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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Gordon arrives at The Terrace and Angela asks him if he's had breakfast. He replies that he ate at the hotel. Rob is still eating when Gordon comes in. Angela says she'll get Gordon some tea. Gordon says hi to Rob and apologises for interrupting, explaining that he's dropping in prior to the business appointment he has to attend before the hearing. Rob asks what time the hearing is, and Gordon replies that it's at eleven - which is why he's there. Angela comes in and Gordon asks her if she's changed her mind and decided to come to give Paul some moral support. Angela says she explained yesterday, but Gordon says it's only for a few hours. Angela points out to Gordon that he'll be there. Gordon replies that it would be better if it was more than just him. He tells Angela that she's Paul's friend, and he'll be expecting her. Angela asks Rob what he thinks. Rob says it's up to Angela, but if he had to front up to a judge, he'd want his friends there. Gordon also chips in that it's up to Angela. Angela reluctantly says, "Oh, alright," adding that she guesses the coffee shop will still be there when she gets back.

Patricia, Wayne and Margaret arrive at Toorak, and Margaret says it's nice to get back home. Wayne snaps that Margaret has a hide, staying on, but Margaret replies that it's a family trait. Patricia, who picked up the mail on the way in, hands a letter to Wayne. Margaret asks if there's anything for her, but Patricia ignores this, and so Margaret goes to unpack. Wayne asks Patricia if they can do something about her sister. Patricia replies that she doesn't like it any more than he does, but they'll have to put up with her for the time being. Wayne asks how long for, and Patricia replies that it'll be until after the wedding. She opens one of her letters, reads it and then says, "Oh, crikey. As if I haven't got enough problems." She tells Wayne that it's from Richard Coleman, and is about something else he can't handle. Wayne asks if she wants him to look after it, but Patricia says she'll do it. She adds that putting Coleman in as Managing Director was the worst mistake she ever made. Wayne says the problem is that, the way the company is going, they're going to have a hell of a job to find someone decent to take his place. Patricia says the longer they leave it, the more time they give Paul. Wayne says the hearing could still go against him today, but Patricia says it won't - Margaret has seen to that. She adds that she's not going to lose that company - no matter what she has to do...

The 'phone is ringing at Dural. Fiona, who's sitting on the settee in the lounge room with Bert, says Gordon won't mind. Bert says that, all the same, it wouldn't be right. He adds that it's alright for Fiona, but he hardly knows the bloke. Fiona gets up and answers the phone. It's Patricia, and she asks if Gordon's there, as she has something important to discuss. Fiona explains that Gordon's in Melbourne, and so Patricia asks where she might find him. Fiona tells her he'll be at the courthouse, as he's acting as a character witness for Paul. Patricia nastily replies,"Well, isn't that noble of him." Fiona tells her that not everyone thinks of themselves. Patricia says it's a pity Gordon didn't think of his own son now and then, rather than worry about strays wandering in off the street. Fiona replies that Gordon actually wants to see Wayne while he's down there, and mend a few bridges. She quickly adds, "More fool him." In reply, Patricia says, "Speaking of bridges, I gather you burnt a few." She hangs up and smiles. At Dural, Fiona looks shocked. Bert asks who it was, but Fiona replies that it was nobody worth worrying about. She asks where they were, and Bert replies that he was saying it wouldn't feel right meeting his family in a stranger's house. Fiona points out that Bert's family have been away for a year, and they'll want the reunion to be as nice as possible. Bert asks her if she's sure Gordon won't mind. Fiona tells him to go and invite them. Bert jokes, "Bossy women!" Fiona still looks upset.

At Toorak, Wayne tells Patricia that he never thought he'd see the day when she'd go crawling back to Gordon. Patricia, though, snaps that it's a question of survival. Wayne points out that they have one hell of a problem: Gordon won't like the idea of working for Patricia again. Patricia says, "I won't ask him; you will. I think it's time the prodigal son went home..."

