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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

The next morning, Rob gets out of his car outside the new house and heads to the front door. As he does so, a neighbour comes out from the house next door. Rob and Angela are hugging in the hall, and Angela is telling Rob that she missed him when there's a knock at the door and the neighbour calls out, "Anyone home?" Angela tells Rob that they can't ignore her. She opens the door and says, "Morning, Mrs. Porter." Mrs. Porter walks in and announces that she has a couple of matters to discuss. She says she's not one to complain, but that motorbike outside - what a racket. Angela says she's sorry. Mrs. Porter says that, what with the party the other night, and now that machine... Angela apologises if there was any disturbance, and she assures Mrs. Porter that it won't happen again. She adds that the party was for a number of special occasions. Mrs. Porter queries the bike, and Angela says it won't be there again. Mrs. Porter says she's relieved, after all the rowdiness of the previous tenants. Angela asks if Mrs. Porter saw anyone letting down the bike's tyres, but Mrs. Porter says she didn't - but she knew it had happened when she saw the three of them looking at it. She says she thinks it might be a young boy - about 15, with wavy hair - who hangs around. Angela says she's never noticed him. Mrs. Porter says he always used to be there when the house was a drop-in centre. She adds that it's been so peaceful since they got rid of the centre. Angela suddenly announces that she has to get Rob's breakfast. Mrs. Porter warns them to keep a sharp eye on that boy. Angela says they will. She sees Mrs. Porter out and, upon her return, Rob asks what that was all about. Angela jokes that it'll teach him to go away and miss out on all the fun!

At her apartment, Jill is dialling a telephone number. It's Martin who answers. Jill says she's sorry to bother him, but she wonders if she could see him sometime today. Martin asks if anything's the matter. Jill replies that she has something important to tell him. Martin says he'll come to Jill's at lunchtime. Jill asks if he can ask Patricia to come too. Martin tells Jill that he'll see her at 1pm. Jill hangs up and then sits down, sadly. Paul comes in and Jill asks how his first shift was. Paul replies, "Don't ask." He then adds that it was a bit rough. Jill asks him if he wants some breakfast, but Paul replies that all he wants now is to crash. He goes off to bed. Jill puts her hands over her face.

Rob jokes that Mrs. Porter must think Angela's been entertaining Hell's Angels! He adds that he doesn't know about Peter Healy, but Kevin looks too clean cut for her to think it was him! Angela says Mrs. Porter thinks anyone with a motorbike is a trouble maker. Rob then says it's a turn up for the book, Peter being there. Angela replies that he's a really nice kid. Rob remarks that Mrs. Porter goes on a lot about her husband, and Angela tells him that she got the full story the other day - he's been dead for over 40 years! She explains that the house used to be a drop-in centre, and Mr. Porter, "...wouldn't have liked this and wouldn't have liked that." Rob says Mrs. Porter must have really loved him. Angela kisses him on the head and he asks what that was for. Angela tells him that she felt like it. She then says she got a list of regulations for the coffee shop from the council the other day. Rob tells her that so did he, on the way in! Angela says there's a lot to organise. Rob says he won't be around much, so won't be much help. Angela, though, says she can handle it - it'll keep her out of mischief. Rob says it's probably the only way they'll get any decent furniture round there!

Fiona's 'phone starts ringing just as she's about to go out. The caller is Jill, and Fiona asks her how things are. Jill says she's fine, she guesses. She then says she has a big favour to ask: can Fiona put her up for ten weeks or so? Fiona asks why, and Jill explains that John starts his basic training tomorrow, and she thought it would be better if she wasn't around to distract him. Fiona asks if there's anything wrong between the two of them. Jill pauses, but then says, "Now who's being silly?" Fiona tells Jill that she's welcome at any time. She adds that Jill can tell her all about it when she gets there. Jill, though, says there's nothing to tell, and she hangs up. Fiona looks thoughtful.

