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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Brian finds himself staring at his photograph of the woman that bears an uncanny resemblance to Jill. He tells Bert, though, that it's not Jill, and he suggests he take a good look; Jill's eyes aren't even the same colour. Bert asks who she is, then, and Brian reluctantly replies that it's a girl called Maureen - his fiancée. Bert looks surprised. Brian continues that she was killed in a bomb attack in Belfast, about a year ago; they had attended a disco - a lot of British soldiers used to drink there; the place was always pretty crowded and smoky; he'd just stepped outside for a breath of fresh air when... He stumbles over his words as he explains that that's when it happened. Bert says he's sorry. Brian adds that, another month and they would have been married. Bert tells him that it's a crazy world. Brian continues that Maureen's family were great, but there was nothing else for him to stick around for - he had no family of his own, so he headed out there as soon as he could - he reckoned Australia was as far as you could get from the senselessness of it all. Bert asks him if that's why he didn't return when his visa ran out. Brian explains that he tried to renew it but no go, so he kept on the move - he picked up odd jobs here and there. Bert asks "With horses?" Brian replies that he used what he knew in Ireland - he worked for a top trainer there; he can't do same in Australia, though, without a work permit - unskilled jobs are the only ones people don't want references for; he wouldn't have stopped at Woombai - except for meeting Jill; the first time he saw her, he couldn't believe his eyes; he still can't; he likes her a lot. Bert asks Brian what he's going to do now - is he staying? Brian says he doesn't know. He continues that he'll put his passport and wallet away and then they'll talk. Bert looks thoughtful.

The next morning, in the dining area at Rob and Angela's, Mrs. Brooks asks Angela what she thinks of her sketches. Angela replies that, if the end product's anything like the drawings... Mrs. Brooks assures her that they will be if the council gives the nod. Angela sourly comments that she supposes there will be miles of red tape... At that moment, Darren comes in, and Mrs. Brooks asks how school is going. He replies that it wasn't bad. He then adds that he's been doing footy practice - he's trying to make the team. Mrs. Brooks turns to Angela and remarks that she could never get him interested in sport - it's good that he's enjoying himself. She then announces that she has to take off, and Angela thanks her for the plans. Mrs. Brooks tells Darren that she'll be in for dinner if he wants to drop over. Darren says he'll see. Angela gives him a look, and he hurriedly adds, "Probably!" Mrs. Brooks smiles happily, and she then gets up and goes. Angela reminds Darren that he's got an appointment with the blackboard! As he goes, Angela asks him how Operation Gnome is going. Darren replies that he's going to come home at lunchtime today and see if he can spot Burke going through his mail. Angela warns him not to get caught. Darren tells her that she's talking to an expert!

At Woombai, Bert sits down with Brian and remarks that it's a tricky situation. Brian snaps at Bert, asking him if he's dropping him in it or not. Bert replies that, strictly speaking, he should. Brian mutters that he should have known Bert would go by the book. He snaps, "OK, call immigration." Bert, though, tells him to hang on. He continues that there are a couple of things he should get off his chest, too, seeing as Brian told him so much about himself. He explains that he's there under false pretences too, ordering everyone round; he was a good trainer - a long time ago - but for the last fifteen years, he couldn't have got a responsible job if he'd begged. Brian, looking surprised, asks why not. Bert replies that it's a long story: he just lost touch. He tells Brian that he was right about Rosie's Hope - but he was too pig headed to admit that Brian knew more than he did. Brian tells him to forget it. He then adds that he doesn't understand what this to do with his situation. Bert tells him that he'll be sorry to see him go - they're a good team; he would still be boss, but Brian would have a free hand training the horses; together, they would give Fiona something to be proud of. Brian says he needs time to think - he swore he'd never stay in a place once he was found out. Bert asks if Brian thinks he'd tell anyone; he then adds that he knows enough to keep his mouth shut - and as for any other reason Brian has for staying there, he never sticks his nose into people's personal business. Brian smiles and says, "Yeah?" Bert assures him that he means it. Brian looks thoughtful.

