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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

At Woombai, Fiona asks Paul if he's got any idea what Patricia is up to. Paul replies that he hasn't got a clue - the first he heard about it was when Fiona called; the booking must have been taking while he was out. Fiona tells Paul that she doesn't want any trouble, but Paul asks why should there be any? Fiona snaps that he doesn't think Patricia's coming coming down there for the riding, does he? Paul suggests that maybe she is - the booking is for her and her sister. Fiona points out that if Patricia wants to have a go at him, she will, sister or no sister. Paul murmurs, "Maybe." Fiona asks him how things were between him and Patricia when he left Melbourne, and Paul replies that they were lousy - he had just tried to kill her son! Fiona asks if Paul actually threatened Patricia, but he tells her that he didn't. Fiona comments, "Not directly..." Paul retorts that that's his business, but Fiona snaps that it isn't when it affects the running of Woombai; if there's any trouble when Patricia's there, she'll throw them both out. Paul assures her that there won't be any trouble. He then adds that, if he can use Fiona's 'phone, he might be able to find out exactly what she's up to. Fiona asks who he would call. Paul reluctantly says, "Angela." Fiona thinks for a moment and then says, "OK." She stands there, but Paul tells her that the call is personal. Fiona turns, picks up some papers from the table and tells Paul to let her know what Angela says - if it's not too personal...

Darren is on the 'phone at Rob and Angela's, telling the person at the other end that he'll see them at about 9pm, then. As he hangs up, Angela, who is standing in the kitchen doorway, asks if that was his mum. He replies that it was. Angela asks Darren if he's going home, and he tells her, "Yes." Angela says she bets Mrs. Brooks was happy, and she adds that he's doing the right thing. Darren says he just hopes it works out OK. Angela tells him that of course it will. She then asks if he's going there now, but Darren explains that he's got to meet her at school, to tell the headmaster he's leaving. Angela says she and Rob will give him a lift. She calls out to Rob that they're ready when he is. Rob gets up from the dining room and asks why all Darren's smiles. Angela replies that they'll tell him on the way. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Rob asks if he should get it. Angela thinks for a moment and then tells him to leave it - if it's important, they'll ring back. They go out.

At Toorak, Patricia is sitting working at the table when Wayne comes in and says he bets Paul is in a flap - he must be wondering what's going on. Patricia just agrees with a, "Hmm..." Wayne then asks what lover boy said when he called, and Patricia replies that he said he'd miss her. Wayne sarcastically remarks, "Touching." Patricia continues that Martin is even leaving work early so that he can drive them to the airport. Wayne asks Patricia if she's not worried that Martin will sort things out with Jen while she's away. In reply, Patricia tells Wayne that he won't if Wayne does what she tells him to. Wayne, looking surprised, asks, "What?" Patricia, though, says they'll talk about it later - she wants to get the Ramberg business out of the way before she goes. Wayne persists in wanting to know what he can do, adding that Martin doesn't even like him. Patricia smiles and says, "Jennifer does." Wayne warns, "Mother..." Patricia insists that they'll talk about it later.

Peter is swimming in the Healys' pool. He glides over to the side, where Jennifer is sitting, and starts splashing her! She snaps at him not to be stupid. Peter climbs out and sits next to her - he tells her that, between her and Dad, it's not much fun living there. Jen says it's not her fault. Peter offers to talk to his father, but Jen snaps that she doesn't need anyone stickng up for her. At that moment, Martin starts approaching them, and Jen decides it's time for a few more laps; she drops into the pool. Peter stands up and Martin tells him that he'll home early - he's just changing and taking Patricia to the airport. Peter asks where she's going, and Martin explains that she and her sister are heading for a few days' holiday. Standing by the gate that is part of the safety fence surrounding the pool, Martin fiddles with it and says the catch is gone; he tells Peter to make sure he gets someone in today to fix it. Peter suggests that his father can ring from work, but Martin snaps at him to just do it. Peter snaps back not to take it out on him. Martin walks off, but Peter runs after him and Martin stops. He tells his father to give Jen a go. Martin curtly says, "It's between her and me."

