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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Doug is walking down the street towards the Palmer house, when he's stopped outside the house next door by Vic Hardy, who tells him that he's been listening to Kevin and Lynn rowing. He adds that he doesn't want Kevin upsetting his daughter. Doug snaps that Lynn has caused enough upset of her own, lately - ever since she got involved in all this modelling rubbish. At that moment, Lynn walks along from the Palmer house, asks Vic if her mother's in, and when he confirms that she is, walks up the path to the Hardy house.

Kevin tells Doug that a few days ago, Lynn didn't want anything to come between the two of them and Davey, and now this. He says he's been to parties with his wife, and he can't hack the people she mixes with - particularly as she becomes a different person when she's with them. There's a sharp knocking at the door, and Vic comes in. He tells Kevin that Lynn is staying with him and Muriel until tomorrow, and he adds that if Lynn was upset before, she's twice as upset now. Kevin says this isn't how he wanted things to turn out, but Vic tells him that he's being stubborn. Doug asks Vic if he really wants his grandson being dragged around the world, but Vic replies that Kevin will be there to look after him. Kevin snaps that he doesn't want to spend three months changing nappies while Lynn is out having a good time. Vic tells Kevin that if he wants to help his marriage, he should give Lynn a chance, as she might be able to make a better fist of it than he has. Doug snaps that he doesn't see Vic helping. Kevin tells his father-in-law to get out, as it's between him and Lynn. Vic tells Kevin not to barge in to try and see Lynn, warning him to wait until she's ready.

Susan tells Rob and Angela that she can't believe she's got the news! Angela and Rob agree that it's great, and Susan says she can't wait until the day after tomorrow when she can go and visit Bill and tell him, adding that she wants to see his face when he finds out. She also tells Rob and Angela that she's going to want a quick sale of the house, now, as she wants to move as quickly as possible and find a job at a hospital near Bill. She adds that it's going to be a low security prison, so they'll be allowed contact during visits. She excitedly tells Rob and Angela that she can't believe she'll be able to hold Bill again, as it's been so long.

At the South Yarra house, Wayne is reading the agenda for the next Ramberg board meeting, and Patricia remarks that she supposes he's lapping it up. Wayne points out to her that she'll actually own the shares, and he'll only have the paper to show for it, but Patricia tells him that she's sure he'll do very nicely with what he has. Wayne then tells her that Susan called, to tell him that she's going to live near her husband. Patricia says, "So?" Wayne replies that that's something else he blew. Patricia laughs, telling Wayne that she can't really imagine the two of them together. Wayne snaps that it would be no worse than her and David, or her and 'flyboy'.

Paul is out on his yacht, taking a potential purchaser for a test sail. The purchaser remarks on Paul not having owned it very long, but Paul just says he's decided to get rid of it. He adds that the purchaser - Mr. Morris - has got a bargain. They pull up at the quayside, and Paul moors the vessel. He then tells Morris that there's one condition - if he buys the yacht, he has to let it out to the Red Cross, as he wants the boat to be used to benefit charity. Mr. Morris asks Paul if he's selling the boat to help his tax situation, but Paul snaps that he's not.

Peter meets his father at the Defence Centre and asks for $20. Martin reminds his son that he gave him $20 only a few days ago, but Peter explains that he has to fill the car with petrol, and Martin gives in. As he hands the money over, he asks Peter what he's going to do today, and Peter replies that he's got Tec this morning, and he'll probably hit the beach this afternoon. He then asks his father what he's doing, and Martin replies that he's going to go and see if Patricia's available for dinner. Peter asks how things are going with Patricia, as he hasn't seen her stay over since the other night. Martin tells his son that it's none of his business. Peter asks if things are serious with her. Martin replies that he knows what he wants, but he's just got to convince her, that's all.

Patricia is on the 'phone to her stockbroker, Mr. Henderson, and she tells him that she wants the stock in Ramberg, and she doesn't want him letting her down. She hangs up, and Wayne asks her if there's trouble. Patricia makes it clear that she doesn't have a very high opinion of Mr. Henderson. She asks Wayne to book two tickets on the 3pm flight to Sydney, because if they get the shares, she wants to be able to tell Gordon personally...

At Dural, Wendy asks Gordon if he's worried, and Gordon replies that he's hardly seen Paul recently, and he didn't come home last night. He tells Wendy that he's worried about Paul selling all his shares in Ramberg. Wendy asks him if he's going to buy them, but Gordon explains that all his and Fiona's money is tied up already. Wendy asks him if he's worried about who will buy them, and Gordon replies, "Worried sick."

Fiona approaches Paul, who's sitting near the beach, and tells him that she thought she'd find him there. She asks him if he might reconsider selling his shares, but Paul asks why he should. Fiona asks him if he's thought about what he's doing, as Patricia and Wayne have been trying to split the three of them - her, Paul and Gordon - up, as they realise they're a great force in Ramberg. Paul makes it clear that he doesn't really care, explaining that he wants nothing to do with money that was earned by exploiting people's immorality. A fuming Fiona tells Paul that his grandfather may have started out like that, but he tried to make up for it ever since. She adds that Paul is taking away the one thing his grandfather was really proud of, all because of his morality. She tells him that if that's moral, she'd rather be immoral any day. Paul angrily asks, "Aren't you?" Fiona slaps him round the face and tells him that he deserved that.

