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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

At the South Yarra house, Patricia asks Wayne what time his flight leaves, and he replies that it's at 7:30pm this evening. Patricia then asks him if Richard Coleman knows he's coming, and Wayne tells her that the two of them are meeting for lunch tomorrow. He gets through on the 'phone and orders a cab to pick him up straight away. Patricia says she didn't want to have to pull Richard Coleman into line so soon, but she asks Wayne to make sure he's put in his place. John comes into the room and, seeing Wayne dressed smartly in his business suit, asks if they're losing him. Wayne tells him that it'll only be for a few days. John tells Patricia that he's going out, to fix Jill's leaking tap, and Wayne sarcastically says, "Happy couple, eh?" John leaves, and Wayne tells Patricia that he's heard that Barbara Armstrong has had a relapse, and has suffered a brain haemorrhage. Patricia sarcastically says, "Oh, what a shame." Wayne remarks that that's a bit harsh, but Patricia says she doesn't even like the woman. Wayne tells her that he does, as she's been quite decent to him. Patricia says she hasn't been decent to her. She then tells Wayne that she's got a call to make - to Martin. Wayne comments that it didn't take her long to back down. In reply, Patricia tells him that she expects results.

Beryl comes off the 'phone to Kevin and tells David that Lynn has already gone to Europe and has taken Davey with her. David asks how Kevin is, and Beryl replies, "Terrible." David says he can't believe Lynn running away like that. Beryl says Kevin doesn't think there's anything he can do about it, so he's staying on in Surfer's for a while. David asks why, and Beryl points out that he probably won't want to face the two of them. David asks how Kevin's going to get home, and Beryl explains about Martin having paid for air tickets for him and Peter. David snaps that he's not having Martin pay his son's fare. He asks Beryl how much is in the bank account, but Beryl says she doesn't know. David repeats that there's no way they're going to be in debt to Martin Healy. There's a knock at the front door, and Rob comes in, explaining that he's there for the chairs. David says he has to dash. When he's gone, Rob asks his sister what that was all about. Beryl offers him a cuppa.

Martin is sorting through some records at his house to find something to play, but bemoans the fact that they're mostly Peter's. When he suggests a Jimi Hendrix album, Patricia indicates that she doesn't think that's a good idea! There's a knock at the door, and Martin goes to answer it. When Patricia hears David's voice, she looks somewhat bemused. The two men join her, and David tells Martin that he's there to return Kevin's airfare, adding that he wants to get it all settled. Martin offers to get him something, but he declines, saying he's not staying. Martin tells him that Peter and Kevin are really hitting it off, but David tells Martin that Peter's a bad influence. Martin asks if Kevin isn't old enough to choose what he does for himself, but David ignores this, and says he doesn't want to argue. He leaves. Martin remarks to Patricia that David sure can hold a grudge, but Patricia tells him that David is probably fed up with his arrogance, and how he always seems to get his own way. Martin says there's nothing wrong with that. Patricia then tells him that she didn't really want to call him today. Martin asks, "Why did you?" They kiss.

Doug arrives back at the Palmer house just as Beryl and Rob are coming in the back door with some chairs from the shed. Doug says he's just been having words out the front with Vic, as he heard Lynn had taken off. Beryl tells him that it's between Kevin and Lynn, but Doug says it would never have happened in his day. Beryl warns him not to upset Kevin any more when he gets home.

Having left the hospital, Rosie heads straight to the boarding house, explaining to Fiona that she didn't feel like going back to an empty house. She adds that it was such a shock about Barbara. Fiona points out that she's going to live, which is the main thing. She tells Rosie to sit down and then asks if she's had some dinner. Rosie says she's just had some coffee at the hospital. Fiona asks how serious it is, and Rosie replies that it's not easy to tell, but Barbara's paralysed all down one side. Fiona asks how Gordon is, and Rosie tells her that he's taking it really badly, and refuses to leave the hospital. She tells Fiona that Gordon loves Barbara so much. Fiona says Barbara will be fine, and Rosie says she knows, but adds that Gordon already has enough troubles. She bursts into tears.

John fixes Jill's tap, and Jill tells him how impressed she is, adding that he'll make someone a good hubby! They cuddle, but then John points out that they have to get going soon, as the party is for them. Jill says she'll be two minutes. She's heading into the bedroom when there's a knock at the door, and John answers it to find Paul standing there. Paul asks if Jill's in, and at that moment, Jill calls, "Who is it?" She comes to the door, and looks surprised to see who it is. Paul explains that he had nowhere else to go, but Jill replies that that's hardly surprising after what happened. John tells Paul that he's a mess, and Paul explains that he's been camping and sleeping rough by the side of the road. Jill tells him to come in and have a a cup of coffee.

At the dinner table, Martin offers Patricia more wine, and she accepts. She then tells Martin that she thinks she made a mistake today. She explains about the celebration she, John, Jill, Rob and Angela are having tomorrow night, and about how she promised Angela that he wouldn't be there. She then tells him that she does want him there, as he's John's father. She asks him if he wants to come, and Martin replies, "Of course." Patricia says she'll see what she can do. Martin says he doesn't want to cause trouble, but Patricia replies that she said some silly things to Angela because she was angry with him, but she wants her daughter to understand the relationship the two of them are having.