Later, in the Healy lounge room, Peter is sketching when Jen comes in with the post. She asks Peter if he's rung about the pool gate, and Peter gets up and goes to the 'phone directory to get the number. At that moment, the 'phone rings and Peter answers it. The caller is Kevin, who's on his lunch break. He tells Peter that he thinks he's got some bad news for him. Peter asks what the problem is, and Kevin replies that he's grabbed the local paper - it just came out; the ANZAC Day sketches are in it. Peter says that's great! When Kevin doesn't reply, he adds, "Isn't it?" Kevin asks Peter if he's got wheels. Peter says he has, and so Kevin tells him to drop over to the Palmer house and have a look for himself - David and Beryl have got a copy. Peter says it can't be that bad. Kevin tells him, "Don't kid yourself..."

Peter is at the Palmer house, looking at the sketches in the newspaper which, in the way they're set out, suggest that the war heroes are upstanding members of the community, but, after a few drinks, they start fighting and brawling. Peter, looking upset, says it looks like he's saying they're all drunks. Beryl looks at it as Peter continues that it's the way they put them together - he just drew the things that he saw and the way that he felt; now it looks like he's saying they're all a pack of murderers. Beryl asks Peter if he didn't ask them how they were going to use the drawings. Peter admits that he was too excited that they were going to print them. David takes the paper to have a look as Peter says his Dad is going to kill him when he sees it. Beryl tells him to explain it to him, but Peter sullenly says he's been in such a bad mood lately that he doubts he'll listen. David points out that it's only a local paper - it's very unlikely Martin will ever know anything about it. Peter, though, replies that a few blokes from his Dad's work live in the area; it's got his name on it; if they tell Martin, it'll make things ten times worse if he hasn't said anything. David asks if he's going to tell him, then. Peter replies, "Hope Dad's in a good mood..."

Angela and Rob arrive home with some bags of shopping; Patricia is with them. In the kitchen, Angela tells her mother that they finally got Darren sorted out - but his Mum had to drop the coffee shop job. Patricia remarks that it's back to square one with the renovations. Angela replies that it is in a way - but she's changed her mind: she's not going to bother with all that fancy decorating; she's going to do it herself - save money and be lot more casual. Patricia looks surprised, and comments that that doesn't sound very upmarket. Angela retorts that she doesn't want to be upmarket - she wants it to be a place where people relax. Patricia asks Rob what he thinks, but he just replies, "Whatever makes her happy." He goes off to get the rest of the shopping. Patricia tells Angela that as long as she knows what she's doing... Angela warns, "Mother..." Patricia gives in, but says she doesn't like the sound of it much, though. Angela replies that, if Patricia is lucky, she might get her to come round and help paint! Patricia jokes that thank God she's got an excuse; she then explains that she and Margaret are going away for a few days, on holiday. Angela remarks she hasn't even met Margaret and Patricia is taking her away. Patricia replies that she doesn't want to rush things - she wants her to relax with her before she starts introducing her around. Angela agrees that that's a good idea. She then asks where Patricia is taking her. Patricia replies, "Woombai." Angela, who is putting away the shopping, stops in her tracks, a look of horror on her face. Patricia continues that she's talked so much about it that she thought Margaret ought to see it...

The 'phone rings at the Riding School reception, and when it's answered, Angela asks for Paul. The receptionist calls him and he comes to the 'phone. Angela tells him that it's her, and she asks if he knows about Patricia. Paul tells the receptionist to take a break, and she goes. When he's alone, Paul tells Angela that he's been trying to get through to her. He asks when she found out, and she replies that it was about ten minutes ago; Patricia has just gone. She then continues that she wants Paul to keep out of her mother's way. Paul asks if Patricia will keep out of his way. Angela asks what he means. Paul replies that he can't work out why she's coming - she hasn't found out about them, has she? Angela explains that that's why she's calling - she doesn't want him saying anything stupid. Paul says, "Like what?" Angela replies that, if he and Patricia start arguing, she doesn't want him saying the wrong thing. Paul retorts that he's not stupid. Angela says she was just making sure - what happened shouldn't have, and she doesn't want Rob getting hurt because of it. Paul assures her that he won't say anything. He then asks why Patricia is coming up there. Angela replies that it's to show her sister the place - although she can't understand why - she's always hated it. Paul tells Angela that she can relax - he'll keep out of Patricia's way. Angela says that's all she called for. Paul says, "Angela..." but Angela repeats that that's all she called for, and she hangs up. Paul looks annoyed.