Sometime later, Patricia and Wayne are standing outside the courthouse. As a taxi pulls up, Wayne says, "There he is". Patricia reminds him not to overdo it. Gordon gets out of the taxi, walks to where Wayne and Patricia are standing and says hello. Patricia snaps that he has a nerve. Wayne curtly says, "Mother..." Gordon tells Wayne that he owes him an apology for the last time they talked. Wayne tells his father to forget it, but Gordon replies that, when Wayne said he was sorry about Barbara's illness, he accused him of being a hypocrite, and he had no right. Wayne suggests no hard feelings. Gordon agrees. Patricia sarcastically asks if this is happy families, but Wayne tells her to keep out of it. Patricia replies that Gordon is going to testify for someone who tried to kill him. Wayne, though, says Paul wouldn't have gone that far. Patricia says he would have if she hadn't stopped him. Wayne tells Patricia that it's probably better if she keep right out of it. Patricia snaps that she didn't press charges. Wayne says it shouldn't have gone that far. Gordon says he's hoping the case will be dismissed, and Patricia says he would. She adds that she reckons Gordon cares more about Paul than he does his own son. Gordon looks at Wayne and says that's not true. Wayne says he'd better get inside.

Rob and Angela pull up outside the courthouse. Rob tells his wife that he knows he had hangups about her and Paul, but it's OK - he wouldn't want her thinking she shouldn't be there because of him. Angela gets out. Paul gets out of the cab that's drawn up next to them and says hi to Angela. He adds that he didn't expect her to turn up, but he's glad she did. Angela just wishes him good luck.

At Dural, Bert tells Fiona that she doesn't know what it's been like - his son doesn't think much of him. Fiona says it's surely not that bad, but Bert replies that his son took his mother's side when the marriage broke up. Fiona nods and says children don't always understand. Bert says his son watched his business go broke and him hitting the bottle. Fiona points out to Bert that he's changed now, but Bert says his son would never believe it - kids remember things like that; Alec deliberately went out of his way to be different to him, and has ended up a stuffed shirt. Fiona says that doesn't mean they can't get together again. Bert says he misses his family and wants to see more of his grandson, but he's afraid he's going to mess it up. Fiona assures him, "Course not." The doorbell chimes and Bert asks Fiona to get it. Fiona points out, "It's your son." Bert agrees. He gets up and goes to the door. Fiona smiles. Bert opens the door, says hello to Alec and invites him in. Alec asks about his father's arm being in a sling, but Bert says he'll explain later. He introduces Fiona and then asks where Ruth and Tommy are. Alec replies that they didn't come. Bert says he thought they might, but Alec says Ruth has a lot to sort out with the new house, and Thomas has his piano lessons. Bert reluctantly says, "Right." He suggests they sit down. Fiona looks concerned.

At Toorak, Martin asks Margaret if she knows where Patricia has gone. Margaret replies that she has no idea. Martin asks her if she just doesn't want to tell him, but Margaret says he can think what he likes. Martin snaps that he has too many problems at the moment to be bothered with Margaret. He then suggests they get something straight: he's in love with Patricia and is going to marry her, and as long as Margaret's staying there, they'll have to learn to put up with each other, so if she's still bearing a grudge about what happaned, it's time it was sorted out. Margaret replies that she didn't think there was anything to sort out - it's all forgtoettn as far as she's concerned. Martin asks why he's getting the cold shoulder, then. Margaret says she didn't mean to sound like that. Martin holds out his hand and says, "Friends?" Margaret replies, "Of course." Martin says that if Patricia's not home... Margaret hurriedly replies that she didn't say where she was going, but she might have gone to Paul Sheppard's hearing. Martin says he forgot that was coming up. Margaret tells him it's hard to say when Patricia will be back. Martin says he'll drop back tonight. Margaret says she'll tell Patricia he called. Martin thanks her and heads to the front door. Margaret looks at him, wistfully...

Gordon and Paul emerge from the courthouse, and Gordon says it could have been a lot worse than a good-behaviour bond. Paul admits that he was very lucky, and he thanks Gordon for speaking up for him. Gordon replies that you can't hold one mistake against somebody. He then asks to be excused, as he has to speak to Wayne. From a distance, Patricia glares at Paul. Paul smiles back! He says to Angela, who's standing next to him, that Patricia doesn't seem very happy. Angela tells him that he's imaginging it. Paul then asks Angela when they can see each other. Angela replies that they can't, but Paul tells her that he knows she wants to say yes. He says he'll be at Jill's flat. Angela rpeats that she's not interested, but Paul says he'll expect her.

