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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

The next morning, the Healys and Kevin are having a very early breakfast; Jen, Martin and Kevin are sitting at the table and Peter is clearing away the plates. Peter asks why they have to have the service at dawn, and Martin curtly replies that it's a little extra effort to show they care. Jen asks her father if he'd mind if she didn't come, as she's feeling a bit sick. Martin says he understands, and Jen leaves the room. Martin then asks Kevin to go and unlock the car for him, adding that he'll be out in a moment. Kevin goes out. Alone with Peter, Martin thanks him for getting up and making breakfast. Peter tells his father that he's sorry he had a go at him last night - he didn't mean to. Martin replies that he's going to get off Peter's back, but he wants him to start thinking more about himself. Peter immediately jokes he does - all the time! Martin, though, curtly tells his son that he can't make a joke out of it; he's got to start thinking about where he's heading. Peter reluctantly says he knows; he'll start thinking! Martin tells him that he'll see him later, and he goes out. Peter continues clearing the table as Jen returns, and he remarks that she really doesn't look too good. He asks her if she's been sulking, and Jen asks what he means. Peter tells her that she never could con him. Jen snaps that she doesn't know what he means. Peter sarcastically replies that she's as sick as he is; at least he came straight about it and said he's not into ANZAC day. Jen snaps at him to shut up, and she storms off.

At the Palmers', David walks into the kitchen and asks if Doug has surfaced. Beryl says he's 'surfacing', but she doesn't think he's too bright! At that moment, Doug comes into the kitchen and mutters that he knows it's his own stupid fault. Feeling cold, he then adds that he hopes the day warms up. David tells his father that he thinks he should give the service a miss, but Doug protests that Kevin is expecting him; he can't let him down. Beryl assures him that Kevin will understand, but Doug insists that he hasn't missed a dawn service since the war; his mates are expecting him, too; he'd feel he'd let everyone down. Beryl sympathetically remarks that he was really looking forward to Rosie coming. Doug looks at David and, realising he's going to have to admit defeat, asks if he'd go in his place. David readily agrees, and assures Doug that he'll tell his mates what happened. Doug says, "And Kevin?" David tells him not to worry.

At Woombai, Brian is sipping tea when Bert comes in and asks why Brian didn't wake him. Brian replies that he figured Bert could do with the extra sleep. Bert snaps that he should have woken him; he knows he's got lots to do today. He then quickly apologises for the outburst and says it must be nerves; the race tomorrow - it's a big day; he'd better make sure the girl's in top shape! Fiona suddenly staggers in and says, "I've got news for you!" Astonished, Bert asks what she's doing up at 5am! Fiona mumbles that she wants something hot, and Brian hands her the teapot. Bert tells her that she didn't have to get up, but Fiona replies that she's going to watch the girl's last workout before the big race if it kills her - and it probably will!

At Toorak, Wayne is sitting in an armchair while Patricia pours some tea. He tells her that he doesn't understand her: she said how furious she was with Martin for trying to get rid of John and Angela, and now she's helping Jen do exactly the same thing. Patricia says she doesn't care as long as it hurts Martin and gives him an idea of what she went through years ago. Wayne points out that it's a a bit tough on Jen, but Patricia ignores this and continues that Martin claims the only reason he did it was because he was young and didn't think it would affect her; she doesn't believe a word of it, though - he knew exactly what he was doing and he hasn't changed one bit. Wayne says he wouldn't like to be around when Martin finds out - Jen's only got to mention that Patricia is behind it. Patricia says she won't. Wayne asks how she can be so sure. Patricia looks exasperated.

At Woombai, Fiona is still sitting at the table while Jill is clearing up. Brian and Bert suddenly come in, arguing over the horse - Brian is saying that when he unbandaged her fetlock, it was hot. Bert snaps, "Rubbish." Fiona chips in that she can't say she noticed anything was wrong. Brian sits down and tells her that her eyes are untrained; she wouldn't. Jill jokes that she doubts Fiona's eyes are even open, let alone trained! Fiona tells her to get on with breakfast! Brian tells Bert to look at the horse; Bert snaps that he'll do it after breakfast. Changing the subject, Jill says Paul must be nervous - it's his first day on the new job; she might give him a ring and wish him luck. Fiona, though, grimly says she doesn't think his ego needs boosting - he's got enough confidence already.

