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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Karl Zwicky

At the Palmer house, David is snapping to Beryl and Doug about Kevin having a wonderful time with two young girls and the Healy kid. He sarcastically says he can see how serious Kevin is about Lynn. Doug points out that Kevin is in such a state that he needs to let off steam, and he adds that there are worse ways of doing this than having fun round a swimming pool. Beryl says she agrees with Doug. She says it's not in Kevin's nature - he's not that hard. Davis says he still reckons Peter Healy is having the wrong effect on him. Beryl pleads with David to take it easy on Kevin, as he'll feel bad enough coming back by himself, without David having a go at him. She adds that it'll be embarrassing for Kevin if he thought David saw him enjoying himself in the pool - because he wouldn't have been. She points out that Kevin lets go when he's in a temper or when he's depressed - just like David does. David innocently says, "Me?" Doug chips in that he agrees, and David says, "Talk about two against one!" Beryl asks him to promise that he won't say anthing. David agrees, but says he'll have to bring up the Healys with him sometime. Doug asks if David has thought about how Kevin will feel working for Vic Hardy now. Beryl responds that she hadn't given it a second thought, but Kevin can't work for the bank under the circumstances. David suggest that they'd better get Vic in for a talk before Kevin gets home - whenever that'll be. Doug says it's better not say too much about Kevin and Lynn. Beryl suggests Doug make himself scarce so that she and David can have a quiet, sensible discussion with Vic. Doug reluctantly agrees.

Kevin is packing his bags at the Healys' and Peter tells him that the bus leaves from the corner in ten minutes. Kevin says he'd better make a move then. Martin come in and asks Kevin if he's off. Kevin says yes, and he thanks Martin for letting him stay. Martin asks him what he'll do, and Kevin asks him if he means about Lynn. Martin replies that he means Lynn, a job... Kevin says he reckons he's done his landscaping job, and he'll probably be pushed into working for his father-in-law at the bank. Martin suggests that Kevin give his old boss a call and explain what's happened, as he may not be as hard as Kevin thinks. Kevin agrees to call tomorrow. Martin says he'd drive Kevin home, but he has some important calls to make. Kevin replies that he's not keen to get home in a hurry, anyway. Peter offers to drive to the Palmer house. Martin agrees, and he asks Peter to get some shopping while he's out - and not to come home the long way! Peter says he needs all the driving practive he can get, but Martin replies that his son had enough practice driving his bomb around Queensland! Kevin points out that the distance they got, they could hardly call it practice! He thanks Martin again, and Martin warns Peter not to forget his 'P' plates. Kevin and Peter leave and Martin makes a call - to Jill's flat. John answers and thanks Martin for how good he was to Jill after their talk. Martin says he's glad Jill was so honest. He invites John and Jill for drinks tomorrow, to meet some of the other young officers and their wives. John says he'd love to. Martin says it's also a celebration of John's acceptance. John asks if Martin has heard something, but Martin just replies that he can't see John being knocked back. John says he's looking forward to it. He asks when they should come over, and Martin tells him to arrive whenever he likes. He adds that John knows he can treat the Healy house as his home.

At the Palmers', Vic Hardy says he can't for the life of him him understand why Kevin didn't go with Lynn. David says Kevin still has pride. Vic says that's nonsense - Lynn had a great opportunity, and noone could expect her to leave Davey with Kevin. Beryl says it's happened and there's nothing they can do - it's up to the two kids now. She adds that she doesn't want it to come between them as neighbours, and Vic agrees. Beryl says they should show Kevin they understand both points of view. Vic agrees again: Kevin can have a day of rest first, and then start at the bank on Tuesday. Beryl says she didn't think Vic would want him there now - plus Kevin might find it hard working for Vic. Vic replies that it will give Kevin stabilitiy - he'll know where he's going for his future, he'll be more settled when Lynn comes back in three months and he'll be a far better husband. David says it could be a good idea. Beryl says it's nice to see David and Vic agreeing, and asks how she can argue. She goes off to make some tea.

