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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Brian and Jill are walking in the grounds at Dural, and Brian admits that it seems to make sense; he just didn't expect it. He asks Jill if she knows what she's getting herself into, and Jill replies that she wouldn't have asked otherwise. Brian tells her that they'll have to appear like a married couple, but Jill assures him that she can handle it, and she points out that they're good friends. Brian says he's concerned about slip-ups - the authorities are keeping an eye on him and Jill will have to be 'on the ball'. Jill tells him not to worry about it. Brian says Jill will have to commit herself to the story. Jill says of course - the only other person to know will be Fiona, but she won't say anything. Brian says Bert will know as well, but he'll keep quiet. Jill says there shouldn't be any worries, then. She tells Brian that she'll go and find Fiona and let her know - she just hopes Fiona doesn't think they're being stupid.

In the flat at the back of Dural, Fiona tells Jill she's off her head. She rants that she thought Jill had grown up and gotten out of the habit of doing things on the spur of the moment. Jill replies that she's thought about it, but Fiona tells her that she's doing something which could muck up the rest of her life, all because of a stupid hangup over John's career. She says to hell with the airforce and with Martin Healy, and she tells Jill that she should get on a 'plane to Melbourne and tell John that she loves him and will marry him. Jill says she knows Fiona's upset about the house, but Fiona snaps that the house has nothing to do with it. Jill says that what she does with John is up to her, and if Fiona does anything to stop her and Brian, she'll never forgive her. She adds that, if John finds out about this, it'll do more harm: she wants to be married before she sees him again. Fiona asks if Jill thinks that, by being married, she'll feel different. She almost cries that it won't make John feel different - it'll hurt him so much, and she can't understand why Jill's hurting herself like this. She realises she's wasting her breath, and she walks out. Bert, who's standing by the door, tells Jill not to look at him - he's on Fiona's side.

At the Palmers', David says he completely forgot that Beryl was at the bistro tonight. Kevin jokes about finding any excuse to get out of making a meal. He adds that they'll have to do better than that for Mother's Day. Doug asks if Angela and Rob are coming, and Kevin replies that they won't be there for breakfast but will be coming later in the day. David asks Doug if he's going to make dinner. Peter chips in that he'll do it, but Doug tells him to relax while he has the chance. Peter looks slightly annoyed.

Martin is in the kitchen at the Healy house. He opens the 'fridge, takes something out and puts it in the oven. He picks up a teatowel and looks at the tape player on the table. He then looks up a 'phone number in the pad and dials it. He gets through to Woombai Riding School and asks to speak to Patricia. The receptionist asks him to hold for a minute, and she then walks over to where Patricia is sitting with Wayne. She tells her that Martin's callnig, and Patricia asks what on earth he wants. She tells the receptionist that she'll be there in a minute - but adds that Martin shouldn't be told that. The receptionist returns to her desk and Patricia snaps to Wayne that she thought she'd escaped Martin. She asks Wayne to get rid of him, but Wayne tells her that, the last time Martin Healy saw him, he chucked him out of his house, so he'd rather not talk to him. Patricia testily says, "Wayne, just do it." Wayne stands up, goes to the 'phone and tells Martin that Patricia is taking a bath. He asks if she can call him back, but Martin just says to tell her he called. He hangs up and looks thoughful for a few seconds. He then looks up another number and dials. Greg answers, and Martin says he knows they've got the 'plane tomorrow, but he needs to fly up to Sydney urgently.

The next morning, Beryl is gathering the breakfast plates, and, noticing that she's rushing around, Doug asks where the fire is. Beryl replies that she wants to go into the city, as the special Saturday morning-only sale's on. She suggests that perhaps tomorrow morning she'll get a bit of a rest. David tells her that she'll get her usual cuppa in bed. Kevin and Doug smile at each other. Beryl goes to get on with the washing. Kevin tells Peter that Beryl's really funny when she gets shirty. Peter doesn't laugh.

At Dural, Brian tells Bert that he'll have to make it fast as he has to go shopping. Bert tells Brian that he thinks he's doing the wrong thing by Jill. Brian points out that she suggested it. Bert replies that he knows, but he thinks Brian's being unfair. Brian says that's rubbsh - Jill knows what she's doing, and it's as much for her benefit as his. Bert says Brian knows better than that, and he reminds him that he said he'd only marry someone if he really loved them. He adds that Brian thinks he's in love with Jill, but he only feels that way because she looks like a dead girlfriend of Brian's. Brian snaps that it's none of Bert's business, and he warns him not to go spouting his opinions. Bert says he wouldn't do that, but he thinks they're both doing the wrong thing.

