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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John D. Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Patricia angrily asks Margaret what the hell she's talking about. Margaret quickly replies that she's sorry - she lost her temper; she shouldn't have said anything. Patricia, though, points out that she did. Margaret starts to say that she... but Patricia interrupts and snaps at her not to try and backpeddle; she's not a fool. Margaret asks what the point is of going into it, but Patricia snaps at her that she brought it up. Margaret insists that it was years ago; the details are unimportant - it's what it shows that's important - what sort of man Martin is. Patricia angrily retorts, "Or what sort of woman you are." Margaret reluctantly says she supposes so, and then adds that she's not proud of it. Patricia asks for the full story, but Margaret shakes her head. Patricia says she'll ask Martin, then. Margaret pleads, "Patricia..." but Patricia just snaps that she wants the full story. Margaret cries that the last thing she ever meant to do was to harm her. Patricia storms off upstairs. Margaret stands there, crying.

A while later, Patricia is at the Healy house, where Martin tells her that, quite frankly, he doesn't see why she's making such a fuss. Patricia looks astonished and snaps that he's got to be joking. Martin replies that, OK, he and Margaret had an affair; so what? It had no effect on him and Patricia at the time. Patricia angrily asks how she's supposed to know that. Martin replies that he just told her. Realising that he's not going to win, he suggests that, if Patricia wants to know what happened, they should talk about it out by the pool, as Peter is in his room and he'd prefer to keep him out of it.

Outside, Martin explains that Margaret first came to see him soon after they discovered Patricia was pregnant. Margaret was worried; he had a wife and child and couldn't marry Patricia, and with Patricia only 17, Margaret wanted to make sure he did the right thing. He met her once or twice to discuss it and they were attracted to each other. The two of them stop walking as Martin continues that Margaret felt badly at first, but it had no bearing on how he felt about Patricia; they'd finished by then, anyway. Patricia snaps that he'd got what he wanted by then. Martin tells her that he knows she's upset, but it wasn't like that. Patricia snaps at Martin that he's finding it very difficult to take this very seriously at all. Martin insists that he's trying to be reasonable about it, which is more than she's being. He adds that no harm was done by it then, so why agonise about it now? Patricia furiously snaps, "No harm? Do you have any idea what I went through? I was terrified at the thought of terminating my pregnancy. Going to the dance that night, knowing what you'd arranged; knowing that I'd be sneaking out--" She stops as something occurs to her, and she demands, "Whose idea was it?" Martin asks her what she means. Patricia says she means the termination: was it his idea or Margaret's; you don't forget a thing like that; where were they when discussed it - in bed? Martin tells Patricia that getting hysterical isn't going to help, but Patricia angrily says it helps her. She shouts again, "Whose idea was it?" Martin quietly replies, "Margaret's. She was very keen that I should do the right thing by you." Patricia snaps that she did the right thing by having an affair with him. She then adds that the two of them really deserved each other. She storms off. Martin calls after her, but Patricia shouts at him to just leave her alone. Martin stops where he is, looking frustrated. Patricia runs out of the garden and then stops by the road, looking upset. She then starts running again.

Margaret is sitting in the lounge room at Toorak when the front door opens. She gets up and runs out to see if it's Patricia, but it's not - it's Wayne, who smiles sarcastically and says, "Sorry!" He then adds that he hopes there was no trouble between her and Patricia. Margaret replies that it's nothing she can't sort out. Wayne says that's a pity. Margaret looks worried.

A taxi pulls up outside Toorak, and Patricia gets out of the back seat before slowly closing the door. The taxi moves off, and Patricia strides purposefully towards the house.

