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    Written by: Tony Sheldon   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Patricia is at the hospital, looking incredulous and saying she doesn't believe it! She hugs her daughter, who says she's sure the doctors have got her mixed up with someone else! Patricia says she thinks she's going to get all weepy! She continues that the doctor didn't tell her why Angela was there; she thought she would be all smothered in bandages! Angela assures her mother that she's fine - just a bit bruised. Patricia asks if this is the first that Angela knew about it, and Angela replies that she had no reason to suspect anything else - the doctor told her it was a one-in-a-million chance. Patricia then asks when she'll get to meet her grandchild, and Angela says it'll be January. She adds that she can't imagine Patricia as a grandmother! Patricia looks ecstatic and says she can; she loves it already! She then asks where Rob is, and Angela explains that he's on a trip. Patricia asks if that means he doesn't know, but Angela says she'll ring him later. Patricia says she'll go to get him, but Angela repeats that she'll ring him. Patricia points out that it's not something you can say over the 'phone, and she repeats that she'll go and get him. She picks up her bag and starts to go. As she leaves the room, she looks round at Angela, happily. She tells her daughter that, after their argument last night, she felt... Angela says she knows; she's sorry. Patricia asks if the baby changes all that. Angela replies that she loves Paul, but Rob and the baby do come first. Patricia looks relieved, and she goes. Angela looks happy.

Angela is packing her bag when Rob arrives. He immediately asks why she didn't call the depot - he thought she'd had an accident. Angela replies that she's OK - she just fainted on the stairs and hit her head when she fell. Rob asks about the tests the doctors carried out, and Angela replies that there were tests, and there's something they need to talk about: they've got to decide whether their child's going to be a waitress at the coffee shop, or a ballerina, prime minister...! Rob, realising what Angela's implying, cries, "You're kidding!" Angela says, "No!" Rob asks, "But how?! The doctor said you'd never have kids." Angela replies that he was wrong! Rob hugs her, happily, and asks how it happened. Angela tells him that the doctor said that sometimes there are flukes, and their baby is one of them. Rob ecstatically repeats that he doesn't believe it! He then asks Angela what she's doing out of bed, and she replies that she's going home. Rob, looking concerned, asks her if she's sure she's alright. Angela replies that the doctor told her to go and see her gynaecologist, but as far as he's concerned, she's 100% fit. She takes Rob's hand. Rob says he doesn't want to go home, and he asks Angela if she's told David and Beryl. Angela, looking slightly nervous for a moment, says she hasn't yet. Rob says they can go over there and pick up some bubbly on the way! Angela smiles. Rob says he can't wait to see the look on their faces! They go.

There's a a knock on the door at Jill's apartment in Melbourne. Paul answers it to find Patricia standing there. She asks him if he's surprised to see her back so soon. Paul coldly asks her what she wants, and Patricia sarcastically says a cup of coffee would be nice! Paul ignores this, and asks Patricia what she's there for. In reply, Patricia asks Paul if he's going out today. Paul says he isn't. Patricia continues that Angela might be calling in - she's got some news. Paul asks, "What is it?" but Patricia nastily tells him that she wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. Paul suggests that he could always ring her at home, but Patricia tells him that she won't be there; he'll just have to be patient. Seeing the expression on his face, she tells him not to look so worried - the news is good. Paul asks, "Who for?" Patricia replies, "Everyone except you..." Paul angrily snaps at her to either tell him or get out. Patricia smiles and says it looks like she's not going to get her cup of coffee. She then tells Paul to stay at home just to be on the safe side. Paul asks if Rob has found out about them, but Patricia smiles nastily and says, "No - it's much better than that..."

