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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John D. Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

At the Healy house, Wayne raises a glass of champagne and proposes a toast to Martin and Patricia. Peter and Jen are also there, and Jen offers her congratulations. Martin says he can't believe it's actually happening - he hasn't even had time to get a ring! Patricia says there's no point in delaying the inevitable. Jen asks when the wedding will be, but Martin says he hasn't thought. He asks Patricia when she thinks it should be, and she replies that her divorce isn't final for a few weeks, so how about they wait until John comes home from Point Cook? Martin says that's a great idea - a double celebration: John completing his basic training and them. Patricia says it'll be a wonderful day! Peter suggests they move the party outside, and Martin agrees. Peter and Wayne head out. Martin takes the opportunity of the other two men not being there to ask Jen if she's happy for him. She replies that of course she is. She heads into the kitchen. Martin goes outside. Patricia offers Jen a hand, but she declines. Patricia insists, though, saying she wouldn't like to think all of this is making Jen unhappy. Jen assures Patricia that she really is happy - it's just that she'll be starting to show by then... Patricia assures her that it won't matter. Jen, though, says she doesn't want to have the baby. Patricia, looking surprised, says she thought Jen had made up her mind. Jen says she tried to pretend - she tried to have a good time and forget about it - but she was lying in bed last night and she realised she'd been kidding herself. Patricia starts to say that she and Martin are both agreed... but Jen interrupts her and tells her that she doesn't understand: there's something else. Patricia starts to say that she's been faced with the same situation herself, but Jen interrupts again and says it's not the same: there's something Patricia doesn't know. Patricia folds her arms and Jen says, "You must believe me - I really can't go through with it." Patricia asks what this 'something else' is that they should know. Jen pleads, "You've got to help me." Patricia asks how can she? She then asks Jen if she's talked to her father, but Jen says he's the last person she can tell. Patricia says she doesn't see how she can help - if Jen won't talk to her father, and she won't confide in her... Peter suddenly comes in and asks what keeping them. Jen says they're coming. She goes out, leaving Patricia standing looking worried.

The 'phone rings at the Palmer house, and David answers it. Meanwhile, Doug comes in the back door to join Beryl in the kitchen, where he remarks that she's starting on tea already. Beryl points out that it's a special occasion, and adds that she hopes Rosie brings her appetite down with her! Doug sits down at the table and says he supposes Rosie is looking forward to someone else doing the cooking! Changing the subject, Beryl asks how the kids' service went. Doug sourly replies that he doesn't think any of them even know where Tipperary is! Beryl asks him if he had a drink with his mates after, but Doug says he'll leave that 'til tomorrow - he had something else to do today. Beryl asks what it was, but Doug replies that it's just something he had to pick up. In the lounge room, David hangs up the 'phone, walks into the kitchen and announces that that was Rosie: she can't make it. Doug's face immediately drops. David continues that she had a bit of a turn this morning; it doesn't seem to be serious, but she just has to take it easy for a few weeks. He adds that she'll be alright, and she gives her love. Beryl remarks, "What a shame." Doug, looking upset, says you can't count on anything these days. He walks off, a disappointed expression on his face.

The party in the Healy garden is still in full swing, but Wayne is sitting on his own, away from the others, and Patricia walks over to him and points out that it's supposed to be a celebration! She sits down next to him and assures him that she knows what she's doing. Wayne sourly says he can't see what she hopes to get out of it. In reply, Patricia tells him that he doesn't have any imagination - she's going to make sure the wedding day is a day Martin never forgets. Peter suddenly comes over and offers more drinks, but Patricia and Wayne both say they're fine. Peter then tells Patricia that he didn't actually get a chance to congratulate her, and the two of them shake hands. Patricia tells him that she's glad he approves. He walks off again, and Patricia smiles. Wayne looks at her, gleefully!

