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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

At Woombai, Fiona tells Bert, Alec and Ruth that she feels so embarrassed. Bert replies that it's not her fault that the stupid thing clapped out. Fiona says the pilot promised to have it ready first thing in the morning; now it's a choice of waiting or driving back. Alec points out that it would be a five-hour trip, and Fiona agrees. She then adds that, unless they have to get back, they should stay on. Alec and Ruth start to deliberate, and Tommy interjects to ask them to stay. Alec tells him to go outside while they decide. He goes. Bert chips in that the kid has a right to have a say, but Alec snaps that Thomas does whatever they do. He continues that he just doesn't think it's feasible - he looks at Ruth and reminds her that he has to see the estate agent at 11am and... Fiona interrupts and says they'll be back in plenty of time for that - they could leave at first light. Ruth pleads with Alec to let them stay. Fiona says she and Bert will wait outside with Thomas while Alec and Ruth throw it around between themselves; she's just saying they're very welcome. Bert snaps that Alec is such a stickler for manners - it's a shame he doesn't practice what he preaches. Fiona embarrassedly says, "Bert..." They leave the room. Alec looks at Ruth, who puts her arms around him and says she loves him when he's angry! Alec smiles, and they nod their heads together. Alec laughs.

Outisde, Fiona says to Bert that if anyone can persuade him, Ruth can - she's been watching her all day, and Alec most certainly loves her - and Thomas, too, in his own funny way. Bert says he and Alec really are like chalk and cheese. Fiona points out that he knew that before today. Bert says he was hoping it would be different after a year's break, but Fiona replies that she doesn't see the two of them ever getting together. They look over at Tommy, who's playing nearby, and Fiona says it's a different kettle of fish with him. Bert agrees that Tommy really relaxes when Alec's not around; it's a shame it couldn't be longer. Fiona says they'll have to see what can be arranged - if Alec and Ruth decide to stay the night, they're home and hosed...

In the lounge room at Dural, Wayne offers more drinks, but Gordon declines, saying he has to be at a business do by 8pm. Jill stands up from where she's sitting next to Brian, and says they'd better get going - they're starving. Wayne says he'll take them out to dinner if they like, but Jill declines, explaining that she's already prepared something - she just has to heat it up. Wayne suggests, "Maybe some other time?" Jill quietly says, "Maybe..." As everyone gets up to go, Gordon tells Jill to come into the study and take out the old answering machine. Jill asks him if he's sure he doesn't want it, but Gordon replies that the new model arrives tomorrow. Jill laughs that she can't wait to see Fiona's face when she sees it - she hates them!; well, she hates talking into them, anyway! Gordon says they're very practical. He walks out. As Jill goes to follow him, Wayne stops her and says the answerphone will be good for her - it'll make sure she doesn't miss any of John's calls. He adds that he supposes John calls her a fair bit. Jill looks annoyed and says he calls every now and then. She then looks at Brian and tells him to come too, and set it up. He gets up and follows, joking with Jill by asking if she's not the mechanical type. Jill laughs that he's got to be kidding! Brian tells Wayne that it was very nice talking to him. Wayne replies that it was the same for him. Jill and Brian join Gordon in the hall, and as he hears them talking, Wayne suddenly spots Brian's jacket on the settee. He goes over to it and starts rifling through the pockets. He doesn't get very far, though, before he hears Brian say he won't be a moment, and he quickly pretends to be collecting up the glasses on the coffee table. Brian comes back in, picks up his jacket and wishes Wayne good night. Wayne sighs.

