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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

David arrives home and, finding Kevin alone in the kitchen, asks if he's the only one still up. Kevin says he is - Beryl crashed early. He adds that she's in a bit of a funny mood. David asks if there was any trouble while he was away, but Kevin says there wasn't. David says he thought Healy might have been round and made a nuisance of himself. Kevin replies that it would have been a waste of time if he did - Pete left for Portsy the same afternoon that David left; he comes back tomorrow. He continues that they had their own live-in bodyguard while David away: Doug decided he'd protect them! David laughs and asks how. Kevin explains about how he dug out his old service pistol; Beryl got him to grab it and hide it just in case. David says that was a good idea; he adds that he bets Doug wasn't too happy about it disappearing. They laugh, but Doug suddenly comes in and complains that he doesn't know what a bloke's got to do to get some sleep round there. He walks off again, and Kevin guiltily says that was great timing. David says he'd better patch it up. He calls Doug back to the kitchen, and Kevin says he's sorry. David tells his father that it was only a joke, but Doug asks if it was as big a joke as they think he is. Kevin tells him that they don't think he's a big joke, but Doug grumbles that he's too old to trust with a gun. He tells Kevin that if he'd seen him with that pistol in the desert, when he was in his prime, he wouldn't be laughing. Kevin looks at David. David indicates to him to go to bed.

At Jill's apartment, Angela has her head on Paul's lap, and she says she doesn't want to move. Paul says, "Don't!" Angela says it would be nice, and adds that they should be glad of the time they've got. She then says she has to go, but Paul tells her that he's been thinking: there's a way they can spend more time together without worrying about anyone. Angela looks at him, and Paul says they can spend a couple of days down there, and then both go up to Woombai. Angela sarcastically says, "Sure!" but Paul continues that Fiona will be in Sydney after tomorrow; after the fire, there's plenty for her to do, and she'll be away from Woombai for a while. He tells Angela to come back with him - make it like a real holiday. Angela says there's no way she could talk Rob into it, but Paul tells her to find a way. Angela persists that there's too much to do with setting up the coffee shop - there's no time. Paul replies that if Angela really loved him, she'd make it. He asks her if she really wants to be with him, and Angela replies that he knows she does. Paul tells her, "Then you'll work out something." Angela nods and goes to the door.

At Toorak, Patricia is poring over some papers when she hears the front door bang. Margaret comes in and asks if there are problems. Patricia snaps that it's business. Margaret gloats that she's had a wonderful evening; Ted Morgan is a really charming man. Patricia snaps that she told Margaret that she didn't want her mixing with Ramberg people. Margaret replies that she can't help it if she made big a impression at luncheon; she must have for him to ring her two weeks later. Patricia gets up, says goodnight and goes to walk off. Margaret, though, says she was wondering why Wayne suddenly went back to live with Gordon. Patricia stops in her tracks as Margaret continues that, now, she knows. Patricia asks her what she's talking about, and Margaret replies that Ted was telling her how desperate things are for the firm - without Gordon there, they've got problems. Patricia walks up to glare at Margaret face-to-face and tells her that she's got her money and she's got a roof over her head; she should just keep her nose out of Ramberg affairs. Margaret nastily replies that, when Patricia marries Martin, she won't have to worry about money if the firm goes broke - he'll look after her.

Angela arrives home to find Rob painting the fireplace in the dining room. She remarks that she thought he'd be in bed, but he replies that he couldn't sleep without her. She looks guilty. She asks Rob if he's been at it all night, but Rob says no; he called round to see Beryl earlier on. Angela's face immediately drops. She asks how Beryl is, and Rob replies that she's fine and sends her love. He adds that Angela got it all wrong - Beryl's not crook at all. Angela tells her that she thought she was, from what she said; she must just have been tired. Changing the subject, Rob asks about the movie, and Angela says it was alright; Patricia was in good form. Rob finishes the painting and says they could just about set a date. Angela asks him if he means a date when they can open the place, and Rob, amused, asks what she thinks he means! Angela says it would be great if they could have a break before they open - Patricia was going on about what a good time she had at Woombai. Rob agrees that it's good there. Angela says it freshened Patricia up a lot - clean air, a bit of riding; they won't get a chance to have a holiday once the coffee shop gets going. Rob asks Angela if she'd like to go there, and Angela says she'd love to. She asks if there's no chance of Rob getting any time off, and Rob says there isn't - but that's no reason why Angela can't go for a couple of days, though. Angela asks if he means go without him. Rob replies that he can stay there and get the place finished off. Angela asks him if he means it, and Rob tells her that it'll give her a chance to get her batteries charged up before she throws herself into running the coffee shop. Happy at the way things have turned out, Angela says that'll be great - she'll give Fiona a ring in the morning. She hugs Rob, tightly.