Angela is in her kitchen with Mrs. Brooks when Rob comes through the front door and calls out, "Hey, sexy, what's for lunch?!" Angela hurries out into the hall and tells him that they've got company! The two of them go into the kitchen, where Angela explains to Rob that Mrs. Brooks was just telling her her good news. Mrs. Brooks explains that she's swung a redecorating contract with an international client - she's going to do up a hotel in Singapore! Rob says that's terrific! He then asks if that means they have to move to Singers! Mrs. Brooks laughs, but then says she's afraid she's going to have to let their place go; she adds that she's sorry to leave them in the lurch. Rob assures her, "No sweat." Mrs. Brooks tells him and Angela that they're welcome to the designs free of charge, and she goes out to her car to get the samples she's selected. Alone with Rob, Angela snaps that what a waste of time it's been. Rob points out that it can't be helped. Angela says she's sorry - she got all excited about the sketches; what a mess. Rob suggests that she ditch the whole idea if it's going to get on top of her. Angela, though, says she's not going to let it get her down.

Margaret is sitting in the lounge room at Toorak when Patricia comes in and tells her that Wayne will be down in a minute. She explains that she's making him put on a tie, and adds that he should know to wear a tie, as he's been to dozens of Ramberg dos. Margaret bitterly says it's just a job to him - she doesn't suppose she'll be as lucky to get a job with as many perks as Wayne gets. Patricia tells her sister that the most important thing is to get a job she enjoys. Margaret says she supposes she'll take whatever comes along. Patricia, though, tells her not to be silly - there's no rush; she should take her time and find something suitable; in the meantime, she should give herself a proper holiday - she's earned it. Margaret incredulously says, "You mean go somewhere?" Patricia asks why not, adding that she feels like a bit of break, too - they should spend a week somewhere exotic. Margaret remarks that it's years since she's taken even a day trip out of the city. At that moment, Wayne comes in and Margaret says she hopes she's going to pass muster - she's not used to lunching with the upper crust. Patricia tells her that half the Ramberg chiefs come from the wrong side of the tracks. She adds that if Margaret just talks about footy, she'll be fine - they can worry about the upper crust when they go on their holiday!

During the school lunch break, Darren joins his mother, Rob and Angela in the kitchen at Rob and Angela's. He asks his mother what she's doing there, and she replies that she's got a surprise for him: "We're off to Singapore!" She smiles, but Darren looks shocked, and bluntly asks, "What for?" Mrs. Brooks explains that it's her job - it's a big break. Darren curtly says, "You go." Mrs. Brooks points out that she can't go without him, but Darren retorts that he likes it there at Rob and Angela's. Rob chips in that they knew all along that it was only for a while. Angela tells Darren that it's not fair to his mum for her to be stuck in a strange city all on her own. Darren asks why should he care - he doesn't want to be dragged off to Singapore; she can go where she likes, but count him out.

Patricia, Margaret and Wayne arrive back at Toorak, laughing and talking about the big meal. Margaret remarks that it was a wonderful lunch. Wayne jokes that she should tell that to Weight Watchers! Margaret remarks that Patricia made meeting people seem so easy. Patricia reminds her that she told her they didn't bite, and she adds that she thinks Margaret was quite a hit. Margaret says she really did enjoy herself. She then adds that she thinks she'd better go and change, and she heads off upstairs. Wayne takes the opportunity to ask Patricia what's up, as she was very quiet towards the end of lunch. Patricia sourly replies that so would he have been if he'd been stuck next to Paul Sheppard's solicitor. She looks thoughtful, though, as she continues that Paul wants the money his grandfather left him in his trust fund. Wayne incredulously says, "After all his carry-on?" Patricia replies that, apparently, he's had a taste of earning his own living and he doesn't like it very much; but she thinks there's more to it - it wouldn't surprise her if he wanted to get his hands on the money to have a go at her. Wayne says he wouldn't have the brains, but Patricia replies that she saw Paul the other day at Jill's - he threatened her; he said he'd get back at her, eventually. Wayne asks if she thinks he'll use the trust fund money to do it. Patricia replies that Paul knows her money is all tied up; if he was very smart... Wayne says, "It's a big 'if'." Patricia continues that she's not going to take any chances. She stands up, goes to the 'phone in the hall and dials.