At Toorak, Wayne is sitting at the table when Patricia comes in. She asks if Margaret is ready yet, but Wayne says she's still packing. He asks Patricia how she went, and she replies that she despairs about Angela sometimes. She then explains about her daughter changing her mind about the coffee shop, adding exasperatedly that she wants DIY decorating, and customers to match, she should think. Wayne laughs! Patricia asks what that's for. Wayne tells her that he can't believe her: the things she's got on her mind, why give a damn about Angela's coffee shop? Patricia replies that she worries about her. Wayne remarks that he thought she would have enough to worry about, with Margaret and Martin - and Paul; but then, of course, little Angie always did come first. Patricia exasperately says, "Oh, Wayne, don't be childish." Wayne stands up and, changing the subject, says Patricia had better tell him what he has to do about Jennifer, as Margaret will be down soon. Patricia replies that she wants him to see Jen as often as he can - pretend he's concerned, or whatever; as long as he keeps it simmering between her and Martin. Wayne tells Patricia that he doesn't know why she's bothering - he thought that the things she's got planned for the wedding day would be more than enough to keep her happy. Patricia snaps that that's four weeks away - she wants trouble for him now. As the conversation continues, Margaret comes downstairs quietly; Patricia and Wayne keep talking without realising that she's standing in the doorway, listening to every word. Wayne remarks that Patricia really hates them. Patricia retorts that she hates both of them - Martin really thinks she can't do without him - and poor, hardly-done-by, Margaret; what stuns her is that they really expect her to accept what happened between them; she can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they get what's coming to them. Margaret looks shocked.

Darren has returned to Rob and Angela's to pick up the rest of his things, and he comes downstairs with them. He then joins Rob and Angela in the kitchen, and Rob jokes, "Trust you to go when there's work to be done!" He offers him a coffee, but Darren says his mum is expecting him home. Rob asks if everything went well with them this morning, and Darren admits that Singapore sounds like it could be fun; he'll miss him and Angela, though. He continues that, before he met them, he... Rob says he understands. Darren then tells him that they'll see him and Angela at about 7:30. He adds that it'll be great having them round his place. He suddenly remembers Max Burke's gnome; he gets it out from under the sink and goes! Rob turns to Angela and tells her that he's really proud of her - she should have been a social worker! He puts his arms round her, but she's tries to shy away, and Rob asks if she's going all funny on him again. Angela insists that of course she isn't - it's just that Patricia was a bit 'thingy' about the coffee shop; she put her on edge. Rob remarks that it's funny Patricia going to Woombai - he hopes she doesn't rub Paul the wrong way. Angela says she's sure they'll keep out of each other's hair. Rob agrees, adding that he's sure having her sister there will help her keep the peace. Angela looks worried, though.

Margaret is walking in the grounds of Toorak, looking thoughtful. She looks at the house and then sits down on a bench in the front garden. Wayne comes out of the with the suitcases. He puts them down and looks at Margaret, who looks worried. He then goes inside and asks Patricia what her sister is sour about. Patricia replies that she's probably sulking because Martin is ferrying them to the airport. She adds that that's the only good thing about having him around - it irritates her. At that moment, Margaret comes back in, looking extremely cheerful, and she remarks that she loves the garden there - it's so relaxing; she imagines it will be quite dry at Woombai? Patricia agrees that, with the long drought they've had, yes, it will be. Margaret says she can't wait - it will be the first time she's ridden a horse. Patricia tells her that it's fun. Margaret says she's worried she hasn't packed enough clothes, and she goes to fetch another sweater. Alone with Wayne, Patricia comments that Margaret didn't look miserable to her. Wayne retorts that she did outside. Patricia doesn't pursue this, though; instead, she goes to the 'phone to ring Martin's to see if he's left yet. She adds that she'll be furious if he hasn't.