At Toorak, Patricia is on the 'phone, and she tells the person on the other end - a doctor - that they'll be there at one o'clock. She hangs up and goes into the lounge room, where she is joined by Margaret, who says she had a dreadful night - she thinks she'll take things easy today. Patricia, though, says she hates to be a pest, but she was hoping Margarat would be out this morning, as she's got personal business to attend to. Margaret sourly asks if it's something to do with Martin, but Patricia says she thought they got that sorted out the other night. She then continues that it's his daughter, actually - she's coming over to have a chat. Margaret apologises for her rudeness and says she'll have breakfast and head off; she'll go for a walk down the Toorak road. She then adds that she supposes it's important to get to know Martin's children. She queries, "No problems are there?" Patricia smiles nastily and replies, "No. No problems..."

Kevin and David arrive back home with Bill and Les. When they find Beryl on her own, Bill remarks that Doug's probably dead to the world! Beryl, though, sticks up for him, saying he didn't even go back to sleep. Bill jokingly asks if he was feeling guilty, then, but at that moment, Doug comes in and indignantly says that no he was not; he was upset, though. He apologises for not being able to make it, and Bill immediately jokes that he can't take it like the old days! Kevin looks at his grandfather and comments that David said it had something to do with the oysters he had. Doug replies that the second lot he had last night seemed a bit off. Bill says his were alright! David points out that you only need one to make you sick as a dog! Changing the subject, Beryl offers everyone some breakfast, and Kevin tells her that he'll give her a hand. The two of them go into the kitchen. In the living room, David tells Doug that the service was good. Bill asks Doug if he's still coming to the march, and Doug indignantly replies that of course he is - he's feeling a lot better than he did earlier. Bill asks him if he had the hair of the dog, but Doug snaps that he didn't need one. Bill laughs that he should have had another oyster! The three of them head into the kitchen, where Doug tells Bill and Les about him digging out his old service revolver, but it being in the shed because Beryl wouldn't let him have it in the house. Beryl chips in that she won't have a gun around the place. Doug points out that it's not loaded, but Beryl retorts that it's illegal to have it. Doug stubbornly says it's a memento - it got him through the war. Bill adds that a lot of blokes have got them. He, Doug and Les head out to see the revolver in the garden, leaving Beryl to comment to Kevin that she hopes they don't blow each other's heads off. Kevin says that, while it's quiet, he'll give Pete a call. A peal of laughter emanates from outside, and Beryl remarks that it looks like Doug is well on his way to recovery! In the lounge room, Kevin dials the Healys' number, which rings and is answered by Peter. Kevin tells him that he's going to be a bit late back, so he'll meet him in town now, as he's decided to go on the march. Peter asks how come, and Kevin explains that he thought it would shut the old man up a bit! Peter asks Kevin if he's still at home, and Kevin replies that he wanted to give Doug a bit of a charge, as he's feeling bit miserable; he missed the service. Peter asks how come, but Kevin says it's a bit of a long story. Peter suggests they meet at the City Square in half an hour, and he then hangs up. He then turns to Jen and asks her if she'll be alright by herself. Jen assures him that she'll be fine - she's going to the beach. Peter remarks that it's a bit far to go if she's not feeling too well, but Jen snaps that the fresh air will do her good. Peter offers her a lift but Jen says she'll catch the bus. Surprised at her attitude, Peter asks her if it's just him ragging her, or is there something wrong? Jen replies that it's just him.

