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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Lynn apologises to Kevin for yelling, but assures him that she does love Davey, and she only left him because she thought Doug would be home in ten minutes. She adds that it's not her fault, and she's sorry she walked out like that. Kevin snaps that that would be a great consolation if Davey was dead. Davey starts crying, and Lynn picks him up, telling him that his mother's there. Kevin sarcastically says, "At last." Lynn tells him to shut up. Kevin just reiterates his order that Lynn's not taking the job, and he adds that he means it.

At the South Yarra house, John asks Patricia if dinner's on, but when she says it isn't, he tells her that he's going to take her out, then. Patricia asks what the occasion is, but John says there isn't one. Wayne tells John not to worry about him, and John assures him that he won't. He then reveals that he put in his application to the airforce today. Patricia asks if the dinner is to soften her up, but John replies that he talked to Martin, and he told him that she had decided not to interfere. Patricia tells her son that it's not her place to interfere, and John replies that that's great. Wayne chips in to comment about John joining the airforce and seeing the world. John refuses to bite, and just says, "Probably." He heads off upstairs, and Wayne asks Patricia why she hasn't gone off the deep end. Patricia explains that there's no sense in pushing, as it'll make John more determined, but he has a ten week get-out clause when he joins up, so that should give her time to come up with a way to convince him. Wayne points out that if the airforce is what John wants, it might be better to leave him to it, but Patricia replies that she believes her son has a better future at Ramberg, and could go all the way to the top - which he probably won't do in the airforce.

Having finally arrived home, Doug says he's sorry he's late, but he didn't think something like this would happen. Lynn, who's cooking dinner, snaps that she'd never have gone if she knew he wouldn't be back in ten minutes. Kevin tries to intervene, saying it's over now, but Doug persists, and asks Lynn why she left Davey at all, adding that it was very irresponsible. He suggests to Lynn that she should forget the modelling, and Kevin chips in that that's what he said. Lynn snaps that she's had enough. She angrily says she's sorry she left Davey, and she won't do it again, but she's sick of it being an excuse to stop her working. She storms out.

Sometime later, Vic Hardy is at the Palmer house, and he tells Kevin that Lynn is pretty upset, and she knows she did wrong, so there's no use harping on about it. He adds that she would never have left Davey alone if she'd known Plan C was inside. Kevin agrees that he'll have to do something about the cat. Doug comes in and says none of this would have happened if Lynn had been there. Vic retorts that it also wouldn't have happened if Doug hadn't been out drinking beers with his mates. Doug says he wasn't drinking beer. He goes off to find Plan C, and Lynn comes in. Vic announces that he'll leave her and Kevin to it, and he makes to leave. As he does so, he asks if Doug will be around for a while, and looks less than pleased when Kevin says he thinks so. He goes, and Kevin tells Lynn that he didn't want to upset her so much. He adds that he's going to see Jill tomorrow about Plan C. Lynn says it's a pity, but Kevin points out that Davey comes first. Doug calls out Plan C's name.

Lynn is on the 'phone to Mrs. Collins, who tells her that she'd be silly not to take it, as it's a big opportunity. Lynn says she's sorry, and Mrs. Collins has to concede that it's Lynn's decision. She hangs up, and Kevin tells his wife, "Good on you." Lynn, though, replies that she didn't do it because of last night - she'd have loved to take it, but couldn't because it would involve spending two months in Surfer's Paradise and then three months overseas, and she couldn't leave either him or Davey for all that time. She adds that she doesn't want Kevin thinking she's a lousy mother. Kevin replies that he doesn't think that, and he tells Lynn that she can do small jobs as long as they don't interfere with her being a mother. Lynn, though, says she doubts she'll get any jobs now, after turning down that one. Kevin announces that he has to go out and get a part for David's truck, and he leaves. Lynn stares at the 'phone, but is interrupted by Doug coming in and asking if she's seen Plan C. Lynn says she hasn't. Doug asks what's for lunch. Lynn looks less than happy.

Wayne comes off the 'phone to Richard Coleman, and tells Patricia that the Ramberg board are trying to stop Paul from selling his shares, but he's going ahead with it. Patricia says she's glad, as life at Ramberg will be a lot easier without him around. Wayne then suggests to Patricia that she should buy the shares and take the controlling interest, but Patricia says she'd have to sell all her assets, and if Fiona and Gordon got wind of it, they'd block it. Wayne suggests that they should buy the shares between them, and noone would notice the two smaller purchases. Patricia still says no, though.