Peter and Martin are arguing as the 'phone starts ringing. Martin is yelling that he doesn't care what Peter thought - the pictures are there in black and white. Peter says his father doesn't think he'd do it deliberately, does he? Martin snaps that he doesn't want to think about either of them kids, anymore. He answers the 'phone, and Patricia remarks that he doesn't sound too happy. Martin snaps, "It's a bit hard with an idiot for a son." He then continues that he knows he's late; he's sorry. Patricia tells him that if he had problems, he should have called; it's probably better to get Wayne to take them, now. Martin tells her that he'll see her at the airport, but Patricia tells him not to bother - she's only going to be away for a week. Martin assures her that it's OK - it'll only take him a couple of minutes to sort things out there. Patricia tells him that she really doesn't mind, but Martin insists that he'll be there, and he hangs up. At Toorak, Wayne asks Patricia what's happened. Patricia replies that Martin is going to meet them out there. She then adds that it sounds like he's having problems with Peter, too...

At the Healys', Martin yells at his son that it's going to make him look an idiot if the men see it. Peter asks why his father isn't listening - it's the captions - they make them into something they're not. Martin yells that he doesn't care about that - he cares about what it looks like. Peter sourly snaps, "Yeah, right - can't have the Group Captain's son having ideas of his own." Martin snaps at his son not to get smart with him. Peter yells back that Martin is the one pushing it - any other father would take his word for it and forget it ever happened; some would probably tell him that they liked the sketches, whatever the captions - but not him. Martin snaps that he gives credit where it's due, and he can't see anything good to say about that rubbish. He then tells Peter to try surprising him one day: do something responsible for a change. He storms off, thrusting the newspaper at Peter as he goes. Jen comes in as Peter sits down. Peter sourly remarks that now he knows how Adam used to feel. Jen tells him that she doesn't think Martin would have been so tough if he wasn't in a bad mood already, about her. Peter snaps that his father is a con; he never realised it before - all along he thought he was OK; he could never understand why he and Adam didn't get on. He continues that, if Adam started thinking for himself...; if he started doing things that Group Captain Healy didn't like... He bitterly concludes that Martin didn't try to understand about his drawings, or about Jen, either. Jen asks Peter what he's going to do. Peter retorts that there's not a lot he can do; he needs to cool off.

After a few laps of the pool, Peter climbs out. Jen walks over, saying she's got a message for him: he's to meet Kevin down the offices of the local paper - it's something about them printing a retraction. Peter climbs out of the pool, yelling, "You little ripper!" He walks through the gate in the fence surrounding the pool, but the broken catch doesn't engage, and the gate bounces open again...

The little girl from next door is playing with a bucket and spade in the front garden as Peter gets on his motorbike. He calls out to Jen that Sharon's there again and she had better take her home. Jen is in the kitchen, though, and she doesn't appear to hear. Outside, Sharon gets up and starts walking round the garden...

At the Palmers', Peter is showing off some new sketches, and David says they're really great; he didn't know Peter was so clever! The sketches are of a cat and a bird, with the cat saying in the final picture, "Why sully the good name of the domestic cat, by reversion to the primitive!" David remarks that he's surprised by the big words, and Beryl agrees with him, adding that she's sure an adult would understand it, but she thought they were for children. Peter comments that it's back to the drawing board... Beryl tells him that she can't believe his luck: he goes in to have a piece of the editor and comes out with a job! Kevin points out that it's hardly a job - one comic strip a week - and only a local paper. Beryl says it's a start. Peter says he can't wait to see his Dad's face - he was pretty angry about the ANZAC sketches. Kevin reminds Peter that his father was mainly interested in a retraction. Peter says he can't wait to show him, anyway.