A while later, Vic sips his cup of tea and then says he's pleased that David and Beryl agree about Kevin coming to the bank. Doug comes in through the back door and nods to Vic. Vic nods back and, turning back to David and Beryl, says Kevin needs a sense of purpose. Doug decides to get involved and says Kevin might not want to work for the bank. Vic says Doug should stick to gardening and leave Kevin's future to those who are involved. Doug says he's Kevin's grandfather and has more right than Vic. Vic replies that he can see where Kevin gets his stubborn streak. He then says that what's happened is not all Kevin fault. Doug replies that Lynn walked out. Vic says Kevin could have seen Lynn's side - but he's willing to let bygones be bygones, so he'll take him on at bank - he can't be fairer. Doug says they'll have to see, but there's no way he'd want Vic for his boss. He returns to the garden and, trying to suppress a wry smile, Beryl offers Vic more tea.

Later, Doug says he can't get over Vic - how would he know how Kevin feels? David says it's a good idea, but Doug replies that there are other jobs. David points out that they're not easy to get. He says it's better that Kevin has something now than having to struggle to make a crust like he's had to do for most of his life. Doug says he can't see Kevin wanting to work for Victor. Beryl chips in that Kevin might like it. Doug starts to speak again, but David tells his father that he's like a cracked record. A car hooter suddenly sounds and Doug says it's Kevin. A few seconds later, Kevin comes in and Beryl hugs him. She asks him why he didn't call to say he was coming. Kevin replies that he knew David would want to come and collect him from the airport, and he didn't want to put him out. Doug asks Kevin how he is, and he replies, "Not too bad." Beryl asks him if he wants something to eat, but he declines. David remarks that he expected Kevin back a day or two ago, and Kevin replies that he needed q bit more time to think. Beryl suggests that Kevin should go and unpack, but Kevin says he doesn't have much - he's more interested in what's been going on back at home. Beryl and Doug go into the kitchen and David asks Kevin if he's OK. Kevin nods and smiles.

At the Healy house, Peter is preparing a salad and he asks his father what the matter is, as he's hardly said a word since he came home. Martin explains that he wants to get some drinks and food for John's party, and he's thinking about what they'll need. Peter asks if John's been accepted, but Martin replies that it's nothing like that - he just wants to introduce John to some young officers - the kind of people he'll be mixing with. Peter says it's a good excuse for a party! He asks who's coming, and Martin replies that there'll be Tony and Janice Merrill and Steven and Penny Cousins. Peter says motormouth Janice is a bit of a worry. Martin says it'll be useful for Jill to know who she's up against. Peter says rather her than him! Martin asks Peter if he'd prefer to dip out tomorrow, and Peter says yes - if he can borrow the car!

At Jill's apartment, Jill asks John what's wrong with him tonight, as he's like a cat on hot bricks. She then asks him if he's worried that she told Martin about her past. John says of course not - he's just wondering about whether he'll get in or not. He adds that he should know in the next couple of days, but he doesn't know how he'll concentrate on work until then. Jill says he'd better in case he doesn't get in. John says he thinks he might - and so does Martin, which is why he's introducing John to those people. Jill asks him if he's sure they're not the same people as yesterday. John says he doubts it. He adds that it should be a good night - he can get to know the blokes before he has to start saluting them. He says he won't be mixing too much, but it's good to know what they're like. Jill says she supposes she'll be dumped out in the kitchen with the wives. John puts his hand through her hair and says it won't hurt to see what it's like being an officer's wife. Jill jokes, "Oh, we're going to be an officer, are we?!" John says, "We're going to try!" Jill kisses him and says, "Bully for you!"

Kevin is in the Palmer house kitchen, looking at a photo of Lynn, when Doug comes in and asks him what he's doing up. Kevin replies that he couldn't sleep. Doug says it must be because he's used to Davey crying - it's a nusiance when it starts, and you miss it when it's not there. He then, though, says he knows why Kevin can't sleep: Lynn - he's used to her being in the room. He suggests to Kevin that they swap rooms, but Kevin says there's no need. Doug says he'd like Kevin's room, as he can slip into the garden easily when he gets up. Kevin agrees. Doug says Kevin has to make the effort to cheer up bit, and stop acting as if his marriage is over. Kevin says he knows Lynn will only be gone three months, but the way he feels now, it might just as well be over.