As Jen and Peter leave the house, a young child is wandering along the pavement, carrying a bucket and spade, and Jen remarks that she's wandered off again. She picks the girl up and says her mummy will be looking for her. Suddenly overcome with emotion, though, she quickly puts her down and tells Peter that he'd better take her home. She adds that the girl shouldn't be allowed to get out of her parents' place anyway. She then says she'd better run or she'll miss the bus. She dashes off, leaving Peter looking surprised. He picks up the child to carry her, telling her as he does so that they'd better get her home. He then turns to look at Jen, who's running down the street. He can't see that she's crying...

A while later, Jen is at Toorak. Patricia is pacing the floor of the lounge room, but she then sits down and tells Jen that the doctor has been arranged. She continues that Jen must realise that Martin must never know that she's involved in this. Jen says she just wants to get it over and done with. Patricia says she'd hate to cause a rift between Martin and her. Jen says she understands - she won't say a word to him. Patricia points out that he'll have to know about it - there's no way out of that - but she suggests that if Jen blames both of them for not wanting to help her, she could then say she had to arrange it herself. Jen reluctantly says she hopes she can convince him. Patricia continues that, if it did come out that she helped her, she'd have to tell Martin that she did it because Adam was the father; she couldn't aford to risk her relationship with him. Jen assures Patricia that Martin will never know from her. Patricia says that's good - them girls have got to stick together. She then adds that it's convenient that it's ANZAC day - Martin will be well and truly occupied. Jen suddenly stands up says she doesn't know if she can go through with it - she's scared. Patricia reassuringly replies that the doctor is very nice and very good; he assured her that there won't be any pain - and she can come back to Toorak and rest before going home. She adds that Jen doesn't have to worry about the money - she'll pay for everything. Jen cries that she can't do it, but Patricia replies that that's nonsense - it's not as if she's the first girl to go through something-- She's interruped by Margaret coming in, saying sorry and explaining that she forgot her purse. She adds that she won't be long. Jen, though, says she has to go - she's going to beach. She runs out, and Patricia starts to go after her, but then stops. Margaret asks what's wrong, and Patricia angrily snaps that she told her she wanted them to be alone. Margaret looks surprised.

Jen is walking down the driveway, but Patricia runs and catches up with her. Jen repeats that she doesn't want to do it, but Patricia tells her that she has to go through with it for her own good. She adds that Jen has to see that. Jen, though, says she's scared. Patricia sympathetically replies that of course she is, but there's nothing to be scared about. She adds that Jen mustn't just think of herself; what about her family? She asks Jen if she can imagine the problems it will cause when they find out Adam is the father. Jen cries that she doesn't want Adam to get the blame, and Patricia readily agrees with her, saying she's got to think about his future. She promises Jen that it will be alright, and the two of them start heading back to the house, Patricia with her arm round Jen. As they walk, Patricia says they'd beter get a move on or they'll be late for the appointment; the sooner it's over, the better. As they approach the house, Margaret is just coming out, and she stands and watches them. When Patricia reaches her, she apologises for snapping and adds that it's nothing they can't sort out. She and Jen go inside. Margaret walks off.

At Woombai, Fiona and Jill are folding some washing, and Fiona remarks that she'll be glad when the race is over. She then adds that she wishes Brian would stick to the job he's been given. Jill, though, says she can't help feeling he knows what he's talking about - he just seems so certain about everything. Fiona replies that she's given the job to Bert - she trusts him and that's the way it's going to stay. At that moment, Bert comes in, groaning, and Fiona asks what's wrong. Bert immediately snaps, "Who says anything's wrong?" He quickly calms down and tells the two women that Brian is loading Rosie's Hope into the float, and she'll be in Sydney by this afternoon. Fiona says, "Well?" Bert says, "Oh, nothing." Brian suddenly comes in and tells Bert that he's not putting Rosie's Hope on 'til he's got a thicker bandage on her fetlock. Bert snaps that he felt the damn thing, and there was no swelling or heat. Brian sharply replies that it's cooled down since this morning, that's all. Bert snaps at Brian to do what he's told and load the horse. Brian snaps back that if Bert wants a lame horse, he's going to have one. Bert irritatedly repeats, "Just go and load the horse." Fiona cooly suggests to Brian that he just go and do it. Brian storms off, and Jill goes after him. Fiona asks Bert if he's alright. He snaps back that of course he is.