Jen is sitting in the Healy lounge room, tears pouring down her face. The front door bangs shut and she calls out, "Peter?" It's Martin, though. He comes in and says Peter is probably keeping out of his road after this afternoon. Jen, trembling, says, "Dad..." Martin snaps that he's not in the mood for it. Jen stands up and shouts, "Stop it, will you?" She then calms down and sobs, "Something terrible's happened."

Patricia and Margaret are at Woombai with Fiona, and Patricia tells Fiona that she's worked wonders with the place - although it's a little under-decorated for her taste! Fiona curtly says, "I'm sure." She then turns to Margaret and says, It's very nice to meet you, Miss. Dunne." Margaret quickly tells Fiona to call her 'Margaret'. Fiona explains that she'll find the amenities list in her room, and she adds that she's put Margaret down for a beginner's class. Margaret says she's looking forward to it. Paul, who's standing nearby, chips in that he'll show them to their rooms if they're ready. Patricia thanks him, and adds that, the way things have been, she appreciates him meeting them. Paul curtly says it's his job, and he and Margaret start to walk out. Fiona tells Patricia that she'd like a word with her - alone. Patricia tells Margaret to go and get settled in. When they're alone, Fiona tells Patricia that, if she's come to cause trouble, she might as well leave now; the first sign of it, she'll very gladly throw her out. Patricia sarcastically comments that Fiona always was so hospitable. She then continues that she can understand why Paul attacked Wayne - he was very confused - but, from what she understands, he's really trying to sort himself out; she wouldn't want to spoil that... She adds that, if there's going to be any trouble, it won't be her fault. She then smiles nastily, says, "Nice to see you again!" and walks off. Fiona looks annoyed.

Later, Paul is sitting behind the reception desk, in the semi-darkness, when Margaret comes in and tells him that they're lovely rooms. Paul replies that they're quite different from the original layout. He then asks Margaret if he can get her something, but she declines, saying she'll just sit there for a while and read a magazine. She then asks Paul if he knows Patricia, adding that it was just something Patricia said when they arrived: 'the way things have been'. Paul asks if Patricia hasn't told her about him, and Margaret replies that she hasn't. Paul says it's not worth discussing, and he asks to be excused. As he leaves the room, Patricia is just coming in; they both step out into the corridor, still in Margaret's earshot. Paul says, "Evening," to Patricia. Patricia remarks that he's working late, to which Paul replies that he enjoys the job. Patricia snaps that that's good, and she then says, "Excuse me." Paul steps in front of her, though, and tells her that she never thought he'd do it. Patricia asks what he's talking about. Paul tells her that he's got her worried, but Patricia laughs and tells her not to be ridiculous. Margaret is listening as Paul says he isn't. He then says, "Night," and walks off. Patricia goes and joins Margaret, who remarks that she thought her sister had gone for a walk. Patricia says she felt like a bit of fresh air. She sits down and comments that Paul seems a little touchy. Margaret innocently says, "Really?" Patricia tells her not to worry about that - they're there to enjoy themselves. Margaret says, "Right."

At the Healys', Martin is sitting in a chair when he hears Peter's motorbike roar up outside. Jen comes into the room in her nightclothes. Martin tells her to get back to bed, but Jen says no - she wants to be there. The front door bangs and Peter calls out that he's home. He comes in and says he's he's got some great news: he got a retraction on the sketches-- He spots the expressions on his father's and Jen's faces and asks what's wrong. Martin curtly asks Peter where he's been. Peter says, "Kevin's - why?" Martin angrily growls that he told Peter to get the pool gate fixed, didn't he? Jen cries, "Dad..." Martin tells her to shut up. Peter asks what the hell is going on. Martin snaps, "I'll tell you what's going on, boy. What's going on is that a three year old girl drowned in our pool today, because of your damned irresponsibility." Peter looks shocked as Martin grabs his shirt, gives him a shove and continues, "And right now, all I feel like doing is killing you."


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