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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Angela is at Jill's apartment, and Paul asks her if she's sure she's alright. Angela replies that she's just got the shakes, that's all. Paul gives her a drink as she continues that Beryl went right off her head at her; it was terrible. Paul tells her not to let Beryl upset her. Angela, though, says that, if Beryl had been in the wrong, she could have ignored her, but... she always felt so close to her; not anymore, though. She almost drops the mug she's holding, but Paul quickly reaches out and grabs it. He tells Angela that she doesn't look so good, and asks her if she wants to lie down. Angela replies that she's OK with him. Paul tells her that she can stay as long as she likes. He kisses her hand.

At Toorak, Margaret is looking through the wedding invitations, and she eventually finds an envelope adressed to Peter. She picks it up and goes out.

David is standing by the front gate of the Palmer house, collecting the newspaper, when a cab pulls up. Margaret gets out, walks over and says, "David? David Palmer?" David asks the woman - who he doesn't recognise - what he can do for her. Margaret replies that it's been a long time, but she's Margaret - Margaret Dunne - Patricia's sister. David cooly tells her that he didn't recognise her. Margaret assures him that she's not there to make trouble, and David says that's something. Margaret continues that he's entitled to think badly of her, but she's had years to realise that she didn't do right by him. David says he's not really interested, and he asks Margaret what she wants. She replies that she's looking for Peter Healy, and David tells her that he's inside. Margaret asks if she can see him for a moment, adding that it won't take long. David opens the gate for her, and they both walk up the path.

Inside, in the kitchen, David introduces Margaret to Peter as Patricia's sister, and explains that she'd like to have a talk to him. He then heads off into the lounge room. Margaret looks at the sketches Peter is working on and says they're good; he must have done a lot of drawing. Peter just says, "A bit." Margaret then says she'll come straight to the point: she's got something for him. She gives him the envelope and Peter asks what it is. Margaret says it's an invitation. Peter says, "From Dad?" Margaret replies, "And Patricia." Peter tells Margaret to keep it, but Margaret says she half expected he wouldn't look at it; that's why she came round in person - to stop him throwing it in the bin. Peter tells Margaret that he's sorry she wasted her time, but Margaret says she hopes she hasn't. She tells Peter that she knows about the situation between him and his father, and she can understand why he's very angry with him. Peter snaps, "Can you?" Margaret continues that, from what she hears, Martin overreacted; he treated Peter very badly, and should have given him the benefit of the doubt; he should have listened to Peter's side of story; he realises that now, and he's not happy with himself for being so unkind to his son. Peter sourly says it didn't sound like that after he spoke to him the other day - after he barged into the Palmers'. Margaret says Martin came round to patch things up. She adds that that's the truth. Peter asks why Martin can't tell him. Margaret replies that Martin feels he's done his dash with Peter. She adds that she doesn't have to tell him that Martin's a very proud man. Peter comments that Martin's not too proud to send Margaret round to do a whitewash job, but Margaret replies that Martin doesn't even know she's there. Peter asks what it's got to do with her, then, and Margaret replies that she has personal reasons for bothering. She continues that she hopes Peter will give it a lot of thought before saying yes or no. She gets up and says she'll see herself out. Peter remains at the table, looking thoughtful. As Margaret goes, she apologises to David for not ringing before she came. In the kitchen, Peter looks at the envelope, which is lying on the table. He then picks it up, opens it and takes out the invitation.

Patricia is looking through the pile of invitations when Margaret arrives back at Toorak. Patricia tells her sister that Peter's invite is missing, but she remembers doing it. Margaret replies that he's already got it - she's just taken it round. Patricia asks what on earth for. Margaret replies that she thought he might need a pep talk before he said yes to coming. Patricia snaps that it'll take a hell of a lot more than a pep talk, but Margaret says she wouldn't be sure; she'll lay odds he'll be there. Patricia snaps, "How dare you?" Margaret retorts that she told Patricia: she has no right to start trouble between Martin and the children. Patricia stands up directly in front of her sister and snaps that she won't have her interfering in her affairs. Margaret says there's nothing Patricia can do about it. Patricia snaps that Margaret might have her over a barrrel until the wedding, but there's one thing she doesn't have to put up with. She takes a key out of her handbag and tells Margaret that it's for Jill's flat - she can stay there. Margaret snaps that she's not sharing with Paul, but Patricia says he'll be in Woombai by now; she'll have the place to herself. Margaret takes the key, but just stands there. Patricia tells her that the sooner she's packed and out of there, the better. Margaret storms off.

