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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John D. Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Angela sweeps up the broken crockery and Darren helps. Angela says she thinks she should call the police, but Darren asks what they could do. He asks if Burke broke in, and Angela checks and realises she hadn't locked the backdoor. Darren tells her that she would look silly if she calls the police. He offers to stay in case Burke tries something else. Angela says she still can't imagine Max Burke being so childish, but Darren says he doesn't know who else it could be. He asks if Angela's going to say something to him, but Angela replies that she's not going to give him the satisfaction. She then tells Darren that he should be getting home, as his parents will be worried. Darren, though, says they're good about that sort of thing. Angela tells him to phone them and let them know where he is. Darren agrees, and he dials a number on the 'phone while Angela takes the rubbish out. She therefore doesn't notice that he cuts off the call, and isn't actually talking to anyone when he says he'll be staying at a friend's house. He tells Angela that there was noone at home but he left a message on the answer machine. He adds that he can stay and look after her. Angela says she feels as if she has her own personal bodyguard...

Jill is washing up, and Fiona remarks that she hasn't eaten so early for ages. Jill points out that Fiona won't have such an early start for ages, either. Fiona comments that Beryl is excited about the trip, and Jill asks if they're picking Beryl up from the airport. Fiona replies that she's coming in on the first flight. Jill asks if Beryl's really only coming to see Fiona, and Fiona replies that she promised not to interfere. She asks Jill if she's alright, and Jill says of course she is. Fiona then says she's very proud of herself - she's got down to two cases; it was three! Jill says they'll never fit it all in the car, but Fiona replies that she's planned ahead and borrowed a station wagon. Jill jokes that, if Fiona could carry her wardrobe behind the car, she would!

Angela is checking the cupboards, and says it's lucky a few things were left intact or else they wouldn't be able to eat. Darren thanks her for the meal, and Angela says it's a pleasure. She tells Darren that he should be going home, but Darren says it's alright. Angela points out that it's 9:30pm, and Darren gives in. He has a final check round and he tells Angela that he'll give her his 'phone number. Angela jokes that she's sure Darren's parents will love her 'phoning in the middle of the night, but Darren says it's fine. He then says there's a sports carnival at school tomorrow - he's not doing anything in it so he can come round again. Angela remarks that Darren has a lot of sports days, and she hopes he's not using her as an excuse to wag school. She adds that he won't have to worry about her after tomorrow as Rob will be back. Darren says he can be with her until then. He writes down his 'phone number and Angela shows him out. Darren reminds her not to forget to lock the door properly, and Angela reminds him not to forget to go straight home. When he's gone, Angela looks thoughtful.

While Fiona is filling up the car with petrol, Beryl has bought a paper and some sweets. She offers Jill a sweet, but she declines. Beryl gets back in the car and Fiona hops into the driver's seat. Jill yawns. Fiona says she hopes this is the last time they have to fill up, as the price seems to keep going up and up! Beryl offers to contribute, but Fiona tells her she's a guest. They drive off.

As the travellers cover the road, Jill can't stop eating the sweets! Beryl says she won't be able to eat any lunch if she has any more! She offers Fiona one, but she declines, saying it'll ruin her diet! Jill sudddenly spots a hitchhiker by the side of the road, but Fiona says she doesn't want to stop for anyone she doesn't know. Jill says he looks alright. Beryl says they don't know what trouble they could get into. She adds that, according to the paper, there's a prison escapee in the area. As they drive past the man, Jill says he looks so sad, as if he's been waiting for hours. Fiona admits that he doesn't look too dangerous. Beryl says he is. Jill asks for a description of the prisoner, and Beryl says he's dark and 25. Jill points out that the hitchhiker is blonde! Fiona pulls over, the man runs to the car and Fiona asks him where he's heading. The man says he's going up north. He opens the back door to climb in and, upon seeing Jill, stares at her for several seconds, with a shocked expression upon his face. Jill smiles at him and tells him to put his bag in the back. The man continues to look shocked. He gets in, though, and they drive off. Fiona tells the man that he's very brave to get in a car with three women! The man replies that he's surprised they stopped! Fiona says they had a conference, and the man says he thought it was something like that. Fiona comments on the man's Irish accent, and the man introduces himself as Brian O'Donnel. Jill introduces herself, Beryl and Fiona. Fiona asks Brian why he's heading north, and Brian replies that he's travelling around, as you don't get to see a place if you stick to the cities. Jill asks him why he left Ireland, and Brian explains that he migrated. Jill asks him if he's there for good, and Brian says yes - he's been there six months so far. Jill asks him if he's worked yet, and Brian says he has on and off - now he wants to get a job up north - something with horses. Jill tells him that there's a riding school where they're going, and he should apply there, as they're real nice people from what she's heard - if you don't get on the wrong side of them! Beryl and Fiona look at each other.

