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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

At Rob and Angela's, Angela is on the 'phone to Patricia at the riding school, and she says it sounds terrrible. Patricia replies that it takes two to pick a fight, but Angela tells her not to make excuses. Patricia says she knows Martin - he wouldn't make trouble unless David provoked him. Angela asks her mother if she means like Peter provoked him the other day at the pool. Patricia, though, says that's not a fair comparison. Angela says that, if Martin can beat up his own son when the kid's going through hell... She adds that Patricia's trying to justify every rotten thing that Martin does, or she can't marry him. Patricia replies that she knows Martin a hell of a lot better than Angela. She then looks at Wayne as she testily tells Angela that she loves Martin and is going to marry him. Wayne smiles. Angela tells Patricia that she deserves everything she gets. Rob tells his wife to simmer down. Angela tells Patricia that it's her life, but she asks her to tell Martin to stop hassling the Palmers. Patricia says she'll talk to him. The call ends and Wayne asks Patricia if there's trouble. Patricia replies that Martin took on David and flattened him. Wayne remarks that it's no wonder Angela's spitting chips. He asks Patricia if she's going to 'phone Martin, but Patricia says she has more important things to do...

Outside, Paul helps a female rider off a horse, and the woman tells him that she's disappointed he's not going on the picnic. Paul assures her that he'll catch up with her tonight, at the dance. The woman walks off. Paul walks over to where Wayne is watching proceedings, and Wayne asks him if he's eyeing up the talent again. He adds that Paul's a regular gigolo these days. Paul sarcastically tells Wayne to try it some time. Wayne remarks that it's quite a change - Paul was all set to change the world once. He nastily taunts, "Father Paul," and adds that that was before he met Angela and realised he's only human. Paul says, "Shut up, Wayne," but Wayne ignores him and asks if he's still turned on by her. He says, "Talk about going the whole hog - she's a married woman." Furious at Wayne's constant taunts, Paul goes to hit him, but Margaret rushes in and tells them to stop it. Paul backs down and says Wayne was wasting his time - Patricia couldn't get to him and neither will Wayne. He walks off and Wayne asks Margaret why she had to stick her bib in. Margaret replies that she should have let Paul hit Wayne, as he deserves it. She adds that she hates arguing, and walks off.

At the Palmers', David says he wishes he didn't have to go to work today, as he's worried about Martin turning up. Beryl, though, says she's sure he won't. She adds that they're very proud of the way David handled himself. Doug says Martin's trained in martial arts - it wasn't a fair fight. David says that still doesn't make him feel better about being flattened in front of his family. Unknown to the Palmers, who are in the kitchen, Peter comes into the house at the front, and walks into the lounge room, where he overhears Doug asking what the maniac will do next and saying Martin should be reported to his commanding officer. Beryl suddenly spots Peter standing in the kitchen doorway, and he asks what's been going on. He then sees David's face and says, "Oh, hell." David explains that it was partly his own fault, as he wouldn't tell Martin where Peter was, but Peter replies that his father had no right. Doug says he won't get through the door so easily next time. Peter, though, says there won't be a next time, as he's moving. Kevin points out that if Peter moves now, David got flattened for nothing. David adds that noone comes into his house and tells him what to do, and he tells Peter he's staying. He heads to the door, and Beryl goes with him to see him off. Doug says he thinks he's got just what they need.

Peter returns home and finds Martin out the back, cleaning the pool. Martin remarks that he sees Peter has caught up with the news. They go inside, where Martin says he didn't got to the Palmers' to cause trouble. Peter tells his father that he doesn't want him showing up there again - if he has smething to say, say it to him. Martin sourly says he'd be wasting his breath, but Peter says he'll listen. Martin then says he thinks Peter has been bludging on the Palmers for too long, and it's time he came home. Peter, though, says no way. Martin tells him to forget what happened and think of his future. He says he knows Peter thinks he was hard on him over the drownings, and maybe he should have made allowances for his son's feelings, but that's now all over and done with. Peter replies that it isn't for him. Martin says they always got on so well, but Peter says that's only because he didn't make waves; the first time he stood up to his father, he kicked the hell out of him. Martin tells his son that he deserved it. Peter says he'd be wasting his time if he came back. Martin tells Peter not to expect him to support him. Peter replies that he'll says earn his own money, but Martin tells him that he wouldn't last two minutes in a job, and the Palmers won't put up with him forever. Peter snaps that he doesn't care - he's not staying there. He repeats his order to keep away from Palmers, and walks out.

