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    Written by: Bevan Lee, Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

A short time later, Martin tells Patricia that he doesn't care what Jennifer says - the whole thing's sick. Patricia replies that she agrees, but she adds that Martin can understand now why Jennifer didn't want to have the child. Martin snaps that, if he'd known, he would have arranged to get rid of it himself; all he can say is that Adam had better not show himself round there again. Patricia points out that that's hardly likely; the most important thing is how deal with Jen. Martin asks Patricia if she knows what he'd like to do. He then answers his own question, continuing that he'd like to throw her out; he can't, though - he had a debt to her father. He adds that, OK, she's adopted - Adam's not her real brother - but that's how they've always been, and then to have... Patricia tells him that she understands how he feels. Martin, looking at his fiancée tenderly, replies that he's glad he's found her again. He goes to put his arms around her, but Patricia quickly suggests he go outside for a while, adding that she'll talk to Jen. Martin snaps that it would be a waste of time, but Patricia insists, and Martin eventually snaps that she can do what she likes. Patricia tells him to go outside and she'll see him on the way out. He goes, leaving Patricia looking worried.

A while later, Jen is sitting down as Patricia, who's standing, tells her that she knows exactly how she feels, but she has to stick to her guns. Jen says that will only make things worse. Patricia replies that, in the short term, maybe, but in the long run, her father will respect her for it - and that's one thing Jen mustn't lose, her self respect; if Jen stands up for herself, he'll come round a lot quicker. Jen asks Patricia if she doesn't think it's wrong, what she did with Adam. Patricia replies that she can't say anything about that to Martin - she doesn't want to cause trouble between them. She repeats that Jen must never tell him about the help she provided with the abortion. Jen assures her that she'll never say anything - honest. Patricia curtly reminds her that she said she was never going to say anything about Adam... Jen explains that Martin got her so upset - he kept pushing... She promises Patricia that she won't say a word about her. Patricia says that's good. They suddenly hear the front door shut, and Patricia says it's Peter. She tells Jen that it would probably be an idea to explain things to him, too. Peter comes in and asks Jen what sort of mood their father's in. He sees the expressions on her and Patricia's faces and grimly says, "That good, eh?" Patricia tells them that she'll leave them to it, and she heads out to say goodbye to Martin. Peter asks Jen if it's something he's done. Jen replies that he'd better sit down...

Beryl is at Rob and Angela's, having taken them a cake. In the kitchen, Beryl asks Rob if he's working tomorrrow, and he replies that he's got a couple of quick runs. Beryl asks him if he can fit in the time to go to the TAB for her - she wants to put some money on Fiona's horse. Angela laughs that she's the last of the big-time punters! Beryl replies that she's been told it's a sure thing! Angela says she bets they're all excited at Woombai! Rob laughs and says it might even raise a smile on Paul Sheppard's face! Angela's face immediately drops, and she snaps that that was a stupid thing to say - he's been through a hell of a lot, lately. Beryl hands Rob $20 and Rob, looking surprised at his wife's reaction, goes to put the rubbish out. Angela says to Beryl that she doesn't know why she's snapping at him. Beryl says she understands. Angela assures her that she's trying. Beryl tenderly says she knows.

At Woombai, Jill tells Paul that he can't have it, so she doesn't know what he's agonising for. Paul snaps that he's not agonising - he just needed to talk to someone; he thought she would understand. Jill tells him that she does. She then continues that she feels sorry for him, but Angela is married. Paul bitterly says, "Yeah..." Jill then tells him that he's a bit of a hypocrite: he spends half of his time moping around about Angela, and the other half chasing the girls at the guest house. Looking surprised, Paul says, "Oh come on..." Jill tells him that she's seen him. Paul insists that he's just making good contacts, but Jill suspiciously asks what sort of contacts? Paul says they're for the riding school - what else? Jill replies that he doesn't see how a few dizzy rich girls can make good contacts. Paul curtly says, "Yeah, well you're not trying to run a riding school, are you?" He tells Jill that he'll see her tomorrow. Jill apologises for having a go at him, adding that she knows he must be feeling rotten. Paul glares at her and walks out. Jill looks worried.

The next morning, Jill and Fiona are walking in the grounds of the riding school, and Jill asks Fiona to think back to when she thought Paul was up to something when he wanted a job at the guest house. She asks her why she thinks he'd want to make 'contacts'. Fiona says that's a funny question, and Jill explains that it's something he said last night - all she can think is that he wants to find a rich girlfriend, but he did use the word 'contacts'. Fiona, looking puzzled, says she doesn't know. Jill asks her if she thinks he wants to get back into business. Fiona looks thoughtful for a moment and then says, "I wonder..." Jill asks, "What?" Fiona replies that she thinks she might have a little chat to him... At that moment, Bert and Brian pull up in Bert's car and Brian calls out to the women to ask if they're ready. Fiona says she'll be ten minutes, and she tells them to pick her up at the guest house. She walks off, leaving Jill looking puzzled.

