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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

At the Palmer house, Doug is sitting in the kitchen and he puts down his teacup. Kevin comes in carrying his schoolbag and a squash racket, and asks where Beryl is. Doug says she's hanging out the washing. Kevin puts his head out the back door and yells, "See ya, Mum". Doug asks what the racket's for, and Kevin says he and Peter are playing squash at lunchtime. Doug remarks that Kevin's seeing a fair bit of Peter, and he suggests that David might not like it. Kevin says David is being stupid - Peter stood by him in Surfer's Paradise. Doug agrees that good mates are rare. He asks how Kevin is making out in his new job. David comes into the kitchen just as Kevin says he's thinking of chucking it in. David comments that he's not giving it much of a go, but Kevin says he can't see himself ever liking it. David says that at least Kevin has a job. Kevin asks his father for a lift to work, but David says he's going the other way. Kevin says he'll have to get the tram then - the same one as Victor, which will mean he gets an ear-bashing all the way to work. Doug says he hoped David would drop him off at the bowling alley. David repeats that he's going the other way, but Doug tells him that he could give him and Kevin a lift and kill two birds with one stone. David gives in, but he tells Kevin that, in return, he has to give the job a go. Kevin agrees. David goes outside to say goodbye to Beryl. Kevin tells Doug that Vic keeps rabbiting on to him about the compost heap, and it's driving him crazy. Doug jokes that he's real sorry, and he tells Kevin not to let it get him down. He adds that he's glad Kevin's got a mate to take his mind off things.

Rob is reading the newspaper at the breakfast table, and Angela asks him if he's getting in practice for when they open. Rob jokes, "Yeah, right!" He asks what the time is, and Angela says it's just after 11:30am. Rob says Jill's 'plane will just be leaving. Angela remarks that it's funny about that - Jill going to Sydney. Rob says Jill and Fiona will be glad to spend time with each other. Changing the subject, Angela says they need to do something about getting an interior decorator in. Rob says he thought they'd do it themselves, but Angela says she wants to do it properly, and get in a professional. Rob says he doesn't want to sink too much money into the venture until they know it's a goer. Angela points out that you have to spend money to make money, to which Rob replies that that comment shows Angela's from a rich family. Angela jokes,"Filthy capitalist pig from way back!" There's a knock at the front door and Angela answers it to find a man, who introduces himself as Max Burke, from up the road, standing there. Angela introduces herself and invites Mr. Burke in. Rob also introdues himself and says they haven't met many of their new neighbours yet. Max Burke tells him that, when they do, they'll find that people don't like the coffee shop idea. He explains that he has a council friend who warned him about what Rob and Angela are up to, and they don't want something like that in the street, with all those cars roaring up and down. Rob says he's sure they wouldn't cause too much noise. Max Burke says the drop-in centre was trouble, but Rob says he just wants a quiet coffee shop. Max Burke says they got rid of the drop-in centre no trouble, because he carries clout. Angela asks if that's a threat. Max Burke says opening up a coffee shop is asking for trouble - don't say weren't warned...

A while later, Rob is getting in his car, outside the house, and Angela jokes that Max Burke is probably watching to ensure they're not lowering the tone of the neighbourhod. She asks if Burke could really stop them, but Rob says he doesn't know. He adds that they can talk when he gets back. He drives off, and Angela wishes him a good trip. When he's gone, Angela notices the boy from the day before has returned, and is standing behind her. She asks him if there's anything she can do, but the boy says, "No." Angela tells him that she'll see him later, then. She starts to head up the path to the house, and, as she's doing so, Max Burke emerges from Mrs. Porter's house, telling her she's a damn stubborn woman. He notices the boy standing there, and asks him what he's doing hanging around, as the drop-in place is closed. He adds that the lad should be at school. The boy says there's a swimming carnival, and he doesn't have to go. Burke says the boy should be at home, studying, then - not hanging about where he doesn't belong. Angela suddenly chips in and says she asked him over. She tells the boy to come inside and see what they're doing with the place. The boy agrees and follows Angela up the path. Max Burke says he meant what he said. Angela and the boy get inside, and Angela closes the door. She says Max Burke won't frighten them off. The boy asks why Angela invited him in, and Angela tells him that she thought he needed help. The boy says he can look after himself. He asks what Max Burke meant by what he said before, and Angela explains about the threats. The boy says Max Burke was the one who got the drop-in centre closed down - he thinks he owns the street, and likes to shove people around. Angela says Burke won't get rid of them. Rob suddenly comes in and says he forgot his wallet! Angela jokes that she thought it was Max Burke trying to get in. Rob asks if he's been back, and Angela tells him that he had another shot at her out the front and tried to bully - she looks at the boy, who introduces himself as Darren; Angela and Rob introduce themselves. Rob says he hopes Darren didn't feel heavied yesterday. Angela explains about inviting Darren in, and about how Darren thinks Max Burke fights dirty. Rob asks what he means, and Darren replies that Burke does things like letting down the tyres on the bike - he adds that he saw him. Rob asks why do it, and Darren replies that Burke hates kids. Rob asks how he got the drop-in centre closed, and Darren explains that Burke got the neighbours to sign a petition against it. Angela says that, if he does the same with them, they'll never get off the ground. Darren then tells them that, if they can get Mrs. Porter on-side, she might talk the other neighbours round. Angela remarks that Darren seems to be an expert on the neighbourhood. Rob says it sounds like more trouble than it's worth. Angela, though, says they can't let a cantankerous neighbour put them off. Rob asks what if there's trouble when he's away. Angela replies that she can give as good as she gets. Rob jokes that Angela likes a scrap! He goes to get his wallet and Angela thanks Darren for telling them about Mrs. Porter. Darren says he has to go. Angela tells him that Rob can give him a lift home, but Darren says he not going home. He quickly dashes out the front door, leaving Rob to return and ask where he's gone. Angela says she thought he wanted to be friendly, but didn't quite know how. Rob remarks that he seems a sullen sort of kid. He then asks when Angela's going to start sucking up to Mrs. Porter. Angela says it'll have to be when she's feeling patient!

