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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Karl Zwicky

At Dural, Gordon tells Fiona, Rosie and Wendy that it would be a shock to anyone, let alone someone with Paul's background. He adds that he can't help agreeing with Fiona that Wayne's knowledge of the facts must be down to Patricia. Fiona says James was a fool for telling her. Wendy says she doesn't know how Paul fell for it, as he's reacting exactly as Wayne hoped, but Fiona replies that Paul is a very moral young man. Rosie sourly chips in that he wasn't when Gayle was there. Gordon suggests to the housekeeper that she go and get her things so they can visit Barbara, and she leaves the room. Gordon says he hopes Paul's not going to go off the deep end, and he adds that he'll have a talk to him when he comes home. As Gordon and Rosie are about to go out, Fiona offers to stay with Wendy, and Wendy and Gordon both agree that it's a good idea. They tell Gordon to give Barbara their love. Gordon and Rosie leave, and Fiona suggests to Wendy that they clear the coffee cups away. She suddenly looks thoughtful, and Wendy asks her if she's thought where Paul might be, but Fiona replies that she was just tempted to call Patricia and give her a blast - but she wouldn't like to give her the satisfaction.

Paul is walking in the grounds of the seminary, where he's talking to Father Thomas, who tells him that he's always welcome. Paul replies that that's why he's there. Father Thomas asks him if he has some worries, and Paul tells him that he's realised over the last few months that he should never have left. He tells Father Thomas that he wants to come back and resume his studies.

Wendy tells Fiona that she couldn't help laughing when Paul told her, as it sounded so funny. Fiona agrees that it's not always easy to keep control of your feelings. Wendy says she can see why Paul's so serious, and why he was concerned about Kerry and about his money. Fiona tells Wendy that Paul's lucky to have her around, and Wendy agrees that they've been getting closer, but she says she doesn't know if that can continue because she has enough hangups of her own, without coping with Paul's as well. Fiona says she hopes Wendy will change her mind, but Wendy replies that, after the way she treated him, Paul probably won't open up to anybody.

Rosie gives Barbara a card from Gayle, and tells her that she's been organising things for her and Wendy to move into the flat once she's out of hospital. She adds that she doesn't need the place now, so she'll move into a room in the main house. Barbara makes it clear that she's very grateful. Rosie then says she has to post a letter to Doug Palmer, and she leaves the room. Gordon pulls up a chair and tenderly says, "Hello." Barbara replies, "Hello yourself!" She queries what's going on between Rosie and Doug Palmer, and Gordon explains that they're very friendly, but neither of them will admit they care for the other. Barbara says, "Bless them!" Gordon remarks on Barbara looking brighter, and Barbara says she's been learning the art of positive thinking. She then asks Gordon to pass her the box at the end of the bed, which she says the nurses gave to her. Gordon passes over the box, and Barbara opens it, explaining that it contains an after-bandage present. She puts her hand in and lifts out a wig! She puts it over the bandages wrapped around her head and jokes that the style really doesn't suit her! Gordon jokes that the nurses think of everything! Smiling gratefully, Barbara tells Gordon that he's very good medicine. Gordon kisses her hand.

At the Palmer house, Kevin has found some paintbrushes, which he gives to Rob and Angela. He asks them if it's just Domine's room they're doing up, but Rob replies that Susan wants the lounge done as well. Kevin offers his and Lynn's services, but Lynn chips in that she doesn't want to get covered in paint in case she gets another job. Rob and Angela point out to Lynn that if she comes to Susan's with them, Doug won't be able to bother them because he'll have to stay behind and look after Davey. Lynn takes the point and agrees to come. Doug comes in with an old sheet for the decorators to put on the floor, and he also gives Rob a handkerchief with knots at the four corners for Rob to put on his head! Rob and Angela burst out laughing. Rob then suggests to the others that they get going. On his way out, Kevin asks Doug to look after Davey, and Doug says that of course he will.

At Susan's, Rob puts the hanky on his head, and Angela tells him that it's silly, but it's a good idea. Kevin and Lynn put a mattress down on the floor, having carried it from the bedroom. They sit down on the mattress, and Kevin recalls the last time they decorated Susan's place, and how David caught the two of them on the mattress on the floor. Lynn says she could never forget! Kevin says it's a shame things aren't like that anymore. He tells Lynn that things have been different since she's been back from Sydney - he's frightened modelling has gone to her head and he doesn't want her to change. Lynn assures him that she won't, saying nothing will ever come between them and Davey. She and Kevin kiss.

Beryl and David get home, and Doug hurriedly picks Plan C up off the sofa and pretends he was about to put the cat outside. He goes to the back door, and David remarks that his father's a shocking liar! Having put the cat outside, Doug returns to the lounge and asks if he can make a call to Sydney, adding that he'll pay. David asks his father why, and Doug says he wants a chat. Beryl presses him for more information, and so Doug reluctantly says it occurred to him that it would be nice if Rosie came down for the Anzac Day march. He adds that she could have his room and he'll sleep on the folding bed in the lounge. Beryl and David agree to the request and go into the kitchen while Doug makes his call.

The 'phone rings at Dural and Gordon answers it. Doug asks to speak to Rosie, and as Gordon hands the receiver over, Rosie says she thought it might be Paul. Gordon replies that so did he. When Rosie comes on the line, Doug stumbles over his words as he starts to say he was wondering... then changes it to him having an idea, then to Beryl and David having an idea... He eventually tells Rosie that Beryl and David thought she might like to come down for the Anzac Day march. Rosie says she'll have to ask Gordon if he can spare her, but it should be OK. Doug explains that he'll fix it for her to have his room, but Rosie says she doesn't want to put him out. Doug says it's no trouble. Realising how long the call is taking, Doug hurriedly says he'll write with the details, and he hangs up, leaving Rosie looking rather bemused. He puts some coins by the 'phone and goes into the kitchen where he tells Beryl and David that Rosie has agreed to come. He heads off to his room, and Beryl remarks to David that it looks like his father is intending to stay on for a while. She suggests to David that it's time he had a talk with Doug, and David agrees that tonight might be the night.