At The Terrace, Paul and Angela finish stacking chairs upside down on the tables, and Paul says he thinks that's enough work for one day! Angela replies that she thinks he's right! They cuddle and then kiss. When they pull apart again, Angela suggests that Paul help clean up the kitchen and then head off. Paul, looking surprised, asks Angela if she doesn't want him to stay there. Angela looks at him and tells him that she couldn't spend the night there with him. She adds that it's not a hang up, but... Paul assures her that he understands. They go into the kitchen, and Paul tells Angela that it was great food. Angela says they must do it again. Paul replies that that depends how often he's over there... Angela tells him that they'll find somewhere near his place that's just as good. They are just starting to clear up when the front door sudenly bangs and Rob calls out that it's not burglars - it's only him! Angela and Paul stop in their tracks. Angela goes to hall and asks what Rob what he's doing back. He exasperatedly explains that the truck broke down. He then indicates the dining room and says it looks great. Angela tells him to have a proper look; she'll be in in a minute. She returns to the kitchen and kisses Paul goodbye. As she tries to bundle him out the back door, she calls out to Rob that they got quite a few tables in. Rob says they got more in than he thought they would! Paul takes the chance to kiss Angela passionately in the kitchen. Angela then pushes him out the back door, shuts it and calls out to Rob, "Trust you to miss out on all the hard work!" Rob walks into kitchen and jokes that the truck didn't really break down - he thought about all the help she needs, so he sabotaged it! He puts his arms round her, and smiles. He continues that he didn't really sabotage the truck, but it worked out well. He adds that he's not rostered on until the day after tomorrow, now, so she'll have to put up with him 'til then! He asks what there is to eat. As he looks round the kitchen, though, he spots the two plates on the sink, and he asks Angela if she had someone round to eat. Angela hurriedly says it was Beryl - she dropped round some menu cover designs; she forced her into staying to help her out. Rob says you can always rely on old Beryl - he'll have to give her a call later and thank her. Angela, suddenly looking very nervous, replies that he'd better not as she doesn't think Beryl will be home tonight - she thinks she went out with a friend from work. Rob says he'll thank her later, then. He gets a beer from the 'fridge. Angela looks worried.

The next morning, at Woombai, Fiona, Bert and Alec are outside, making arrangements for Tommy to stay there while Alec and Ruth return home. Alec says to make sure it's not longer than three days, and Fiona assures him that they'll deliver the kid on the doorstep the day after tomorrow! There's laughter. Bert thanks Alec, who says it was Ruth's idea. He tells Tommy to be good. Ruth tells Bert that it was good to see him again, and she thanks Fiona for her hospitality. Alec thanks Fiona as well, and he and Ruth then get in the car and drive off as Tommy, Bert and Fiona wave. Tommy excitedly says this is better than holiday activity classes! Bert says it sure is, and he suggests they go riding. Tommy says, "Yeah!" He runs off. Bert turns to Fiona and says he doesn't know how she did it, but he's grateful. Fiona replies that Alec's the noise of the family but Ruth's the power - she knew that, if she could persuade her, she'd have him. Bert laughs, "Clever, aren't you!" Fiona says, "Yes!"

Angela is outside the front door at the Palmers', but she pauses, not knowing whether to knock or not. Suddenly, though, Beryl opens the door, carrying cleaning fluid and a duster. She looks surprised to see Angela there, and remarks that she's on the go early. Angela replies that she had shopping to do. She then asks Beryl if she's the only one home. Beryl says she is. Angela asks to talk to her.

A short time later, in the lounge room, Beryl snaps, "You silly idiot." She adds that she thought Angela would have more sense. Angela says she's wasn't doing anything - Paul was just there - but she's worried about what Rob would think. Beryl snaps at Angela not to treat her like a fool - she's been mooning around after Paul for weeks. She asks Angela if she slept with him. Angela pauses, looking guilty, and then nods. Beryl rants that now Angela expects her to lie to protect her. She asks Angela if she's going to go on seeing him. Angela casts her eyes down to the ground and says yes. She continues that she loves them both - she can manage it if noone interferes. Beryl snaps, "Nonsense." Angela says she can, but Beryl tells her that she can if she lies for her; what if she did tell Rob that she wasn't with Angela last night? Angela tells Beryl that she wouldn't - she knows how much it would hurt him if he found out. Beryl tells Angela not to try emotinoal blackmail on her. Angela replies that she didn't mean it to sound like that. She adds that she's never asked Beryl for anything, and she pleads with her to please help her... Beryl says, "No."