The next morning, at Woombai, Fiona rises to find Bert and Tommy up already. Bert tells her that Tommy's had his first gallop on a horse. Tommy starts enthusing about it and Fiona listens before sending him to get some breakfast from the kitchen. She then remarks to Bert that she thought she'd be up before them this morning. Bert, though, replies that Tommy's worse then him: up before the birds! Fiona comments that Tommy keeps Bert on his toes, and Bert says it's a good thing too - he's sick of lazing around; he knows Rosie's Hope's is in good hands with Brian, but... Fiona says, "Old habits die hard?" She tells Bert to enjoy his break, and they laugh. Fiona adds, "Not that looking after Tommy is what I'd call relaxation!" Bert tells her that it's a lot easier with her around! Tommy rushes back and joins them - he's excited that they've got stacks of pancakes for breakfast! Fiona says she thinks a pot of tea will do her!

David is in his pyjamas when he enters the Palmer kitchen to find Doug there, dressed. He asks if the tea's been made for long, and Doug says it depends - it's probably too old for Kevin; they should make him a fresh pot! David tells his father not to be mad at Kevin; he thinks the world of his grandfather. Doug says it's a pity he doesn't show it. David sighs and sits down. Doug apologises and says Kevin reminded him of his age, that's all; a man forgets sometimes - he doesn't realise what a fool he's making of himself. David says that can happen at any age; look at him - he let that Martin Healy creep put one over him in front of his own family; he looked like a real goog! He reckons they're both in the same boat. Doug tells David that he did alright - he just needs a few pointers in looking after himself! David asks Doug if he's going to teach him, and Doug replies that he reckons he could teach David a trick or two! They start having a mock fight until Beryl comes in and snaps that it's a bit early in the day for that sort of carry on. They stop. Doug explains that they were just discussing the manly art, but Beryl says there's been enough fighting round there to last them a lifetime. Doug and David look at each other in suprise.

Patricia is standing outside Toorak, and she looks at her watch, impatiently. A car suddenly pulls up outside the house and Martin gets out. He and Patricia hug. Martin tells Patricia that he missed her, and Patricia asks Martin when he got back from Perth. Martin says it was half an hour ago; he came there before he did anything else. Patricia explains that she's just off to a very important meeting in town. Martin asks if it's Ramberg, and Patricia murmurs agreement. Another car suddenly toots its horn and Patricia mutters that the cab's finally made it. Unknown to Patricia and Martin, Margaret is standing on the balcony, watching. As the cab arrives, she runs downstairs and opens the top button of her blouse. She runs outside, and does the button up again, making it look as if she was just getting dressed. She remarks to Martin that he's an early visitor. Martin says, "Morning," to Margaret. Margaret turns to Patricia and asks her if she's going to be home for lunch. Patricia says she will be - they'll probably be through by then. Martin says he'll come and eat with her - there's lots to talk about. Patricia impatiently says alright, and she walks to the cab and gets in. Martin closes her door for her, and the cab drives off. Margaret offers Martin some coffee, but he declines. Margaret then offers him breakfast, but Martin says he's not hungry. Margaret insists, though, saying she's got croissants inside; they're very light. Martin asks why not - he hasn't got much incentive to eat at home, the kids not being there. As they go inside, Margaret says she'd like to try and make it up to Martin for the way she's been behaving...