Sometime later, Jen is washing up indoors, and Peter is with her. He asks her what she really thinks about the engagement, but Jen just repeats that it's fine by her - she would have said if it wasn't. She walks off, and Martin then comes in. Peter asks him if he's going to Patricia's, and says he is. Peter says he'll have to go and pick up Kev, then, as he's staying with them while some girlfriend of his granddad's is visiting. He wickedly adds, "No doubt about you old blokes!" He then says Martin will have a passenger in the morning, as Kevin will be bumming a lift to the dawn service. He adds that Kevin's granddad talked him into it, but it's a waste of good sleeping time if you ask him. Martin immediately snaps that that's a stupid thing to say. Taken aback, Peter says his father knows what he means, but Martin says he doesn't. Peter says the war happened years ago - it's a pretty lousy thing to remember anyway: a bunch of blokes killing each other; it's best just to forget it . Having listened to this, Martin snaps at Peter that if he doesn't understand something, it's best not to talk about it. Peter persists that that's all ANZAC's about, isn't it? A good excuse for a booze-up as well, he guesses. Martin angrily snaps that what it is is a chance for men to remember dead mates - men who fought beside them and didn't make it back. He then suggests that Peter should lose someone that way and see how he feels; someone he's close to... Calming down slightly, he snaps that there's no point talking about it. Peter says he's sorry - he didn't think. Martin snaps that the trouble with him is that he doesn't take anything seriously - it'll get him into hot water one day. Peter comments that it's just the way he is, he supposes. He goes out to head for the Palmer house, leaving Martin looking annoyed.

Kevin is in the Palmer living room, and he asks Doug if the kids took it out of him. Doug agrees that they did! Kevin asks if there were a lot there, but Doug sourly says that they were only there because they had to be - it meant nothing to them; the war - they don't understand; how could anyone unless they'd been through it? Kevin tells his grandfather that he can't imagine what it was like, and he hopes he never finds out. Changing the subject, Doug asks Kevin if he's going to Peter's. Kevin replies that he might as well, and he adds that it's too bad that Rosie can't come. Doug says it can't be helped. Kevin assures him that he'll still be there in the morning, adding that it's the first dawn service he's ever been to; he's looking forward to it. Doug says, "Good on you!" Kevin tells Doug to cheer up and adds that he'll see him at the service. He goes into the kitchen, where Beryl is preparing dinner and David is talking to her. Peter arrives and asks Kevin if he's ready to go. Kevin says he is. Peter then says, "I nearly forgot. Guess what happened today: Dad and Mrs. Hamilton are going to get married!" He walks off, leaving Beryl and David looking at each other in shock.

At Woombai, Paul is talking to two young women, and he says it sounds great! They walk off, and Jill comes over to him and asks him if he's enjoying the job. Paul says he is. He then asks Jill what he can do for her, and Jill replies that she wants to invite him for dinner tonight. Paul suspiciously asks if it's her invite or Fiona's, and Jill admits that it's Fiona's - she thought it would be a good idea. The two of them start walking, and Paul asks if there will only be the four of them. Before Jill can answer, Paul says, "Thanks anyway." Jill asks why he doesn't want to come, and Paul replies that he'd feel the odd one out. Jill suggests that he invite someone, adding that there are plenty of pretty girls around; there must be someone he fancies. She then adds that he wouldn't want to upset her... Paul smiles and agrees that he wouldn't want to do that! Jill says that's good, and she asks how many places she should set. Paul tells her to set just one - he can't think of anyone he'd want to invite.

At the Palmers', Beryl is doing up Doug's tie as he says Angela won't mind - he's sure Rob will understand. Beryl points out that they'll be disappointed: first Rosie, then Kevin and now Doug - they cooked for seven and ended up with four. Doug reluctantly says he wouldn't be much company, anyway. David comes in asks what's up, and Beryl explains that Doug has decided to go to the reunion after all. David asks if she means the Bill Woods show, and then adds that he thought Doug had said 'no' to that one. Doug says he called Bill; there's no point him missing out now that Rosie's not there - and he might never see some of the blokes again. Beryl admits that he may as well go and enjoy himself. David jokes that at least he won't have to put up with all those old war stories! Doug, though, tells David that he doesn't appreciate a good yarn; young Kevin shows more interest. Beryl warns Doug not to overdo it, as Kevin will be expecting him at the dawn service. Doug indignantly says, "As if I'd miss it!" David tells his father to take care, and Beryl suggests to him that he get a cab home. David says, "Yeah, we don't want any 'phone calls from Russell Street in the middle of the night!" Doug walks off indignantly, as Beryl and David laugh!

Jen is sitting alone in the Healy house, watching TV, when Peter and Kevin come in. Kevin asks Jen if she's still coming tomorrow night, but Jen says she might give it a miss - she's feeling a bit off at the moment. Peter asks what the matter is, but Jen gets up and storms off, saying, "Nothing's the matter." Peter and Kevin look at each other in surprise.