At a picnic lunch break, Beryl asks what work Brian has been doing since he arrived, and he replies that he's taken whatever he can get. Beryl asks how long he's been there, and he tells her that it's six months. Jill decides to go for a wander, and Fiona tells her that they have five minutes before they have to leave. Fiona and Beryl start to clear up, and Brian looks as if he's going to help them, but he then wanders off after Jill. Beryl remarks to Fiona that there's something odd about him. Fiona puts on an 'evil' voice as she says he has something to hide! Beryl comments that he's heading off after Jill. Fiona says she's sure he's not going to attack her! Jill is walking along and doesn't notice a snake slithering along sthe ground. It crawls towards her, and Brian suddenly calls out from behind her, "Don't move." He picks up a big stick and hits the snake. By the car, Beryl says you hear so much about picking up hitchhikers. Fiona jokes that Beryl reads different papers to her! They suddenly hear Jill scream, and they run over to her. Brian uses the stick to pick up the snake, and Fiona asks where it came from. Jill says it nearly bit her. Beryl says she thought something terrible had happened. Jill says it was terrible enough for her.

Angela is stripping wallpaper as Darren watches. She says she hopes Darren's not using them as a way to get out of school, but Darren replies that he's worried about her. Angela assures him that she's only having him on. She says she'll be glad when they can get something done to the place. Darren offers to help, but Angela explains that they're not tackling it themselves, but are getting in professionals. Darren says it's a waste of money, and he suggests they'd be much better off getting friends in to help out. Angela replies that she'd prefer professionals to worry about whether it's right or wrong.

Fiona's car pulls up at Woombai and the party of four get out. Fiona tells Brian that it's a genuine offer - there's a job there for somebody, so why not him? Brian says he hopes Fiona's not just trying to thank him. Fiona says she's a businesswoman, and she doesn't do things like that. Brian agrees, and Fiona says she'll take him to meet Alan Pascoe. She adds that she's sure there's space for him in the men's quarters, but if not, he can stay in the house.

Jill and Beryl lug the cases into Woombai, and Beryl remarks that it's amazing that a long drive makes you so tired. She adds that it's nice to see the place again - and it's nice to see Jill again. She tells Jill that they were surprised when she up and left Melbourne. Jill guardedly explains that she thought that, if she was going to be miserable, she'd do it around Fiona, as she can cheer anyone up! Beryl says she's spoken to John on the 'phone and he's missing Jill. Jill reluctantly says, "Yeah, well." She suggests they work out who should sleep where. Beryl says she can't agree with Fiona about Brian. Jill asks her if she's still worried, and Beryl replies that it's fair enough offering him a job, but to stay there is a different kettle of fish. Jill points out that they don't know if he will, yet. Beryl says they know nothing about him. Jill asks if Beryl still thinks he's an escaped prisoner. Beryl replies that funnier things have happened. Jill says Bert will be there soon - he can protect them in an emergency!