Paul is sitting behind the reception desk at the guest house, when Fiona comes in and asks him what story he's spinning guests about why he's working there. Paul 'innocently' tells her that he doesn't know what she's talking about. Fiona curtly says, "Don't you?" She then tells Paul not to treat her like an idiot - this is the perfect set-up for him: wealthy young women coming in for a few days' riding; he's very charming to them - and he just happens to mention that he's James Sheppard's grandson; he wangles an invitation to visit when he's in the city, and there he's got it: one foot in the door - and as soon as his trust fund comes through, he'll start calling around to a few of those doors, won't he? Paul smiles and says, "Will I?" Fiona tells him that she thinks so - and she thinks she knows what he's after, too: his credibility back - he really blew it selling those shares, and as soon as his trust fund comes in, he'll be there with the best of them, convincing everyone that he's back on the rails. Paul stands up and growls at Fiona that she's shrewd, isn't she. He asks what's wrong with him getting himself together. Fiona snaps, "The reason you're doing it - you can't hurt Patricia without power." Paul snaps he doesn't give a damn about Patricia - he just wants to make something of himself. Fiona asks what happened to his morality - he'd be using the same dirty money to do it that he gave away - it all came from his grandfather. Paul replies that he's grown up a lot in the last few months. A car horn suddenly sounds from outside. Paul tells Fiona that, OK, she has her theory - what's she going to do about it? Fiona replies, "Go to the races. But we both know where we stand now." She goes out, leaving Paul looking angry.

At the breakfast table at the Healys', Jen asks Martin if he wants any more. He snaps, "No." Peter warns, "Dad..." but Martin snaps at him that it's none of his business. Peter points out that he's part of the family, but Martin snaps back at him that he doesn't see why his son isn't as digsusted as he is. He leaves the the room. Peter tells Jennifer that he'll calm down. Jen replies, "You reckon?" Tears start streaming down her face, and she cries that she feels so ashamed - she knows what she did was wrong, but she loved Adam - and he's not really her brother. She continues that, yesterday, she felt awful - Martin doesn't even care how she feels. Peter hugs her.

Patricia is with Wayne in the lounge room at Toorak, and she tells him that, after the last few days, she'd better start worrying about business. Wayne asks her if she wants him to come along, but Patricia says she can manage. She then adds that he could call Richard Coleman and let him know what she's doing. Changing the subject, Wayne tells Patricia that Margaret was asking questions last night - she wanted to know what the problem was yeterday morning. Patricia replies that Wayne should tell her to mind her own business. She then has a thought, though, and she tells Wayne to give Margaret a version of the truth: say Jennifer had just told her she'd got rid of the baby; what's a few hours here or there...? Wayne asks what if Jennifer or Martin ring? Patricia exasperatedly tells him to put them off - one day of it was enough for her. Wayne points out that she'll have to keep stirring if she doesn't want them to patch things up. Patricia says, "Tomorrow. Today, I'm going to relax and enjoy myself."

As Patricia goes outside, she stops in her tracks as she sees Martin's car coming up the drive. A look of annoyance crosses her face. Martin gets out of his car and says, "Hi." Patricia smiles and walks over. Wayne comes out of the house to watch, and he smiles in bemusement as Martin kisses her.

Paul walks into the reception area at the guest house and asks the guest standing by the desk if she's Miss MacArthur. The woman replies that she is. Paul introduces himself and explains that he manages the guest house. He asks Miss. MacArthur if she had a good trip, and she replies that she left early to avoid the traffic. Paul tells her that he thinks she'll find Woombai a pleasant change from the city. Miss. MacArthur's replies that her friends tell her she will. She then flirtingly adds that she hopes it's not too organised... Paul tells her that it's up to her to do exactly as she pleases. He shows her around the area by reception and explains that this is where most guests spend their evenings - there's a television and magazines... Miss. MacArthur comments that it sounds a little dull, and she asks what else is there? Paul tells her that the town isn't very far away - it has a couple of good hotels, a cinema... Miss. MacArthur tells Paul that he'll have to give her a guided tour. Paul smiles and says he thinks that can be arranged... He then tells Miss. MacArthur that the receptionist wil show her to her room and he'll bring the bags through in a minute. She goes, and Paul smiles to himself...