Wayne says he's glad that's over. Gordon says it was unpleasant for everyone. Wayne says he did want to withdraw the charges but it was too late. Angela calls over to ask Gordon if he's going with her and Paul, but Wayne chips in and says he was hoping Gordon would stay and have a drink. Gordon tells Angela to go on. Patricia says bye to her daughter. Wayne asks Gordon how the consulting business is, and Gordon says it's good - he's even picked up some Melbourne clients! Wayne glumly replies that he's glad someone's doing well - he wishes he could say the same about Ramberg. Patricia snaps that she doesn't think they should discuss that, as it's none of Gordon's business. Wayne replies, "All I was saying..." but Patricia asks him when he'll learn to keep his mouth shut. Wayne snaps that he thinks Patricia's making a mountain out of a molehill, but Patricia tells him to remember who keeps a roof over his head. She walks off, and Wayne tells Gordon that he's sorry, but Patricia's impossible to live with lately. He adds that, if he had any sense, he'd get out and find a place of his own. Gordon asks why doesn't he? Wayne suggests they go for that drink. Patricia smiles as they walk off...

Fiona tells Alec that his father can most certainly train horses! Bert says 'Rosie's Hope' hasn't won a race, yet. Alec says it sounds like Bert is doing alright. Bert says he's got himself together. He asks about young Tommy - quickly correcting this to Thomas - and says he bets he's shot up since he saw him last. Alec says you know how fast kids grow. Bert asks how old is he now? Nine? Ten? Alec says he'll be twelve on 4 August. Bert says he's sorry he asked! He says he must see the kid soon. Alec reluctantly says yes - they'll have to arrange it. Fiona chips in and says it's school holidays, so why not drop him over for the day. Alec says he's a bit of handful, but Fiona assures him they can manage. She then suggests they have a family day, as she'd love to meet Ruth. Alec says he supposes so. Fiona suggests tomorrow. Alec says it's a bit soon, but Fiona replies that there's no time like the present, as an old schoolteacher of hers used to say! Alec says alright. Fiona says that's wonderful. Bert smiles at her.

Patricia is having lunch when Margaret comes down, all dressed up, and asks how she looks. When Patricia looks surprised at the outfit, Margaret reminds her that she said she could borrow anything she liked. Patricia asks her where she's going, and Margaret replies that she thought she'd slip into town, have some lunch, do some shopping. .. Patricia tells her to enjoy herself. Margaret says she will - but she'll need some money. Patricia snaps that if Margaret thinks she's going to be constantly handing... but Margaret interjects and says a cheque for $100 will do. Patricia tells her not to push it, but, in reply, Margaret says she might as well stay around and see Martin when he comes back. She adds that he was there earlier and said he'd return. Not wanting her sister anywhere near Martin, Patricia grudgingly walks to the coffee table and writes a cheque. She gives it to Margaret and tells her not to spend it all at once. Margaret says she won't. She adds that, if Patricia is thinking of cancelling the cheque for $5,000, don't, as she'll regret it. Patricia looks furious.

Angela is making a special lunch for Rob, before he heads off on his trip. Gordon is sitting in the kitchen, and Angela remarks to him that he and Wayne seemed pretty pally-pally this morning. Gordon says he thinks Wayne was pleased to talk to someone who didn't shout at him. He adds that he feels sorry for him. Angela sourly says Wayne brings it on himself. Gordon just says, "Perhaps." He adds that none of them is as perfect as they'd like to be. Angela says Wayne doesn't even try. Gordon says it may help if he shows Wayne that he cares.

Wayne gets back to Toorak, and Patricia asks, "Well?" Wayne says it was no-go. Patricia sarcastically snaps that that's wonderful: how's she going to get Gordon back into Ramberg without Wayne up there to convince him? Wayne says he tried, but Patricia says, "Not very hard." Wayne snaps that, if Patricia's such an expert, she can do it next time. The 'phone rings. Patricia ignores it, so Wayne sarcastically says, "I'll get it, shall I?" The caller is Gordon, who asks if he's interrupted Wayne's packing. Wayne says no. Gordon then says that, instead of getting place of his own, why doesn't Wayne come back home. There's silence. Gordon adds that he'll understand if Wayne doesn't want to. Wayne, though, says he's just a bit surprised - he wasn't expecting it. Gordon says he knows things aren't always plain sailing between them, but he's willing to give it another try if Wayne is. Wayne agrees. Gordon says he's flying back tomorrow, and Wayne can come with him if he likes. Wayne tells his father that this means a lot to him. He hangs up and says to Patricia, "I'm not such a fool after all: I'm going home."

