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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Outside, John looks at his watch, and then walks over to his car, where he toots the horn. Jill hears this inside and tells Fiona that John is getting impatient. Fiona asks Jill if she's sure that's where she recognised Glen from. Jill replies that she didn't recognise him at first, but then it hit her - it was a couple of years ago, and a few airforce guys turned up totally out of it and wanting a good time - if they hadn't had so much to drink, he might have recognised her straight away. Fiona points out that the important thing is that he didn't. Jill says it would be embarrassing for both Martin and John if it came out that John was married to a pro - she knows John would start throwing punches at anybody who made smart comments, and that wouldn't be any good for his career. Fiona reminds Jill that John's not even in the airforce yet, but Jill explains that it's personal as well, because John doesn't like being reminded of her past. Fiona says John will cope, but she admits that Martin could be a problem. She suggests to Jill that it would be best if she told Martin, so that he doesn't find out when everyone else already knows and is laughing about it. She tells Jill to get in first with her version of the story, but she also warns her not to blurt it out; she needs to pick the right moment. She then warns her to stay away from Glen, and Jill gratefully thanks her for her advice. She hears the car horn again, and says she has to go. Fiona tells her to keep her chin up. The call ends, and Jill leaves some money by the 'phone. She picks up her bag and is just about to head outside when John comes back in to remark on her taking her time. Jill explains that two girls have gone off sick, so she's going to have to go to the restaurant. John asks her if the restaurant can't find someone else, but Jill tells him they can't. John says Martin will be disappointed.

At their new house, Angela tells Rob that she doesn't want Martin at the party tonight. Rob points out that it won't kill her to be in the same room as him, but this just causes Angela to ask her husband why he's so for it. Rob replies that he just wants to wish John and Jill well, and Martin doesn't come into it. Angela gives in and says she'll see Patricia after lunch.

At the South Yarra house, Patricia tells Angela that it's wonderful. They hug, but Angela says she doesn't feel any differently about him. Patricia says she and Martin can accept that. Angela says she still feels like she did the first day - that Martin tried to get rid of her and John before they were even born, and she can't ignore that. Patricia suggests that they just let themselves have a pleasant evening so they can show John and Jill that they're happy for them. After a brief period of silence, Angela comments that Patricia is really keen on Martin, and Patricia admits that, yes, she is. She then adds that she felt so hostile towards him after they argued the other day - but she came home and got that 'feeling' in her stomach; she had to call him. She tells Angela that it's terrible when you start acting like a schoolgirl at her age! Angela smiles and replies that, even with the way she feels about him, it's good to see Patricia with someone again.

Jill has gone back to her apartment. There's suddenly a knock on the door and she opens it to find Kevin and Peter standing there. Jill invites them in and offers them a drink. They both go for orange juice. Jill tells Kevin that she's sorry about what happened, but Kevin just says, "Yeah." Noticing that the two of them are carrying their bags, Jill asks Kevin and Peter why they haven't been home yet. In reply, Kevin says he has a favour to ask: can Jill put him up for a couple of days, as he can't face going through the third degree, yet. Jill tells Kevin that she'd love to, but she can't, as she already has Paul Sheppard staying. Kevin says he'll just have to put up with going home, then, but Peter tells him that he doesn't have to...

At the Healy property, Peter asks his father if Kevin can stay for a couple of days, as he doesn't feel up to facing his family yet. Martin says that's OK, and Kevin thanks him. Martin tells him to use the spare room, and Kevin goes to put his gear in there. When the father and son are alone, Peter, noticing the expression on Martin's face, asks what's wrong. Martin explains about David turning up to let him have Kevin's air fare, adding that he wouldn't be pleased if he found out Kevin was staying there. He asks Peter to try and persuade Kevin to return home as soon as possible, as he wants to stay on-side with the Palmers because he had a breakthrough with Angela, and he doesn't want it jeopardised.