The next morning, at the South Yarra house, Patricia says to Martin that she thought he'd have been at work ages ago. Martin explains that he's seen the recruitment list and John's in. Patricia remarks that Martin's got what he wanted. Martin tells her, "What John wanted." He adds that he' s got John into the current intake - he leaves for Point Cook at the end of the week. Patricia incredulously says, "The end of the week?" Martin replies that he doesn't belive in wasting time. He adds that he dropped in at John's work on the way over and John is over the moon. Patricia remarks that Jill will wonder what hit her; she wonders what hit her. Martin tells Patricia that he doesn't like them disagreeing. Patricia says Martin likes things to go his way. She then asks what the drinks are about this evening, and Martin explains that he wants Jill to see what it's like - he's throwing her in with a few of the sharper-tongued ladies. Patricia says that hardly seems fair. Martin replies that, on the contrary, he's being as fair as he can - Jill will see what a liability she'll be to John. He adds that the ladies he's invited enjoy a bit of blood-letting. Patricia says that's really charming, and if Martin expects her there, he can think again. Martin says it might look strange if she's not. He adds that he simply wants Jill to see what she's up against - she can make up her own mind.

At Jill's flat, John tells Jill that he couldn't believe it when Martin told him. He had to give Ron Jackson notice straight away, even though it's only a few days. Jill queries the few days, and John explains that Martin pushed it through. Jill comments on him going straight to Point Cook, and John says it's fanatasic - all those years of not knowing what he wanted to do, and now what he wants to do is only a few days away. He adds that Martin must have known something when he fixed tonight. He tells Jill that they'll make it a celebration and he'll pick her up at six. He adds that he doesn't know how he'll concentrate on the rest of the day. He leaves. Jill smiles but looks pensive.

David asks Doug if he's seen Kevin yet. Doug says Kevin had a late night and he's dead to the world. David says he'll let him sleep. Doug replies that it doesn't hurt every now and again. He then comments that David has changed his tune since yesterday: all that hot air about telling Kevin to keep away from the Healy kid. David says he'll get round to it, but Kevin's down at the moment, and looks as if he's had the stuffing knocked out of him. Doug remarks, "So much for orgies in the Healy pool." David replies that it looked bad at the time. Changing the subject, he asks his father about the leaves by the front fence, and Doug replies that it's a compost heap. David says it'll stink a bit, but Doug says it's not that bad. David laughs as he says it's funny it being on Victor's side. He warns his father not to start baiting Vic, as they're just starting to keep the peace. Doug says Vic is so jolly superior, and the compost heap is a good healthy smell! Kevin comes in and David tells him that lunch has been and gone. Kevin says, "It hasn't, has it?" and David laughs and says, "Not quite!" He says he hopes Kevin's not going to become a lazy slob, and he adds that his son needs to put his thinking cap on to decide what to do about Victor's offer. Kevin tells David not to worry about it - he was thinking about it in bed, and he knows exactly what do.

A while later, Vic shakes Kevin's hand and offers his congratulations. Kevin asks what work he'll be doing, but Vic tells him to take it slowly, as it's not the sort of job you can rush. He explains that Kevin will start as a junior and adds that that's where he started, and look at him now. David quickly turns his head around so that Vic can't see him smiling! Kevin asks when he'll start and Vic says tomorrow at 9am. Doug remarks that it's a bit quick, but Vic says Kevin had a good break in Queensland and should be fresh and ready to go. There's suddenly the sound of a car hooter outside, and Kevin looks out of the window to see Peter out there. He thanks Vic and says he'll see him tomorrow morning. Outside, he tells Peter that he said yes to the job in the bank. Peter incredulously says, "You're kidding?" Kevin replies that he didn't have much choice: he has to pay David back for the 'plane ticket - plus it stood out a mile when he got home last night that his Mum and Dad want him to take the job. Peter says they'll have to give Kevin a send-off tonight. Kevin, though, reckons he'll get an early night, as he doesn't want to give Vic the wrong idea right off. Peter starts humming the funeral march! Vic emerges from the Palmer house, walks down the path and looks at the compost heap. He then says to Kevin, "Your grandfater did that?" Kevin replies that he's not sure. Vic says he hopes it's not there too long as it lowers the whole tone of the street. When Victor's gone, Peter says that that'll be Kevin in twenty years' time! Kevin replies, "Not on your life!" Peter says he'll make sure Kevin stays in the land of the living. Kevin says, "You're on!" Peter sugests they take a quick spin down to the beach. Kevin agrees. Inside, David and Doug watch as the car drives off, and David asks where they're going now. Doug says Peter seems a pleasant young fellow, but David replies that he isn't in his book. He asks if Doug noticed that Kevin hasn't said a word about staying over there, and he adds that he bets Peter was behind that. He says he's going to be watching, and if there's any trouble, he'll ban Kevin from seeing any of the Healys.