The 'phone rings at Woombai. Jill calls for Fiona but she's not there, so she answers it. The STD pips sound and Patricia comes on. Jill asks her how she is, and she replies that she's very well; she continues that she's just calling to see if Jill has heard from John. Jill, looking upset, replies that she heard a couple of days ago. Patricia remarks that she doesn't sound too happy. Jill explains that all she got was a big rave about how much he's enjoying it - she's practically given up hope of him dropping out after the ten weeks are over. Patricia immediately replies that she hasn't, and she adds that Jill should keep her fingers crossed. Changing the subject, she asks how everyone is, and Jill replies that they're really well. Patricia says, "Paul too?" Jill tells her that she wouldn't recognise him - he's really getting stuck into the work - Fiona's given him a promotion on the strength of it. Patricia looks surprised. Jill explains that Paul is in charge of the guests at the riding school; he's really enjoying it; everyone likes him. Patricia says that's good. She then adds that she was a little annoyed with him when he left Melbourne, but she's calmed down since then. She tells Jill to remember about John, and Jill reluctantly says, "Fingers crossed..." Patricia tells her they won't need it. She hangs up. Wayne pokes his head round the door at Toorak and says, "Well?" Patricia says, "Interesting..."

Later, Bert and Fiona are playing cards at the table at Woombai, while Brian and Jill are sitting on the floor, reading. Fiona asks them if they'd like to join her and Bert, but Brian says he's not in the mood. Jill says she will in a minute - she's got a cassette tape stuck in her tape player; she adds that it hasn't been the same since it went for a ride in the boot when Fiona was driving! Fiona says, "Ha ha!" Brian offers to take a look, and Jill hands him the machine. As he starts fiddling, he asks Jill if she's tired. Jill says she isn't very, and so Brian asks if she'd mind sitting up for a while after the others have gone to bed. Jill says she wouldn't. Brian explains that there's something he'd like to talk about. Jill agrees. At that moment, Brian frees the tape - which comes spooling out across the floor, leaving the cassette ruined!

Fiona and Bert having gone to bed, Brian and Jill are alone in front of the fire when Brian announces that he's leaving Woombai tomorrow. Jill, looking shocked, cries, "Nooo... What for?" Brian tells her that he hasn't got a choice. Jill says she thought he liked it there. Brian replies that he does; he loves his job and everyone's been great; it would just be running too big a risk staying - "Please don't ask me why." Jill says she thought they were friends, to which Brian replies that he hopes they are. Jill tells him that he shouldn't be worried about telling her. Brian, though, just says he's sorry, and he adds that he'll tell the others in the morning. Jill asks him if he'll keep in touch, and Brian says, "Sure." Jill tells him that she'll miss him, and she kisses his forehead. Brian says, "Me too"

The next morning, Fiona tells Brian that of course they understand - if the travel bug bites, you can't say no! Jill points out to him that he'll have to rug-up if he's hitching, as it's cold out there. Brian says he's sorry not to give more notice, but Bert says they'll manage; they'll be sorry to see him go. Fiona stands up to clear the table, and says that, as soon as she's helped Jill with the dishes, she'd better get down to the stables, as the vet will be there. Brian recalls that Rosie's Hope is having a blood count, and Fiona tells him that it's going to come up trumps. The two women leave the room, and Bert tells Brian that he'll be sad to see him go; he hopes they part as friends. They shake hands, and Brian heads off to get packed. The'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Jill comes back in to answer it. The STD pips sounds, and a voice then comes on which says, "Guess who?" The caller is John, who is sitting in an office in his airforce uniform. There is the sound of 'planes overhead. Jill looks shocked, and she doesn't say anything for a few seconds. Eventually, she blurts out, "John?" John replies that he thought he'd surprise her! Jill tells him that he sure did that. She asks how everything's going, and John replies that it's great. He asks Jill if she got his last letter, and Jill says it sounds like it's all working out. John smiles and tells her that she can say that again - he knew he'd really like it, but he's doing really well, too - real officer material. Jill looks upset, but says it's fantastic. John then tells her that he's really missing her. Jill replies that she's missing him, too; she really is. John says he wishes he hadn't gone away - but ten weeks isn't long. Jill reluctantly says, "No, it isn't." John then tells Jill that he loves her. Jill doesn't say anything, though, leading John to half-joke that she's taking a long time to answer; he hopes she hasn't changed her mind! Unknown to John, Jill has started crying, but eventually, through her tears, she sobs, "I love you, too - so much..."