Inside, Margaret stares at Patricia, who calmly says there's one thing that hasn't changed: she still tends to over-dramatise things. Margaret anxiously says she was so worried - she didn't know what to expect. Patricia smiles at her and tells her that, half an hour ago, she would have thrown her out - she really had a go at Martin - but she thought about it on the way home and realised they're both right: it was a long time ago. Wayne comes in as Margaret says yesterday meant to much to her - she started to feel close to Patricia again - they forgot the grudges they'd been holding - then, when Patricia went out earlier, she thought she'd ruined everything, just when it was starting to sort itself out. Patricia walks right up to Margaret, looks straight into her eyes and tells her that she hasn't ruined anything; they're adults - most of the time - and it would be silly to let anything spoil what they've achieved. The two of them hug, as Wayne looks on in surprise. Patricia then says she'd better ring Martin and let him know that they've calmed down - and she'll invite him for dinner tonight. Margaret asks if that's wise, but Patricia says that of course it is - it's better to face the situation as soon as possible and clear the air. Margaret looks at Wayne and asks him if he'll be in for dinner. Wayne asks Patricia if she wants him to be, and Patricia replies that there's no reason why not. She then tells Margaret that she knows how she feels about Martin, but she's willing to let bygones be bygones, and she hopes Margaret can too. Margaret says she can try. Patricia then suggests to her sister that she go into the kitchen and make a start; she'll be in once she's 'phoned Martin. Margaret leaves the room, and Wayne immediately asks Patricia what's going on. Patricia changes tone and says, "You were right: she's a user." Wayne asks why Patricia is doing the 'loving sisters' bit, then. Patricia replies that he'll see soon enough. She goes out to the 'phone and dials a number. There's a sound of ringing and Martin then comes on. Patricia says, "Hello, darling - I'm ringing to apologise..."

Later, the front door buzzer sounds at Toorak. Patricia, who's laying the table, asks Wayne to get it and then make himself scarce for a few minutes. Wayne replies that he wishes he knew what she's up to, but Patricia tells him that they can talk about it tomorrow, when they've got the place to themselves. Wayne goes to the door and lets Martin in, before walking off. Patricia tells Martin that she always did shout first and think later. Martin replies that at least she's calmed down; he knew she would - it was a long time ago. They hug briefly, and Patricia then says she'll go and check on the meat - she doesn't want to see it burning. Margaret comes in at that point, and Patricia remarks that she's just in time: she can keep Martin company while she looks in on dinner. An awkwardness pervades the atmosphere in the room as Martin sharply says, "Margaret," in greeting. Patricia suggests to Margaret that she could fix Martin a drink. She leaves the room, and Martin immediately says to Margaret that he's sure they can behave as reasonably as Patricia. Margaret curtly says she's sure they can. She asks Martin what he's drinking.

Beryl and Angela are watching a horror film on television at the Palmer house. They're both staring at the screen intently, but are startled by a loud clap of thunder, and Angela says that does it for her - she won't be able to sleep tonight if she watches any more! Beryl agrees, and suggests she turn it off. Angela asks her if she doesn't want to see how it finishes. Beryl laughs that she'd rather have a good night's sleep! They both get up and Angela thanks Beryl for having her over. Beryl goes to put the kettle on. As she heads into the kitchen, the 'phone rings, and Angela answers it. The caller is Fiona, who, surprised to hear Angela's voice, asks her if she's visiting. Angela explains that she and Beryl are keeping each other company while the men are away! Fiona laughs, "Hens' party, huh?" Angela says she'll go and get Beryl, but Fiona stops her and says that, before she does, Paul's doing fine, if she's interested. Angela falls silent. When there's no response, Fiona says, "Angela?" Angela quickly, but uncertainly, says that's good. Fiona tells her that it was a bit rough the first few days, but he's relaxing now - and he's very popular with the young ladies; she'll have to put him on the brochures as an added attraction! Angela starts looking upset, but tells Fiona that she should! She then asks how Paul is handling it, and Fiona replies that she's given him a job running the guest quarters. Having heard this, Angela says she'll get Beryl. A few seconds later, Beryl comes on and asks Fiona if she's rung up for a gossip. Fiona, though, just asks if Angela's OK. Beryl replies that sure she is, and asks why the concern. Fiona explains that Angela went all strange on her; did she say something? Angela is standing a short distance away from Beryl, looking upset.

