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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Martin is at Toorak, where he gives Margaret a bunch of flowers. Margaret says they're a lovely surprise, and asks what they're for. Martin explains that they're a belated 'thankyou' for her helping patch things up with Peter. Margaret says they're beautiful. Martin says it's the least he could do, but Margaret tells him that he should have waited until she'd got him back on speaking terms with Jennifer, too. Martin says that could be a long wait... Margaret says she thinks Jennifer will listen to him if he calls her. Martin says he might get round to it... Margaret asks Martin if he still can't forgive his daughter. She adds that she knows Jennifer hurt him, but they'll never sort it out while she's in Portsy and Martin's up there. Martin, though, says he tends to agree with Patricia: if Jennifer makes the effort to come up for the wedding, he'll see... Margaret tells him that that's very one-eyed; she thought Patricia would have been far more understanding. Martin replies that Patricia agrees with him: Jennifer has to take the consequences of what she did; she knows he didn't agree to her ending the pregnancy. Margaret snaps that that's precisely why she went to Patricia for help; she can't understand why the pair of them put all the blame on Jennifer when Patricia organised it; she probably thought they were basically approving. Looking shocked, Martin asks Margaret if she's telling him that Patricia arranged for the operation. Margaret looks stunned, and says she thought they'd have both discussed it by now. Martin says Patricia never said anything to him. Margaret realises she's put her foot in it, and Martin tells her that she has, but he's glad she told him. Margaret looks vaguely pleased...

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Peter shows Kevin his latest sketch; it has has Doug in it! He asks Kevin for a caption, and Kevin says he can think of lots - except for the punchline. Peter suggests, "Cowards need not apply." Kevin tells Peter to come on, but Peter says he'll leave Kevin to it. Kevin asks Peter where he's going, and Peter replies that he's going down the shops - and he'll ring his Dad and keep trying until he gets him. As he rushes out, Doug comes in, carrying a box. He tells Peter to watch where he's going. He then asks Kevin what's up, and Kevin replies that Peter's had some bad news. He adds that he's too stubborn for his own good. Changing the subject, he asks Doug what he's doing home early. Doug replies that that Porter woman was driving him mad while he was at the coffee shop! Kevin lightheartedly asks him if he'll tell Rosie! Doug continues that he borrowed David's car; he doesn't know why he didn't look in the boot in the first place. He opens the box he's carrying, and takes out his service revolver; he comments that it needs a good clean. He then points out a letter on the shelf, from Lynn. Kevin ignores it. Doug asks Kevin if it isn't time he opened it, but Kevin just says, "No." Doug says he's blessed if he knows why young blokes go out of their way to make themselves miserable. He starts cleaning his gun, and then notices Peter's sketch on the table. He remarks that the bloke in it looks just like a swaggy he met when he was a kid! Kevin explains that it's Davey's new babysitter. Doug laughs that the kid's always up to some mischief! He then suggests that Lynn would like to see the cartoons, but Kevin doesn't respond. Doug tells him that Peter isn't the only stubborn one. He then snaps, "It's up to you," and he goes outside to clean his gun properly.

Martin is still at Toorak when Patricia comes in. He immediately asks why she didn't tell him that Jennifer came to her for help. Patricia asks, "What help?" Martin snaps, "Getting rid of the baby." He rants at Patricia that she arranged it - he and Margaret were just talking about it and Margaret assumed that she'd told him. Patricia says she was hoping they wouldn't have to have this conversation; there were very good reasons for not telling him. Martin snaps that Jennifer's his daughter; he has a right to know. Patricia retorts that it had to be Jen's decision, and she felt she shouldn't have the child; when he refused to help her, she didn't know what to do; she couldn't tell him that Adam was the father because she knew how he'd react, so she came to her for help. Martin snaps that he doesn't understand Patricia getting involved; she woudn't go through with it herself at her age. Patricia says the difference is that she wanted her children; if the father had been anyone but Adam... it was an impossible situation. Martin says that's beside the point - Patricia should have told him. Patricia retorts that Jennifer trusted her; she felt that that was more important; she was terrified of losing her father's respect; at her age, everyone makes mistakes; she was lucky - she had Margaret to help her; Jennifer didn't have anyone. Martin says Jennifer should have known he'd see her through it - he'd have been angry, but he's always loved her. Patricia points out that he didn't show it at the time. Martin says he couldn't; it's because he loves her that it hurt him so much. Patricia responds, "Don't tell me - tell Jen." Martin says that's what Margaret's been saying. Patricia tells him that he should love her enough to trust her. Martin suggests they go to Portsy now, to see Jen. Patricia asks if that means she's forgiven. Martin apologises, saying he flew off the handle. Patricia says it's better that it's all out in the open; she doesn't like them having secrets from each other. Martin says he agrees, and they kiss. Martin then says, "Let's go." Patricia, though, asks if he'd mind terribly if she didn't come; she explains that she's expecting a call from Richard Coleman at 4pm - and, more important, her wedding dress is being delivered. Surprised, Martin remarks that Patricia's getting a bit sentimental! Patricia tells him, "I'm in love..." Martin says he'll tell her how it worked out on the way home. Patricia says she'll keep her fingers crossed. Martin goes. Patricia smiles to herself...

