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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Patricia asks Martin who the hell he thinks he is, charging in and laying down the law. Martin says he's Angela's father. Patricia snaps that Martin said he wasn't going to make things difficult, and now, after meeting Angela for the first time, he wants to lay claim to her. Martin tells Patricia that he's a perfectly normal man who has two children that he never knew existed, and he's going to handle things his way, and if she carries on, it won't make a difference to him. Patricia starts to say, "But..." but is interrupted by Martin telling her that she has until tomorrow to talk to John and David about this, and then he's going to tell Angela. John comes in at this point, and asks Martin what's up. Martin just walks out. John asks Patricia what's bugging him, and Patricia replies, "Your father is not an easy man..."

At Martin's house, Martin's son, Peter, dives into the pool in the backyard. When he surfaces, he asks his father how things went, but Martin remains silent. He eventually speaks to tell his son that he'll talk inside.

Inside, Peter is doing sit-ups and he tells his father that he doesn't know what he's worrying about. Martin says they take themselves pretty seriously. Peter points out to his father that he was alright before 'whatsamacallit' came on the scene. Martin says he thought Peter wanted to meet John and Patricia, and Peter replies that John sounds alright, but he doesn't want to know him if he's going to cause hassles. He tells Martin that he should have behaved himself when he was younger, then he wouldn't have all these troubles now!

At the Palmer house, David tells John that Martin is being a smart aleck. John says that's not why he's there - he just wants his question answered. David says he doesn't know - he doesn't like giving into the bloke. He then adds, though, that it might clear the air. He then says, "Yeah, why not?" and tells John that it would be better if Angela found out now, rather than later. John explains that they're all meeting tomorrow, but David says he won't be there, as he's got to work, and he doesn't want anything to do with it anyway. He adds that, hopefully, by the time he gets home tomorrow night, Angela will have told Martin where to get off.

The next morning, John arrives at Jill's for breakfast, and he remarks that he doesn't know what David's playing at, as he seems to have changed his mind about Angela. It then occurs to him that maybe David has realised that, if Angela finds out the truth now, she'll turn against Martin. Jill agrees that it figures, and she wonders if Martin might have worked it out. John says he doubts it - he's probably only thinking about sorting the whole mess out as soon as possible. Jill remarks that John really likes Martin, and John admits that he likes the way his father sees things straight down the middle.

At the South Yarra house, Wayne is reading the newspaper when Patricia comes down for breakfast. She asks Wayne why he's so chirpy, and he replies that he's been looking at the shareprices. He adds that he's made Patricia a very nice profit, and Patricia replies that she's very grateful. Wayne asks her if she's given any more thought to his idea about looking after her interests and representing her at Ramberg, but Patricia tells him that he's not ready for Wall Street, yet. Wayne sarcastically snaps about everyone having a go at good old Wayne. Patricia points out to him that he has made a mess of virtually everything he's done, and she tells him, "One swallow does not a summer make." She leaves the room, and Wayne walks to the 'phone. He dials a number and Susan answers. Wayne asks her if she fancies ruining her Sunday with him!

Sometime later, Wayne and Susan are out walking in the woods, and Susan remarks that things can't be that bad. Wayne says he'd just like people to give him some credit. Susan says she doesn't really understand business, but she can see that Wayne knows what he's talking about. Wayne says he's glad someone thinks so! He then tells Susan that he doesn't know how she puts up with him, sometimes!

Peter is sitting in the lounge at Martin's house when Martin chucks him the tea towel to finish wiping the dishes. He remarks that Patricia must be some woman if his father is going to this much trouble to make the place tidy on a Sunday! Martin points out that Patricia is only coming round to discuss Angela. Peter asks if Patricia's the sort of woman who likes things neat and tidy. Martin says there's nothing wrong with that, and Peter replies that normally, his father's 'birds' don't care less. There's a knock at the door and Martin goes to answer it. He invites Patricia in and introduces her and Peter to each other. He then takes Patricia out to the backyard. Peter stares after them.

Angela tells Rob that it's good to have him home. She asks him about his trip, and he replies that it was long! Angela offers him some breakfast, but he says he's already eaten. He adds that he could go a coffee, though, and then says it's good to be home. He tells Angela that he had a lot of thinking time, and although he thought about Domine a lot the first day, he realised that what happened was for the best, and she's better off with Kerry. He then tells Angela that he really missed her, and they hug.