At Jill's apartment, Paul lights the gas under a fondue pot on the table. Angela is sitting there looking upset, and so Paul asks her to remind him what she promised. Angela replies, "That I wouldn't feel sorry for myself." They start kissing. Unknown to them, Margaret arrives outside the front door. She puts the key in the lock. She turns it and opens the door. Inside, Paul stands up in shock. Looking surprised at seeing anybody there, Margaret quickly says she's sorry. Paul asks what's going on. Margaret replies that she wasn't expecting anyone to be there; Patricia said it would be alright to come there. Paul says Patricia probably didn't know that he's not going back to Woombai. He adds that Jill said it would be OK to stay on. Margaret says she's sorry for not knowing; she'll tell Patricia that they'll be there for a while longer. Margaret then looks at Angela and says she's sorry - she hopes she didn't startle them too much. Angela looks guilty. Paul asks Margaret if she needs a hand with her bags, but Margaret says she can manage. She goes. Angela immediately asks Paul what will happen if Margaret recognised her. Paul assures her that she didn't, otherwise she'd have mentioned it - and if she does, all she'll say to Patricia is that he had a girl with her. He tells Angela to stop worrying and thank her lucky stars Patricia never got around to introducing her to Margaret. He pours some wine, and Angela asks for just a small glass, as she doesn't really feel up to it. Paul pours a minute amount!

At Toorak, Patricia is on the 'phone - it's ringing, but there's no answer.

At Dural, the 'phone is ringing as Gordon runs in the front door. It stops just as he gets to it, though, and Wayne, who, with Jill, follows his father into the house, says they'll ring back if it's important. Gordon says that will teach him to forget to put on the answering machine! He then tells Wayne to remind him to place Rosie's bet tomorrow, as he's getting forgetful! Wayne and Jill laugh. Wayne jokes that with a bet of 50¢ each way, the bookies will never get rich out of her! Jill remarks that she was surprised to see how cheerful Rosie was. Gordon laughs that he thinks she was rather enjoying having Gayle wait on her! Jill asks if Rosie will be well enough to come to the wedding, and Gordon says there's no doubt about it. Wayne offers drinks. Jill says she'll have an orange juice. Gordon says he'll join them when he's made a call; he goes to the study. Wayne and Jill go into the lounge room, where Jill tells Wayne that it's nice to see him and Gordon getting on again. Wayne says he doesn't know about 'again' - they were never exactly close - but yeah, it is good. He adds that Jill is starting to relax, too. Jill replies that the trip wasn't as bad as she thought it would be; she was dreading it - she only went because Gordon asked her. She takes an orange juice from Wayne, who asks if they can be friends again. Jill tells him that they're on the right track.

Patricia comes downstairs as Margaret arrives back at Toorak. Margaret nastily remarks that she hates to land back on the doorstep just when Patricia thought she'd got rid of her. Patricia snaps, "Then why have you?" Margaret replies that there's a small hitch: Paul is still in the flat; he's settled in, by the look of it. Patricia retorts that that's one good thing about Melbourne: plenty of hotels; she'll book Margaret a room. She goes to the 'phone. Looking at how Patricia is dressed, Margaret asks her if she's planned a big night out with Martin and some of him friends. She then says it wouldn't be Martin - she's obviously going out to enjoy herself... She sits down and starts glancing at a magazine. She then says it's a good thing that Paul's keeping the spirit of romance alive. Patricia looks up from the 'phone as Margaret continues that he had a nice young lady there with him - the spitting image of Angela, actually. Patricia stops what she's doing and angrily asks Margaret what she's driving at: was it Angela? Margaret replies that it was hard to tell - the lighting was so intimate, it could have been anyone. Patricia looks annoyed.

By the bar at Dural, Gordon asks who's for another one. Jill says, "Not for me!" Gordon says he thinks he might have something a bit stronger. Jill tells them that she'll leave them to it, and she goes. Gordon remarks to Wayne that he thinks Rosie enjoyed seeing them all. Wayne agrees, and adds that it was good of Jill to tag along. Gordon reminds Wayne tht it was his idea. He adds that it was a nice thought. He then continues that he hates to admit it, but he thinks Rosie's appreciated Wayne more over the years than he has. Wayne gets up and walks behind the bar. He then points out that he wasn't exactly a loveable kid. Gordon, though, says he'd hardly win 'father of the year' award. He adds that it could have been the years Wayne spent with his parents - by the time he came back to Woombai, it was like they were strangers. Wayne pours more drinks, and suggests that maybe if he'd been more like John or Paul... Gordon looks at him and says he guesses he always wanted a son who'd do what he wanted; show an interest in the same sort of things as him, but you can't force that sort of thing. There's a slightly embarrassed silence for a moment, which Wayne breaks by saying it's a pity they didn't talk a few years ago. Gordon says, "Quite a few years." He then says he wonders if they'll muddle through the next round any better. Wayne suggests that they could give it a bash. Gordon smiles, nods and puts his hand on Wayne's arm.