Jill walks up to Fiona's front door at the boarding house, and tells Plan C that she'll be out of her basket in a minute. She knocks on the door, and Fiona answers it and hugs Jill. She adds that Jill should have called and she would have picked her up. Jill, though, says she didn't want to bother her. When Jill enters the room, she finds Rosie inside. Rosie tells her that she has to go, but it's lovely to see her again. Jill says it's nice to be back. Rosie asks after the Palmers, and Jill tells her that Doug is very well! Rosie asks if Jill is on holiday while John finishes his training, but Jill just flatly says, "That's right." Noticing the cat in the basket Rosie says she didn't think Jill would bring Planny for just ten weeks. Jill, though, says she'd miss her. Rosie has to get home, to pack for Gordon to go to the nursing home with Barbara. Jill asks how Barbara is, and Rosie says she's coming along. Jill says to give Barbara her best. Rosie says Fiona and Jill must come and have a meal with her, and they agree. Fiona sees Rosie out. When she returns, Jill remarks that Planny didn't cry once. Fiona says she doesn't get uptight - like her mum. Jill's face drops as she says she thought she was carrying it off OK. Fiona tells her that she knows her too well. She asks what the real story is. Jill replies, "I've left John - I don't think I can marry him."

A short time later, Jill is explaining to Fiona that John wants the airforce really badly, and she can't get in the way. Fiona says John might be keen on it, but he won't want to lose Jill because of it. Jill says the last thing he needs is a prostitute for a wife. Fiona tells her that she's listened to Martin Healy too much, but Jill says she was a prostitute - there's no way she can... Fiona, though, tells her to stop putting herself down - she did it when she was desperate, and what she's saying now is that she's not good enough for John. Jill says if John wants to be an officer, then yes. Fiona asks if that shouldn't be something for John to decide. She tells Jill that John loves her and wants to marry her and Jill loves him - they can't throw it all away. Jill says she just felt she had to get away for a while. If, after ten weeks, he decides not to stay on, then everything will be fine. Fiona asks will happen if he does stay on. Jill says she doesn't want to spoil it for him, and she tells Fiona that she hasn't seen how happy he is. Fiona tells Jill to stay for a couple of days and then go back. When John takes some leave, they should talk the whole thing out and Jill should tell him how she feels. Jill, though, snaps at Fiona not to push her, or she'll have to find somewhere else to stay - and she doesn't want to do that because she really needs Fiona now. Fiona smiles and says she'll look after Jill. Jill tells Fiona to promise not to interfere. Fiona nods.

