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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

Rosie arrives at the boarding house and calls out, "Yoohoo!" Fiona invites her in to join her, Lynn and Doug. Rosie immediately notices the sculpture from Doug hanging on Fiona's wall and says it looks nice. Fiona sarcastically says Doug convinced her that that was the best place for it! Doug goes off to finish packing, and Lynn goes to check on Davey, leaving Fiona to ask Rosie how Barbara is. Rosie replies that she's having surgery first up this morning, and it's going to be a long operation. Fiona says it's terrible, and Rosie agrees, although she adds that it has brought Gordon and Wendy closer together, and when Barbara comes out of hospital, she's going to go and live at Dural. She tells Fiona that that's something for Barbara to look forward to, and then adds that she can look forward to it as well, especially after all those years with 'that woman'. She says she hopes she's seen the back of Patricia for good.

At the South Yarra house, Patricia asks Wayne where he's going, and he replies that he's heading up to Pointsy for the day. Patricia then says she's been looking through some more papers with Paul's ideas on them, and she's really not happy. She asks Wayne about one paper in particular, and Wayne explains that it's about a bonus share issue. Patricia says she thinks it's time she clipped Paul's wings, but Wayne warns her that she doesn't have enough support yet. Patricia thanks Wayne for yesterday, and Wayne uses this as a springboard to ask when he can have more responsibility, but Patricia just says she'll see, and she tells Wayne not to push it. Wayne says he'd rather have a full-time job, and he points out that he did do a good job with Patricia's investments. At that moment, John comes in and Wayne sarcastically says, "Well if it isn't Dennis Lillee!" before heading off. Patricia tells her son that it should be a good day, adding that she'd rather him than her. John asks her how last night went, but Patricia just says, "Fine." She asks if Martin said anything when John met him for a run this morning, but John replies that he didn't, but he did appear to have enjoyed himself. Patricia says she's sure he did...

At the Palmer house, Kevin finishes a 'phone call and tells Beryl that it was the guy who owns the landscape gardening business, who's looking for some help and has asked him. David asks Kevin how come he got the call, and Kevin replies that the guy knows his boss at the lumber yard. He adds that he's arranged it so that he won't have to give any notice. Beryl points out to her son that he'll be getting his HSC results in a couple of days, and could take up the bank job. Kevin says he just wants to support Lynn and Davey - it doesn't matter how. David says Vic Hardy went to a lot of trouble to line up that job. He walks out to fix the car, joking as he does so about doing man's work! Kevin remarks to Beryl on David's good mood, adding that he must be looking forward to the game. Beryl doesn't look so sure, and quietly says, "Must be..."

Susan gets the esky out from under the house, ready to pack some drink for the day out. Angela says she's feeling seedy, but attributes this to the tuna she ate last night. There's a knock at the door, and Susan goes to answer it. The visitor is Wayne, and Susan invites him in. Wayne invites Susan to join him at Pointsy, but Susan explains about the family picnic. Wayne says, "I see." Susan asks him to come with them, but Wayne says he doesn't think it would be a good idea. He moves to leave, but Susan suddenly goes over to the drawer and takes something out, which she gives to him. It's a pen, which she explains is to replace the one he lost yesterday. Wayne tells Susan that it's great, and it's nice to know she cares. He leaves. Susan goes back into the kitchen, where Angela asks her what's going on between her and Wayne. Susan says, "Nothing." She says Wayne has just been good to her, and she feels sorry for him because he doesn't get a fair deal.

At the boarding house, Doug tells Rosie that he used to be quite a batsman at one time. Rosie reminisces that Barry used to be good at cricket, adding that it was about the only thing he was good at. Doug looks at Davey, who he's holding, and remarks that it's a shame they have to grow up. He then tells Rosie that he's going to miss their little talks, and Rosie replies, "Same here." Doug says he'll write, and Rosie smiles as she says, "Good." Lynn comes in with her suitcase and says she didn't think she'd get all her new dresses in! Doug makes a remark about spending so much money on new clothes, and so Fiona explains that Lynn got them at a discount because she modelled them. Doug says that's OK, then! He picks up his own case and he and Rosie go outside. Lynn picks up the bag with the goats cheese in it and tries to put it to one side to leave behind, but Fiona laughs, "Don't you dare!" She goes over to the sculpture on the wall and takes it down, saying, "Almost back to normal!" She looks at the sculpture and groans!

Susan is on the 'phone to Jill, and she tells her about Angela feeling seedy. Jill turns to John and tells him that his sister might not be coming, and John asks if he can talk to her. Susan calls to Angela, who comes to the 'phone. John asks her if she's really dropping out, and Angela confirms that she really doesn't feel like it. John says it can't be that bad, and he tells Angela to be there. He hangs up, and, turning to Jill, says it would be a bummer if Angela's not there, as Martin is really looking forward to meeting her. Jill tells John that she hopes he's doing the right thing. John says it's better that Angela and Martin become friends before Angela finds out about their real relationship.

Susan tells Angela that some friend of John's - Martin Healy - will be joining them. Angela remarks that that's strange, as she thought Martin is the man Patricia's seeing, and it would quite strange for him to turn up with John...