Patricia is at Jill's apartment, where she rants to Angela that it's not the most ideal marriage in the world, but to risk it for an affair with him...; she indicates Paul. Paul snaps that Patricia didn't find it ridiculous six months ago - she was trying to push them together then. Patricia snaps that she didn't know what he was like then. Angela tells her mother that she and Paul are in love, but Patricia says, "For God's sake - Paul's not in love with anybody." She tells Angela that Paul is using her to get back at her. Angela immediately snaps that everything revolves around Patricia - but not this time - they're in love. Paul tells Patricia that it's none of her business. Patricia asks about Rob, and Paul says, "What he doesn't know..." Angela says she's not giving up on her marriage - she doesn't want to hurt Rob... Patricia snaps, "I can't believe I'm hearing this." She continues that Angela's been selfish before... Paul interjects that he thinks Patricia has said enough, and he asks her if she drove there. Patricia says she's got a cab waiting outside. Paul tells her that he'll see her to it. Patricia snaps at him not to force her out of there. She calls out, "Angela..." Angela, though, snaps that Fiona and Beryl interfered and she doesn't care if she never sees them again; she tells Patricia not to do the same. Patricia has a furious expression on her face as she says, "Alright." She then tells Paul that she wants a private word with him outside. They go just outside the front door, where Paul asks, "Well?" Patricia tells him that it seems that Angela really is stupid enough to be in love with him. She then asks him where he stands: does he love her, or is this his way of paying her back. Paul just says, "Figure it out for yourself." He goes back inside.

At the Palmers', Kevin and Peter are looking at captions and pictures. Kevin calls David into the kitchen and shows him a sketch of a baby crying, with the caption, "Of course I'm tired - you try getting changed fifteen times a day!" David laughs and says it's beaut. He adds that it reminds him of Davey - Lynn always reckoned he'd deliberately wait until he had a fresh nappy on! Kevin explains that that's where he got the idea from! He asks David if he reckons Peter's done a good job with the drawing, and David replies, "You can say that again!" Kevin does! Peter asks what they're going to call the kid in the picture. Kevin suggests 'Davey'. Peter says that's fine by him. Kevin thanks him. Peter then asks David if he can borrow his car to nip down to the local paper - it's paste-up night, so he knows the editor will be in. David agrees, and suggests he take Kevin with him for the ride. Peter, though, obviously uncomfortable, says there's no need really - he'll only be a jif. Kevin tells him to go on his own - he and David have got some serious telly-watching to catch up with! Peter thanks him and says he might even tell the editor to put Kevin's name first on the heading. Kevin says, "If he buys it!" Peter goes. David looks at his son.

At the Healy house, Martin is drinking tea and looking at the papers when Peter suddenly comes in. There are curt greetings. Martin offers Peter some tea, but Peter says he can't stay; he borrowed the car to go round to the paper; he explains to his father about the cartoons he's doing for them, and adds that he thought he'd call across there while he had the chance. Martin says that's good. He asks further about the cartoons, and Peter explains that Kevin's helping him; they sold their first one tonight, and the paper wants one a week from now on. Martin remarks that they must have made a good impression, and he asks Peter to save him one when they come out. Peter agrees. He then says he received the wedding invitation today, but he wasn't expecting the little lecture that came with it. He continues that it did help him make up his mind, though: he'll be there. Martin thanks him, and says he honestly does regret going to town the way he did; he's too well trained in shooting first and asking questions later; what happened to poor little Sharon was terrible, but any one of them could have been unlucky enough to make the mistake that allowed it to happen. He asks Peter if he'd consider coming home, but Peter replies, "Not yet." Martin says, "Maybe later." Peter agrees, "Maybe later." Martin says it's a start. He then says he should ring Patricia and thank her for getting through to his son. Peter, though, says it wasn't her - it was Margaret. He adds that she's a very nice lady...

Margaret is sitting in the lounge room at Toorak when Patricia comes in. Margaret says she thought Patricia would be out partying 'til all hours. Patricia snaps that she's got a migraine. Margaret asks if she can get something for her, but Patricia curtly says, "No." She then asks Margaret what she's still doing there, and Margaret replies that she decided she'd prefer to stay there than go to a hotel. Looking angry, Patricia snaps, "You do what you damn well like." She storms off.