Angela arrives home and tells Rob that there's a young kid outside. Rob asks if it's Mrs. Porter's larrikin. He then wonders if he should have a word, and Angela says she supposes. The two of them go outside to see the boy standing at the end of the path. Rob asks him if he lives round there, but there's no reply. He then asks if the boy's waiting for someone, and again, there's silence. Mrs. Porter emerges from her house and tells Rob and Angela that this is the boy she was talking about. Rob asks him what he's doing, but Mrs. Porter interjects that he's up to no good, and he's bound to be the one who let down the bike. Rob turns to the boy and says, "Well?" The boy says it wasn't. Mrs. Porter tells him to own up, but the boy repeats that it wasn't him. He adds, though, that he knows who it was, and it wasn't a kid either. He walks off. Mrs. Porter tells Rob to watch him very carefully. She goes, and Angela asks if Rob believes it. Rob says he doesn't know. Back inside, Angela wonders why the boy was hanging around. Rob suggests that he was a regular at the drop-in centre, and he wanted to check out the new tenants. Angela remarks that he looked too well dressed. Rob says they probably won't see him again, anyway.

At Jill's, Jill tells Patricia and Martin that it's the hardest decision she's ever had to make. Martin says he's sure it is, but she's done the right thing. Jill asks Patricia if she should have said something, but Patricia says no - not until after the first ten weeks are up. Jill says John might not want to go on after that. Patricia asks how John feels about Jill going to Sydney, and Jill says he won't like it but she'll make it sound like a good idea. Patricia asks what about after the first ten weeks, if he decides to stay in. There's silence. Patricia remarks that at least John will be pleased Jill is staying with Fiona. Martin tells Jill that she's a sensible young lady, and he adds that this is John's one big chance. Patricia says it's very good of Jill not to influence John. Jill says there's nothing else she could do - if she put him on the spot, he'd resent her for it.

Rosie is sitting outside Barbara's room at the hospital. Fiona comes along and Rosie tells her that Gordon is there too. She comments on the flowers Fiona has brought, and Fiona jokes that she's sure the room already loooks like a florist shop! Rosie says Wayne sent a lovely big bunch. At the mention of Wayne's name, there are a few uncomfortable seconds. Fiona then asks if Gordon is in the room, and Rosie says she's giving them some time. She explains about the home in the country, and Fiona says it must mean Barbara's really on the mend. Rosie explains about Gordon going as well - full time for the first three weeks and then every weekend. At that moment, Gordon comes out of the room and Rosie takes Fiona's flowers to put them in water. Fiona says to Gordon that she heard Barbara is making good progress. Gordon says, "Relatively." Fiona then says Gordon must be looking forward to finishing up at Ramberg. Gordon says he's sorry if he's leaving things in the lurch, but Fiona must understand. Fiona, though, says she really doesn't think Richard Coleman is making a fist of it. Gordon asks what she means, and Fiona tells him that, yesterday, some very important clients came in and he fobbed them off. Gordon remarks that that's not good PR. Fiona asks Gordon if he could talk to Richard. Gordon says it's not really his place. Fiona says Richard is coming to Manly Terrace this afternoon for a social get together, and she pleads with Gordon to talk to him. Gordon agrees.

Richard Coleman is sipping tea and says it's very pleasant to be there. Fiona offers him further refreshment, but he declines. Fiona remarks that Richard must enjoy a challenge. Richard says he's not sure 'enjoy' is the right word! Fiona asks him if he's happy with the way the job going, and Richard says he is, although it's not as straightforward as he expected. Fiona says nothing ever is. Richard adds that the dicey financial situation doesn't help, but he's sure he'll have things under control soon. Fiona remarks that he sounds confident. Richard says a fresh hand at the helm is what the business needs. There's a knock at the door, and Fiona answers it to find Gordon standing there! She invites him in and tells him that she and Richard were having a social get together. Richard comments that he didn't expect to run into Gordon, and so Gordon explains that he and Fiona are old friends. Fiona asks Gordon if he has time for some tea, and Gordon says he'd love to. Fiona goes off to freshen the pot. leaving Gordon to tell Richard that this is a fortunate coincidence: since his fiancée's illness, they've not had time to talk. He adds that he's sorry to shove facts and figures and leave Richard to it, but Richard says he likes it like that. Gordon asks him if he has any major worries, but Richard replies that there's nothing he can't handle. Gordon says handling things is important - people especially: staff, creditors, customers - especially customers - all need to be treated with consideration and care. Fiona returns and Richard says he gets the feeling he's been set up. He tells Fiona and Gordon that he'll run Ramberg his own way, and if he wants advice, he'll ask. He adds that he doesn't appreciate suggestions that he's not up to the job. He asks if this was a set-up, and Fiona replies that she thought it might help if Richard talked to Gordon. Richard snaps that Gordon had his chance - he just needs the facts; the advice, Gordon can keep to himself. Gordon says that's fine, and he adds that Richard and Patricia should make a great team. Richard says they will. He tells Fiona that he doesn't appreciate this one little bit. He says he'll get back to the office. He thanks Fiona for the tea and sees himself out. When he's gone, Gordon remarks, "Pompous ass." Fiona says she thinks she just blew it. She tells Gordon that he can see what Richard's like - it's going to be a disaster without him there. Gordon says Ramberg and he don't need each other anymore - he only cares about Barbara now - it's no longer his problem.