Angela and Beryl are standing by the kitchen table at Rob and Angela's, listening to the horse race on the radio; Rosie's Hope is up at the front of the field. Rob comes in and Beryl tells him to be quiet. As the race continues, though, Rosie's Hope starts fading badly and eventually comes in fourth. Angela turns the radio off, and Beryl, looking surprised, says Fiona said it had to win. Rob tells her that that's the first rule of betting - you never back a sure thing! Beryl laughs as she realises she just lost $20. Rob, though, tells her that, no, she hasn't - he was so busy this morning he didn't have time to lay the bet. He gives her back her $20, but Angela, looking annoyed, asks what if it had won? She snaps at Rob that if he couldn't get to the TAB, he should have called - she and Beryl could have placed the bet. Rob repeats that he was busy, but Angela snaps that it's the principle. Rob tells her that she's making a mountain out of a molehill. Angela storms outside, saying she's got things to do. Alone with Beryl, Rob says to her that he knows Angela's been a bit touchy lately, but he reckons she's gone a bit far. Beryl tells him that his wife has got a lot on her plate, what with Darren and the coffee shop. She looks worried, though.

Bridgette MacArthur and Paul enter the guest house, and Bridgette comments that, the way Paul was talking, she thought Rosie's Hope was going to win by miles. Paul tells her that she's not the only one. They sit down. Bridgette asks what, apart from a tired-out racehorse coming in fourth, other 'exciting' things does the place have to offer? Paul replies that there's plenty of fresh air, good food... he's there to help with any problems... Bridgette says that could be interesting... She then tells Paul to tell her about himself. Paul asks what she wants to know, and Bridgette replies, "Why you're working here." Paul tells her that it's a temporary job - to tire him over financially until some money he's due comes through. He continues that it's courtesy of a generous grandfather, and adds that Bridgette may have heard of him: James Sheppard? Bridgette thinks for a moment but then says can't recall him. She asks what sort of business he's in. Paul tells her, "Was - he died eight months ago." Bridgette says she's sorry. Paul tells her that the company was called Ramberg Industries. Bridgette realises she has heard of them - her daddy had something to do with them; loans, or something. She adds that he's in banking. Paul says, "Really? Gives us something in common..." He smiles as Bridgette says, "Good start..."

Angela comes back into the kitchen as Beryl is wiping up the dishes. Beryl tells her that Rob is in the front room; she'll goe out the back way. Angela, looking upset, tells Beryl that she knows Rob - she can't talk to him honestly about it. Beryl tells her that she has to do something - he doesn't know where he is. She adds that, for someone who didn't want to hurt him, Angela's doing a good job. She tells Angela to imagine how she'd feel if, every time she touched Rob, he shied away. Angela says it's not that bad, but Beryl says, "Almost." Angela looks worried. Beryl tells her that she's snapping Rob's head off all the time - she should go and give him a big cuddle. Angela kisses Beryl on the cheek and heads into the dining area, where Rob is reading the paper. He asks where Beryl is, and Angela explains that she's gone out the back. She then tells Rob that she loves him. Rob says he was beginning to wonder. Angela says she'll be alright, and Rob smiles as he tells her that she'd better be. Angela says she will be. They kiss.

At Toorak, Patricia shudders as she tells Wayne that she can't stand Martin mauling her - every time he gets depressed, he comes to Toorak for comfort. Wayne reminds Patricia that she caused the problem. Patricia snaps that she's got to get through another four weeks of it. She thinks for a moment and then decides that she might take a holiday and get away from him for while; get away from the whole damn situation. Wayne tells her that Jen called twice while she was out. Patricia snaps that that's what she means: if it's not him, it's her. A sly look on her face, Patricia says it'll help with Margaret, too - she'll take her with her - get her used to mixing with the set; she wants her doing things she's going to miss... She then announces that she thinks she'll spend the rest of the afternoon at the travel agents...

Fiona, Bert and Jill arrive back at Woombai - Fiona is loudly telling Bert that she doesn't know why he's so gloomy - she had a great day! Bert sullenly says he's glad someone did. Jill chips in that there's no point feeling bad about it. Bert says the horse should have won. He sits down as he continues that the jockey made a move too early. Fiona laughs that, next time, they'll get a better jockey! Jill asks if someone should he helping Brian bed Rosie's Hope down, but Bert says he'll be right. Jill announces that she'll be off to bed, then, and she goes. Fiona sits down next to Bert, who tells her that he's sorry she lost so much money today. Fiona assures him that she'll survive! She asks how much he lost, but Bert replies that it wasn't much more than a trainer's share of fourth prize money; he guesses he'll survive. Fiona suggests that they have a little less doom and gloom, then! Bert smiles. He asks Fiona if she still wants him as trainer, and Fiona assures him, "Of course!" She suggests they have a hot chocolate, adding that she's sure Brian would like some. Bert, though, declines, saying he thinks he'll turn in.