Charlie, Brian and Jill are outside Dural, and Charlie has her arm through Brian's. She asks what happens if Rosie's Hope wins: does the crowd carry Brian on their shoulders?! Brian replies that the jockey gets all the honours - he just gets to wipe the sweat off the horse! Charlie comments that nobody appreciates talent anymore - if he was a bullfighter, he'd have ladies throwing roses at his feet! She then reminds both Brian and Jill that they're coming to her place tonight for drinks - to celebrate victory in style. Jill asks who says there'll be a victory?! She and Brian get in their car and drive off. As they go, Wayne walks over to Charlie and asks how it's going. Charlie replies, "Slowly but surely..." She adds that she's going to persevere with that one - Irishmen are so cute - especially northerners. Wayne smiles and Charlie laughs. They start to walk to the house, and Charlie continues that it's no wonder Brian emigrated; she got as far as the borders on her last visit, and some dreadful soldiers searched her car and treated her like a criminal; she was livid. She continues that it must be harrowing to actually live there. Wayne suddenly appears to think of something, and says, "Of course..." Charlie asks him what he means, but Wayne says it's nothing - something he just thought of. The go inside, where Charlie asks what's going on. Wayne says he'll tells her all about it later. He starts to put his jacket on, but Charlie tells him that he's not going anywhere until he's given her the dirt. She adds that, after the way she helped him the other day, she thinks she deserves it. Wayne gives in, but tells Charlie that if she says a word to anyone... Charlie indignantly tells Wayne that she's the trustworthy type. Wayne still asks if they can put it off, and Charlie cries that that's not fair! The 'phone starts ringing, and Wayne goes to answer it, but it then stops, and Charlie remarks that it looks like Gordon got to it first. She adds, "So...?" Wayne replies, "Brian and Jill are getting married." Charlie looks shocked and she cries, "Now you tell me!" She asks him when he found out, and he replies that it was the other day - he saw the marriage licence, but he's only just figured out why: he's marrying her to stay in the country. Charlie asks if that isn't against the law, and Wayne says it certainly is. Charlie asks how Jill can marry Brian when she's supposed to be marrying John. Wayne replies that Patricia told him that Jill has a hang-up about wrecking John's career - she thinks she isn't good enough for him - so when he gets home and finds her already married, there's not a lot he can do about it. Charlie remarks that it's a bit drastic. Wayne says it's obviously a big hang-up! Charlie says she hopes Wayne tried to talk Jill out of it. Wayne, though, points out that he's not supposed to know. Charlie says John will be absolutely shattered. Wayne sarcastically says, "Pity..." He then reminds Charlie about what he said about her keeping out of it. Charlie agrees, but says she just wishes she'd got to Brian first; she could have proposed and then everybody would have been happy!

Rob and David are sitting in the lounge room at the Palmers'. Angela is talking on the 'phone, and has her back to them. Rob tells Doug that there's plenty of time to think about a name. David suggests 'Rob junior'! Doug chips in that a good strong name is 'Douglas'! Beryl asks what about if it's a girl. Doug says it won't be - they have boys in their family: David, Kevin, Davey... Rob chips in that Beryl was the only girl in their bunch. Beryl jokes that it was her and five brothers! Doug then says 'Rosie' is a nice name for girl! David says he thinks Doug is biased! Rob says he's always liked 'Megan'. David says, "Megan Keegan?!" Rob suddenly realises how bad that sounds! Angela comes off the 'phone and says,"Poor kid!" She continues that Gordon offers his congratulations; he wanted to fly down, but she told him it wasn't worth it. Rob agrees that there's no point 'til after the baby's born. Angela laughs that that wouldn't stop him!

Patricia arrives at the hospital with some presents for Angela, but her daughter isn't there; instead, there's a nurse making up the empty bed. Patricia asks if Angela has gone, and the nurse replies that she left earlier. Patricia says she'll catch her at home, but the nurse says she wasn't going home. She explains that she was on the desk when they left, and Mr. Keegan said they were going to celebrate with relatives. Patricia looks disappointed. She tells the nurse that this will be her first grandchild. The nurse congratulates her and says she doesn't look old enough! She then suggests that Patricia might be the relatives Rob and Angela have gone to visit, but Patricia sadly says shd doesn't think so. She apologises for disturbing the nurse, and goes.

At the Palmers', Rob offers up $5 to put on Rosie's hope. Doug asks him where his punter's instinct is! Rob ups it to $10! In the kitchen, Angela asks Beryl if she needs any help. Beryl snaps, "No, thankyou." Angela, looking upset, tells Beryl that she wishes she'd talk to her. Beryl curtly asks what about. Angela replies that she's not going to see Paul again. Beryl asks her how she'll manage that. Angela says he'll undestand; it wouldn't be right. Beryl asks, "When was it ever right?" Angela says, "When people weren't poking their noses in." Beryl angrily pushes a plate of sandwiches towards her and asks her to take them in. Angela remains where she is. She tells Beryl that she's sorry - she didn't mean it like that; she still loves him, but she's giving him up. Beryl asks if he knows about the baby, but Angela says, "Not yet - I'll tell him tonight." Beryl asks Angela if the baby is important to her. Angela replies that of course it is - it means more to her than anything. Beryl advises her that she should tell Paul that, then - tell him that she wants a baby born into a happy home, and maybe after while, she'll start believing it herself...