Paul is sitting in an armchair at Jill's apartment when there's a knock at the door. As he opens it, he says, "I thought you were never..." but he then sees that it's not Angela standing there, but Margaret. She comes in and Paul asks her what she's doing there. Margaret replies that they still have business to discuss: it's about the arrangement they made at Woombai - she thinks she deserves more than $10,000 for waiting. Paul says it's only three weeks, but Margaret ignores this and says she thinks $2,000 would be reasonable. Paul angrily says Margaret really is Patricia's sister. Margaret, though, says Patricia is naturally ruthless; she has no choice. Paul says it makes Margaret no better. Margaret says that, apart from what she's already done for Paul, she'll pass on anything she hears in the house, and she adds that she'll be there for another four weeks. Paul asks her how she managed that, and Margaret replies that there are things she knows... She then says, "Well?" Paul reluctantly says, "Alright." Margaret tells him she knew he'd understand. She adds that she was so pleased to hear the court case went well his morning. She goes.

Angela is sewing curtains and Rob asks if they're for the coffee shop. Angela jokes, "What do you think?!" Rob jokes that he thinks a professional could have done a better job! He goes upstairs to get changed. The 'phone starts ringing, and Angela immediately looks concerned. She gets up to answer it, but pauses just before she lifts the receiver. She eventually answers it but doesn't say anything. Paul says, "Angela?" He adds that he knows she's there. Angela tells him that she doesn't want him calling there. Paul asks when she's coming over, but Angela says she's not. Paul tells her that he has to see her. Angela tells him to leave her alone. Paul slams down the receiver.

That evening, Martin returns to Toorak, and he and Patricia hug. Martin tells Patricia that he loves her. He asks how her holiday was, and Patricia replies that it was fine, although she's glad to be back, as she missed him even with his visit. Martin, though, tells her that someone 'up there' doesn't like them, because he has to go to Western Australia. Patricia asks how long for, and Martin replies that it'll be about a week. Patricia tells him that she was looking forward to spending some time together. Martin replies, "You and me both." He adds that, in one way, he's glad of the break, as the house is so empty. Patricia points out that going away won't solve the problems, but Martin replies that it will give him the chance to sort out a few things up there. Patricia tells him that, when he gets back, they'll have to sort out the wedding arrangements, as there's a lot to do. Martin says there shouldn't be that much - he thought they'd make it a quiet affair. Patricia, though, says, "Not on your life!" She says she wants a proper church wedding with all her friends there. Martin says that could be awkward. Patricia asks how, and Martin points out that John will be the only one of their kids there, and people will ask questions. Patricia replies that they can give them answers; she adds that she knows John would want them to have a proper wedding. Martin gives in and tells Patricia that she can have whatever she likes. Patricia smiles and tells Martin that he won't be disappointed: it'll be a wonderful wedding - she promises...

Rob comes downstairs. The 'phone in the kitchen is off the hook. Rob says he'd better be off, and Angela tells him that she's made him some food for the road. She also tells him to hurry back. They kiss and hug, and Rob then asks if the 'phone is off the hook for any reason. Angela replies that she must have knocked it off. Rob replaces the receiver. Angela gives him his food and he packs it away. Angela watches the 'phone, nervously. She goes to the front door to see Rob off, and, once he's gone, she goes back to the kitchen and stares at the 'phone. She then returns to the lounge room to resume her sewing, but she doesn't really start before she stares into space, with a thoughtful look on her face. She then gets up, picks her coat off the banister in the hall, and goes out.

Paul is back in the armchair at Jill's. There's a knock on the door, and this time, it is Angela. She enters the flat, looks at Paul and says, "I had to see you. I'm sick of fighting it." They look into each other's eyes and then kiss passionately...


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