Beryl is sewing, and she says she hopes Peter gets back soon. Doug tells her that he's solved the problem, and he shows Beryl his service revolver. Kevin asks to have a look, but Beryl, horrified, tells Doug to put it back where he found it. Doug says it's not loaded, but Beryl points out that Martin won't know that. Doug says that, when Martin sees the gun, he won't hang around for any trouble. He leaves the gun with Kevin and walks out of the room. Kevin laughs that he can't see Doug shooting the gun. Beryl replies that Doug thinks he won the war single-handed! She tells Kevin that they have to hide it. Kevin points out that his grandfather will hit the roof when he finds it gone. Beryl replies, "Too bad."

Gordon turns up at Rob and Angela's, and Angela asks him why he didn't let them know he was coming. Gordon replies that he thought he'd surprise them. Angela tells him that he couldn't have come at a better time, and Rob explains that they need a pair of strong arms as they're putting up the sign for 'The Terrace' today. He tells Gordon to come in for a guided tour and some lunch. Angela apologises that it's a bit of a mess at the moment, but Gordon says it's shaping up. Angela says it'll look better when the furniture's in. Rob says they'll soon have the place fixed up, so Gordon won't have to sleep on the floor! Gordon, though, says he's staying in a hotel, as he's there on business - but he'll be round to go with Angela to the hearing tomorrow. Angela looks down at the ground. Rob asks Gordon how he thinks Paul will go, and Gordon replies that he hopes he gets off. He adds that he's appearing as a character witness, and says he's sorry for Paul, as Angela seems to be his only real friend.

Doug snaps that he won't be treated like a two year old. Beryl tells him that she doesn't want it round the house. Doug says his commanding office was right - it would ruin the army to let women join the ranks! He snaps that he wants his property back, but Beryl tells him to wait until David gets home. Doug goes off to search for it, but Kevin tells his mother that it's a waste of time, as the revolver is in the back of David's car. In the lounge room, Doug is looking under cushions, and Beryl tells him to be reasonable. Peter comes in and Kevin asks him how he went. Peter says it was a waste of time - Martin wants him to go back so he can push him round again. Kevin points out that there's still Jen, and Peter replies that he thinks he might go down and stay with her for a bit. Kevin offers to drive. Peter says that, when he gets back, he'll get stuck into the coffee shop, as he needs the money. Kevin suggests Peter work on the comic strip while he's away, but Peter says he doesn't feel in a very funny mood.

Kevin and Peter are driving along when Kevin says he thinks they've got a flat tyre. Peter asks why something happens whenever he goes anywhere with Kevin!

The car is parked at the side of the road, and Peter is kicking the tyre. Kevin gets the spare out of the boot, but he says it there isn't much tread on it. Peter looks in the boot and takes out the gun, which is wrapped in a cloth. He examines the weapon and says it's so rusty he can't even pull the trigger. Kevin tells him to put it back before someone sees it, but Peter ignores this and says Martin is a crack shot and has his own gun at home. He goes on that his father used to really enjoy teaching him how to shoot; that was when they were living in Butterworth. Martin used to paint faces on coconuts and he'd get him to aim straight between the eyes. Peter rubs the gun up and down his arm and then aims it ahead of him...

Gordon says he has to be going. Angela says it's early yet, but Gordon insists. He tells Angela that he'll pick her up at 9am. Angela, though, says she's not going, as she has a stack of work. Gordon tells her that Paul will be disappointed if she's not there. Angela just says she'll see, and she asks Gordon to wish Paul luck if she can't make it. She adds that Gordon mustn't let Wayne get to him, as he'll go through the roof when he finds out about the reference. Gordon says he'll make sure his son understands he's not taking sides. Angela asks who cares what Wayne thinks. Gordon, though, replies, "Despite everything, I do." Angela tells him that he's going soft in his old age. Gordon says Wayne is waking up to himself a bit. He adds that he's never had much time for Wayne - he's always ignored him, and wants to make it up to him. Angela says Gordon can't be serious, but Gordon points out that Barbara and Wendy were like chalk and cheese and they worked at getting along. Angela says it's up to Gordon, but she still doesn't think Wayne's worth it.