Fiona gets out of the car at Dural and exclaims, "She won!" Gordon smiles and says he's pleased - it's fantastic! He congratulates Bert, but Bert just sourly says, "Thanks." Tommy, who's with them, excitedly says he won $10! Jill chips in that Gordon should have seen Bert's face when Rosie's Hope won: his mouth dropped open! Gordon says they all knew she'd come through! Bert is getting Fiona's bag out of the car, but Brian tells him to leave it; he'll bring it into the flat later. Bert, though, snaps that he'll do it. He picks it up and heads inside. Gordon offers everyone drinks, and Fiona laughs that she thought he'd never ask! Brian turns to her and asks if Bert's alright. Fiona says he was very tired in the car. Jill suggests that he's just tired from the excitement. Fiona says she wishes Tommy was; he's having a second wind! Jill asks Brian if he's coming in, but he replies that he'll just have a talk to Bert. He walks off and quickly catches up with the trainer. He asks him if he's alright. Bert snaps that Brian gave him a start. Brian takes out some Polaroid photos of Bert and Rosie's Hope. Bert, though, snaps that he doesn't want to see them. He continues that he had nothing to do with the win today; Brian did all the work. Looking surprised, Brian points out that they have a partnership. Bert says it's a bit one-sided if you ask him. Brian says that's not true, but Bert rants that the moment he goes away and Brian takes over, Rosie's Hope wins her first race. Brian points out that Bert was only away for three days; he's not talking sense. He adds that it's teamwork - they do things together. Bert, though, says, "Not anymore - I'm going to quit." Brian asks, "Why would you do that?" Bert replies that he's a failure; after today, it won't take long for Fiona to catch on, and he's seen what she thinks of con artists. Brian tells him that he's not a con artist, but Bert replies that he's as good as, taking the credit for Brian's work. Brian tells Bert that he's not staying on without him. Bert tells him not to be a fool, but Brian points out to Bert that Fiona hired him, not Brian - they work as a team - but he's not statying on if Bert quits. He asks Bert if he wants to leave Fiona in the lurch. Bert says there's more to it than that. Brian asks what that means. Bert then appears to give in and he says he'll stay - but the first time it appears that Fiona's catching on, that's it; he likes her too much to have her disappointed in him - he's disappointed too many people through the years. He walks off.

Inside, Jill says to Gordon that it's like something out of a medical casebook; Angela must be over the moon! Gordon says she was pretty calm compared to the Palmers! He then tells Jill to imagine the fuss they'll make when she and John have their first! Jill reluctantly says, "Yes..." Bert and Brian come in and Gordon offers drinks. Bert declines. Fiona follows them in and says she thinks they should get Tommy home. Bert asks Tommy if he's ready to go, and Tommy says he thinks so! Gordon tells the child that he's welcome to visit any time. Fiona tells Tommy that all good things come to an end. They go outside, where Tommy asks Bert if he can have his $10. Bert gives it to him, but tells him not to tell his father. Tommy runs off, and Bert remarks to Fiona that he's a great kid. Fiona tells Bert that it's sad he had to ask Tommy to lie to his father; he shouldn't have taken the kid to the track in the first place. Bert snaps, "Come on, Fiona - you sound like Alec." He immediately apologises, and Fiona remarks that it's not like him to be snappy. Bert replies that he's a bit tired. He asks if he can give Charlie's party a miss, and Fiona says she doesn't mind. She asks Bert if he wants some company, and Bert says, "Yeah." Tommy calls over to them to come on!

Back inside, by the bar, Jill tells Wayne that she wishes he'd been there - it was like watching a friend winning the Melbourne cup! Wayne says that's the trouble with being a businessman - you can't always do what you want. Gordon suggests they take their drinks out by the pool, and Jill says that's a good idea. Wayne says he'll bring a bottle! Charlie, who's also in the room, asks for something stronger. Jill gets up and goes. Charlie says to Wayne, "Well, well, well..." Wayne asks what that's supposed to mean, and Charlie comments that it's all getting very pally, isn't it? She tells Wayne that she's got him figured out. Wayne looks at her innocently as she continues that it's no wonder he's got no sympathy with John - he wants Jill for himself. Charlie assures him that Brian's no threat to him - what he and Jill have got is a business deal. She looks at Wayne and comments that he's got it all worked out. Wayne says "Maybe..."

