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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John D. Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

At Rob and Angela's, Angela says to Mrs. Porter that she hopes she doesn't mind her eating in front of her. Mrs. Porter says of course not. Angela then tells Mrs. Porter that she's glad she called in. Mrs. Porter replies that she supposes both of them have the same things on their minds; she goes on to say that Max Burke called on her earlier - she then asks if Angela is really opening a coffee shop. Angela replies that they're thinking about it, but Max Burke seems to think they're out to ruin the street, which they're not - they don't want to cause trouble. Mrs. Porter tells Angela that she has to understand their concerns - she doesn't like Max Burke or even really agree with him, but the house did used to be a problem when young people dropped in and out - and there was a lot of noise as well. Angela assures Mrs. Porter that the coffee shop won't be that sort of place, and they won't see a young person from one week to the next. There's a knock at the front door, and Angela answers it to find Kevin there. He explains that he's arranged to meet Peter there. He comes in and Angela introduces him to Mrs. Porter. Mrs. Porter remarks that it was Kevin who had trouble with the bike. Angela quickly says the bike was only borrowed. Mrs. Porter says motorbikes are dangerous and very noisy. Angela informs Kevin that she says just telling Mrs. Porter about the coffee shop. Kevin enthusiastically says it's a beaut idea. Mrs. Porter suggests they need to attract the right clientele, to which Kevin - to Angela's horror - says he and Pete will get all their mates to start coming. Mrs. Porter looks disgusted. Angela sighs!

At the Palmers', Doug tells David that he never knows when to keep quiet. David replies that he thought he was doing the right thing. Doug says Kevin kept saying he didn't want to talk. Beryl chips in and tells them both to forget about it. She then tells Doug that she's saved the veggie peelings for him, but Doug says he thinks he may lay low on the compost heap for a while. He explains that, while he was outside, Vic Hardy told them about a letter he got from Lynn, and although he may be a bad-tempered old coot, he's real cut up about his daughter. He says he feels a bit bad using the compost heap to annoy him - he's only been thinking of Kevin's side of sings. Beryl remarks that Doug is really a softy at heart. Doug replies that you can't kick a man when he's down.

Angela says goodnight to Mrs. Porter and sees her out. When she returns to the kitchen, she tells Kevin to put his foot in it next time! She then explains about the PR job she was doing, and Kevin says he's sorry. Angela tells him not to worry. She then tells him to come and talk to her while she does the washing up. She asks him how come he's meeting Peter there, and Kevin explains about the row he had at home, about David spying on him and about how the job is getting on his wick as well. He adds that David is really down on Pete just because he doesn't like Martin Healy; he adds that he's really had him. A loud car horn suddenly sounds, and Kevin says that's probably Peter. Angela remarks that Mrs. Porter has probably just had a heart attack!

Patricia is sitting in the loungeroom at Toorak, listening to classical music, when Wayne comes in and turns the volume down. Patricia exclaims that she was listening to that. Wayne tells her it was a dirge. Patricia tells him to turn it back up, but as he does so, the piece of music comes to an end. Wayne comments that Patricia only listens to music when she's in a bad mood. He then says things haven't worked out too well: John in the airforce, flyboy taking off for Laverton for a while and not calling... Patricia sarcastically says Wayne is such a sympathetic soul to have around the place. Wayne remarks that Martin Healy is really cocky that he got his own way about John going in. Patricia replies that he has his own way for now...

Doug is asleep on the couch in front of the TV. Beryl looks at him and smiles. She gets up from the seat next to him and turns the TV off. David, in the armchair, also stirs. Beryl tells Doug that it's bedtime. As he wakes from his sleep, Doug says it was a good show! Beryl laughs! Doug gets up, yawns and asks if Kevin is back. Beryl says he isn't yet. Doug says he'll be alright. Beryl replies that she's sure he will. When Doug has gone, Beryl sits down next to David and asks if Kevin will really be alright. David says he hopes so, as it seems to be one problem after another at the moment. Beryl replies that as long as there are none on Friday. David asks what's happening on Friday, and Beryl tells him not to be silly. David innocently asks what, and Beryl replies that they're grounds for divorce. David asks her what she's talking about, and Beryl tells him that it's their anniversary: 21 years. David says he didn't think - he won't be there, as he's booked for a Sydney trip. Beryl says she'll have to stay on her own and have the whole anniversary pavlova to herself! David says he's sorry. Beryl says it's OK - she should be used to it by now.