At the dinner table at Toorak, Martin and Patricia are alone, and Martin jokes that he thinks he scared Margaret away - he doesn't think she's prepared to be quite as friendly as he is. Patricia tells him that it takes time. Martin says it's a shame Margaret doesn't take after her - if she can calm down so quickly... he must say, her call surprised him. Patricia smiles and says she guesses she's just the reasonable type. Martin says, "Yes, you are!" He puts his arm round Patricia, but she quickly says she's sorry, but she's really rather tired; it must be the champagne. She asks if they can call it a night. Martin offers to help her clear up, but Patricia says it's alright. Martin thanks her for a lovely night, and they kiss. Martin tells Patricia that he'll see her tomorrow. They kiss again, Martin picks up his jacket, turns and says 'goodnight' and goes. Patricia glares after him...

Later that evening, Martin is sitting watching TV at the Healy house when Jen comes in and says, "Talk about dumb!" Martin asks what he's done. Jen reminds him that he was supposed to wait for her at Patricia's. Martin says he's sorry, and explains that they had a bit of an upset; it slipped his mind. Jen says it's OK: Wayne drove her home; he's nice. Martin looks surprised, and he says that he's rever really taken to him. He then asks Jen if she saw Patricia. Jen replies that she was in a pretty bad mood - she tried to talk to her about her problems, but she didn't want to know. She pours herself an orange juice as Martin tells her that Patricia was probably just tired. He then asks Jen if she had a good night, and Jen says it was. Martin tells her that he's glad to see her getting out and enjoying herself. He then asks if she's told Peter about the baby, but she shakes her head. Martin points out that she's going to have to start telling people pretty soon; it won't be long 'til she starts showing. He then adds that she knows she's doing the right thing. Jen uncertainly says, "Course I do, Dad." The expression on her face suggests otherwise, though.

Kevin and Darren are sitting on the floor in the living room at the Keegan house, writing a note on a postcard. Angela arrives home and, seeing the boys laughing and joking, asks what's going on. Kevin explains that they're playing a trick on Max Burke: they've pinched his garden gnome and they're going to keep it for a week and send him postcards from it; then they'll paint its face brown and put it back in his yard! Angela doesn't look impressed. She asks Darren where he got the postcards from and Darren replies that they went round to his house - he got the cards from a holiday he was on; his Mum wasn't there, so it was OK. Angela immediately snaps that she doesn't know why she's even bothering with him: he should go round there to talk to his mum, not to sneak in when she's out. Kevin starts to say that it was his idea, but Angela snaps that she thought he'd be a little bit more sensible; the last thing she needs is Max Burke on her back. She angrily yells, "You're idiots - both of you." She storms off.

The next morning, in the Palmer kitchen, Kevin is telling Beryl that Angela blew her stack; they were only having some fun. Beryl points out that that's the way with practical jokes: they seem funny until they backfire. Kevin says he wouldn't have been surprised if Angela had burst into tears; it can't just have been what they did. Beryl admits that Angela did seem a bit quiet last night. Doug, who's sitting at the table, says the poor lass has been through a lot lately - he was over there when she was having trouble with her old boyfriend; she's damn lucky she ended up with Rob; Rosie didn't take to Paul, either - that was enough for him. He then reminds Beryl that Rosie's arriving tomorrow night - she's got to get the room ready. He looks at Beryl and realises she isn't listening. He repeats that she mustn't forget that she's got to make sure she gets Rosie's room ready. Beryl says, "As if I would!" She then adds that she might pop around to Angela's, after, and see if she wants to talk about it.

At Woombai, Fiona is signing a letter printed on headed paper when Paul comes in. Fiona tells him that he certainly doesn't waste any time in getting down to it! Paul replies that he wants to do a good job - and those letters to local tradesmen will be valuable PR. Fiona agrees that it was a good idea. She then says Bert is expecting her down at the track; she'd better get a move on. Paul asks if he can use the 'phone, as he has to ring the office and let reception know he'll be in town most of the morning. Fiona agrees. She then adds that, by the way, she spoke to Angela last night and told her how well he's doing. Paul asks what she said. Fiona replies that she didn't say much; she thinks she caught her at a bad time. She walks off, leaving Paul looking thoughtful.