At the Palmer house, Doug is sitting at the kitchen table, talking about how they could set up a hydroponic area in the garden, but David, who is also sitting at the table, snaps that he's trying to do the books, and he wants to get them finished before tea. Doug says he's sorry. He stays silent for a few seconds, but then remarks on how quiet it is without Lynn and Davey there, and with Beryl at work and Kevin up north. He adds that he thinks Kevin should have come home straight away, as families need to stick together at times like this. David tells his father that Kevin has had a rough time - he understands what he's going through, as he knows how he felt when Beryl left him - and he's twice Kevin's age. He tells Doug that they'll need to be understanding when Kevin gets back. Doug replies that he's not the type to put his foot in it!

At the Healys', Peter is sitting watching TV when Martin comes in and says he's going out. He asks Peter if he and Kevin are also going out, and Peter replies that they might. Martin then asks him how he's getting his car home, but Peter replies that he sold it to a tow-truck driver up north! Martin asks him how much he got for it, and Peter tells him he got $250, adding that the cheque is in his backpack. He also adds that the bloke got a bargain! Martin tells Peter to close the windows if he goes out. He then adds that he wants the air fare back out of the $250. He goes out. Kevin emerges from having a shower and Peter suggests to him that they go to the pub tonight, as they tend to have good live music on Saturdays. Kevin, though, says he doesn't feel like it. He tells Peter that he can go if he wants, but Peter decides not to, explaining that he might run into some of his ex-girlfriends!

Martin arrives at the South Yarra house and apologises for being early. John tells him that Patricia is still getting ready, but indicates that Jill is there, sitting on the settee in the lounge. He then tells Martin that he's been looking forward to tonight, and he adds that it's beaut that Angela's agreed to come. He offers drinks, and Martin says he'll have a beer. Jill asks for something soft. Martin sits down, and Jill tells him that she'd like to have a talk to him, although now's not the right time. She suggests tomorrow morning, and Martin tells her that he'll come over to her place after he's been for a run with John. He asks her if it's serious, but Jill says she'll tell him tomorrow.

Peter is on the 'phone, and tells the person at the other end that he'll see them tomorrow at 11am. He hangs up and tells Kevin that that was one of his ex-girlfriends - Sharon - and she, and her friend, Cathy, are coming over tomorrow. He tells Kevin that he'll like them. Kevin points out that a few minutes ago, Peter was trying to get him to go home tomorrow, but Peter tells him that a couple of extra hours won't hurt! Kevin says he's been feeling a bit guilty about not letting his folks know he's home. Peter tells him to stop chopping and changing! Kevin gives in, and accepts that he'll probably have fun.

Martin asks Patricia where Wayne is, and she replies that he's away on business in Sydney. There's a buzz on the doorbell and Patricia goes to answer it. John asks Jill if she'd like a stronger drink, but Jill jokes that he's trying to get her tiddly before the evening's even started! The new arrivals are Rob and Angela, and Rob is carrying a bottle of champagne, which he immediately starts to open. Martin says hello to both of them, but Angela remains silent. Rob pours the drink and Jill gives in and has some. Patricia asks Martin if he can do the honours, and so he proposes a toast to John and Jill and a great future - John's new career in the airforce, and Jill as the model pilot's wife. John and Jill glance at each other, and Jill looks nervous.

The next morning, Rob gets home after joining John and Martin for a run, and he hugs Angela and tells her he feels great! They sit down on the old chairs they borrowed from the Palmers, and Rob asks when they're going to get some furniture of their own. Angela tells him that she's been thinking more about the coffee shop idea, and she really wants to do it, as it'll give her something to do while he's away. Rob points out to his wife that she doesn't know the first thing about running a coffee shop, and he points out that there are lots of coffee shops around already. Angela says there's always room for one more. Rob asks about council regulations, but Angela says they'll be OK. She tells Rob that she wants to give it a go and do it properly. Rob agrees to think about it, and Angela replies that that's all she was asking. Rob suddenly realises that this was the reason Angela was holding off on the furniture!

Martin and John get back to the South Yarra house after their run, and John tells Martin that he almost did him. Martin replies that he would have done if he hadn't mixed his drinks last night! He then says he was surprised at Rob turning up, what with the way Angela's behaving. He decides to have a shower before he heads off to Jill's, and John remarks that it's funny his fiancée wanting to see Martin like that. They agree, though, that she probably just wants to talk about being an officer's wife. John tells his father that he's sorry about Angela's behaviour last night. Martin says he'll just have to be patient.