Margaret is sitting outside when Martin emerges. She walks over to him and asks if everything's alright. Martin replies that everything's fine; Patricia simply wanted to do the right thing - she couldn't be happier that it's out in the open; and both of them were right about him not being the most understanding father. He then explains that he's on his way to Porsty. Margaret says that's wonderful. Martin says he wishes Patricia could come, as he needs moral support. Margaret offers to tag along if he likes, and Martin readily agrees. Patricia suddenly comes to the front door and jokingly tells Martin to stop monopolising her sister - she wants to talk to her. Margaret, though, tells Patricia that she'll catch up with her when they get back. Martin calls out to explain that Margaret's coming with him. He asks Patricia if she minds, but she replies, "Of course not..." They go.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Kevin is looking at Peter's sketches. He then looks at the letter on the shelf. He quickly looks out the back door to check there's noone there, and he then picks up the letter. He goes into the lounge room, sits down and opens the envelope. He takes out a photo of Davey, looks at it and smiles. He then takes out the accompanying letter. Doug who has just walked into the kitchen, sees what Kevin is doing and looks pleased. Kevin reads the letter and smiles.

Fiona arrives in the flat at the back of Dural and says, "Men - never understand them!" Jill asks what's wrong, and Fiona tells her that Bert's on the booze again; Brian's trying to cover for him. Jill asks what happened, and Fiona replies that Bert turned up for training when everyone else was ready to leave; he missed yesterday, late today... he was useless. She continues that it looks like yesterday was the start of it; she's so worried about him. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Fiona remarks that, sometimes, she thinks they should leave the answering machine on permanently! Jill goes to take it, and Fiona says that, if it's for her, she's not home! Jill picks up the receiver and a woman comes on and asks for Jill Taylor. Jill says that's her, and the woman continues, "My name is Beth Newman, Jill. You don't know me, but I've something very important to discuss with you. I was wondering if it would be convenient to come over and see you now?" Jill, looking uncertain, says she's not sure, and she asks what it's about. The woman says it's very personal - she can't discuss it over the 'phone; she asks Jill if she can see her in half an hour? Jill says that's fine, but adds that if it's about insurance... The woman hangs up, though, and so Jill does the same. Fiona asks who it was, but Jill says she's not sure - she thinks she was an insurance woman; she said it was personal, but she may only be after a foot in the door. She offers to see Beth in the main house, but Fiona tells her not to be silly - she's not in a decline after Bert. Jill has already gone, though, and, as the door slams, Fiona sadly says to herself, "Who am I kidding...?"

A red car pulls up outside Dural, and a woman gets out. Gordon and Wayne are coming out of the house as she walks up to the front door; she announces that she's there to see Jill. Gordon asks the woman if she's Beth Newman, and she replies that that's right. Gordon tells her that Jill's expecting her, and he indicates inside. Beth knocks on the door, and Jill answers. She invites Beth in, and Beth thanks her for seeing her. Jill asks her if she's selling insurance, but Beth says she's not selling anything. She asks if they can go right in, and Jill agrees. They go into the lounge room, where Beth says she should have written first, but she was so anxious to see Jill. She looks at Jill and says she always knew she would be be pretty when she grew up. She continues that Jill was four years old the last time she saw her. She then says, "Jill, I'm your mother." Jill looks shocked.