Mrs. Collins calls at the Palmer house, asking to talk to Lynn and Kevin, but Lynn has to explain that Kevin's out. Mrs. Collins asks Lynn if she's changed her mind, but Lynn says she can't. Mrs. Collins says that, in that case, she and the client have had an idea: if Lynn accepts the job, she can bring Davey with her. Lynn replies again that she can't. Mrs. Collins assures her that it would be a fully-qualified nanny, but Lynn says she can't leave Davey with a stranger. Becoming desperate, Mrs. Collins says she's tried to talk the client into accepting someone else, but they want Lynn. Lynn repeats that she'd feel funny leaving Davey with a nanny. Mrs. Collins says there is one other possibility: if Kevin comes instead - to Surfer's, overseas and everything. Lynn's eyes light up in excitement as she realises it's the ideal solution to the problem.

Jill is about to bite into a sandwich when there's a knock at her door. She opens it to find Peter standing there. He invites himself in and tells Jill that she has a nice place. Jill remarks that her place is a long distance for Peter to come, but Peter explains that he was at Tec, nearby. He starts to explain to Jill about his course in graphic arts, telling her that he's good at it, but adding that it doesn't grab him much. He starts to chat her up, and Jill has to ask if John knows what he let her in for!

Kevin gets home and Lynn tells him that she has great news. She explains about him being able to come, and says it's fantastic. Kevin, though, says, "No way," adding, "Not on your life." A crestfallen Lynn asks why, and Kevin replies that he doesn't want Davey travelling halfway around the world at his age. Lynn snaps that she should be allowed a say. Kevin points out that he can't just leave his job, but Lynn tells him that it's only temporary, and by the time they get back, he'll be able to start at the bank. Kevin snaps that he's not doing it. Lynn tells him that he's not being fair, but Kevin replies that he doesn't reckon she is. Doug comes in and asks if lunch is ready yet. Lynn snaps, "No."

Kevin is out and about, cycling along the streets of Melbourne.

Jill and Peter start talking about the relative merits of football and the beach, but are interrupted by a knock at the door. Jill answers it to find Kevin standing there, and he apologises for barging in. Jill introduces him to Peter and then asks him what he wants. Kevin explains about finding Plan C in Davey's bassinet, and about how they need to find somewhere else for him to live. Jill says she understands, adding that she could sneak the animal into her flat. Peter asks what Plan C is, and Jill explains about the cat. Peter says he and Martin could take him. Jill asks him if he's sure, and, having decided that Peter does appear to be genuine in his offer, she accepts. Kevin and Peter head off to the Palmer house, leaving Jill looking bemused.

Patricia is wandering around, and Wayne asks her if she has something on her mind. Patricia tells him that there might be something in what he said earlier - they could work together to take control from Fiona and Gordon. She adds that she'd have to cash in her investments, but it would be worth it. She warns Wayne, though, that she realises he could sell out from under her when he has his shares, and she promises him that if he does, she'll ruin him. Wayne says he's only interested in the power the shares are going to give him, adding that they'll be worth every penny. Patricia smiles as she says she'd love to be there when Gordon and Fiona find out they're under her thumb...

At the Palmer house, Doug tells Peter about how to look after Plan C, and what to feed her. As he's about to go and get the cat basket, Kevin asks him where Lynn is, but Doug replies that he doesn't know - she just went out and took Davey with her. Peter tells Kevin that noone would find him tied down at such a young age. Kevin admits that he and Lynn are having some troubles, and Peter says his Dad and brother, Adam, always used to fight over Adam joining the airforce.

At the South Yarra house, Patricia tells Lynn that she can see what she means, but she's surprised she came to her. Lynn asks what she can do, but Patricia tells her that it already sounds as if she's made up her mind. She adds that noone can stop Lynn from doing it if it's what she thinks is best for her. She tells Lynn that she's just telling her what she wants to hear, and then requests that Lynn doesn't say she's been there, as she'd prefer her name to be kept out of it.

At Jill's, John tells Jill that he talked to the careers officer today about his tests. Jill says she knows what the tests for the army are like, and the airforce ones must be much the same. John asks Jill if she's aware that they'll be apart a lot while he's training, but Jill tells him that she has a standby! Not knowing if she's joking or not, John asks her what she means, and Jill tells him about Peter trying to chat her up earlier - but she adds that he's too young for her!

Doug tells Peter and Kevin that Plan C is ready. He heads out of the kitchen, and Peter remarks that he's a nice old codger! Kevin asks Peter about his bodysurfing hobby, explaining that he's never done it, and he'd like to. Peter offers to teach him, but Kevin says he can't even really swim. The front door suddenly slams, and Lynn comes in. Kevin introduces her and Peter to each other, and Peter announces that he'd better make tracks. He picks up Plan C in the catbasket and leaves. Kevin asks Lynn where she's been, but she just says, "Out." She tells Kevin that she's had a good think about the job. Kevin says he thought that was sorted out, but Lynn replies that it isn't. She tells him that this is a chance she doesn't want to turn down, and she's going - if he comes then great, but she's going, and if he doesn't like it, then that's too bad.


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