Later, at the kitchen table, Doug tells Beryl to go to bed, adding that he'll bring her breakfast in bed in the morning. Beryl accepts the offer, and tells the two men that she'll leave them to it. David remarks that it's nice that Rosie's coming down, and Doug replies that she's a nice woman. David asks if she's only coming down for the march, and Doug replies that she might want to stay on for a day or two. David asks his father if he's going to head home afterwards. Doug asks David if he's trying to get rid of him, but David assures him he's not. He adds, though, that Doug must be missing his mates. Doug replies that there's not many left now. He tells David that he went up there to spend his last few years with his wife and mates, but, now that he's realised that he hasn't got that long left, he'd like to spend some time with his family, and see Davey grow up. David agrees that that's what his father should do.

Early the next morning, there's a 'phone call for Lynn - it's Mrs. Collins, who tells Lynn that a company wants to see her with a view to doing a series of shampoo commercials. Lynn says that's fantastic! Mrs. Collins asks Lynn if she's free this afternoon, and Lynn replies that of course she is. The call comes to an end, and Lynn rushes into the kitchen where David announces that Doug is going to be staying with them permanently. Kevin says that's good news. Lynn can't contain her excitement any longer, and she tells Kevin about the commercials. Kevin points out that they were talking about Doug, but Lynn doesn't appear to care. She picks up the breakfast tray Doug has carefully prepared and rushes off to give it to Beryl. Kevin looks rather annoyed. He then asks Doug if he can come to the Anzac Day march as well, and although Doug looks slightly put out, he agrees.

Father Thomas asks Paul if he can see his point, adding that it's not a place in which to hide from the world. He tells Paul that if he was coming back for the right reasons, then he'd be very welcome. Paul agrees that he has to work things out for himself, adding that that's the way it should be. He tells Father Thomas that he has something in the back of his mind, and it might be the answer he's looking for...

Doug tells Lynn that he's off to the club. Lynn asks him when he'll be home, and Doug tells her that he'll be back at 1pm. Lynn reminds him that she'll need a babysitter this afternoon, as she doesn't know whether David will be called away on a job. Doug assures her he'll be there. Doug goes out, and Lynn goes into the kitchen, where she tells David that she'll get ready now. David reminds her that he has a job on this afternoon, but Lynn says it'll be OK because Doug will babysit. David then tells her that he wasn't impressed with the way she behaved this morning, as she expects Doug to babysit for her whenever she wants, but she couldn't spare a few moments to listen to his news. Lynn says she's sorry, and she offers to cook Doug a nice lunch to make up for it. As he heads out, David wishes Lynn luck.

A while later, Lynn is fussing over Davey, who's in his bassinet on top of the table in the lounge. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Lynn answers it to discover the caller is Mrs. Collins. She tells Lynn that it's on, and asks her to be at the offices in twenty minutes. Lynn says she can't get there until one o'clock, but Mrs. Collins points out that she did call earlier to give Lynn plenty of notice. Lynn asks if she can bring Davey with her, but Mrs. Collins tells her the clients are there to make shampoo ads, not nappy ads. She adds that, if Lynn can't make it, they'll find someone else. Suddenly panicking, Lynn says she'll be there. She hangs up, and then dials another number. The 'phone starts ringing at Susan's, but Rob and Angela are in the middle of moving the sofa, and Rob says, "Blow it - if it's important, they'll ring back." Lynn hangs up, and hurriedly scrawls a note on the pad by the 'phone. She tears the paper off and sticks it on the mantlepiece. She goes over to Davey and tells him that Doug will be home soon. Leaving the baby where he is, Lynn rushes out, not noticing that Plan C is prowling around on the floor nearby...

Kevin gets home. He goes into the lounge and immediately spots Plan C on top of Davey in the bassinet. He rushes over to the table, lifts the cat out and then picks Davey up. He calls out Lynn's name, but there's no answer. He goes into the kitchen and calls, "Lynn, are you there?" He goes back into the lounge, where he notices the note on the mantlepiece. He reads it and looks furious.

At Dural, Gordon tells Fiona that there was no need to have come all that way. Fiona suggests that it's time they do something, and Gordon asks her if she means call the police. At that moment, though, the front door slams, and Paul walks in. Fiona tells him they were worried, but Paul says there was no need. Gordon asks him if he managed to sort things out. Paul replies that he's decided to use the dirty money that his grandfather earned to help people - he wants to make up by aiding as many people as he can. Much to Gordon and Fiona's horror, he then announces, "I'm going to sell all my shares in Ramberg and give the lot to charity."

Lynn gets home and happily tells Kevin that she got the job. Kevin, though, angrily asks her what she thought she was doing, as he got home and Davey was all alone with Plan C on top of him in his bassinet. Lynn looks horrified, and says Doug was supposed to be home by one o'clock. Kevin snaps that that's not the point, as Lynn should never have left Davey by himself. Lynn says she tried to call Rob and Angela, but there was no answer, and David was working... Kevin yells that there have been problems ever since she got mixed up in modelling. He adds that it was lucky Plan C was only on Davey's feet - he could have been smothered. Lynn says she didn't think, and Kevin tells her that she's right - she didn't think. He then tells her that she's going to give up modelling and do what she's supposed to do - stay at home and look after their child. He adds, "I'm not asking you - I'm telling you."


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