At the hospital, Barbara wakes up and says hello to Gordon, adding that she hopes he hasn't been sitting there too long, as she's a sight for sore eyes. Gordon assures her that she looks fine to him. Barbara says she was lying there last night, thinking about Roland, and how lucky he was that he went so quickly. Gordon tells Barbara to stop feeling sorry for herself, but Barbara replies that she's feeling sorry for him. She tells Gordon that if he's coming to the home with her out of pity, she doesn't want that. Gordon, though, tells Barbara that she has one hell of a fight on her hands, and he'll be there to help her see it through. He adds that Wendy wants to be there too, so let her. Barbara says she hasn't said anything about it to Wendy. Gordon jokes that she's only trying to get rid of him! Barbara explains that Wendy never felt her mother needed her until now, and now she does and feels very important - it makes up for all the years they weren't very close. Gordon says the best way to do that is to let her see her mother on her feet again. He tells Barbara to go back to sleep, as she has a big day tomorrow and he'll be there when she wakes up. He tells her that he loves her, and then gets up and leaves the room. Wendy is outside the door, and Gordon asks her if she's been waiting long. She says she hasn't. She asks how Barbara was, and Gordon replies that she was miserable at first, but she's getting over it - he gave her a pep talk! Wendy tells Gordon that she's glad Barbara has him - she wouldn't have made it otherwise. Gordon points out that Barbara has Wendy as well, and that's incredibly important to her. Wendy half laughs that this is all a bit of a change, as she really let Gordon have it at first. Gordon says he's glad it's sorted out. Wendy says she is, too.

Angela asks Rob if he's ready to go, and he says he is, but wishes he didn't have to. Angela assures him that Max Burke doesn't bother her - he's too busy trying to drum up support, which is silly when the place they want to open won't bother anyone. Rob asks what sort of place do they want. Angela replies that it'll just be a small coffee shop. Rob points out that the kids might think of it as another drop-in centre. Angela says they're welcome - if they pay for their coffee! Rob points out that if they stay there but only drink one coffee per day, they won't have much business and it'll turn away the older customers. He says it has to be a proper business as they're sinking a lot of money into it. Angela says they can't just throw the kids out, and Rob replies that they have to make it clear that it's not that sort of place. Angela says Rob sounds as bad as Max Burke, but she know he's right - they have to be practical. She says she'll make the point to Mrs. Porter that they won't have too many kids hanging around. Rob wishes her luck, and Angela jokes that she thinks she'll need it! She asks what the chances are that she gets another rave about the noisy bike. Rob asks his wife if she's sure it's worth it, and Angela replies that she's never run away from a fight in her life. Rob says he didn't know what he was letting himself in for when he married Angela!. Angela asks him if he's sorry he did. They kiss!

Rob leaves the house and gets in his car. He doesn't notice Darren watching from a short distance away. As Rob drives off, Darren looks at the house.

David is fixing a chair when Kevin arrives home. Kevin jokes that David should have seen the look on Vic's face when they got home - the compost heap is even bigger, and Vic is having go at Doug now! David tells his son that a letter came today - from Lynn. Kevin ignores this, though, and asks what's for tea. David replies that it's stew and he points to the letter on the mantlepiece. Kevin says it can stay there - he's not interested in what she has to say. David asks him if he doesn't want to know how Davey is. At that point, Doug and Victor enter the house, arguing. Doug says the compost heap is staying where it is. Vic says he'll see about that. He then says it's time they got things sorted out about Kevin and the job. David asks what the problem is. Vic says that he and Kevin had a serious discussion on the way home, and when they got here, Kevin flitted off inside. Kevin snaps that it's between him and Vic, and they shouldn't drag David and Doug into it. David asks what the problem is, and Vic replies that it's Kevin's attitude: he was late back on his first day, he's barely civil to the other staff, he acts as if he's doing a favour by being there, he shows no interest in the work and he's surly when he's corrected after making mistake. Kevin repeats that he doesn't want to talk about it in there, but Vic says that's typical of Kevin's attitude. He adds that things aren't helped by the friends Kevin is running around with - the boy with the noisy bike, for instance. Kevin snaps that, just because Victor is his boss, he can't pick his mates for him. David, though, says Victor has a point - Peter is a bad influence, and Kevin wouldn't have raced off to Surfer's if it wasn't for him. Doug chips in that at least they did something to try and bring Davey back where he belongs. Vic snaps that Davey's place is with his mother. David tells them to forget that now. Kevin yells that the only reason David is against Peter is because he's Martin Healy's son. David, though, argues that he doesn't like Peter Healy because of what he's doing to Kevin: coming back from Queensland, mucking around in the swimming pool with a couple of girls. Vic asks when this was, and Kevin asks his father if he was spying. David says that of course he wasn't - he went over there to see if Kevin needed any help , but his son was too busy enjoying himself. Vic says it's no wonder that Kevin won't read the letter. Kevin yells that everyone there can go to hell and so can Lynn: "She took my son and ran off. Well that's the end of it as far as I'm concerned." He picks up the letter and tears it into shreds before adding, "My marriage is over - for good - so just get off my back, the lot of you."


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