Angela is clearing up in the kitchen when she hears a clattering noise outside. She calls out, asking who's there. She then opens the back door, looks out and again asks if anyone's there. She adds that her husband's upstairs and tells whoever's out there to stop being stupid. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Angela goes to answer it. As she approaches the door, she calls out to the person to stop fooling around, but when she opens it, she finds Darren standing there. He asks what's wrong, and Angela asks him what he's doing there. Darren replies that he was on his way back from the library, he saw the lights on and, as he knows Rob's away for a couple of days, he thought he'd check on Angela. Angela asks him if he came round the back first, but he replies no. Angela tells him that, seeing as he's there, he can come in and do her a favour.

A short time later, Darren tells Angela that he's looked round the yard and in the lane and there's noone there. Angela says it was probably just a cat. She adds that she's glad Darren went out of his way to check on her - she can sleep now. Darren says it could be Max Burke, but Angela says she doesn't think he'd do something like that. Darren says he's crazy, and he adds that he might pop in every now and then while Rob's away - if Burke sees there's someone there, it might put him off. Angela tells Darren that she doesn't want to put him out, but Darren assures her that he has nothing better to do. Angela thanks him. Darren sips his cup of tea.

Kevin arrives home late, and quietly shuts the front door. He turns out the hall light and goes into his bedroom. A few seconds later, Beryl and Doug both emerge from their respective rooms and, happy that Kevin's home alright, wish each other goodnight.

The next morning, Beryl tells David and Doug that whatever Kevin decides, they'll go along with it. Doug says he heard him up, and he doubts he'll go back to the bank. Beryl says she doesn't know what he'll do, but they'll go along with it and she wants no more arguments. Kevin suddenly comes into the kitchen in a cheery mood and announces that he's decided to stick with the bank, although he still feels the same about Lynn. He looks at David and pointedly says it was Pete that talked him into sticking with it.

There's a knock at Angela's front door - it's Darren. He tells her that he can't stop, but he went to the shops first thing and bought a tape for her - when she hears a knock on the door, the tape makes a noise like there are lots of people there - it's a security tape. Angela tells him that there was no need to go to so much trouble. Darren just says he has to dash to school. As he leaves, he tells Angela that he'll see her this afternoon.

Later, Patricia is visiting Angela, and Angela remarks to her mother that Darren is a funny kid - she can't figure him out. Patricia says he sounds like a ready-made security guard. Angela says he seemed rude at first, and Patricia tells her daughter that it's her charm that's won him round. Angela says she wishes she had some charm for Mrs. Porter! Patricia says she wishes people would mind their own business. Angela says she can't blame her for worrying. Patricia then offers to pop next door and introduce herself, as it might help if Mrs. Porter sees what background Angela is from. Angela agrees that it's worth a try, and Patricia goes. The 'phone rings and Angela puts the tape player by it and turns the tape on before the answers. The caller is Paul. He tells Angela that he won't disturb her if she has friends there. Angela explains that it's just a tape, and she turns it off. She asks how she can help, and Paul replies that he's at a loose end, and he wondered if Angela would like to come round. Angela explains that she's tied up, as Patricia's there. Paul says he won't bother, then. Angela remarks that Paul must be lonely, and Paul replies that he doesn't know anyone down there that he wants to see - except for Angela. Angela tells him that Rob's home tomorrow and she'll talk to him first. Paul comments that Angela needs to get approval. Angela tells him that he can't blame her after what happened with Dominie. She says she'll be in touch, and that's a promise. As she hangs up, she looks guilty.

Beryl ends a 'phone call by thanking Victor for letting them know. She calls David from the garden, and David joins her and Doug in the kithen. Beryl explains that Vic called to say Kevin is a different boy today - he's really going out of his way to do the right thing. David remarks that it looks like he's getting himself together. Doug asks if that's it, as he has work to do. He goes. Beryl says to David that that's one problem solved for anniversary day. David jokingly tells her not to start! He suggests that, with Kevin sorted out, why doesn't Beryl come with him in his truck - they can spend a couple of days together and have a second honeymoon. Beryl comments that that's the most dramatic thing David's ever done! She adds that she thinks it's a wonderful idea! They hug.

