Jill is miserable after the wedding, guess whose shoulder she'll cry on... Charlie tells Wayne that he's just as bad as Patricia. Wayne replies that Charlie ain't seen nothing yet: "Jill's going to get a few more shocks before she realises she's better off with me."

Later, in the flat, Bert tells Fiona that he's sorry to put her through it. Fiona replies that it's him she's worried about: why do it to himself? Bert insists that he'll be alright - it just went to his head, that's all. Fiona says she meant why drink again at all? Bert tells her that he can handle it - he just let himself go. Fiona bitterly says he was doing so well. Bert retorts that it was Alec - he really got under his skin. Fiona asks why let Alec spoil everything? She continues that Bert doesn't want to throw everything away because of one pompous young man. Bert says there are other things, too. Fiona says, "Like?" Bert, though, tells her to forget it, and he decides to go for a walk. Fiona asks him if he's going to find a pub. Bert snaps that he said he was going for a walk. Fiona says she's sorry. Bert snaps that, just because he works for Fiona and trains her horses, it doesn't give her the right to run his life; if he wants to go for a drink, he will; he's not going to get on a binge - he just wants something to settle his nerves; he's not going to have a drink, but if he did, he could handle it.

Beryl is washing up at the Palmers', and David asks if she wants a hand. She declines. David then asks her if she's got tomorrow off. Beryl insists that she's not going. She tells David that he can do what he likes, but she's steering clear of Angela. David points out that it's not only Angie - what does he say to Rob? Beryl irritatedly says he'll think of something - he's such a great problem-solver. David tells Beryl that he doesn't know what's got into her - Angie made a mistake, but she shouldn't rub it in. Beryl says no, but she adds that they shouldn't let her get off as lightly as David's letting her. David says he's not letting her get off; he guesses he knows how she feels. Beryl quickly says, "Well you would, wouldn't you." A look of regret immediately crosses her face as David remarks that that was a bit below the belt. Beryl says she's sorry. David continues that he thought they'd forgotten all that; he reckons Angela might forget it, too. Beryl replies that Angela said some pretty awful things to her. David says he doesn't know about that; they've just got to make the best of it - Rob is going to start wondering if Beryl doesn't come round tomorrow. Beryl reluctantly agrees to go for Rob, but adds that she's going to steer clear of Angela.

The next morning, Peter puts a sandwich board outside The Terrace. Doug comes out and asks if he'll be putting it on, but Peter replies that he decided he might look a bit of an idiot if he does! Doug suddenly remembers something: he takes a letter out of his jacket pocket and gives it to Peter, remarking as he does so that it's all the way from 'Gay Paree'. Peter says it will be from Adam - his brother. Doug continues that there were two airmail letters today: Lynn's written to Kevin. He then adds that he supposes Kevin will chuck it away as usual; you can't tell him. He goes back inside. A gentleman approaches Peter who says good morning to him and tells him to go inside for the best food in town - guaranteed. The gentleman is Paul...

Inside, Paul walks straight past the dining area, where David and Beryl are standing, and into the kitchen, where he shuts the door. Angela, who's standing at the sink, turns round and, with a look of shock upon her face, says, "God, what are you trying to do to me?" Paul retorts that she forced him into it. Angela opens the back door and tells Paul to go out the back way; she'll ring him. Paul, though, tells her that no, she won't. He pulls her out into the back garden with him, and Angela shuts the door behind her. Paul tells her that he's staying until he gets some sense out of her: how can she love him one minute and then just cut off from him the next? Angela says it's not; she still loves him and always will, but the baby changes everything; what she wants to do now is get her marriage back together. Paul snaps that he's involved. Angela tells him that she knows what he's trying to do: if Rob knows he's there, it'll all come out; Paul wants that, doesn't he. She continues that, if that happens, whatever she may feel about Paul, she'll never speak to him again - the baby is a chance she never thought she'd have, and Rob's been through all that with her. Paul asks what if it's his?; they have to find out. Angela tells him that it doesn't matter; the important thing is that it's hers and Rob's her husband, so that makes it his. She continues that she realises now that whatever they were trying to do, or whatever they did, was wrong; it's over - Paul should just accept it. Paul looks annoyed.

Out the front, Peter is reading his letter from Adam, with a stern look on his face. Kevin comes out and cheerily tells him that he's doing a good job and to keep them coming. He suddenly spots the look on Peter's face and asks if he's alright. Peter, staring into space ahead of him, says angrily, "My father... of all the miserable... critical..." He gives Kevin the letter to read. Kevin looks at it and then says, "Hell, mate. See what you mean." Peter angrily continues, "Making himself out to be the big war hero for years. Adam thought I should know. After the way that he treated me." Kevin points out that Peter and Martin were starting to get things worked out, too. He asks Peter what he's going to do now. Peter angrily says, "I'm going to make sure he gets everything that's coming to him. I'm going to make sure that everyone knows what a phony he really is.


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