A while later, at Jill's apartment, Angela tells Paul that the most she could get was a promise that Beryl wouldn't bring the subject up herself. Paul sourly remarks, "So much for being able to juggle two men at once." He adds that Angela has to admit that it's impractical. Angela defiantly says it isn't if people don't interfere. She cuddles up to Paul on the couch and curses that if only that damn truck hadn't broken down... Paul points out, "But it did." He asks Angela what she's going to do, and, in reply, Angela asks him if he can get a few more days off from Woombai. Paul says he probably can, if he calls Fiona. Angela tells him to do it now, because Rob's away on a trip tomorrow - they'll have two days to themselves. She pleads, "Please..." Paul agrees, and he goes to the 'phone and starts dialling. Angela tells him that she can keep Rob away from Beryl today and tomorrow, and by the time he gets back from this trip, he'll have forgotten about it. Paul says he hopes so. He finishes dialling and the 'phone rings before the STD pips sound. Jill's voice suddenly comes on - on the answerphone. The message she's recorded says she's out by the pool at the moment but will be in later - if the caller has a message, leave it; if they've got a message for Fiona, she's at Woombai 'til the dayafter tomorrow, so it's probably better to call her there. She finishes by telling the caller to leave a message after the beep. Paul hangs up and tells Angela that Fiona's at Woombai. Angela asks him if he knows the number. Paul says he hopes they're doing the right thing. Angela goes over to him and they hug. She tells him that of course they are.

By the pool at Dural, Jill is reading a magazine when Brian comes out asking if she wants anything while he's in town. Jill says, "No thanks." She asks him if he's got everything, and Brian tells her that he's got the form and their birth certificates. She then asks him if they need to see his passport, but Brian says his birth certificate should be enough. He tells Jill that he'll see her when he gets back. He walks off, and as he does so, Wayne wanders out onto the balcony of the house and watches him go. He looks down at Jill, lying by the pool, and then goes back into the house and runs downstairs. He rushes to the front door, but doesn't get any further because Charlie is standing just outside! She remarks to Wayne that she's sure he's glad to see her, but this is ridiculous! As she starts to walk into the house, Wayne guides her back outside and asks if she's been back long. Charlie says she's been back since last night - but now she's over the jetlag, she's come for all the gossip. She asks how Patricia is, but Wayne says he doesn't know. He tells Charlie that he's got to get to the garage, and he goes to walks off. Charlie immediately complains that he hasn't become any politer since she's been away. Wayne assures her that he'll be back - he's just got to catch someone before they head off. He goes to walk off again, but then turns back and tells Charlie that she could help him, actually. Charlie looks puzzled. Wayne tells her to just do what he says; he'll explain later.

Brian is opening the car door when Wayne approaches and says there's someone he'd like him to meet - their next door neighbour. He introduces Charlie to Brian, and Charlie immediately flirts and comments that she always said Irishmen are the best looking in the world! She adds that she hopes he'll be there for a while. Brian tells her that Mr. Hamilton has been kind enough to issue an open invitation, so... Charlie tells him that, knowing Gordon, she's sure he has - he has the biggest heart around. She then says she's about to extend some hospitality herself. She puts her arm through Brian's and says Wayne tells her that Jill's out by the pool - and she'd like to invite them both to her place tomorrow, for a party. Brian says that's very nice of her. He then says he has to go, but Charlie tells him that that's nonsense - five minutes won't hurt. Wayne smiles. Charlie says to Brian that she wants him and Jill to tell her about the fire at Fiona's. Wayne interrupts to explain to Brian that Charlie's not the type to take 'no' for an answer. Brian gives in, and he and Charlie walk off. As they do so, Wayne spots Brian's keys in the car door, and he makes to lock it. He then throws the keys to Brian and tells Charlie that he'll see her back in the house when she's finished. Charlie and Brian walk off, Charlie asking Brian where he's from: the North or South. Brian says it's the North. When he's alone, Wayne opens the car door - which he didn't really lock - and gets Brian's jacket out. He takes out the envelope in the pocket and looks at the papers inside, one of which is Jill's birth certificate. He then smiles to himself...