As Peter dives into the pool, Martin asks Patricia how John is about things. Patricia replies that he's fine. She tells Martin that David agreed to telling Angela the truth immediately, but he won't be there when she's told. Martin says that's understandable. He suggests they go and talk to their daughter straight away. As they walk off, Patricia calls back to Peter that she'll see him soon, and Peter replies, "Hope so." He stares after them.

At Susan's, Martin tells Angela that he and Patricia thought it was best out in the open, as they didn't want her getting the wrong idea about him after yesterday. Angela asks what John thinks, and Martin replies that they're getting on well, and he'd like John to come and meet his son, Peter. He suggests Rob and Angela come to dinner tomorrow, but Angela says she doesn't think so. She snaps that Martin can't just break this news and expect her to accept it just like that. She tells him that she doesn't know how he thought she'd react, but he can't expect her to be really happy about it. Rob chips in that if that's how his wife feels, then that's it. Patricia tells her daughter that she didn't expect her to accept it straight away, but Angela says she won't accept it at all. She tells Martin and Patricia to get out. Patricia says Angela doesn't understand, but Angela replies that it's a crazy situation and she doesn't like it. She tells Martin that she doesn't like him and nothing will change that.

At the South Yarra property, Wayne tells Susan that it's nice to have the place to themselves. Susan, though, says she can't stay any longer, as she has to get to her shift at the hospital. Wayne thanks her for this morning, and Susan replies that she enjoyed it. She and Wayne look at each other, and Wayne moves forward until his lips touch Susan's. Susan quickly pulls away, though, and, looking taken aback, she tells Wayne that it was a shame he had to go and spoil a nice morning. She goes, leaving Wayne looking annoyed.

John is at Jill's, on the 'phone to Martin, and he tells his father that he did at least try. Martin explains that he just wanted to clear the air. John asks him if he'll have another go, but Martin says he won't. John offers to talk to his sister, but Martin asks him not to. At that moment, Rob and Angela arrive at Jill's, and Martin warns John not to push it. Martin hangs up, and Peter asks him if Angela turned up. Martin just says, "Mmm." He looks thoughtful.

Angela tells John and Jill that she doesn't want to see Martin again. John tells her to stop badmouthing their father. He suggests that they put the difference of opinion behind them, and they hug. Jill says it's so nice to see a brother and sister reunited!

Martin offers Peter an orange juice, but he declines. He tells his father that he's sorry things didn't work out as he wanted. Martin admits that it was a disappointment. Peter asks him what he's going to do about John and Patricia now, and Martin replies that he hopes John will visit them and use the place if he wants. He adds that he's sure John and Peter will get on. Peter asks again about Patricia, but Martin just says, "What about her?"

At the Palmer house, Angela hugs David, who says he's so happy, and he's glad Angela feels like that. Angela tells David that, as far as she's concerned, he'll always be her Dad. She asks how the others took it, and David explains that Beryl's known for some time, and is OK about it; Doug's been acting like he doesn't know what's hit him!; and Kevin and Lynn have been fine. He tells Angela that it's good to see someone's being so sensible about it all.

Patricia is sitting on the settee when Wayne get in. She asks him if he's still sulking, and Wayne snaps that she should be used to that by now, as he's had nothing but nasty comments from her and Gordon for the last twenty years. He then asks Patricia if he can make a deal with her. Patricia looks surprised, but Wayne goes on to explain that he has no job, no money and no friends. He asks Patricia if he can look after her business affairs - just a little bit to start with, but just something to give him a chance, as he's fed up with things the way they are, and he just wants a chance to prove himself. Patricia says Wayne's track record doesn't exactly fill her with enthusiasm. Wayne immediately snaps, "God almighty, mother, haven't you ever made any mistakes?" Patricia looks taken aback, but she gives in, although she warns Wayne that if he blows this chance, he won't get another one. Wayne assures her that he won't blow it this time.

It's late at night, and Martin is watching TV when there's a knock at the door. He answers it to find Patricia standing there. He invites her in and she asks if Peter's home. Martin explains that his son is out with some mates. He offers Patricia some coffee, but she declines. She tells Martin that she was sitting at home thinking about the two of them when Wayne said something to her: "Haven't you ever made any mistakes?" She explains that, all her life, she's been organising, or calculating, and she's never done anything on the spur of the moment or because she suddenly felt like it. She tells Martin that she came to let him know that she's sick of it. She says, "I know how I feel about you," and she and Martin kiss...


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