Outside, Brian curses that Bert is a stubborn old devil. He and Jill walk along by the stables, and Jill tells him not to let Bert get to him. She continues that Bert has obviously got his own way of doing things, and she reminds Brian about how Bert carried on when he took Rosie's Hope for a swim. They stop walking, and Jill turns to Brian and says she thinks he's spent a lot of time with horses - more than he's let on to anyone. Brian agrees that he spent a lot of tiime with them back home. Jill suggests that there's more to it than that, but Brian snaps, "Why should there be?" He then continues that he doesn't know anything about horses - Bert's the trainer; he's just the strapper. He walks off, leaving Jill looking worried.

Inside, Fiona gives Bert a soft drink and asks if he's calmed down now. Bert says he supposes so. Fiona then asks him - as his boss - what gives with him and Brian, adding that Brian was only worried about the horse. Bert replies, "The race is important." Fiona sighs and says that, when it comes to the crunch, the race isn't important, and he shouldn't get so wound up. Bert says it's important to him - it's his last chance to prove himself. Looking surprised, Fiona asks him what he's talking about. Bert reluctantly admits that she was right - he's an alcoholic; he's off the booze now, and has been for ages, but still... he's an alcoholic. He continues that he used to have his own property; he trained some great horses. One night, he was drunk and there had been a fair storm. His young boy came to wake him to move the horses to safety, but he was out to it - and his kid... he went down to the creek - it was flooded - and tried to move the horses by himself, but he lost his footing and went in with one of the horses. Fiona looks shocked, but Bert quickly assures her that it was alright - some of the neighbours found him and got him out OK; the horse wasn't, though. He just kept on drinking; his wife took the kids and got out - he doesn't blame her - and he wasn't much good as a trainer after that - he managed to get by, but he might as well throw it in if it doesn't work this time. Fiona tenderly says, "We'll see about that."

Patricia is sitting at the living room table at Toorak when Jen comes in. Patricia asks her how she's feeling, and she replies that she's still a bit funny. Patricia offers her some coffee, but Jen says she'd better get home. She then says she was lying upstairs, thinking: she doesn't know if she should tell her father what happened today - she could easily have had a miscarriage. Patricia, looking wrong-footed temporarily, quickly says she doesn't think that's very wise. Jen points out that he wouldn't know any different - and he wouldn't feel the way she thinks he's going to feel if she tells him the truth. Patricia stands up and says she always found it pays to be honest, and she asks Jen to imagine what it would be like later if he found out - it would be ten times worse for Jen knowing she lied to him - and they've always been so honest with each other. Jen listens, but then says she's scared what he'll say. Patricia says she'll there for dinner, so why doesn't Jen wait until tonight, when she can give her some moral support. Jen asks Patricia if she really thinks she should tell him. Patricia replies that it's the only way. She then tells Jen not to worry - he'll come to accept it in time. Jen thanks her and says she's been very good to her. Patricia replies that she's only done what she thought was best for all concerned. She goes to the 'phone to get Jen a cab. Jen smiles, but still looks worried.

Peter and Kevin are watching the ANZAC march on TV at the Healys'. Peter is painting, and Kevin remarks that his work is really, really good. He asks why Peter doesn't try them at the local paper; he's sure they'd be interested. Peter says he doesn't know - he only did them to give his father a laugh. Kevin points out that it wouldn't do any harm to let the newspaper have a look. He then suggests an even better idea: why not take them down to their local paper? He adds that he knows the editor - he's a nice bloke. Peter says, "I guess..." Turning his attention to the TV, he then remarks that it's funny - he still sort of understands why they have the march; he doesn't agree that it should celebrate the war, but he can see why they still do it. A sudden noise behind the two boys heralds Jen's return, and Kevin asks how her day at the beach went. Jen just says it was OK. Kevin points at the paintings that Peter's done, and Jen comments that they're not bad. Kevin says he thinks they're terrific! Jen asks if Martin is home, but Peter says he isn't - he's staying in town with a few of his mates. Jen, looking disappointed, says she might go and lie down for while. Peter remarks that the beach doesn't seem to have done her much good. Jen doesn't say anything, though, and just walks out. Kevin comments to Peter that she's really down, but Peter cheerily says she'll be right. He then suggests they take the paintings to the local paper right now - the more he thinks about the idea, the more he likes it! Kevin agrees, and laughs that it could be the first step in a big career! They head out.