A while later, inside, Wayne gives Charlie a drink, telling her she earned it. Charlie says she thinks she'd rather have an explanation, and she adds that Wayne's getting as bad as Patricia. Wayne asks her what she means, and Charlie replies that Patricia's forever messing around in other people's lives... Wayne sits down and says he's doing it for Jill - he doesn't trust Brian; there were a few things he wanted to look at in his jacket. Charlie says, "Checking him out, eh?" She adds that Brian is far too cute to be suss. Wayne says it's better to be sure. Charlie comments, "Don't say you're still keen on Jill?" Wayne smiles and that says maybe he is; he made a lot of mistakes in his life - one of the biggest was losing her. Charlie says she's glad to see he realises it, but asks if he hasn't left his run a bit late; she reminds him about the engagement ring and says John got in first. Wayne points out that they're not married yet. Charlie asks Wayne what he's up to, adding that she's seen that smile on Patricia's face far too often not to recognise it. Wayne tells Charlie that the good thing about her is that she never interferes. Charlie replies that he didn't answer her question. Wayne says he's not going to! He raises his glass and says, "Cheers!"

Rob is in the kitchen at The Terrace when Angela gets home. She's virtually empty-handed, and Rob remarks that he thought she was going shopping. Angela replies that she didn't see anything she liked. Rob offers her a sandwich, but Angela says she's bought some pies. Rob says he's just about finished the sandwiches, and Angela says the pies will keep. She kisses Rob, who jokingly asks if she's glad to have him back. Angela replies that he knows she loves him. Rob says of course he does - and he loves her, too. He starts to eat his sandwich and Angela then laughs as he offers her some, explaining that she's laughing at his idea of being romantic - offering her some sandwich with his mouth full! Rob laughs and tells Angela that she'd start worrying if he was any different - he's her basic romantic slob! He grabs Angela in a pretend caveman style and tells her that he's happier than he's ever been. Angela says, "Good." Rob jokes that you're not supposed to say 'good' - you're supposed to say you're happier than you've ever been, too. Angela tells him that some people might think she's crazy, but she is. Rob asks why some people might think she's crazy. Angela looks at him, embarrassed, and says there's no particular reason - the main thing is that they're happy. Rob smiles and nods. They hug, but Angela looks worried.

At Jill's apartment, Paul is on the 'phone to Fiona, and he says he really appreciates it. Fiona tells him that things seem to be running OK. Paul says he just felt he needed the chance to relax after the trial. Fiona remarks that she imagines Patricia was spitting chips! Paul agrees that she wasn't too happy! Fiona says that, from what Alan told her, he managed pretty well when Patricia was there; good on him. Paul reminds Fiona that he told her everything would be fine. Fiona says she's just a suspicious type! She tells Paul to have a nice break and come back raring to go. Paul says, "Will do." Looking pleased with himself, he hangs up.

At Woombai, Fiona also hangs up and Tommy asks if he can go outside now. Fiona says it's fine by her. Bert tells him not to go too far. He goes out. Bert then says to Fiona that she doesn't know how much this means to him. Fiona says she thinks she can guess. Bert tells her that she's a very fine woman. Fiona looks embarrassed, and she tells Bert that he's an old flatterer! Bert, though, says he means it - when he first met her, he felt that a bit of charm and he'd stay in good with this boss. Fiona says she could tell! Bert jokes that he must be losing his touch - but he didn't take it seriously - he supposes he thought, well, he doesn't know. Fiona tells him to go on, and so he continues that he thought she was a rich sheila, with more money than sense. Fiona laughs that he was close! Bert, though, says no - Fiona's the most decent person he's ever met - the way she cares about other people; take Paul - putting up with his shenanigans; and him. Fiona says she didn't notice him getting up to too many shenanigans! Bert continues that, seriously, he means it - the way she helped him today; she's just been through a terrible thing - the fire, losing her house - and he heard about the loss of the photo of her baby. Fiona asks who told him, and Bert says it was Jill - and he's glad she did - it made him admire Fiona even more; if he lost something that important, he'd probably be back on the bottle, or, at the very least, spend all his time going round feeling sorry for himself - but she's gone on as if nothing's happened - and she's thought about him, his family, other people... Fiona nods, looking upset. Bert says he knows he's not much of a catch, but he'd be very proud if... ; he wants Fiona to be more than his boss. Fiona smiles through her tears and tells Bert that she thinks he's quite a catch - she never thought he'd ask!