Doug asks Kevin if he's raked the lawn, and Kevin replies that he has. Doug then offers him a grilled goats cheese sandwich, but Kevin hastily declines! He goes to check on Davey, and tells him that his mother will be home soon. There's a knock at the door, and Kevin answers it to find Peter standing there. He asks Kevin if he's ready, and Kevin recalls that they were supposed to be going to the beach. He tells Peter that he's been having some problems with Lynn, and that he forgot about the bodysurfing. Peter gives him a letter that was in the mailbox, and adds that Plan C sends his best. Kevin sits at the kitchen table and opens the letter, while telling Peter that Lynn spent the night at her parents' place, and is spending the day with Angela. Doug offers Peter a goats cheese sandwich, but Peter says he'll get a burger later! Kevin announces that the letter contains his exam results - and he's passed the lot! Peter tells him that life will be easy now he's got his HSC, and Doug tells him, "Good on you, son."

Angela, Rob and Lynn get out of the car outside a house, and Rob remarks that it looks OK from the outside. Angela reminds him that he said that at the last four places! A short while later, the three of them are inside the house, where Lynn thanks Rob and Angela for putting up with her all day. Angela tells her they're glad to help. Rob looks around the main room, and Lynn comments that it's a bit dirty. Rob says it's a nice size for a lounge, and he suggests they look at the other rooms. He and Angela wander off, and Lynn finds a comic on the floor. She looks sad as she reads the title: 'Magic Moment Romances'.

Patricia snaps that Mr. Henderson is incompetent, as they should have heard something by now. Martin tells her to relax, but Patricia snaps that this is very important. Martin tells her that he's never seen this wheeler-dealer side of her, before. He invites her to join him for dinner tonight, but Patricia says she's not really in the mood. Martin refuses to take no for an answer, and tells her that he'll see her tonight. The 'phone rings, and Patricia hurries to answer it. The caller is Mr. Henderson, who announces that the deal is done, and that Patricia and Wayne now own the controlling shares in Ramberg. A delighted Patricia immediately tells Mr. Henderson that she'll be in Sydney if he needs to get hold of her. Mr. Henderson congratulates her and the call ends. Wayne asks what the call was about, and Patricia tells him, "We did it!" She tells Wayne to make sure they've got all their things packed, and turning to Martin, tells him she's sorry about dinner. She dashes upstairs, leaving Wayne to tell a bemused Martin, "You'll have to get used to it." Martin replies, "Really?"

Gordon proposes a toast to the future, and whatever it holds, and Fiona joins him. He adds that the good thing is that the shares went to two separate buyers, so even if Patricia is one of them, she won't have an enormous holding. Fiona asks when they'll know who the buyers are, and Gordon replies that it'll be soon, as they'll be revealed at the end of the day's trading. Fiona admits that if Patricia had become a major shareholder, things would have become impossible. She asks Gordon what he would have done, and Gordon replies that he'd have done the last thing he wants to do. He adds that there's no point talking about that now, though.

Rob tells Susan that they found a house in South Yarra, but it's going to need a lot of work. Susan says it sounds great! Rob says it'll be good to be a property owner! Lynn chips in that Rob and Angela are so lucky, and she says that if she could take this modelling job, she and Kevin would have the deposit for a house. Rob reminds her that Kevin is a proud man, just like his father and grandfather. He adds that Lynn married into a family of chauvanists, and she'll have to learn to live with it. Lynn doesn't look happy.

Martin pulls up outside his house. As he wanders round the back, Peter dives into the pool. When he surfaces, he asks his father how things went, and Martin replies that his day was lousy. Peter says he spent the afternoon with Kevin Palmer, and explains about him having trouble with his wife. Martin sourly says, "Women have a lot to answer for."

Fiona tells Gordon that Paul is confused, as the news about his grandfather was quite a blow to him. She adds that he's a judgemental little prig. Gordon tells Fiona that Paul must have really hurt her. In reply, Fiona tells him that she and Jill used to have a little joke about her always wanting to help people, but she admits that she's a compulsive helper, as she likes making people happy. She adds that Paul's been round to cry on her shoulder so many times... Gordon says he's sorry. The doorbell rings, and Gordon says it's probably Wendy, wanting to help Paul - if he'll give her half a chance. He goes and opens the door, but he finds Patricia and Wayne standing there. Patricia asks him if he won't invite them in. Gordon asks her what they're doing there, but Patricia says she'd rather not discuss it in the doorway. Gordon tells her to come in, say what she has to say, and leave. When Patricia gets into the lounge, she's pleased to see Fiona there, saying that this affects her, too. Gordon asks his wife what the hell she wants, and Patricia tells him that, as he's the Managing Director of Ramberg, she wanted to tell him personally: "I'm now the major shareholder." Gordon says that can't be, as the shares went to two people. Patricia looks at Wayne, and says, "Meet the other one!" Wayne smiles nastily. Patricia says she knew she'd be blocked if she went for the whole lot, so she put half in Wayne's name. Fiona remarks that Patricia couldn't wait to come and crow about it, and Patricia tells her she's right. Patricia says Gordon and Fiona thought they were so smart, getting Paul on-side, but she asks, "Who's smiling now?" Gordon tells her that that's enough, adding that she must have been really desperate to trust Wayne with her money. Wayne tells his father that that's more than he'd do, but Gordon reminds him that he did once and look where it got him. He tells his son, "You are incompetent, Wayne." He then says he considered what to do if this happened, and he's going to call a meeting tomorrow and resign. Patricia says she doesn't want that, but Gordon says she knows it would be more fun for her with him there, but twenty years of games in his marriage was enough, and he doesn't need any more. Patricia tells him he's taking the coward's way out, but Gordon says he doesn't need Ramberg - they need him. He says he can easily get another job, and then asks Patricia how it feels to go to all that trouble spending a fortune to get at him when there's no way she can. He tells her that he has his talent, his esteem, and Barbara, and he thinks that beats control of an engineering firm any day. He adds, "I hope you enjoy it - now get out."


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