David is checking the oil in his car when Kevin and Peter come out and say Vic was reasonable about keeping the food in his freezer. They talk about preparations for the barbie and Kevin and Peter then go inside, where Peter tells Kevin that he doesn't think he'll hang around for the barbie tomorrow, as it's a family gathering, and he feels like he's pushing in. Kevin assures him that he's invitied, but Peter says he feels funny being with all the Palmers, as it makes him realise what a mess it is at home. He adds that he thinks he'd be a downer tomorrow - and he can't put on an act because it's the way he feels. Kevin tells Peter that they want him to feel welcome there, and Peter replies that he does - it's probably because it's Mother's Day, and it's between the Palmers. Kevin asks if Peter will stay away long. Peter says he'll make himself scarce tonight and tomorrow morning, and see them around midday. Kevin says, "If that's the way you want it." Peter replies that he'd rather not have to go into it with Kevin's folks. Kevin sympathetically says, "Yeah, sure."

Martin's plane lands at the riding school airstrip, and the receptionist makes a call to someone called Graham to go and collect him. Patricia and Wayne come in and Patricia remarks that it wasn't a bad lunch. The receptionist calls to her and tells her that she's just sent someone over to collect her visitor. Patricia asks who it is, and the receptionist replies, "A Mr. Healy." Annoyed, Patricia snaps, "Oh, really?" She looks at Wayne and angrily says, "Can you believe that man?" Wayne sarcastially says, "Ain't love grand?! " He asks Patricia if she's going to stack on a performance, and Patricia replies that she'll stack on a performance alright. Wayne suggests that Martin is coming to see Patricia so that she can kiss him and make him better. Patricia, though, says she doesn't care - he won't get much from her, and she'll send him packing, back to Melbourne, as quickly as she can.

Outside, Martin and Patricia hug and Martin says he hopes he gave Patricia a surprise. Patricia replies that he certainly did. They go inside and Martin tells her that he's had a rotten few days - he made the biggest mistake with Peter, and he shouldn't have acted the way he did. He says the drowning of that little girl wasn't Peter's fault, but after that business with Jennifer and Adam, he couldn't handle it. He adds that he guesses he simply lost control. Patricia tells him that he has to talk to Peter, and needs to take the first step. Martin says it's not easy, and Patricia tells him to talk to Peter the way he talks to her. She adds that he'd better not leave it too long, as Peter staying at the Palmers' won't help, as they'll fill his head with rubbish. Martin says an extra day won't make much difference, and he tells Patricia that he needs her as much as he needs Peter, so he'll go in the morning. Patricia starts to say that she really thinks... but Martin reiterates, "I need you." Patricia tells Martin that it's up to him, and she reluctantly adds that it's nice to have him there for the night.

Wayne takes the saddle off a horse, which is led off by a stablehand. Patricia comes out and Wayne remarks that she doesn't look too happy. He asks about loverboy, but Patricia snaps that Wayne's not to talk to her about him. As another stablehand walks by, she asks him to saddle up a horse for her. Wayne asks why Martin isn't coming riding with her, and Patricia replies that she needs to get away from him. Wayne points out that Martin is leaving it late to get back, and so Patricia explains that he's not going back today, and is working out a flight plan for tomorrow. Wayne says, "Oohhhh!" Patricia snaps that she hopes the horse is fast.

Jill opens the door of the flat at Dural and lets Brian in. She remarks that she thought he'd gone out. Brian tells her that he hasn't had a chance to see her, but he's bought her something. Jill tells him that there's no need to buy her presents, but Brian says he wanted to. He takes out a case containing an engagement ring, and Jill immediately asks why on earth he's bought that, as it's not as if it's a real engagement. Brian says that, if they're going to play it out, they should do it properly. Jill, though, points out that if it's supposed to be a secret, she can't wear the ring; besides, she's still wearing John's ring. Brian disappointedly says he didn't think about that. Jill says she's sure they can get the money back, but Brian tells her to keep it anyway, and call it a friendship ring if she likes. Jill says she supposes it can't hurt, and she can wear it on another finger. She puts it on, kisses him on the cheek and says it's a lovely thought.