A while later, Jill is sitting in an armchair when Brian comes in. She's looking thoughtful, but when Brian asks what's wrong, she says she's OK. Brian asks what the matter is, adding that she hopes it isn't because of him. Jill assures him that it isn't, and then explains that she got a call from John. She starts crying, demanding to know why she can't accept that there's no hope for them? She stands up and and runs out of the room, crying, "He's got a fantastic future - I'll never be a part of it." Brian looks concerned.

At Rob and Angela's, Angela and Darren are wiping up the dishes. Angela suggests to Darren that he smile a bit, but Darren bitterly replies that he was just getting settled with her and Rob. Angela tells him that he'll make new friends, but Darren says he doesn't even know what language they speak. Angela assures him that a lot of them speak English! She then adds that he'll never make new friends if he starts out with a chip on his shoulder. Darren points out that he made friends with her, but Angela replies that she says seems to recall losing a few plates in the process! Darren reminds her that he said he was sorry - but he had to do something to make her want him around. Angela tells him that all he had to do was be himself - he's got a nice smile and a great laugh; they're few and far between, but he'll never make friends unless people see his cheery side - and when he gets to know people, then he can share his grizzles and gripes and problems. She adds that families aren't bad for that sort of thing, either. Darren says, "You mean Mum?" Angela tells him that his mother loves him - she took the job because it's good for her career, but it's also the way she supports him; he mightn't appreciate the way she's done it, but for years she's looked after him - it's time the boot was on the other foot.

At Woombai, Brian is sitting in the armchair, looking thoughtful, as Fiona comes in with Bert and announces that Rosie's Hope is 100% fit! Looking around, she says she expected to see Brian all packed. Brian replies that he is; was; but he's decided he'd like to stay. He adds that he knows they'll be thinking he's as mad as a brush! Fiona laughs. Bert asks why the change of heart, and Brian replies that it's partly personal and partly... Fiona interrupts and asks who cares?! She adds that the main thing is that they get to keep the best stablehand this side of the Black Stump! Bert chips in that they'll have to do something about that 'stablehand' business, too! Brian says they'll see. He then appears to remember something. He goes over to the mantle and picks up some papers, which he gives to Fiona. He explains that Alan dropped in the new guest list and he wanted Fiona to see it. Fiona remarks that that's odd - normally Paul does it. Brian tells her that Alan wanted her to see it straight away. Fiona looks at it and says it's fairly routine. She looks down, though, and suddenly sees Patricia's name. She snaps, "When did she make a booking...?"

Patricia and Margaret are having breakfast at Toorak, and Patricia asks Margaret what she thinks. Margaret replies that it sounds wonderful. Patricia reminds Margaret that she said she was keen on learning to ride. Margaret responds that she didn't think Patricia would take her seriously. Patricia tells her sister that the countryside around Woombai is absolutely fantastic. Wayne, who's sitting on the settee, reading the paper, says he hears the supervision of guests is really something to write home about. Giving him a look, Patricia says, "You don't say!" She then turns back to Margaret and says it sounds like they're going to have one hell of a holiday. She continues that they'll be on the 'plane tomorrow, so they need to go down to the shops and get Margaret some riding gear. Margaret asks if won't be expensive, but Patricia tells her not to worry about it. Margaret says she can hardly wait! She gets up to go into the kitchen to get some more coffee. Wayne immediately asks Patricia if she's going to let him in on the deal before she leaves. Patricia says she might. Wayne comments that he knows how excited she must be about seeing Paul again. Patricia smiles nastily and says, "It's quite a coincidence, isn't it?! You could say I'm about to kill three birds with one stone..."


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