A while later, as Martin comments that the food hit the spot, Margaret continues that Patricia has been extremely generous to her - she's extremely lucky. Martin remarks that it sounds as if Margaret has had more than her fair share of bad luck over the years - it's time someone gave her a break. Margaret agrees that there have been hardships, but they're nothing to compare with what Martin's been going through recently. Martin says he guesses Margaret has been enjoying getting to know Patricia again. Margaret laughs and says yes - as long as she's not otherwise engaged. Martin says he knows what Margaret means - he's not much better off than her in that regard. Margaret continues that she's not complaining - Patricia has got a plateful. Martin says it's not always easy to catch up with her, and Margaret tells him that, if he ever needs a sympathetic ear and Patricia's not around... Martin says he'll keep it in mind. He then says he's glad they got things sorted out, and Margaret says she is, too; life's too short to nurse old grudges. Martin regretfully says he hopes his kids learn that lesson someday soon.

Peter is in the kitchen at the Palmers' with Kevin, David and Doug. Kevin is getting ready for work, and he asks Peter how he got back from Portsy. Peter says he hitched, and Doug immediately comments that that's a dangerous way to get around. Peter points out that he survived. Kevin asks about Jen, and Peter says she's fine - they had a nice time. David remarks that Peter is certainly a lot chirpier than last week, and Peter jokes that it must be the sea air! He adds that it wasn't all fun, but they got a fair bit sorted out. David asks Peter what he reckons they're going to do, but Peter says he doesn't know exactly - but he's going to try and stay independent of the old man, at least. Kevin asks him if he reckons he'll ever get things straightened out with him, and Peter says, "One day, maybe." Kevin goes to head out, kissing Beryl, who's just coming in, on the way. Beryl says hello to Peter and adds that they'll talk later - she has to rush now. David asks her where she's going, and Beryl says she's off shopping; she thought she might call and see Rob and Angela, too. She goes, leaving David looking surprised. Doug comments that Beryl's been crabby all morning, and he asks David what he's done to her. David says, "Search me!"

As Beryl walks into Rob and Angela's, she tells Angela that she didn't appreciate last night one little bit. Angela pleads with Beryl to keep her voice down. Beryl continues that she didn't like being forced into lying - she only did it to stop Rob being hurt. Angela tells Beryl that Rob's just upstairs. She then says she's sorry - she tried to keep him away. Beryl says she knows - all that nonsnese about her being sick; she just didn't want to see them both hurt. Angela says she knows what she's doing, but Beryl snaps, "Rubbish." Angela insists that she won't hurt Rob, but Beryl tells her that she will unless she stops seeing Paul. She adds that she won't cover for Angela again. At that moment, they hear Rob running downstairs, and Angela asks Beryl if they can't just leave it 'til he goes. Beryl looks annoyed. Rob comes in and says g'day. He asks Beryl if Angela's told her her good news. Beryl says no. Angela's face drops as Rob puts his arm round her and tells Beryl that his wife's off to Woombai for a couple of days - a last fling before the coffee shop opens for business; she just rang Fiona and organised it. Angela looks at Beryl, guiltily. Beryl looks disgusted.

A while later, Angela closes the front door, calling out to Rob to have good trip as she does so. Meanwhile, Beryl paces the kitchen. Angela rejoins her, and comments that she doesn't know much about cars, but theirs sounds pretty sick to her. Beryl ignores this, though, and tells Angela that she's not going to let her do it: she can't go to Woombai with Paul. Angela says, "Beryl..." but Beryl continues that, sooner or later, one of her lies will trip her up; does she know what that will do to Rob? Angela tells Beryl that says this is getting boring, but Beryl snaps, "Do you care? Do you still love him?" Angela says that of course she does, but she loves Paul, too. Beryl asks how can she? She then asks Angela if she honestly expects to have them both. Angela says she hopes so. Beryl tells her that the worst thing is, she's conned herself into believing it. She continues that she just doesn't understand her. Angela snaps, "Then stay out of it," but Beryl says she can't - Angela's already forced her into it, by lying. Angela tells Beryl to give it a rest, and Beryl says she will give it a rest when Angela stops seeing Paul; she's not going to let her do it. She storms out. Angela looks worried.