Fiona, Jill, Paul, Bert and Brian are sitting at the dinner table at Woombai, and Paul says it was a wonderful dinner. Jill offers him some dessert, but Fiona quickly tells her that she's done enough. She then adds that there's only one way to finish off a dinner like that. Jill says, "Not champagne?!" Fiona laughs and says she was going to put it off 'til after the race, but she can't see any harm in starting the celebration now. Bert points out that it's bad luck to do that, and Fiona immediately remarks that he's not superstitious, is he? Bert says you need all the luck you can get. Brian chips in that if it's luck they're after, he knows a way they can encourage it: link arms with a beautiful lady, close your eyes, and, as you drink, wish hard for the thing that you want. Fiona laughs, and Jill says, "Talk about Irish blarney!" Fiona, though, says she thinks it's wonderful and they're going to try it! Bert says he's game - if it'll work with orange juice! Fiona says that of course it will, and she goes out to get the drinks!

Angela brings a tray into the Palmer kitchen and puts it on the table. She asks Beryl if she's sure she doesn't want a hand with the washing up, but Beryl assures her that she'll be right. In the lounge room, Rob comments to David that he thinks Angela isn't really looking forward to seeing her mum. David asks Rob what he thinks Angela will say, but Rob says he doesn't know - it depends on what sort of mood she's in. David says that as far as he's concerned, Pat and Martin Healy deserve each other; it's not worth Angie getting upset about. At that moment, Angela comes back in and asks Rob if he's ready. He says he is, and he and Angela get up to go. All-of-a-sudden, a banging and clattering noise comes from outside, and Doug's voice drunkenly cries out, "Thanks Bill!" David and Rob immediately go out to see to him, and Angela remarks to Beryl that she thinks they might have a bit of trouble getting him started in the morning! Beryl says he's probably had a very hard night fighting World War II all over again!

At the Healys', Kevin and Peter are playing a video game, which Kevin wins. He switches off the TV, and Peter calls him a piker for not wanting to carry on. Kevin remarks that he thought Peter wasn't interested in war. Peter replies that that doesn't mean he's not good at it - but he'll give the dawn service a miss. Kevin asks what about a war movie, and Peter agrees. They decide to watch a John Wayne flick. As they settle down, Kevin asks what's wrong with Jennifer. Peter says she's been a bit strange all day. Kevin asks if it's about Martin getting married, but Peter says he doesn't think so - she likes Patricia.

At Woombai, Fiona, Jill and Paul are having a post-dinner coffee and brandy. Fiona decides to go to bed early, leading Paul to comment that he thought she was always the proverbial night owl! Fiona says she isn't anymore - not up there, anyway! Jill remarks that it must be the fresh air. Fiona immediately replies, "Or the champagne!" Paul thanks her again for inviting him, and Fiona says it's OK. She then suggests to Jill that she could use an early night, too, before leaving the room. When they're alone, Paul comments to Jill that Fiona still hasn't forgiven him, but Jill says she will do, sooner or later; tonight was a start. She gets up to clear away and go to bed, but Paul asks her if she minds him finishing his drink first. Jill sits down again, but Paul tells her to go to bed - he'll lock up. Jill asks him if he's sure, and he insists. Jill goes. Paul then sits there for a while, looking thoughtful. He eventually puts his drink down on the table, stands up and goes over to the 'phone, where he starts dialling a number. At the Keegans', the 'phone starts ringing just as Rob and Angela arrive home, and Angela says she'll get it. She picks up the receiver, hears the STD pips, and then Paul comes on and says it's him - he has to talk to her. Angela quietly says she thought they agreed not to talk to each other. Paul, though, tells her that he can't stop thinking about her. Angela whispers that he'll have to. She asks him if it was him who rang yesterday, and Paul says it was. He adds that he's tried, but he knows she feels the same way. Angela says she can't talk now. As Rob comes in and puts the light on, Angela quickly tells Paul that there's no one there by that name. She looks at Rob, who asks if it's a wrong number. Paul tells Angela to call him tomorrow at the Reid house. Angela says, "That's right: Keegan." Paul insists, "I have to talk to you." Angela says that that wasn't the surname of the previous owner, either. She says goodbye and hangs up. Paul looks upset.

At the Healy house, Peter and Kevin are still watching the film, and Kevin remarks that it's a bit far-fetched. Martin comes in and says he thought Kevin would be getting an early night. Peter tells his father to give Kevin a break - he wants to see his hero wipe out the Japs. Martin corrects, "Japanese." Peter asks, "Sorry?" Martin mutters to forget it. He asks if Jennifer's in bed, and Peter says he thinks so. Martin says it was a bit thoughtless having the TV so loud, then. Peter remarks that she can sleep through anything. Martin, though, says it doesn't hurt to think of others for a change. Kevin stands up and says he thinks he'll miss the rest - he has an early start in the morning. He heads off to bed, and, as he does so, Martin tells him that he'll see him at about 4am. Peter turns the film off and then asks his father if he wants to take him on at the video game. Martin agrees. He then reminds Peter that he did ask him to keep an eye on Jen. Peter says he knows; she didn't want to know about them, though. He asks his father what's wrong with her, but Martin replies that he thinks she should tell Peter herself. Peter looks at him in surprise, and asks if it's personal. Martin tells his son to just take it easy on her. Peter says, "Sure." Turning his attention back to the video game, he then warns his father that he's running pretty hot tonight. Martin tells Peter to let an expert show him how it should really be done!

