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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Martin offers Patricia some breakfast, but she says she has to go. Martin says he thought things were fine, and Patricia says they are. Martin asks her why she's running off, then. At this point, Peter comes in, having had a swim. Patricia explains that she's just arrived to discuss John with Martin, and Peter jokes that he hopes she can get some sense from his father, as he never can! He leaves the room again, and Martin tells Patricia that she didn't fool Peter, as he and his son have no secrets. Patricia says she'd prefer things to be kept quiet, as she's worried about John and Angela finding out. Martin asks why what everyone else thinks, matters, but Patricia tells him that she just wants to be certain of how she feels, first. Martin tells Patricia that his feelings towards her haven't changed, but he's not interested in a secret affair. Patricia says she's sorry, and admits she's probably being silly. She smiles at Martin.

At the Palmer house, Beryl tells Lynn that she's glad it's out in the open. Lynn says Beryl could have floored her and Kevin when they found out, and she adds that the two of them have decided to stay out of things. Kevin comes into the kitchen and chips in that it's none of their business, anyway, but he'll still think of John and Angela as part of the family. Lynn remarks that she thought Doug would have made more fuss, and Beryl replies that she thinks he's keeping quiet because he wants to stay on. Kevin announces that he has to make tracks, as it's his first day. He kisses Lynn goodbye and Lynn warns him about blisters. Kevin goes, and Beryl asks Lynn how she feels about her husband's new job. Lynn says it sounds fun. Beryl looks at her watch and says she has to get a move on to get to the markets, as she's working the lunchtime shift today. Lynn tells her that she'll walk with her as far as the newsagents, as her first fashion spread appears today.

Susan is sitting in her nightclothes drinking coffee, when there's a knock at the door. She opens it to find Wayne standing there. She looks momentarily uncomfortable, and just says, "Hello." Wayne tells her that he won't stay long, and Susan invites him in. He asks where Rob and Angela are, and Susan explains that they're sleeping in. Wayne then apologises to her for his behaviour yesterday, explaining that he's not normally one to come on heavy like that. Susan accepts the apology, but Wayne then says he can't understand why she acted like she did. Susan tells him that she still loves Bill. Wayne points out that he's going to be in jail for the next fifteen years, and he tells Susan not to be so tough on herself, but Susan snaps that she promised to wait. She adds that she's probably not even Wayne's type, and suggests it's probably better if they don't see each other for a while. Wayne holds out his hand and says, "No hard feelings?" Susan hesitates and then shakes the hand. Wayne leaves, and Susan sighs heavily.

Patricia tells Martin that she hasn't had hash browns for ages! Peter joins them, and asks his father why he's not getting any breakfast. Martin points out that he doesn't like that Muesli rubbish! Peter says he has to get a move on so he can catch his bus. Martin offers him a lift, but Peter replies that he doesn't want to cramp his father's style! He leaves, and Patricia immediately asks Martin, "Do you see what I mean?" Martin says it was a joke, and he tells Patricia that she's overreacting, adding that it's just Peter's way, as he's kid of 18. Patricia says she's sorry - it's just that everything is happening so fast, and she's worried about making a fool of herself. Martin tells her they'll be alright. They kiss.

Patricia arrives back at the South Yarra house to find Wayne sitting reading the paper. He remarks that he didn't hear her come in last night, but Patricia innocently replies, "Didn't you?" Wayne gets up and gives Patricia an envelope which was delivered by courier from Ramberg. As Patricia opens it, Wayne asks her if she had a good night. Patricia just says, "Yes." She reads the letter and then says, "Damn." She explains to Wayne that Paul wants to hold a meeting this afternoon to discuss the bonus share issue, adding that Paul isn't happy unless he's calling the shots. Wayne asks if he can go to the meeting, as the work he did on Friday might help him persuade some of the board in Patricia's direction. Patricia points out to him that he'll need to be fast, and Wayne replies that it'll be a good chance to show what he can do. Patricia suggests to him that he talk to Fiona, as, after investing all that money in the riding school, she may have a bit of a cashflow problem, and might not want to buy the shares. Wayne agrees that it's worth a try. Patricia curses, "Damn Paul."

Lynn shows Doug her photoshoot pictures in the magazine and asks him what he thinks. Doug asks her why she's standing all crooked, and Lynn explains that that's how it's done! Beryl comes in carrying several bags, and she asks for a hand. Doug goes over and helps her. Lynn tells her that she's got the magazine and the photos are great! Beryl asks if she can get a drink before she has a look. Lynn enthuses that she's pleased with the way they've come out. Doug tells her that he doesn't know why she couldn't have worn a nice dress instead of those tight jeans. Lynn tries to show Beryl again, but Beryl is rushing around, and says she'll have a look when she gets home from work. Lynn looks disppointed. Doug suddenly says he'll need a shirt for tonight, and Beryl tells him that it's on the line and Lynn will iron it. Lynn looks annoyed. She asks Beryl if she can have some girlfriends over this afternoon, and Beryl replies that that's fine.