Outside the riding school, Wayne is putting golf balls into a dish.

Inside, Margaret says it's been a lovely holiday, and she doesn't really want to leave. Paul tells her she'll find something to do in Melbourne. Margaret asks, "Like work?" Paul replies that it's a fact of life. He gets up to go, but Margaret stops him and asks if he's not going to thank her for this morning. She adds that if it wasn't for her, Paul would have hit Wayne. Paul says he doesn't know what she's talking about. Margaret asks Paul when he's going to trust her. Paul replies that he won't trust anyone until the dance is over. He heads out and passes Patricia who's on her way in. She sarcastically says, "Going to save me a dance tonight?" She goes and joins Margaret in the reception area and says she hopes Paul was more charming to Margaret than he was to her. Margaret says they can't blame Paul for being on guard, as Wayne was very nasty to him this morning. Patricia explains that Wayne operates on the theory that, if he's aggressive, Paul will stay away from him. Margaret asks why Wayne came there in the first place, and Patricia replies that it was her misguided attempt to bring them together. She adds that she didn't realise how unbalanced Paul had become. Margaret says she supposes Paul is edgy. Patricia says "Edgy? He's paranoid - all that rubbish about me and Wayne plotting against him." She adds that, tomorrow, they'll let him off and God knows what will happen; there's nothing they can do about that, though. She says she'll find Wayne and warn him to stay away from Paul. She goes. Margaret looks thoughtful.

Outside, Patricia approaches Wayne as he misses a putt. She sarcastically says the idea is to get the ball in the dish. Wayne asks her what she's so happy about, and Patricia replies that she's thought of a foolproof plan to get back at Paul, and Margaret is the star witness...

Inside, Patricia tells Margaret that she she wants her to do them a very big favour - tell the police that Paul attacked Wayne this afternoon. Shocked, Margaret says Patricia can't be serious. Patricia replies that she knows it's a lot to ask, but if Paul doesn't go to prison, it places Wayne in a very uncomfortable position. Margaret points out that her sister is asking her to commit perjury, but Patricia says there's a very important reason: once Paul is acquitted, it's only a matter of time before he comes looking for Wayne. She then adds that she almost forgot, and she gives Margaret a cheque for $5,000. She tells her not to refuse it, as it's the only way she can show her gratitude. She adds, "You will help, won't you?" Wayne smiles. Patricia tells Margaret that she thought she wanted to be more independent, financially, and this will give her the opportunity. Margaret folds up the cheque and says she'd better put it away. She then suggests Patricia call the police. Patricia smiles.

Outside, Paul is looking at the cheque, and he thanks Margaret for being so honest. He points out that this puts her in a terrible position with Patricia. Margaret, though, says it's no worse than the one she's in already. She tells Paul that her sister is a neurotic woman - she bears a grudge against her for somthing that happened years ago, and she's getting her used to money so that she won't be able to cope when Patricia cuts off the supply - which is why she's giving Paul the chance to buy himself out of this for double the amount - $10,000. Paul looks shocked and says he thought there'd be a catch. Margaret tells him that she can't afford to be altruistic. She adds that, if he turns her down, $5,000 is better than nothing...

Wayne tells one of two policeman who have turned up, that he doesn't know where Paul is, as he took off when Margaret walked in and saw what was going on. The policeman asks where exactly the assault took place, and Wayne replies that it was in the lounge. The policeman asks if there were any other guests present, but Wayne says there weren't because they were all away on a picnic. He spots Patricia and Margaret approaching, and he introduces them to Sergeant McNamara and Constable Collins. The Sergeant tells Margaret that he'd like a statement from her if she doesn't mind. Wayne adds that the police want to hear it in Margaret's own words - they just need confirmation that the attack took place. Margaret, though, says, "But it didn't." Patricia looks at her in horror, and Wayne also glares at her. Margaret looks at Patricia and says, "I won't lie for you and it's wrong of you to make me do so." The policeman asks Margaret if she's saying there was no attack. Margaret replies that there was an argument, but Paul never laid a finger on Wayne. The policeman says, "I see," and he tells Margaret that she's been most helpful. Margaret tells Patricia that she's sorry, and she walks off. Patricia stares after her.