In the lounge room at the Palmers', Doug is nursing his head, and David gives him a hot drink, remarking as he does so that Doug must have had a fair bit. Doug indignantly says he only had one too many - not enough to make him feel this bad. He then says it must have been those oysters Bill bought. David says he hopes Doug isn't going to let Kev go on his own in the morning. Doug snaps that he hasn't missed it for forty years; he'll be there. David asks his father if he's still down about Rosie. Doug says she's a good woman. David points out that there will be other times; she might even be there for Mother's Day. Doug sourly says time moves pretty quickly when you get to his age. He puts his hand in his jacket pocket and takes out a small case, which he opens, saying as he does so that there aren't too many second chances. He hands David the case, which contains a ring. Beryl comes in as David realises that that's what Doug was doing in town this morning. Doug ruefully says it's a hard enough thing for a bloke to decide without it going wrong. He sips his drink, looking upset.

Peter and Martin are still playing the video game, and Peter remarks that he thought Martin was supposed to be an ace fighter pilot. Martin snaps that he just needs to get used to the damn control. Peter jokes, "Any excuse!" Jen suddenly comes in and asks what they're doing. Peter explains that he's thrashing the old man! Martin tells Peter that that's what he thinks! Peter comments that he hopes his father was better in the real thing. Martin hits something and says, "There. Got one." Peter, though, tells him that he'll have to do better than that - he'll have to keep his guard up. He then jokingly asks his father how he ever beat off all those Noggies in Vietnam! Martin, though, angrily warns Peter that if he makes one more smart-aleck comment about Vietnam... Peter points out that it's only a game, but Martin snaps that he not talking about the game - he's talking about the stupid cracks Peter keeps making; war's no joking matter. Peter tells his father that he just doesn't like losing, to which Martin retorts that he doesn't like Peter's attitude; anyone else would have the sense to keep his mouth shut. Fed up, he gets up and goes off to bed. Jen immediately snaps at Peter, "God, you're dumb." Peter annoyedly says, "Thanks..." before heading to bed as well. Jen goes and turns off the games machine, and then goes to the 'phone, looks up a number in the pad and dials. The number rings and Patricia answers. Jen says she knows it's late, but she has to talk to someone...

A short while later, at Toorak, Patricia and Jen are sitting on the settee, and Jen is sobbing that she actually came out to talk to him, but he's in such a terrible mood... She continues that, ever since she decided to have the baby, she's tried to ignore it all - to forget the real problem - but it's just got too much. Patricia listens, but then tells Jen that she hasn't got a clue what she's talking about - the same as this afternoon. She asks again, "Now come on, what is the big mystery?" Jen tells her: "Adam is the father of my baby." Patricia is visibly taken aback. She says, "Your brother?" Jen explains that he's not really her brother - she was adopted, and only got to know him when she twelve, and he left for Europe when she was 14; he was more like a friend than a brother - and over there, it didn't seem wrong; she couldn't tell Martin, though, as he'd hate them both. She cries that she can't go through with it; if he ever did find out, he'd hate the baby, too. Patricia holds Jen as she sobs that Patricia has got to help her - she's got to help her get rid of it. Patricia hugs the girl and tries to calm her down, tenderly telling her not to get so upset. She wipes Jen's tears, and half-amusingly tells her that she's not a very pretty sight. She suggests to her that she pop upstairs, wash her face and calm down a little bit, and she'll try and think of some way she can help. Jen says to Patricia that she will help, then. Patricia says she'll try; they'll see. She helps Jen stand up, and they go to the doorway, where Jen says, "You do understand, don't you - about Adam? It's not like he really is my brother." Patricia tenderly says she knows; she then adds that she sees Jen's point about Martin - he sees things in very black and white terms. She tells Jen go to go upstairs, adding that she'll be waiting. As Jen heads up, Patricia realises that Wayne is standing nearby. She turns to him and says, "You heard." Wayne remarks that it's quite a story. He asks Patricia what she's going to do. Patricia stands there with a smug look on her face and replies, "Help her; what else?"


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