Angela and Paul walk in the front door of The Terrace, and Angela thanks Paul for seeing her home. Paul tells her that he thinks he should stay with her; he doesn't like leaving her by herself. Angela says she's glad he didn't. Paul tells her to have a good night's sleep and not to worry about Patricia; he doesn't think they'll see much more of her in future. They kiss passionately and Paul then tells Angela that he'll see her tomorrow. He goes, leaving Angela looking worried. She hangs her handbag over the banister, but she looks distant as she does so. She starts going upstairs, slowly, but as she does so, she appears to stagger. After she's climbed half a dozen steps, she suddenly appears to faint. She falls down and rolls down the stairs, backwards, until she ends up lying on her side in the hall, apparently unconscious...

Angela is in hospital, looking around, when a doctor comes in and remarks that she's back in the land of the living! He feels her pulse as Angela says it's a silly question, but how did she get there? The doctor tells her that it looks like she decided to do a bit of cartwheel practice on the stairs at home! Angela replies that she remembers feeling a bit dizzy. She asks what time it is, and the doctor tells her that it's quite early. He continues that she's lucky in one way: she's got nosy neighbours - a Mrs. Porter saw her arriving home, heard something and decided to investigate. Angela smiles weakly. The doctor tells her that she's got a few bumps on the noggin. Angela immediately feels her head and says it's nothing new to her - if she's not falling off horses, it's something else! The doctor asks her if she's had concussion before, and Angela nods in agreement. The doctor jokes that he might have to ask the nurse to strap her in so she doesn't fall out of bed in the middle of the night! Angela asks if everything's alright, and the doctor replies that there are no bones broken, but they'll run a few tests; they should have the results by early tomorrow. Angela says, "Right." The doctor then tells her that they've been trying to trace her husband; Mrs. Porter put them onto the company he works for, and they're trying their best to get a message to him; in the meantime, is there someone they can contact? Angela says, "No." The doctor suggests that Angela might like to 'phone a friend, perhaps, but Angela again says no; her husband will be there tomorrow. The doctor tells her to get some rest, as the nurses will have her up with the birds tomorrow! He goes. Angela looks worried.

At Toorak, Patricia is making a 'phone call, but there's no answer at the other end. Margaret joins her as she hangs up, and she asks her if she's feeling better this morning. Patricia calmly says, "Yes, thankyou. I just wish Angela would answer the 'phone." She quickly tells Margaret not to suggest ringing the flat, but Margaret says she wasn't going to. She goes, and Patricia dials another number. The 'phone starts ringing at Dural, and Wayne answers. Patricia snaps, "About time." She continues that she tried to get him at least three times yesterday. Wayne explains that they went down to visit Rosie, adding that she's looking a lot better. Patricia sarcastically says, "Oh good." She then snaps at Wayne that he's supposed to be working very hard to get Gordon to come back to Ramberg where they need him. Wayne tells Patricia to keep her shirt on - they've got to take it easy; if Gordon thinks he's trying to cook something up, he won't have a bar of it. Patricia snaps that they're running out of time; if they don't get someone decent at the top, there won't be a firm left to manage. Wayne repeats that he's working on it. He continues that, last night, they sat down together and talked - really talked; they're getting on a lot better than they ever have. Patricia snaps that she doesn't think it's necessary to take the happy families bit so seriously. Wayne says it happens to be important to him. Patricia snaps, "Oh, for God's sake, Wayne." Wayne points out that the better things are for Gordon and him, the better chance Patricia has got of salvaging Ramberg. He continues that he feels a lot better about it, though, because he's not really conning him; if Patricia doesn't like it, that's too bad, because without him, she's up a well-known creek. He hangs up, angrily. Patricia looks annoyed.

Angela is sitting in her hospital bed, brushing her hair, when the doctor returns and asks her if she's still in one piece. Angela says she thinks so! She then asks how the tests went: did she pass? The doctor opens up the file he's carrying and tells Angela that she passed with flying colours, under the circumstances. Angela says that's great! The doctor continues, though, that to put it bluntly, he's a bit cross with her. Angela asks what for. The doctor replies that he's already said she's extremely lucky that the tests indicated there was no serious damage - but she should have told him straight away last night about her condition. Angela asks what he's talking about. The doctor says, "Well didn't you realise? You must have had some idea?" Angela just looks puzzled, and she shakes her head. The doctor continues, "Well, according to our pathology department, you're pregnant, Mrs. Keegan."


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