Patricia has returned to Angela's and says Mrs. Porter can talk - but it was worth it, as she dropped all the names she could and Angela is now almost a celebrity! She adds that Mrs. Porter will be dropping in to take Angela on a round of the neighbours. There's a knock at door - it's Mrs. Porter! As Angela heads out, she tells Patricia that she had a call earlier - from Paul - she thinks he's pretty lonely. As she walks out, she doesn't see the look of annoyance that crosses Patricia's face...

At Toorak, Patricia tells Wayne that she doesn't want Paul contacting Angela. Wayne says he doesn't see that there's much Patricia can do about it. Patricia replies that she's managed to keep Angela in the dark so far about what happened; she doesn't want Paul giving her the details. Wayne suggests warning him off, then, but Patricia says that wouldn't work. Wayne replies that it depends on what you say. Patricia, though, says no - she won't warn him off - Wayne will. Wayne tells her that he's got better things to do, and Patricia asks him if he means sitting around and sniping at her. She tells him to go over now and make sure Paul keeps away from Angela. Wayne agrees that it might be fun, actually. He goes out.

Darren looks through Angela's kitchen window, but he can't see anyone. He tries the back door and finds it's unlocked. He walks into the house and calls out Angela's name, but there's no answer. He walks down the hall, continuing to call out, and then returns to the kitchen. He switches on the tape, looks round the kitchen and spots the dishes on the drainer by the sink. He walks over, picks up the drainer and turns it onto the floor, smashing the plates in the process. He then leaves via the back door...

Kevin gets home as Beryl's on the 'phone to Fiona. Fiona asks how he's bearing up, and Beryl says he's coming out the other side. Going back to the original subject, Fiona tells Beryl that she and David will have the place to themselves as she will be gone for couple of weeks, thanks to 'Rosie's Hope'. Beryl asks if the trainer's confident, and Fiona says he is - enough to keep the horse's times under wraps, which is why the final training is taking place at Woombai. She adds that she's looking forward to going back. Beryl asks if Jill will be going, and Fiona says yes. She then suggests that Beryl fly up early and spend a few days at Woombai. Beryl thinks about it, and Fiona tells her to ask David and call her back. Beryl admits that it sounds very tempting, and she says she'll call back later tonight. Fiona says she'll keep her fingers crossed. The calls ends and Beryl tells Kevin that she's going to spend some time with David in Sydney, and possibly with Fiona. Kevin asks how come, and Beryl says it's a second honeymoon. She asks if Kevin will be alright, and Kevin points out that Doug will be there. He also adds that it doesn't matter what David says - he and Peter are good mates - plus Peter's sister will be back in a few days, and they'll be taking her around. Beryl admits that she doesn't agree with David, but she tells Kevin to be sensible, and should any more letters come... Kevin, though, says he doesn't want to read any more of her letters. He asks if Doug's out the back, and Beryl nods. As he goes outside, Beryl looks concerned.

Paul is ironing when there's a knock at the door. He opens it and asks Wayne what he wants. Wayne sarcastically says he heard Paul was lonely. He sees the ironing on the board and asks if it's Paul's bellboy uniform. Paul just says, "Something like that." Wayne tells him that he'll have to give him the name of the hotel - he'll send Ramberg business there, as he knows of quite a few people who'd like to have Paul carrying their bags. He adds that at least Paul has found his level. He tells Paul that he thought he was so clever when he came to their place as Gordy's golden-haired boy. He says he did some bad things but Paul topped them all. Paul tells Wayne to either go or he'll throw him out. Wayne says, "OK - message from mother: Keep away from Angie or we'll make sure you're made a fool of." He adds, "Not that you haven't made a big enough one of yourself already." He goes.

Angela enters her house, thanking Mrs. Porter and saying goodbye. Just as she closes the front door, though, someone knocks, and she opens it again to find Darren standing there. She tells him that she must be going crazy, as she left the tape on and doesn't remember. They go into the kitchen and Angela sees the plates on the floor. She says, "Oh hell!" She asks Darren if he's thinking what she's thinking. Shen then asks why Max Burke would do it. Darren says it would be the same reason as he let down the tyres on the bike - to get at Angela. He adds that it looks like it's a good thing he's there. Angela says it certainly does. As she looks at the plates, she doesn't notice Darren staring at her, intently...


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