Paul tells John and Jill that when he left Sydney, he didn't know where he was heading - he didn't choose Melbourne consciously, but maybe it was in the back of his mind because he needed to talk to Jill. Jill tells him that she thinks he's stupid. Paul asks her what she's heard, and she replies that she's only heard what Fiona said, about him selling his shares and Patricia buying them. Paul sarcastically asks what Patricia's version of this is, but John warns him that that's his mother he's talking about. Jill tells Paul that he really hurt Fiona, but Paul says he didn't mean to hurt anyone. John asks him what he's going to do, but he says he doesn't know. Jill asks him where he'll stay, and Paul says he'll probably be able to find a hostel or a boarding house. Jill offers him the use of her spare room until he sorts himself out, and Paul says he'd appreciate it. Jill tells him that he'll have to look after himself this evening as she and John are on their way out. Paul asks if he can have a shower, and Jill tells him where the towels are, adding that she'll see him in the morning. He heads to the bathroom, and John tells Jill that he thinks she's letting herself in for a hard time. Jill says it's funny Paul turning up like that after the way he carried on about Fiona, as she's not the only one who's been on the game. Suddenly feeling uncomfortable, John says he doesn't want to talk about that, and he tells Jill that it's best to forget about it. Jill says she can't just wipe it from her mind, but John reiterates that he thinks it's best to forget. Jill quietly says, "Sure."

At the party at Rob and Angela's new house, Susan gives the new homeowners a set of tea towels as a housewarming present! David arrives and notices his father has returned. He then guides Beryl into a quiet corner and she asks him how it went. David says he'll tell her later. Beryl tells him that John's going to expect him to say something about the airforce. David assures his wife that just because he doesn't want anything to do with Martin doesn't mean he doesn't think it's a good idea for John to join up. In another part of the room, Doug tells Rob, Angela and Susan about one of his mates - Les - who told him about his venture into hydroponics - growing vegetables without soil. He explains that Les ran out of money, so he agreed to go into the venture as a partner. David asks his father how much he gave Les, and Doug replies that it was $5,000. David looks bemused, and remarks to Beryl that it's crazy: they're scratching around to try and make ends meet, and Doug's here splashing his money around and blinding them with science!

Wendy and Gordon return to Dural and Rosie immediately asks them how Barbara is. Wendy tells her that her mother's heavily sedated but comfortable. Gordon says he'd prefer to discuss this in the morning, and he heads off to bed. Wendy tells Rosie that Gordon didn't want to leave the hospital, but the doctor eventually put his foot down. Rosie says Gordon looks terrible. She asks Wendy how bad things really are, and Wendy tells her, "She's alive - but it's bad." She bursts into tears.

Doug tells Susan that she's doing the right thing, standing by her husband. Beryl asks when Bill is going to be transferred, and Susan says it'll be in about a week. Beryl tells her daughter to make sure she visits every now and then. She then calls for quiet, and David enters the room carrying a cake with the words, 'Lose One Daughter and Gain Another - We Love Them Both,' iced on top. Beryl tells Susan that it's for her, to let her know that they're all going to miss her, and that they'll be thinking of her, and she tells Jill that it's also for her and John, and she hopes they'll be very happy. A chorus of, "For they are jolly good fellows", is sung, and three cheers are called. Susan then addresses everyone and says they've all been wonderful, and she couldn't have hoped for a better family. John says he agrees with Susan, although he adds that he's got an even better fiancée! Rob asks who's going to cut the cake. David proposes a toast - to Susan, to John and Jill, and to John for his career in the airforce. There's another round of cheers.

The next morning, John and Jill arrive at Martin's house early, and he introduces them to some of his airforce friends: Alan Smith and his son, Glen, and Jim Peterson and his wife, Mary. They all stand up to greet the new arrivals, but John tells them to sit down, as he's not that important! Mary offers John and Jill some coffee, but Jill says she'll get it. John gets talking to Glen, and tells him that they might well see a lot more of each other. Glen suddenly turns to Jill and tells her that he's sure he's seen her before. Jill suggests it might have been at the restaurant where she works, but Glen says he doesn't eat out very often. Jill tells him that he might be mistaking her for someone else. Glen then asks her if she used to live in Sydney, as he was up there some time ago with some airforce mates. Jill looks nervous...

Angela and Patricia are clearing up after the party, and Angela tells her mother that she hopes she doesn't mind not having been invited. Patricia says that of course she doesn't mind. She then tells her daughter that she has a favour to ask - she doesn't want to discuss it, but she just wants Angela to think about it. She explains that she and Martin were having a tiff the other day, which is why she didn't want him to come to their celebration tonight. Now, though, they've made up, and she'd like him to be there. She repeats that she just wants Angela to think about it, but Angela says she doesn't care one way or the other. Patricia tells her that she wants her to understand why Martin will be there, and she asks Angela to let her know this afternoon.

The guests at Martin's house are ready to set off to the airfield for a day's flying, but Jill says she might have to leave early because of work. She asks John if they can go in his car - just the two of them. She then tells him that she'll catch up with him, as she has a call to make. John remarks that he didn't think Jill had work today, and Jill replies that that's what she wants to check. John goes outside, and Jill dials a number. The person who answers, though, is Fiona. When she hears it's Jill, she asks her how she is, adding that, with two calls in three days, she hopes the engagement isn't off! Jill, though, says something awful has happened. She tells Fiona, "I've just met some of Martin's friends - one of them's an ex-client..."


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