Martin serves Jill with a gin and tonic and he proposes a toast to John for his success in getting into the service. John apologises for Patricia not being there, and he explains that she has a bad headache. Martin dryly says headaches always seem to come at the wrong time. There's a knock at the door and Martin goes to answer it. Meanwhile, Steven Cousins asks John if he's looking forward to starting. John replies that he's a bit nervous. Penny Cousins says the men will give John a hard time, but she tells him not to take any notice of them. Martin comes in with two more guests, and he introduces Tony and Janice Merrill to John, and John, in turn, introduces Jill. Martin says he has something to show the boys for a minute or two and he'll leave the girls to talk about them. He asks Jill for a beer for Tony. Janice asks Jill if she can get her a Bacardi and Coke. Jill looks annoyed. Janice and Penny start gossiping and ignore Jill.

In the lounge room at the South Yarra house, Patricia puts her glass down on the table. Wayne remarks that he thought she'd be in the thick of it tonight, over at Martin's. Patricia replies that she has a headache, but Wayne tells her to pull the other one. He asks if Patricia and Martin have had another barney, but Patricia says of course not - it's just obvious the party's for Martin, not for John. Wayne asks her what she means, but Patricia dismissively says, "Oh nothing." Wayne then asks how serious Patricia is about Martin, but Patricia says she doesn't know - she finds him very attractive, but they don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. Wayne says he thinks Martin's got Patricia's number - he can actually make her do what he wants. Patricia says, "You've got to be joking." She adds that what she doesn't like is what he's doing to John - and the awful thing is that it's probably too late to do anything about it. Wayne says it'll serve John right - he'll wonder what he struck, in the airforce.

Janice and Penny are still talking and ignoring Jill, as Jill watches them with a scowl. John comes in and Jill asks him how he's going. John says it's great - although, after what he's heard, he's not looking forward to the initiation! He says he can't believe he'll be there in a couple of days. Jill admits that she's not doing too well in the kitchen, but John says she's not trying hard enough. He adds that if they're living on the base, Jill will be seeing a lot of them. He kisses her and walks off. Penny says she thinks Jill's going to have to keep her eye on John. Janice says John's far too good looking. Penny says that, when Bev Hartman sees him, she'll be after him like nobody's business. Jill then listens as they talk about how Bev Hartman likes breaking in new recruits and about how they feel sorry for her husband. They add that it's all a bit of a joke, really. Jill raises her eyebrows in disgust and walks away from the table.

Kevin is playing a game where he's trying to get a ballbearing into a hole. He puts it down and Beryl asks him if his nerves are getting to him. She adds that he's not to worry, and he'll look smart in his suit. Kevin says he's still not sure if he's doing the right thing, going to the bank. Beryl tells him to just be positive about it - there'll be regular money, he can save for his own car, and when Lynn and Davey come back, things will be way they should be. Kevin, though, snaps, "No it won't. I'm starting a job I don't want to do, all so I can save money for a marriage that's a joke." Beryl starts to say that's not fair but Kevin snaps, "Yes it is. She's tricked me. She's fooled me. I can't trust her, and if she thinks I'm going to take her back after she's done that to me..." He pauses, sits down, and sobs, "I still love her." Beryl puts her arms round him and gives him a hug.


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