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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Patricia explains to Wayne that James told her years ago. She adds that she can't wait to see how Paul will react. Wayne says it's too good to be true. Patricia tells him that, once he's passed the news on, Paul will be out of Ramberg like a shot...

At Martin's house, Martin tells Peter that Patricia will never fall for it! There's a knock at the door, and Martin answers it and invites Patricia in. He tells her that Peter is their cook tonight. A short while later, Martin, Patricia, John and Peter are all seated round the table, and Peter invites Patricia to try some snails, explaining that he picked them from the garden, and adding that they're a real delicacy. Patricia remarks that Peter has very sophisticated tastes, and she invites him to try one first. Realising his joke has backfired, Peter picks up a snail and appears to put it in his mouth. A cruching sound is heard, but Peter then reveals that he has a pack of lollies in his hand, which he used to make the noise! John picks up the snails to get rid of them, and while he's up, Peter tells him to take off his jacket, as he's not in the airforce yet. Martin offers Patricia some wine, and Peter tells her about the sauces for the meal - sweet-and-sour, black bean and chile. Patricia looks impressed, and says she likes spicy food.

Barbara tells Wendy and Paul that the hospital is very good at making food bland, adding that she's had to put up with it for four days. Wendy jokes about her mother complaining again! Barbara says she hates just lying there, and she moans about not being able to move her arm, either. Wendy tells her mother that she's doing very well, but Barbara says she's just a sook! Paul and Wendy announce that it's time they have to leave.

At Dural, Wendy tells Paul that she can't believe she bossed her mother around! She adds, though, that she's got a lot to make up for. Paul tells her that Barbara and Gordon understand, but Wendy replies that that's not what she means. Paul asks her to tell him, and so Wendy asks him if he remembers Drew Stafford - the photographer at Lynn's photoshoot - and how he said he hadn't seen much of her work lately. Paul recalls the occasion, and Wendy tells him that Drew couldn't remember any recent work because there hasn't been any. She goes on to explain that she used to get up in the morning with ideas of things to do, and she made lists and plans, but always ended up going to bed without having done anything. She says it was punishment for her not turning up at her father's funeral. She tells Paul that she was going to come back to Australia when Roland died, but a great assignment came up. She quietly adds that her father was wonderful to her, and she did a lousy job of showing up for him. Paul says funerals are tough to go through, but Wendy points out that Barbara managed. She tells Paul that her mother needs her now, and she's going to be there for her. Paul hugs her. Wendy says she's been wanting to talk about this ever since she came back from America. She then tells Paul that she doesn't feel like going home tonight. Paul asks her what she wants to do, and Wendy suggests they go out to Paul's yacht and go for a sail. Paul says, "Whatever you want." Wendy says she's glad she told him, and Paul replies, "So am I." They kiss.

Early the next morning, as Paul clambers on-shore from the yacht, he calls to Wendy, "You and your crazy ideas!" Wendy replies that she thought it was fun, drifting around all night. Paul tells her that she's a bad influence, but he adds that he had a terrific time! Wendy says she did, too. She suggests they get some food, and Paul tells her that she can buy him a hamburger with the lot! Wendy jokes, "Talk about romantic!"

Rosie is clearing the breakfast table at Dural when the 'phone rings. The caller is Wayne, who says, "Guess who's in town?!" Rosie is overjoyed to hear from him, and asks him why he's there. Wayne explains that he's come to see Paul. Rosie explains that Paul has been out all night, and so Wayne says he'll come over and wait. He asks Rosie to tell Paul - when he comes in - to wait until he arrives.

Patricia picks up some leaflets on the table at the South Yarra house and asks John if Martin is spreading his propaganda. John replies that Martin has offered him free flying lessons. Patricia looks surprised as John goes on to tell her that he's been feeling down for some time now, and he's come to the conclusion that he's not the executive type. Patricia tells him that he's doing so well at Ramberg, but John replies that the only downside he can see to the airforce is the discipline, but everything else appeals. Patricia tells him that it sounds as if he's made up his mind. John says anything's better than the nine-to-five grind. He heads out.

Paul arrives back at Dural and Rosie tells him that Wayne is waiting to see him. He goes into the lounge where Wayne makes a comment about him being a stop-out. He then explains that he's not there on business, but he's there to tell Paul about something that's not in his grandfather's official biography. Paul asks Wayne what he means, and in reply, Wayne asks Paul where James got the money to start Ramberg. Paul replies that he had savings and investments. Wayne agrees, but adds that James had business interests before he started Ramberg - and they weren't legitimate interests. Paul tells Wayne to get on with it, and so Wayne reveals, "Your grandfather made his money by prostitution." Paul looks shocked, and he accuses Wayne of lying, but Wayne tells him to check with Fiona. Paul stares at Wayne and then tells him to get out. As he leaves, Wayne says, "How does it feel knowing where it all came from...?"