The next morning, Martin and Patricia have their arms round each other as they walk to the car waiting to take Martin to the airstrip. Patricia wishes him a good trip. Martin replies that he's glad he stayed last night, and Patricia tells him that it was wonderful. Martin says he'd like to stay longer, but Patricia says it's important to get back and see Peter. She adds that Martin shouldn't take any nonsense from the Palmers. Wayne watches from a distance as the two of them kiss. Martin gets into the car and goes, and Wayne wanders over to where Patricia is standing. She says, "Ooh, God, he's smug. I can't wait to wipe the smile off his face."

Beryl rises from bed and goes into the kitchen. Kevin sneaks out of his room. Beryl looks round the kitchen to decide what to do first. David emerges from the bedroom and he and Kevin laugh at what they've got planned. Beryl gets some eggs out and Kevin walks into the kitchen and says he's wondering when breakfast will be coming. Beryl snaps that she thought they might at least be able to look after themselves for one morning. Kevin tells her not to do her block. He then tells her to come out the back and see what Doug's done. Beryl snaps that she's trying to get breakfast, but Kevin tells her that Doug's built something, and he's worried about it. Beryl snaps that they'll just have to wait for breakfast.

When Beryl gets outside and sees Doug and David standing behind a table laden with food, and the barbecue alight, she smiles happily. Everyone wishes her Happy Mother's Day!

Fiona is playing patience and she says to herself that she's a terrible cheat when she has no competition! She then asks what's the point and she gathers up the cards. Jill comes in and says hi. She gives Fiona some flowers she's bought for her, but Fiona says a few flowers won't make her change her mind. She adds that she didn't sleep a wink last night, as she's still so disgusted with Jill and Brian, and she won't change her mind. Jill says she's not trying to change Fiona's mind. She then says she knows they're not much, but the flowers are a Mother's Day present, as Fiona is the closest thing she has to a Mum. Fiona breaks down, and says she now really feels awful! She sobs that Jill is like a daughter to her, too. Jill happily says Fiona's waterworks are amazing - they should have used her to break the drought! Fiona says the only reason she got mad is because she thinks so much of Jill - she didn't mean to get bad-tempered, but she's afraid Jill will hurt herself. Jill says she'll be fine. Fiona tells her she'll be better with John, but Jill quickly scolds, "Fiona!" Fiona sobs that the flowers are beautiful. She says it's Mother's Day, and little Scott would have been... Jill says to pretend the flowers are from him if Fiona likes. Fiona sobs that women who've got kids don't know how lucky they are.

Beryl remarks on the size of the spread laid out and she tells David that he's been hiding his light under a bushel for all these years! David jokes that he's made barbecues before! Doug says he's worried about the heat from the fire, and he thinks he'll put a hose on it. David says it's alright, but Doug replies that that's how things start. Kevin jokes that Doug is just trying to get out of the washing up! David asks Beryl if it's really a surprise, and Beryl replies that she was ready to clock David earlier! She tells him that it's a terrific breakfast and a lovely surprise. David says he's sorry it isn't fancier, but Beryl tells him that family is what it's about. She says she misses Susie and feels sorry for Kevin, as he'd have loved to do the same for Lynn. David remarks that Kevin doesn't talk about Lynn much, and Beryl says he doesn't read her letters either. She adds, though, that he's getting on with his life. David agrees that that's what it's all about and they shouldn't interfere.

Kevin is in the kitchen, and he puts some empty trays in the sink. There's a knock on the front door and Kevin opens it to find Martin standing there. He asks if Peter's there, but Kevin says he's not. Martin ignores this, though; he walks into the house and says he doesn't believe him. He walks through the house and out the back door. Kevin says they're having a private party, to which Martin sarcastically says, "I'll bet you are." In the back garden, Martin asks where his son is. David says he's not there. Martin asks where he is, but David says he doesn't think he should tell him that. Martin asks who the hell David thinks he is. Doug chips in that Peter might not want to see him, but Martin snaps that he didn't ask Doug. Doug tells him that it's a quiet family gathering, and they don't want trouble. Martin snaps that he's not leaving until he finds out. Beryl says it's nothing to do with them, but Kevin says his grandfather's right - Peter doesn't want to see his father. Doug approaches Martin and tells him that it would be better if he left, but Martin grabs Doug and pushes him. David runs to his father's defence but Martin punches him in the stomach, which winds him and causes him to fall to the ground. As he starts to get up, Martin kicks him in the mouth. Martin cooly says, "You're not going to come between me and my son. Now, I'm telling you, when you see him, you tell him I want to talk to him." He goes to walk out the back gate. David gets up and says, "Healy? If you ever step foot inside my gate again, I'll kill you." Martin stares at him and walks off. David puts his hand to the blood streaming from his mouth.


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