At Rob and Angela's, Darren and Angela are having breakfast, and Darren says he'd better be getting to school. He asks what he should do with the gnome, adding that it may be be stupid, but it's funny! He then adds that he's sorry - he shouldn't have snuck home - but it is funny. He continues that Kevin is sending the postcard today; he can't wait to see Max Burke's face! Angela admits that she supposes it does have its funny side. The 'phone rings, and Darren gets it. The STD pips sound; the caller is Paul. In Melbourne, Darren says 'hello' several times, but Paul, realising he can't speak to Angela, doesn't say anything, and Darren eventually hangs up. Angela asks who it was, but Darren says he doesn't know. He adds that it was STD, though - probably a bad line, and they'll call back. Angela looks upset and says, "Yeah..." She stares at the 'phone...

Patricia is sitting in the lounge room at Toorak when Margaret comes downstairs. Patricia remarks that she's on the go early, and Margaret explains that she's got an interview - receptionist in the city. She then says she felt rather uncomfortable last night; she doesn't know about Patricia... Patricia says she thought it was fine - Martin made an effort. Margaret says she didn't find it easy seeing him again - even after all these years. Patricia says she has more right to be resentful than Margaret does, but she then suggests that they talk about it when Margaret gets home; she doesn't want her to be late. Margaret tells Patricia that the last thing she wants to do is to hurt her, and she adds that Patricia knows that. Patricia unconvincingly says, "Of course..." She then says she hopes Margaret and Martin can sort it out; she wants them both around - it's important to her...

Angela is washing up when there's a knock at the back door. She opens it to find Beryl standing there. Beryl immediately remarks that Angela must have been off in the clouds - she's been ringing at the front door for ages! Angela explains that it's a bit hard to hear out there, when the door's closed. Beryl adds, "Or when you're a million miles away!" Angela laughs uneasily. She then says she'll make some more tea, but Beryl tells her not to worry about it. Angela, though, says she wouldn't mind some more - she didn't sleep much last night. Beryl says Kevin said to say he's sorry for that stupid prank, and she asks Angela if that's what's worrying her. Angela says, "Yeah... couple of idiots." Beryl sees the expression on her face, though, and asks, "What is it?" Angela says, "I'm scared, Beryl. I thought I'd got Paul out of my system; haven't thought about him for months... I don't know... When he was... when he was going awry, it was easy not to think about him - I amost pretend he didn't exist. And when things started to go wrong for him... well, I felt sorry for him. And then..." Beryl says, "You, er... you think you still love him?" Angela says she doesn't want to hurt Rob - she wouldn't do that - she just keeps thinking about Paul all the time. Beryl tells Angela that she certainly has a knack of complicating things for herself; she thought it might be something like that. Angela realises that if Beryl caught on to it... Beryl tells her not to worry about Rob - she'd have to put it right in front of his face before he'd realise! She then asks Angela what she's going to do. Angela assures Beryl that she won't hurt Rob. Beryl says she knows. Angela tells her that she's sorry to drag her into this, but she just had to have someone to talk to. Beryl says Angela knows she's always there if she needs her - it won't go any further. They hug tightly, Angela looking slightly relieved.

At Toorak, Patricia is ranting to Wayne that they're both so damn smug - they think they've got her exactly where they want her. She continues that Wayne should have heard Martin yesterday - he couldn't understand why she was so upset; she asks Wayne if he can believe that. She quotes Martin: "'It was all so long ago,'" and then adds, "Not for me it wasn't." Wayne asks her what she's going to do about it. Patricia ignores this, though, and continues that Margaret, this morning: "'I didn't want to hurt you.' Oh God." She draws on her cigarette. Wayne smiles. Patricia says she thinks Margaret is getting quite used to living the good life, and not having to worry about money; given time, she could come to rely on it. She continues that there's no point in throwing her out now - it wouldn't mean anything; but in a few months, when she's used to it, she'll miss it. Wayne snaps that, in a few months, Patricia will probably have forgotten about it - they'll be loving sisters again. Patricia angrily says, "Oh no, I won't forget about it. I don't care how long it takes - they're going to pay." Wayne asks about loverboy: what's she going to do to him? Patricia, standing there with cigarette in hand, turns to Wayne and says, "I'm going to tell him I've decided to marry him." Wayne looks astonished. Patricia smiles at him, a nasty look in her eye...


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