Lynn's friends, Donna and Sandy, tell her that she looks terrific! Lynn says she can't wait to do more, and the other girls both announce that they're going to go on diets! Lynn explains that Mrs. Collins said there'd be lots more work for her, too. The three girls decide to go and see Cathy, and Lynn says she'll let Doug know what's happening. She goes into the kitchen and says she's going out, but Doug asks what about his shirt. Lynn says she'll do it later. Doug reminds her about Davey, and Lynn replies that his formula is all made up and is in the 'fridge. As she goes, she says she'll probably pop into Susan's on the way home. She leaves Doug resigned to looking after his grandson.

Wayne and Fiona are walking along the streets of Sydney, and Wayne tries to assure Fiona that he's just trying to do what's best for all the shareholders. Fiona asks him why, and Wayne starts to explain that there are two ways Ramberg can raise money: through a bonus share issue or by borrowing on the financial markets. Fiona tells him to go on, and so Wayne continues, telling her that it's expensive to borrow right now, but in three months, interest rates might fall. Fiona makes it clear that she thinks this is unlikely, but Wayne tells her that if they do, Ramberg can save itself the expense of the share issue. Fiona says it all sounds like gobbledegook to her, and tells Wayne that she wants to do what's best for the company. Wayne asks her to think about it, but Fiona tells him that she'll be voting with Gordon and Paul. Wayne pleads with her to listen to him, but Fiona replies, "I just have."

Martin arrives home from work to find Peter sitting on the floor, surrounded by newspapers. Peter says he's looking forward to meeting John, and Martin agrees that he's a nice kid. He tells Peter to get the place tidied up, and Peter duly starts tidying. He suddenly notices some pamphlets on a worktop and asks what they're doing there. He tells his father that he hopes he's not going to try and push John into joining the airforce, and Martin assures him that he's not trying to pressurise his son. Martin then asks Peter what they're having for dinner, but Peter says he doesn't know, yet.

Sometime later, Peter asks Martin if John asked for the pamphlets or if it's his idea. Martin says it's his idea. Peter says he doesn't want things going the same way as they did with Adam. Martin says John is a different kettle of fish to Adam, but Peter warns him again about pushing too much. Martin says Adam will never be half the person John is. Peter starts to defend his brother, but Martin snaps that that's enough. Peter quietens down, and explains that he just wanted his say. He then asks his father why he didn't make him join the airforce as a cook?!

Susan tells Lynn that the photos are really nice, adding that she's very proud. She asks what the others think, and Lynn replies that she doesn't know - all she does know is that Doug thought the jeans were too tight, and Beryl didn't have time to look. She tells Susan that she feels like noone takes her seriously. Susan tells her that of course they do. Lynn says things were different in Sydney, because people took an interest in her, but down here... well, she gets the feeling that she's a letdown. Susan remarks on modelling being more glamourous than changing nappies, but Lynn replies that she likes family life and modelling. Susan tells her that she's sure she has a great future.

John arrives at Martin's house, and Martin introduces his two sons to each other. Martin explains that Peter is doing the cooking, and Peter asks John for a hand. He asks him to scour the garden for snails! John says he's never eaten snails before, but he'll try anything once. He sets off to look, as Peter and Martin grin broadly at each other! John finds a snail and picks it up. He sees the laughter on the other two men's faces, and, realising he's been set up, says, "Pair of galahs!"

When Beryl gets home, Doug moans about Lynn not having ironed his shirt because she was out for most of the day. Beryl says she'll do it right now. Kevin comes in and asks where his wife is. Beryl explains that she's not home. Doug snaps that she's been out gallivanting for most of the day. He storms off, and Kevin asks Beryl to start from the beginning.

Martin and John talk about life in the airforce, and the potential postings overseas. John admits that it would be a chance to see the world, and says it sounds better than pushing a pen at Ramberg. Martin tells him that, if what he's heard is anything to go by, he'd be doing himself a favour by joining up. Peter chips in that it's a great life, and he tells John that he wouldn't regret it. Martin excuses his son's strange sense of humour.

Lynn gets home and Beryl tells Kevin not to say too much. Kevin, though, immediately angrily asks Lynn where she's been. Lynn explains that she was out with Donna and Sandy. Fearing an argument, Beryl leaves them to it. Kevin tells Lynn that she shouldn't have left Davey with Doug all day. Lynn tries to explain that she just wanted to show some people her fashion spread. Kevin says he thought she'd be at home, but Lynn snaps that there's more to life than looking after a baby and ironing shirts.

At Dural, Gordon offers Fiona a drink. Fiona remarks that a month's delay isn't the end of the world, as they should have had a chance to sway some of the board members by then. She adds that Wayne was a surprise today, and Gordon agrees. He tells Fiona that he wishes his son had shown more of that talent when he was working for Ramberg.

At the South Yarra house, Wayne tells Patricia that he could only swing a month's delay, but Patricia says that it is some breathing space. Wayne tells her that Paul, Gordon and Fiona make a very cosy threesome, which causes Patricia to announce that they need splitting up. Wayne tells her that he doesn't see what she can do, but Patricia replies, "Oh, I don't know - I think the time has come to knock Mr. Sheppard right out of the running - and to hell with the consequences..."


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