Jill is sitting down, listening, as Beth stands and tells her that she knows Jill was told that her father and mother were killed in a boat fire, but it wasn't true; she was in hospital for a long time, but she survived. Jill cries that the orphanage wouldn't have lied. Beth, though, says it's what she wanted - she made it very clear. She adds that it's not an excuse for what she did. She continues that it might help Jill understand if she fills in a few details. Jill says, "Go on." Beth sits down and says things were fine until they went away for that holiday; she didn't like leaving Jill with friends, but now, thank God she did. She remembers the day it all happened so clearly: she and Tom were having a wonderful time; they pulled in one morning to refill the petrol tank, but one of the cans must have leaked; she must have been careless with a cigarette butt; everyone said it was an accident, but she knew it was her fault. Jill looks away. Beth continues that she had the most dreadful breakdown; she was in an institution for years. Jill looks at her again as she says it was seeing him burned like that... She starts to break down in tears and asks if they could go for a walk, as she's very nervous.

Outside, Jill asks Beth why she wanted to find her. Beth explains that, when she was well again, she realised she'd made a terrible mistake - but she thought it was too late to do anything about it. Jill asks, "Why look for me now?" Beth replies that she wanted to make sure Jill was alright before she left. She explains that she remarried, and now her husband's being transferred overseas permanently; she's tried so many times to trace Jill before, and when Harry told her about his transfer, she realised it was now or never. Jill says, "I see." Beth says she's sorry for the shock - she knew she should have written, but there seemed to be so little time. Jill asks her when she leaves, and Beth says it's next month - she should be be home now, helping Harry and the boys get ready for the move, but she told him that she wanted to say goodbye to some old friends in Sydney; luckily her husband is a real sweetie; she didn't love him when she married him - it took years to get over Jill's father's death - but they're happy now. She adds that she hasn't told him about Jill - she's too ashamed, she supposes; he'd try to understand, but it would make a difference. Jill agrees that there's no point really - after today, they'll probably never see each other again. Beth uncertainly says that if that's what Jill wants - but she thought they might spend some time together, and get to know each other a little. Jill asks if it isn't a bit late. Beth replies that she doesn't blame Jill for being bitter; she should never have left her - but she did and she has to live with the choices she made back then. She adds that there are times when she hates herself for what she's doing, but it seems the best thing for the person you love. Jill tells Beth that she knows what she means. They walk off, as Fiona watches from a distance.

Back in the lounge room, Jill asks Beth how long it is before she has to go back to Brisbane. Beth replies that it's a couple of weeks - perhaps a little longer. Jill says that's not much time to get to know each other, and Beth reluctantly agrees. Jill offers her a mineral water, which Beth accepts. She continues that it's a pity it took so much time tracking Jill down. Jill asks her how she went about it, and Beth explains that, after she spoke to the orphanage, she approached an agency; all she had to go on was the name of Jill's friend in Sydney. The people at the orphanage told her that Jill had been going to stay with her when she left; they were very helpful. Jill quietly says, "I see." She continues that Beth knows she's been a pro, then. Beth nods, but tells Jill that it's what she is now that counts; if she'd been a proper mother, that would never have happened. She starts to break down and says she's sorry. Jill admits that she's feeling a bit shook up herself. Beth says it's been a rough day: when she got to Manly Terrace and found it burnt out, she thought she'd had it; she was leaving when one of the neighbours asked who she was looking for, and gave her the number; she couldn't believe her luck! Jill says she supposes they were meant to get together. They both start to say something at the same time, and then both stop and laugh. Jill tells Beth to go first. Beth says she was going to suggest they have dinner together tonight. Jill says she'd love to. She then says she supposes it would be better for Beth if they have it there. Beth, though, says she'd prefer a restaurant - she doesn't think she's up to meeting Jill's friends yet , what with all the explanations... They suddenly hear Brian call out, "Jill" from the hall. Jill looks round as Beth says she'll manage one at a time!

A while later, back in the flat, Jill excitedly says it's fantastic! Fiona tries to appear happy, but she asks Jill if she's sure Beth's on the level. Jill explains that she knew about the orphange and everything; there's no doubt about it. She hugs Fiona, happily! Fiona says she wishes Jill had brought her in to meet her. She then comments on the fact that that they're having a celebration dinner. At that moment, Brian comes in and says they certainly are! Jill explains that she and Brian are taking Beth to that nice little French place - the one Fiona really likes. Fiona says that's nice - they'll have a good time. Looking slightly hurt, she adds, "Just the three of you, is it?" Jill nods excitedly and says she can't wait. She adds that she might bring Beth in to meet Fiona before they go; she'll see how Beth feels. She then says she still can't believe it: one 'phone call could make such a difference to her life! Fiona smiles, but looks worried.