Fiona emerges from the house at Woombai and gives Tommy a can to milk the goat. Tommy asks what you can do with goat's milk, and Fiona replies that you can drink it, make yoghurt from it, cheese... she then thinks back to Doug's cheeses and says, "No - anything but cheese!" The 'phone starts ringing and Fiona goes back inside. It's Beryl, who says there's something Fiona's got to do for her...

Angela is in the kitchen at The Terrace when the 'phone rings. She answers; it's Fiona, who, without engaging in any pleasantries, says she's just had a call from Beryl. She asks Angela if it's true about her and Paul. Angela says, "Yes." Fiona says, "Then you're fools - both of you." Angela tells Fiona that she doesn't understand, but Fiona says damned right she doesn't; she's disgusted. She continues that, as long as Woombai belongs to her, and as long as Angela is having an affair with Paul, Angela's not welcome there. She asks if Angela understands, and slams the 'phone down. She then dials another number as Bert comes in and asks if there's trouble. Fiona replies that it's nothing she can't handle. As the 'phone on the other end starts ringing, Fiona asks Bert to leave, but Paul answers, so Fiona has to speak in front of an unwanted audience. She tells Paul that she'll be brief: "You're fired." In Melbourne, Paul looks bemused, and he asks what's going on. Fiona tells him that she knows all about his little plan - sneaking back with Angela. Paul says, "I see." Fiona continues that she doesn't want him working for her anymore; she'll send his things to him. Paul asks her if she's not over-reacting, but Fiona snaps that she doesn't want to discuss it - he's fired, simple as that. She slams the 'phone down. Paul looks shocked. At Woombai, Fiona tells Bert that she's sorry. Bert asks what Paul did, and Fiona replies that if there's one thing that really gets under her skin, it's people trying to con her. She storms out of the room. Bert looks worried.

Martin is at Toorak for lunch, and he says it smells good. Margaret says it's all ready - all they need is Patricia. Martin says she shouldn't be long. Margaret asks him how work was this morning, and Martin replies that it was so so - he had a few too many things on his mind to really get into it. Margaret says it can't be easy dealing with kids. Martin says not his two, anyway. Margaret asks what went wrong, adding that she knows what happened, but why couldn't they sort it out? Martin says he's blessed if he knows; three stubborn people, he supposes. The front door opens and Margaret says that sounds like Patricia; now they can eat. Patricia comes in, sees Martin and says it looks like he's been there all morning. Martin curtly says, "Not exactly." Margaret cheerily says he has been at work - they've just been having friendly conversation while waiting for her. Patricia snaps, "Good." Martin remarks that Patricia looks tired, and Patricia says the meeting was draining at times. Martin tells her that, if he had his way, she'd throw it all in. Margaret chips in that she couldn't stand it. Martin comments that noone would guess they were sisters - they're so different. He tells Margaret that she'll have to give Patricia some lessons in being a housewife. Margaret wryly says, "Yes, I will, won't I." Patricia smiles, awkwardly.

Angela knocks on the front door of the Palmer door, agitatedly. David calls out to hold her horses. He then answers the door and tells Angela that he's pleased to see her. Angela asks if Beryl's there, but David says she isn't. He asks what's up, but Angela says it's nothing - it's just important that she talk to her. David asks if Beryl wasn't at Angela's earlier, and Angela agrees that she was. David says she must have got stuck at the shops. Angela starts to walk into the house, but then appears to change her mind and says she won't stay. Doug suddenly calls out to ask if that's Angela. Angela says it is. Doug tells her to come and have a look at something. She goes in. David asks her if she's sure everything's alright, and Angela replies, "Sure." David continues that it's just that Beryl's been a bit up in the air lately, too. Angela assures him that there's no problem. She goes into the lounge room, and Doug tells her to come and have a look; he indicates the picture that Peter is sketching. Peter explains that he's just doodling, but Doug says that's not what he would call it. Peter says it's not finished yet - he has to wait for Kev to write some captions. Doug explains that it used to be a cat, but now Peter's doing a series about a day in the life of a baby. Angela says it's clever. She then turns back to David and asks when Beryl will be back. David says she didn't say; he's surprsied she's not back already... Doug interrupts that he reckons Peter's got real talent. David ignores this and tells Angela that whatever time it is, she's got to come back there before she goes to work, so is she sure she doesn't want to stay? Angela says she won't, but she asks David to ask Beryl to drop in on the way to work. David agrees. As Angela walks to the front door, he quietly mutters to Doug that he wishes he knew what the hell was going on. He goes to the door to see Angela out.