Sometime later, Paul is out in the city with Fiona, and he asks her to tell him that it's a pack of lies. Fiona, though, tells him that she can't, because it's true. Paul just says, "I see." Fiona says she knows it sounds terrible, but James shunned that side of things in his later years. Paul tells her not to make excuses, and he asks Fiona how she could be friends with his grandfather. Fiona replies that she could hardly stay away from him when she was in the same line of business. She tells a shocked Paul that if he wants to write his grandfather off, he'll have to write her off, as well. Paul says this is like a bad joke - an ex-priest living off the back of money earned from prostitution. He snaps, "Great."

John arrives at Jill's and announces that he's decided he's going to join the airforce. He goes on to explain that he made the decision this morning. Jill tells him that she can't wait to see him in his uniform! She asks him if he's told Martin, but John replies that he wanted to tell her, first. He adds that he's got to go and face Patricia now. As he leaves, Jill looks really happy.

Patricia tells John that he's out of his mind. John says it's a lot better than Ramberg, but Patricia warns him that Martin won't be there to help him. John says he wants to achieve things by himself, and he's not getting anywhere at Ramberg. Patricia tells John that he can't blame her for pointing out the potential pitfalls. John says he wants to go and tell Martin, but Patricia delays him by offering him some lunch, and telling him that he's going to have to get used to the airforce stodge. John tells her that Martin said airforce food is good. Patricia agrees that it might be in the Officers' Mess. She asks him what he'll do if he discovers he doesn't like it, but John replies that he has a ten week training course in which to decide that, which is plenty of time. Patricia tells him to wait and see. She gives him his food, and John heads towards the front door, explaining that he's going to go and see Martin to get the application form. He leaves, and Patricia stands by the table, looking thoughtful. She suddenly appears to have an idea, and goes to the 'phone. She dials a number, and the woman who answers says, "Defence Centre." Patricia asks to speak to Group Captain Healy, but is told that he's not there. She declines to leave a message and hangs up. She goes back to the table, where she picks up her keys and hurries out of the house.

At Jill's, Angela tells Jill that she's suprised Patricia didn't go off the boil. Jill asks her why she thinks this, and Angela replies that the airforce isn't exactly classy. There's a knock at the door, and Angela opens it to find Patricia herself standing there. She immediately says, "Isn't it wonderful news about John!" Angela looks surprised! Jill tells Patricia about what Angela was saying, but Patricia replies that John is really enthusiastic. Angela tells her mother that it's good to see she's so understanding. She leaves, and Patricia immediately tells Jill that John's really going to miss her when he's spending his weeks at the base. Jill says she'll feel the same about him, but as long as he's happy... Patricia asks Jill if she'll be able to get the weekends off, but Jill replies that they have to take it in turns to work at weekends, as noone really wants to. Patricia tells her that at least she and John will be able to see each other for a bit of the weekend, then. Looking increasingly uncertain, Jill says she'll get used to not seeing him so much. Patricia agrees that she'll miss him, too. Jill looks quite unhappy.

Peter is busy drawing, when there's a knock at the door. He opens it to let John and Jill in. Peter asks them for a caption for his picture, and he then censures John for not telling him that he had such a spunky girlfriend! John asks where Martin is, and Peter replies that he's out by the pool. Martin is clearing the leaves when John and Jill get outside, and John tells him that he's doing a good job! Martin asks John why he's there, and John says, "Got an application form?!" Martin and Peter both tell John that he's made a great decision. Peter turns to Jill and tells her that he'll make sure she doesn't miss John too much!

At the hospital, Wendy and Barbara are playing cards, and Wendy wins. Paul comes in and asks Wendy if she's ready to leave, as he needs to talk to her. Barbara tells her daughter that they can play again tomorrow. Wendy kisses her mother goodbye, and she and Paul leave. Barbara tries to shuffle the pack of cards, but ends up throwing them down impatiently. Out in the corridor, Paul tells Wendy that he never made it to work today, as he got some shocking news from Wayne. He suggests to Wendy that they hit the beach.

In Melbourne, Wayne tells Patricia that Paul was knocked for six. Patricia replies that once Fiona confirms it... Wayne asks if she will, and Patricia replies that she's sure of it - adding that when she does, she'll be cutting her own throat. Wayne points out to Patricia that she won't be popular with Gordon, but Patricia replies that there's nothing he can do. Wayne says Gordon still has a lot of clout, but Patricia makes it clear that she's pretty sure of herself.

As they walk along the beach, Wendy tells Paul that it was all a long time ago, so why worry about it? Paul replies that he can't face the idea of living off money that was earned that way. Wendy reiterates that it was a long time ago, and the money's straight now, but Paul replies that he feels strongly about this, and he's not going to compromise his principles. He then reveals to Wendy about his being in a seminary before he went to America, and he tells her about his grandfather not liking it and telling him to go and bum around. He says he should never have listened to him. Wendy, half-laughing, tells Paul that she can't really see him as a priest. Annoyed at this reaction, Paul snaps that he should never have told her. He storms off, but Wendy goes after him and tells him that he expects too much of people. She adds that if he can't let this rest, then maybe he'd be better off in a monastery. Paul snaps, "Yeah, maybe I would." He walks off again, leaving Wendy looking annoyed.


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