Inside, Wayne snaps to Patricia, "You and your brilliant ideas." He adds that he's lucky he didn't end up on a charge. Patricia asks how she was supposed to know that Margaret would back out. Wayne snaps that he bets Margaret did it to get back at him - she's always hated his guts. Patricia says she hardly thinks Margaret would pass up $5,000 to score off Wayne. Wayne asks why do it, then, but Patricia says she doesn't know. Wayne goes out, explaining that, if he's there when Margaret comes in, he'll be the one on an assault charge.

The police car drives off. Margaret and Paul are walking in the grounds of the riding school and Margaret tells Paul that he's off the hook and she's finally free of Patricia. Paul, though, says, "About the money..." He tells Margaret that he can't give her a cheque yet. Margaret asks why not, and Paul replies that his trust fund doesn't come through for three weeks. Margaret angrily says Paul promised her $10,000, and she needs it now. Paul points out that she still has Patricia's cheque, but Margaret says her sister will cancel it like a shot. Paul tells her that he can give her $200, but Margaret snaps that that won't get her as far as Melbourne. She then calms down and says, "I'm not very good at this, am I - Patricia would have schemed her way out of it." Paul asks if there isn't some way Margaret can bluff her way through it. Margaret replies, "Not a hope in hell. Unless..." Paul asks, "What?"

Patricia is sitting inside when Margaret comes in. Patricia immediately asks her sister why she did it, and Margaret replies that she wanted to teach Patricia a lesson: she knew all about the plan to cut off her money and cut her out. She adds that Patricia and Wayne were very careless, discussing it with her in the house. Patricia says it saves her giving Margaret her marching orders, but Margaret snaps that she's says not going anywhere. Patricia tells Margaret she's got to be joking, but Margaret replies that, if Patricia throws her out now, she'll go straight to Martin and tell him everything - she adds that she knows Patricia has got something planned for the wedding morning - but if Patricia carries on paying her bills, she'll keep her mouth shut. Patricia suddenly realises she's underestimated Margaret, but Margaret tells her that she's not doing anything that Patricia hasn't pushed her into. She says she doesn't understand how Patricia's mind works: what does it matter now that she had an affair with Martin all those years ago? Patricia replies that it was while she was carrying his child. Margaret replies that she couldn't help herself, and she adds that Martin told Patricia it was over. Patricia snaps that it wasn't over for her. She says she confided in Margaret back then - and when she thinks about how she trusted her, and for all that time... Margaret yells that she didn't mean to hurt Patricia, and she really cared about her, but Patricia snaps back that Margaret helped Martin put pressure on her to get her to terminate the pregnancy. Margaret says that, at the time, it seemed the only way out. Patricia snaps that it let Martin very nicely off the hook and left him free for Margaret. Margaret says she was only trying to help Patricia. Patricia snaps, "Oh, yes!" She adds that, if she'd gone along with them, she wouldn't have her children now - and if Margaret thinks that's something she can forgive, she doesn't know her very well. Margaret suddenly pauses and then says they've gone a long way off the subject: what to do about her. Patricia snaps, "Go to hell," and she starts to walk out. Margaret stops her, though, by saying that she may not know what Patricia has got planned for Martin, but she knows that, if she tells him how much Patricia hates him, Patricia will never see it through. Patricia snaps, "Ooh, you conniving little..." but Margaret interrupts and says, "No, I'm not the bitch of the family, Patricia. I'm a survivor. So, do I tell him or not?" She pauses and then says, "Well come on. All you've got to do is decide who you hate the most: Martin or me?" Patricia, who has been looking at the ground, raises her head and angrily says, "You'll keep." Margaret replies, "Good. Now I know where we stand, I'll go and get ready for the dance." She walks out. Patricia looks furious.


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