Margaret, Jennifer and Martin walk into the Healy house, and Martin, looking at the clothes and papers strewn everywhere, says he's afraid the place is in a mess; he really didn't expect Jennifer to come home with him. Jennifer says she's a bit surprised herself. Margaret reminds Martin that she told him he couldn't do without his daughter, as the place needs a woman's touch! Jennifer says she'll do her best. Martin says he'll tidy up while Jennifer unpacks, but Jennifer assures him that she can do it while he runs Margaret home. Margaret says there's no hurry. Martin says he'd better give Patricia a ring; let her know the good news. Jennifer asks him to tell Patricia 'thanks' for making him turn up. Martin says he didn't need much of a push; he really missed her. Jennifer, looking at the mess, says she can tell! She then turns to Margaret and says she hopes she can see her again soon. Martin tells her that she certainly will; Margaret knows she's welcome there any time. He and Margaret go, while Jennifer sighs and starts tidying up. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and when Jennifer answers it, Peter comes on. Surprised to hear her voice, he asks her what she's doing home, and Jennifer replies that Martin came to see her today, and they sorted things out a bit. Peter tells her to stay where she is; he's coming straight over. Jennifer asks what's wrong, but Peter says he'll tell her when he gets there. He adds that she shouldn't bother to unpack; he doesn't think she'll be staying...

In the hall at Dural, Jill is dressed up, and she asks Brian if she looks alright. Brian tells her that of course she does! They go into the lounge room, where Jill apologises to Beth for not telling her to come to the flat. Beth, though, says she was glad she had the opportunity of meeting Wayne. Wayne tells Beth that he hopes they'll be seeing a lot more of her. Beth invites him to join them for dinner, but Wayne says, "Maybe some other time." As Brian, Jill and Beth go to leave, Beth remarks to Jill that Wayne is a very charming young man. Jill says that depends on what mood you catch him in. Beth says she likes him. Wayne smiles...

At Toorak, Patricia tells Martin to tell Jennifer that she'll see her tomorrow. Margaret is sitting on the settee, reading a magazine, and Martin thanks her for all her help. He then tells Patricia that he wishes she'd let him see the dress. Patricia says that would be bad luck before the day. They kiss and he goes. Patricia immediately walks over to Margaret and snaps, "Enjoy the show?" In response, Margaret snaps that she wishes to God that Martin would see through Patricia. Patricia warns her sister not to waste time trying to make it happen; no matter what Margaret says to him, he'll always end up believing her - because he's in love with her. Margaret snaps, "More fool him." Patricia retorts that all men are fools for a pretty face - that's why Margaret never stands a chance. Margaret points out that Ted Morgan seems to find her attractive, but Patricia replies that Ted Morgan would go out with King Kong if he felt it gave him more influence with her. She smiles, nastily. Margaret looks hurt, and she tells Patricia to shut up. Patricia says, "The idea of you trying to take Martin away from me is pathetic. When I'm in the room, he doesn't even see you." She walks round the settee, continuing, "And, if you're hoping to get him on the rebound, think again; if he ever is desperate enough to turn to you, I shall make sure that neither of you ever have a minute's peace in your life." Margaret stands up and faces Patricia. She snaps, "God, I hate you."She walks out as Patricia calls out that the feeling's mutual.

At the Healys', Peter and Jennifer are sitting in chairs. Jennifer says, "There must be some mistake," but Peter asks her if she thinks Adam would write it if wasn't true. Jennifer says, "No, but..." Peter says there aren't any 'buts' - it's the truth. The front door slams, and Martin calls out, "I'm home." He walks into the room and Peter immediately stands up. Martin tells him that he was going to ring him. Peter, who is holding Adam's letter, says he was trying to get to Martin all day about this; he indicates the paper and explains about it being from Adam. He continues that there's no point Martin lying about it, because he and Jen both believe Adam. Martin reads the letter and Peter tells him that it's lucky he never told any of his airforce pals about it; he's supposed to be the big war hero, isn't he? Jennifer cries, "Is it true?" Martin looks upset but remains silent. Peter says to Jennifer, "Do you believe me now? He can't even look you in the face, now that you know he killed your father..."


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