Paul offers Jill some more toast, but she declines. He asks Jill to tell him if she wants him to leave, as he doesn't like being ignored. Jill says, "God, you're hung up!" She tells him that she's got problems of her own, and she wouldn't have asked him to stay if she didn't want to help. Paul replies that he just doesn't want to put her out. Jill says she'll let him know if he is - just like she's asked him for the place to herself this morning. She tells Paul to eat his toast and let her worry!

Rob arrives at the Palmer house to return the chairs he and Angela borrowed for the party. David asks if Angela enjoyed herself, and Rob replies that he thinks she did. He asks where Beryl is, and David says she's at the 'Trash 'N' Treasure'. They laugh at Beryl's ability to hoard things, and Rob says he'd better get going. As he's about to leave, he tells David that he must be glad to have Kevin back. David replies that Kevin is still in Surfer's, and Rob replies that he doesn't think so. Realising he may have said the wrong thing, he says David is Kevin's Dad, so he should know. David asks why Kevin wouldn't be in Surfer's, and so, annoyed with himself, Rob says Kevin is with Peter, and when he was out for a run this morning with John and Martin, he overheard Martin say that Peter's back already. He tells David to forget it, but David refuses to, and says there's only one way to find out for sure. He heads out, and Rob curses himself for putting his foot in it.

Martin listens intently as Jill tells him that she ended up on the game, and that was how she met Glen. She goes on to explain that she didn't want to say anything, but she thought she should in case Glen recognised her and said something. She adds that that was why she dipped out yesterday. Having heard all this, Martin stands up and goes and stares out of the window. He eventually turns to Jill and says he's glad she told him. He tells her that it was a long time ago, and says everyone's done things they're not proud of, even if they had a good reason at the time. He tells Jill that, when he came in this morning, she was the very nice girl about to marry his son, and she's still a nice girl - nothing will change that. Jill thanks Martin, and tells him that she thinks she's going to like having him for a father-in-law.

At the South Yarra house, Martin yells at Patricia, asking her why the hell she didn't tell him that Jill used to be a prostitute. Patricia calmly replies that she didn't see any need, as Jill's a very nice girl, and John thinks the world of her. Martin tells Patricia that John is officer material, but he won't get very far if everyone is sniggering behind his back. Patricia asks Martin if he's saying it's alright to sleep with a prostitute but not to marry one, and Martin replies, "That's right." Patricia snaps that he's amazing. She tells him that he doesn't give a damn about John - as long as he ends up in the airforce as an officer so that he gets to bask in the glory of having a son as an officer. Martin yells that that's enough. He tells Patricia that he does care about John, but marrying Jill won't be possible if he wants a career in the airforce. He adds that there are hundreds of girls that would be suitable for John, but he only gets this one chance in the airforce - and he'll make very sure that Jill doesn't get in the way of that...

Peter, Sharon and Cathy are messing around in the Healys' swimming pool, but Kevin is sitting on the diving board, refusing to participate. He is eventually persuaded, though, and slips into the water. David pulls up outside the front of the house, and is about to walk up to the front door when he hears a playful scream, and decides to head round the back to see what's going on. Masked by trees, David watches as Kevin and Cathy stand on the side of the pool talking and laughing... He then walks away, looking annoyed.

Patricia tells Martin that she knows he's angry, but there's no point in interfering, as the kids either won't listen or they'll turn against him - and she's the voice of experience. Martin says he'd normally agree, but it's different this time. He tells Patricia that he doesn't know how he'll bust them up, but he'll think of something. Patricia says the best way is to lay it on the line, and make John choose between Jill or the airforce. Martin snaps that he's not a fool - he knows she doesn't want John in the airforce, and if he was forced to make a choice now, he'd choose Jill. He tells Patricia, "Don't ever treat me like a fool again. I'll handle it in my own way, and if you do anything to stop me, it'll be the finish of us for starters..."


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