The four new arrivals at Woombai are having tea, and Brian says it's very good cake. Fiona jokes that Beryl is the only person she knows who'd bring cake on holiday! Bert suddenly calls out, "Hello there," and he enters the room. Fiona introduces him to Beryl and Brian, and she asks if he has the girl outside. Bert says he certainly has - a couple of the boys are putting her in the holding yard. He adds that he left his suitcase in the truck, and Fiona says they can worry about it later. Bert says this is nice - being looked after by three charming women! Jill asks him if he had any trouble coming from Sydney. Bert replies that he had none at all, and he asks why? Jill explains that there's an escaped prisoner in the area, but Bert replies that she's behind the times, as he was picked up two hours ago. Looking sheepish, Beryl says, "More cake, Brian?"

Angela gets some cakes out of the oven, and Darren says they look great. Angela tells him it's good having him there, as she's bored with noone to talk to. At that moment, the front door opens and Rob comes in. Angela goes and hugs and kisses him. Rob says g'day to Darren and he asks what's been happening while he was away. Darren replies that there was nothing he couldn't handle. Rob remarks on Darren becoming a regular visitor, but Darren says he's just been looking after Angela. Rob jokes that Darren is out of a job now, and Darren reluctantly says he supposes. He tells Angela that he'll see her later. He leaves. Angela and Rob hug tightly.

A while later, Angela tells Rob that, apart from then, there was nothing else. Rob asks how much was broken, and Angela says it was only the stuff on the drainer. Rob tells her that she should have contacted the police, whether they were broken into or not. He adds that if anything else happens, Angela's to go to them, as they can't have her being scared to be by herself. Angela jokes that there's no chance with Darren on the job. Rob comments that it'll drive them mad if Darren's there all time, but Angela replies that he's a nice kid and company for her. Rob says he thinks there's something funny about him, as he seemed odd with him when he arrived home, like he resented him. Rob jokes that he thinks Darren has a crush on Angela!

In the grounds of Woombai, Bert tells Fiona that 'Rosie's Hope' is a beautiful mare, and with a few weeks' training, she'll have all the hallmarks of a winner. Fiona says they'll see. Bert tells her to just wait. Fiona jokes that he's an old smoothy, and Bert asks her what she can expect with three beautiful, unattached ladies around. Beryl tells him that they're not all unattached - she's married and Jill is engaged to her son in the airforce, who's the jealous type, so Bert should watch his step! Bert jokes that he's shaking in his boots! Brian is listening with interest. Jill suddenly asks if she can go back to the house, as she has a headache. Brian says he'll go with her. As they walk off, Fiona and Beryl watch, surprised. Bert remarks that Jill is a nice girl. Inside, Jill says Brain should have stayed outside with the others. Brian tells Jill that she doesn't look too bright, and Jill agrees that she doesn't feel too good - she feels cold. Brian says it's delayed shock, after the snake. He tells Jill to sit down and put her feet up. Jill lies down on the settee and Brian fetches a rug, which he puts over her. He tells her that she's in a bit of a mess, and he pours her a brandy to help her calm down. Jill sips it. She tells Brian that he doesn't understand, but she's grateful. Brian tells her to have a rest and he'll stay close by. As she closes her eyes, he looks at her intently.

Outside, Fiona says she knows Beryl doesn't mean it, but maybe it's best not to mention John in front of Jill, as she's missing him like crazy, but she'll be worried about how things will be going. Beryl asks in what way, and Fiona replies that something like that - a new career - could change someone. Beryl says Jill knows John better than that by now. They both start to say something at the same time. Beryl tells Fiona to go first, but Fiona says to forget it.

Jill is asleep, and Brian, sitting in an armchair, looks at her. He then gets out his wallet, takes out a photo and looks at it. The picture is of a woman who looks remarkably like Jill. Brian looks at Jill again. He then looks down, guiltily. He stands up, bends over Jill and strokes her hair. He then gets up and walks out of the room, leaving Jill to sleep in peace...


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