David comments to Beryl that Kevin is a bit late home, and Beryl replies that he 'phoned to say he has to patch up a blunder he made. David says he's worried that Kevin's getting off to bad start. Beryl admits that he doesn't seem too interested. David says he's lucky he has a job. There's a knock at the door and John and Jill walk in. John and David go off to get a beer from the kitchen, while Jill tries some of the dip Beryl has made, and says it's lovely. Beryl asks Jill if she saw Doug outside, and Jill replies that he was playing with his compost heap! They look towards the kitchen, where David and John are talking loudly. Beryl tells Jill that she's going to miss John. In the kitchen, David remarks that this is John's last night of freedom. John says it's not that bad - it makes it sound as if he's getting married or something! In the loungeroom, Jill looks upset. Beryl tells her it's only ten weeks.

Fiona is on the 'phone to Patricia. She says that, as much as it pains her, she thinks they should call a temporary truce, as Richard Coleman is about to lead Ramberg down the tubes. She says she thinks Patricia should fly out and ask Gordon to stay on. Patricia sarcastically replies, "You have to be joking." Fiona says it's common sense, but Patricia asks her if she's suddenly a business expert. Fiona says Patricia has known for weeks that Richard Coleman isn't the man for the job - she's just too stubborn to she's admit wrong. Patricia just says, "Thankyou for letting me know." Fiona points out that Patricia could lose everything if Ramberg collapsed - and a lot of other people would suffer - including her. Patricia snidely comments that she's pleased to see Fiona is so concerned for the shareholders. She tells Fiona that he money is safe with her. Fiona asks Patricia to listen for once in her life. Patricia says thanks for the thought, but no thanks. Fiona rhetorically asks what's the use. Patricia asks if that's all. Fiona says there's one other thing: is there a problem between John and Jill that's causing Jill to come to Sydney? Patricia says there isn't as far as she knows. Fiona asks her if she's sure, but Patricia just tells her to ask Jill herself, as she's not in the mood for a chinwag. She curtly says, "Goodnight," and hangs up.

At Jill's, Jill says to John that it's the big day tomorrow. John says he's glad they didn't make too big a night of it. He asks Jill if she'll be picking him up in the BMW next weekend, but Jill says she doesn't think so - or the weekend after that. She tells John that she's decided to move up to see Fiona. John moves from sitting on the sofa to sitting on the floor next to his fiancée. Jill tells him that she knew he wouldn't like it, but she's thought about it a lot, and it's the best thing - she wants John to be able to concentrate on his studies. John says they won't see each other for ten weeks. Jill points out that, even if she stays, they'll only see each other for a couple of hours per week. She says she knows what she's doing, and she and Fiona can be lonely together. John asks Jill if she's really made up her mind, and Jill nods. John says he reckons the airforce is the only thing that will keep his mind off her. They hug and say they love each other. Jill, though, looks upset.

The next morning, at Toorak, Martin tells Patricia to cheer up, as this is a great day for John. Patricia sourly says, "And for you." She adds that at least she'll be able to visit John at weekends. She then says, "Poor Jill". Martin says it might not be a good idea to visit John too often, as he needs a chance to find his own feet. Patricia, though, snaps that she's gone along with Martin this far, but he shouldn't push it. The front door bangs and John and Jill come in. Martin asks John if he's nervous. John happily replies that he can't wait to get started! Martin tells him to get some glasses. John queries the grape juice that's on the table, and Martin says it's the nearest John will get to the real thing if he wants to fly a 'plane. John says he'd better get used to it then! Martin pours drinks for everyone and proposes a toast to John: "May this be the first day of a long and successful career." Jill raises her glass unhappily, but John raises his with a broad smile across his face.


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