At the Oval, Martin thanks Beryl for inviting him, and he proposes a toast to a day of good sport. He and David shake hands, and David then walks off with John to set the stumps up. Beryl tells Martin not to expect miracles of her husband, as he's a very proud man, and this has knocked him a bit. Angela and Susan appear on the horizon, and as they get closer, Martin says Angela is beautiful. Beryl asks him how he feels, and he replies, "Pretty strange." The two women join the picnic party and Beryl introduces her daughter, Susan, and her stepdaughter - John's sister - Angela. Angela just stares at Martin.

Lynn arrives back in Melbourne, and she and Kevin hug tightly. Kevin tells his wife that she and Davey aren't going anywhere ever again!

David runs up, bowls at Martin and hits the stumps! He yells, "Howzat!" and Martin starts to walk away from the crease. David turns to where Beryl, Jill, Susan and Angela are sitting and shouts, "You see that, girls?!" Beryl calls back, "You old show off, David Palmer!" David asks Angela what she thought, but Angela says she didn't see it, and she tells him to do it again. Martin stares at her, and she stares back.

At the boarding house, Rosie tells Fiona that it doesn't feel right to drink champagne at two o'clock in the afternoon! Fiona points out that they do have something to celebrate, and she proposes a toast to Barbara - one of the nicest ladies around. Rosie says Gordon was almost crying when he spoke to her on the 'phone, but she then adds that she feels guilty not being there. Fiona, though, asks her what she could do.

Susan asks Angela if she's OK, and Angela replies that she's not too bad. Susan says it's great to see Kevin and Lynn so happy. She then asks Angela what's wrong, and Angela says there's something funny going on with Martin Healy, as first he was seeing Patricia, then he turned up here, and David's refusing to acknowledge him... Susan asks what Patricia said about him, and Angela replies that she was told he's a business associate. Susan tells Angela that she's been reading too many mystery books! She suddenly recalls the photo, though, and explains to Angela about the picture that Patricia had and which she gave to John - she's sure that was of Martin Healy. Angela snaps that if he doesn't stop looking at her, he's going to get a faceful of pav!

Patricia is sitting on the settee at the South Yarra house when Wayne gets in, explaining that he came back early because she sea breeze got up. Patricia says she's been looking at three or four more of Paul's papers, and she's not impressed one little bit. She starts to say, "I'm almost tempted..." Wayne asks her what she's going to do, but Patricia tells him that it's her little secret for the moment...

Doug has joined the party in the park, and, as he stands there drinking a beer, he gives Kevin a lecture about not drinking and driving. Angela starts to pack things away. Martin tells John that he thinks it's time he had a talk to her. As Angela starts to walk towards the car with the esky, Martin catches her up and offers to help. Angela snaps that she can manage. She then turns and faces him and snaps that she doesn't know who he is, or what his connection is to the family, but one, she's married, and two, he's supposed to be seeing Patricia, so leave her alone, as she's not interested. She storms off.

Later, back at the Palmer house, Kevin suggests to Lynn that they should go and collect Davey from Muriel, but Lynn says her mother likes having him there. Kevin asks Lynn if she enjoyed her time in Sydney, and she replies that she did, but it was tiring. Kevin then asks her if she's glad about his job, and Lynn says she is. She tells Kevin that Monday is going to be a good day because he starts his new job, and her photospread from the night of the twins' party is going to appear in the magazines. Kevin says he hopes Lynn is happy. Lynn says they should go and get Davey. She goes into the kitchen and tells David, Beryl and Doug that she and Kevin are going next door. Doug says it'll be good to spend some time with the little one, but Beryl tells him that the kids will want to spend time with their son. Lynn goes back into the lounge and tells Kevin that she's glad to be back, as she missed all this. They hug and then head next door. In the kitchen, Doug remarks that Martin Healy isn't a bad bloke, and was good at footy in his day - pity about his cricket, though! He thanks Beryl for the picnic, telling her that her cooking's almost as good as Rosie's! Beryl suddenly smells something, and picks up the esky to see if it's coming from there, but it isn't. Doug picks up the bag of cheese and tells Beryl that he wants to hang them up in the kitchen. Beryl tells him to take them to the shed! Doug says Fiona let him hang them in her kitchen, but he picks up the bag and heads outside, leaving Beryl to wonder aloud what Fiona had to put up with! David tells his wife that he reckons he showed Martin a thing or two today, but he doesn't think Angela liked him. He then concludes that Martin didn't really have a good day!

There's an urgent buzzing at the South Yarra house, and when Patricia opens the door, Martin tells her that the day was a disaster, as mollycoddling Angela caused more problems than telling her outright. He tells Patricia to let Angela know the truth at once, because he's going to tell her, anyway.

John tells Angela that Martin was just trying to be nice to her, but Angela says she's been around, and she knows about men like that. John says Martin is just a friendly guy, and Jill chips in that he's been nice to her. Angela says Martin was perving at her, and she asks what exactly is going on with him. John explains that he used to live in the neighbourhood when Patricia and David were young. Angela points out that David didn't seem to like him, and she brings up subject of the photo. Susan chips in that it was Martin in the photo. John asks Angela to give Martin a go, but Angela replies that if he and Jill want to give Martin a go then go ahead, but count her out. John and Jill look frustrated.


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