Beryl arrives home and puts a box of shopping on the kitchen table. David is sitting there, with a calculator, and he jokes that it's no wonder she's late - she's been spending all his hard-earned cash! Beryl snaps that she spent her own money, on some clothes. David says it was joke, but Beryl snaps that she's not in the mood. David asks her what's going on: she's in a sniff, and Angela's not much better - they've got troubles. Beryl looks at him, and starts to say that they, er... However, she then tells him that it's nothing to bother him about. David asks how come she's bothered. Beryl says it's her problem - she doesn't want to drag him into it. David tells her that he just doesn't like seeing her upset. Beryl says she's fine.

Angela is looking out of the window in Jill's apartment as Paul sits in an armchair. Angela says it's not fair, but Paul asks what does it matter? - it happened. Angela tells him that she was looking forward to being with him, but now, they'll have to keep sneaking around down there. Paul tells her to come on: the bright side to him staying in Melbourne is that she can see him all the time. Angela points out that he's lost a good job and she's lost a good friend. She walks over to him as he says it's a shame Fiona took it like that. Angela curses, "Damn Beryl." She tells Paul that she left a message with David that she wanted to see her. Paul suggests that it might be better to let it rest; what else can Beryl do? Angela says she could tell Rob. Paul says it might be a good idea - get it out in the open. Angela snaps that that's a stupid thing to say. Paul tells her that he wants her with him - all the time. They hug, and Angela, upset, asks why people have to interfere.

Patricia and Margaret escort Martin to his car, and Patricia tells Martin that she's got all the invitations ready to go out - she'll send Jennifer's to Portsy and Peter's care of the Palmers. Martin sourly says he doesn't see the point in inviting them, but Patricia says they have to; whether they come or not is their decision. Martin says he suppsoses so. He gets in his car as Margaret stands in the doorway of the house. Patricia calls over and asks her if she shouldn't put her jacket on, as it's getting very chilly out there. Margaret ignores this, though. As Martin starts his car, Patricia bends down and asks him if he understands why she's inviting Peter and Jennifer - she wants everything to be perfect for their wedding day. Martin drives off, and Patricia walks to Margaret, who's still standing on the porch. She snaps that Margaret was supposed to take the hint. Margaret asks why Patricia can't leave Martin's children out of it? Patricia, though, snaps that it's got nothing to do with Margaret. Margaret tells Patricia that it'll only make more trouble. Patricia says, "Exactly." She adds, "In the meantime, sister dear, we have to share the house, but that doesn't mean I have to see your sour face every time I turn around." She goes inside.

Angela is walking home, and as she approaches The Terrace, she sees Beryl standing outside. She tells her that she was hoping she'd be there. Beryl says, "Let's get it over with."

They go inside, and stand just inside the dining room. The chairs are all still stacked on the tables. Angela snaps that it's none of Beryl's business, but Beryl snaps back that Angela's the one who got her involved. Angela snaps that she didn't ask Beryl to go running to Fiona, but Beryl asks who Angela thinks she is. She adds that Angela doesn't give two hoots about anything except what she wants. Angela yells that she should never have trusted Beryl in the first place, and Beryl replies that she wishes she hadn't. Angela snaps that, if there's any trouble, it's Beryl's fault. Beryl exclaims, "Mine?" Angela rants that she's the one who got Paul fired, and cost her her friendship with Fiona; who does Beryl think has done the most damage? Beryl replies that Angela brought it all on herself. Angela rants that she wants Beryl to stay out of it - she knows what she's doing. Beryl asks what about Rob. Angela says she can manage it if Beryl just keeps nose out of her business. She continues that Beryl's problem is that she's got a hang-up about it; she tells her not to worry - she'll handle it a lot better than David did his affair. Astonished, Beryl slaps Angela's face. She snaps, "And don't expect me to apologise. In fact, the less I see of you from now on, the better." She storms out, leaving Angela holding her hand to her sore face and looking worried.


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