At Woombai, Fiona is looking at some papers and remarks that there are a couple of very impressive names. Paul responds that they're a good sort of guests to attract. Fiona jokes that she always knew he was a closet snob! Paul, though, says it's common sense: it's much better to have good word of mouth from people with money. Fiona laughs and tells him to come on - she was only joking; it's about time they stopped being so sensitive with each other. She thanks him for bringing the papers over, and then goes out. Jill is still in the room, though, and she tells Paul that Fiona was right about him being so sensitive. She continues that she doesn't know what he's so miserable for - the job's going well and he's got girls chasing him all over place! She asks if it's the trial, but Paul says it isn't, adding that he can't see it going against him. Jill asks, "What is it, then?" Paul pauses, sighs and then says, "I'm in love with Angela." Jill looks at him in surprise.

Patricia, Martin and Jen are sitting at the dinner table at the Healys', and Martin remarks, "What a day." He then continues that he has to admit he was pleased when Peter actually turned up. Patricia comments that he must feel very proud of his sons, and Martin agrees that he does. He then continues that it's a pity Adam couldn't have shown more interest when he was around. Jen looks up from her plate, awkwardly, as Martin adds that Peter's got more spunk than Adam any day - at least he listens to reason, which is more than he can say for Adam. Looking at Jen, he remarks that she would have seen Adam while she was overseas, and he asks what he's wasting his time at, these days. Jen sullenly replies that they didn't talk much about it. Martin snaps at her that they must have done - Adam never stops talking about himself; he's conceited beyond belief. Jen awkwardly tries to change the subject, and asks if Martin saw many old friends at the march. Martin says that, yes he did - heaps of them. He then returns to the subject of Adam, though, and says his son actually used to go out of his way to gain attention when Peter had done something worthy of praise; he was jealous as hell. Jen gets up, walks across the room and snaps, "Do we have to spend the whole evening talking about Adam?" Martin, looking surprised, gets up and asks what the problem is. He puts his arm around Jen and asks what the tears are for. Jen sobs that she can't tell him. Martin soothingly says she can tell him, and he adds that you don't cry tears like that for nothing. Jen continues sobbing, and Martin asks again, "What is it?" Jen blurts out, "I got rid of the baby today." Martin looks incredulous, and asks why. Jen says she had to do it. Martin snaps that that's not a reason; she knows he would have stood by her. He again insists that he wants to know why; again and again, he repeats, "Why?" He puts his hand firmly on Jen's arm, at which point Patricia stands up and asks him if he can't see that Jen is upset. Martin snaps at her to stay out of it, and he again pleads to Jen, "Why? Why?" Jen suddenly yells, "Because I had to - it was Adam's." Martin glares at his daughter in shock for several seconds, and then says, "You disgust me. I don't want anything more to do with you. Get out of here." He raises his hand to slap her, but Patricia grabs hold of him and asks what he's doing. Martin tells Jen to get to her room, and she runs out. He pulls away from Patricia's grasp as he realises that Jen had to have help - someone must have helped her. Patricia calmly says she wouldn't have thought that was necessary, as terminations are very simple to get these days. Martin stands there seething as he says, "Very possibly." He then yells, "God, what have I done to deserve it? A son like Adam and a daughter like her?" Patricia, standing behind him, so he can't see her, nastily says, "Yes, must feel terrible..." The expression on her face, though, conveys that she couldn't care less...


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