A while later, Brian and Fiona are having their chocolate, and Fiona remarks, "Poor Bert." She adds that she thinks he was really counting on winning that race, and continues that she thinks he lost a lot more money than he's letting. She then says to Brian, "What about you?" Brian looks surprised and then explains that he never bets - he just loves being around horses; watching them race. Fiona nods. She then remarks that Brian has learnt a lot about training in his time there. Brian replies that he keeps his eyes and ears open and learns a few things. Fiona asks, "Enough to tell your boss where he's going wrong, every so often?" Brian looks at her. Fiona doesn't continue the conversation, though, saying instead that she'll turn in and read for a while. She says goodnight. At that moment, Bert comes in, and Fiona asks him if he couldn't sleep. Bert says he might have something to drink after all. Fiona leaves the two men to it. Bert says to Brian that it was a bit of bad luck today - she was badly ridden. Brian, though, snaps at Bert, "Don't go blaming the jockey. Look, she failed because she wasn't fit enough for the distance. She was lucky to finish at all." Bert snaps back at Brian that he's the expert, is he? Brian tells Bert that he knows he's right. Bert says, "Do I?" He continues that he seems to remember that Brian wanted to scratch her because of an injured fetlock; it didn't affect her run as far as he could see. Brian snaps that it was more good luck than anything else. Bert snaps back, "Is that so?" He continues that, supposing Brian is right - what's he going to do: ask Fiona if he can take over as trainer? Brian looks flustered as Bert demands to know what his story is - he's a lot more cluey about horses than he's letting on - and why is he mucking out stables, knowing what he does? Brian stands up and snaps that they were talking about Rosie's Hope. He continues that she failed because of Bert's training method. Bert snaps that if Brian wants him to take any notice of him, he'll have to come up with a few answers first, "...beginning with who the hell you really are." Brian storms out.

Patricia gets out of a cab outside Rob and Angela's Angela opens the door to her, looking surprised to see her. She invites her mother into the kitchen, where she remarks that she's surprised she's on the go so early. Patricia explains that she's got a busy day. She then says she'd been expecting to hear from Angela. Angela says, "About the engagement?" Patricia says she hopes it's not going to cause trouble between them. Angela tells her mother that she knows what she thinks of Martin, but it's her life... Patricia tells Angela that she's glad she sees it that way. She adds that she's sure Angela will cheer up on the wedding day. Angela says, "Maybe." Patricia smiles nastily and says, "No 'maybe' about it..."

At the Healy breakfast table, Jen gets up and asks to be excused. She goes out. Peter says to his father that he's going to get indigestion if this goes on any longer. He points out that Adam and Jen really aren't brother and sister - she didn't come to live there 'til she was twelve. Martin snaps that he adopted her - that makes them brother and sister. Peter says it depends how you look at it - when she first told him, he felt really off - it seemed like...; he doesn't know - but he could see how upset she was; he knew what she'd just been through - he wasn't going to get heavy with her. He tells his father that it's a pity he doesn't love her enough to do the same. He walks off.

In the grounds of the riding school, Jill is talking to Fiona as they watch Paul and Bridgette riding. Jill remarks that it doesn't take Paul long to get over someone. Fiona looks at her in surprise and asks what she means. Jill hurriedly tells her to forget it. Fiona says she remembers when Paul was such a nice young man - she loved him in a way; she didn't see much of Johnny and Paul sort of took his place. Jill realises that Paul really hurt Fiona. Fiona bitterly says, "He still is..."

Brian walks into the lounge room at Woombai and sits down; he doesn't notice Bert standing behind the door. Bert suddenly says, "How's the horse?" Brian, looking round in surprise, says, "Fine." Bert asks if her fetlock is OK, adding that he would have come down to have a look himself, only he had one or two things to do. He suddenly holds Brian's passport out in front of Brian's face. Brian stares at it as Bert says, "Illegal immigrant, eh?" Brian stands up in anger and snaps, "You've been going through my things. I'm going to punch your face in." Bert doesn't respond to the threat, though, saying it won't stop him. Brian asks him what he wants. Bert replies that he wants a little chat; answers to a couple of things. Brian says that, OK, so he overstayed his visa - big deal. He asks what else Bert wants to know. Bert thrusts Brian's wallet at him and says, "To begin with, you can tell me what that's all about." Brian looks at it in horror.


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