It's nighttime, and Gordon and Wayne are in the lounge room at Dural. Wayne tells his father that Jill would think he was spinning her a lie if he asked her. Gordon says he can see Wayne's point. Wayne continues that, the trouble with Jill is that everyone close to her puts him down - he can't even get past first base. Gordon says he noticed that she was fairly edgy with him last night. Wayne says that's right - and he's been bending over backwards to be nice. Gordon says, "OK - I'll put it to her." He adds that Rosie will be in seventh heaven if all three of them turn up. Wayne says it'll do Rosie good - the last time they spoke, she was still not feeling the best. Gordon suggests they make it tomorrow. He gets up and tells Wayne that he'll be in the study, and to send Jill in when she arrives. He goes. Wayne smiles, pleased. Out in the hall, Jill comes in and asks Gordon if he had a good day. Gordon says it was productive. Jill tells him that Brian said Wayne wants to see her, but Gordon tells her that he does, actually. He tells her to come into the study. Jill says it sounds as if she's done something wrong. Gordon laughs, "Hardly!" From the lounge room, Wayne watches them go into the study. He then gets up from the settee and goes to the 'phone. He dials a short number and the operator comes on and asks, "What town please?" Wayne asks for Brisbane. He continues that he wants the number of the Oakdale Orphanage. The operator tells him to hold the line. Wayne smiles.

At Jill's apartment, Paul tells Angela that those sort of lies could really get her in trouble. Angela says they won't if she's careful; as far as Rob's concerned, she's at the movies with Patricia. Paul asks what if Rob calls her. Angela immediately asks if he thinks Rob would call her mother! She continues that she's covered her tracks with Beryl, too - she told Rob that Beryl's feeling a bit seedy, and not to bother her. They sit down, but Paul looks worried. Angela says she can manage it. She tells Paul that, this afternoon, things were the best between her and Rob for a long time - because she's stopped feeling bad about him; that can't be wrong if they're all happy.

Beryl is baking in the kitchen at the Palmers' when Rob knocks on the window and comes in the back door. Beryl immediately looks nervous, but she smiles and says, "Hi." Rob asks her if she's by herself, and Beryl says she is. Rob tells her that he was hoping he wouldn't have to disturb her - he's just after the small brush that Doug brought over the other day; he wants to touch up the fireplace. Beryl says she thinks Doug put it back in the shed. She returns to kneading her dough, and Rob says there's no doubt about her. Beryl asks him what he means, and Rob says she keeps working, even when she's sick. Beryl laughs and asks who told him that? Rob says it was Angie - she said Beryl told her on the 'phone. Beryl quickly says, "Well, er, er, she must have misunderstood." Rob says she must have. He tells Beryl that he was thinking it might have been the Chinese tucker Angela gave her last night - the joint she got it from was pretty seedy. Beryl starts to say that, last night... but Rob interrupts that he appreciates it - she and Angie did a great job. Beryl insists, "I didn't help her." Rob smiles and says, "Sure you did!" He tells Beryl that she's amazing - she never wants to take the credit for anything she does. Beryl says, "Rob..." but then says it's nothing, and she tells him to go and get his brush. Standing by the back door, Rob tells Beryl that she's not looking too well; maybe Angie's psychic. He goes, leaving Beryl wiping her hands and looking worried.


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