It's later that evening, and Bert comments to Fiona that he feels like he hasn't slept in a week! Fiona laughs that it hasn't been an average day! Bert remarks that Tommy had a good time - that's the main thing. He then tells Fiona that she should have gone to Charlie's party, but Fiona replies that she's very happy where she is. Bert asks her if she doesn't like parties, but Fiona replies that she'd rather celebrate quietly with him. There's a sudden loud knocking at the door, though, and Fiona comments that somebody has very bad timing! The knocking continues, and Fiona goes to answer it. It's Alec, who angrily asks if his father's there. He storms in. Fiona tries to say, "Alec..." but Alec tells her that he's as furious with her as he is with Bert. They go into the lounge room, where Alec tells Bert that he can't be trusted; he's always been the same: underhanded, irresponsible... Fiona snaps that Alec has no right to come in there and... but Alec interrupts her, shouting, "And you had no right to take my son gambling." He continues that Thomas gets an allowance of $2 a week; he teaches him to live within a budget; anything outside of that, he earns. Bert says he was trying to give the boy some fun, which is more than Alec ever does. Alec snaps, "Don't tell me how to run my family." He continues that Bert's the last person to do that; Ruth found the money in Thomas' pocket, and it didn't take long to get the full story. Bert asks Alec if he beat it out of him, but Alec replies that he'd rather be too strict than too weak; at least Thomas respects him, which is more than he did with Bert. Fiona tries to calm Alec down, but Alec continues that Bert's had his chance, and he's not going to see Thomas again. Fiona asks if that's not over-reacting, but Alec snaps that he doesn't see that that's any of Fiona's business. He continues that Ruth was a fool, listening to her at Woombai, so Fiona shouldn't think she can get around him by talking to Ruth this time. He turns back to his father and tells him that he means it, so he's not to bother calling. He storms out. Fiona tells Bert to go after him, but Bert says he'll never get through to him. Fiona says Alec is being so unreasonable, but Bert replies that his son has never stopped hating him; he's been waiting for a chance like this and he gave it to him. Fiona says she'll go and bring him back, but Bert snaps at her not to waste her time; he knows Alec only too well. He continues that, the trouble is, he can't blame him; he always screwed things up. Fiona leaves the room to go after Alec anyway. Bert sits on the settee, looking upset. He then looks at the drinks on the bar. He gets up and walks over to the decanter of scotch. He puts his hand on it and pulls it towards him. He then pours himself a small glass. He picks the glass up, pauses, and then downs it. He looks relieved.

Angela arrives at Jill's apartment, and Paul immediately asks why she didn't ring him him; he's been trying to reach her all day. Angela explains that she's been at David and Beryl's. Paul tries to hold her, but she moves away, saying she can only stay a minute. Paul ask what the problem is. He adds that Patricia came round earlier to say that Angela had something to tell him. Angela snaps that she shouldn't have. Paul asks what the problem is. Angela looks at him and says that, before she tells him, she wants him to know that she does love him. Paul says, "Rob's found out." Angela assures him that it isn't that - but they do have to stop seeing each other. Paul asks, "Why?" Angela replies, "I'm going to have his baby." Paul looks stunned. Angela says it was a shock for her, too, but it's true. She asks Paul to please be happy for her. Paul, though, says he can't believe it: she's cutting him off as though nothing happened. Angela cries that it's not by choice, but he's got to understand that this is the best thing that's ever happened to her; she always said she loved Rob, too - it's just that the baby's made a difference; she's sure she can love two men at once, but not if she's having one's baby. She tells Paul that he's got to be able to see that? Paul remains silent. Angela tells him to say something, but he remains rooted to the spot, unable to speak. Angela then says she has to go; she's sorry. Paul suddenly says, "When's it due?" Angela turns round and says, "What?" Paul asks, "How far gone are you?" Angela replies that she's about six weeks. Paul says that's what he figured. He continues that it must have occurred to Angela. Angela asks, "What?" Paul reminds her that they made love for the first time six weeks ago - he could just as easily be the father. Angela, looking horrified, yells that it's Rob's baby; she knows it is. Paul asks how could she know? Angela cries, "I do. It is." She storms out and slams the door as Paul yells, "Angela. Angela..."


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