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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

At Jill's, Paul tells Kerry that he thinks Angela is beginning to change her mind, and is coming round to their way of thinking, as he hammered the point about doing what's best for Domine. Kerry thanks Paul for helping her, adding that there's a chance Angela might be able to get through to Rob. She then says, though, that she would have thought she'd have got a call from Rob if Angela had been able to get through to him. Paul points out that it is quite late, and Rob's probably only just got home.

At the Palmer house, Kevin is watching TV when Beryl gets home from work. Upon seeing her son, she remarks that she thought he'd have been in bed by now, but Kevin explains that he was waiting up for her. He comments on how late it is, and Beryl tells her son that she went out for some drinks with her work colleagues. Kevin offers his mother a cup of tea, and she accepts. Kevin then says it's good that David got the overnight run, and Beryl agrees, adding that they could do with some more of those. She then asks Kevin if he had a good day, but Kevin just says it wasn't bad - a bit boring at times, though. He tells his mother about a bloke that came in who was a landscape gardener, not much older than him, who dropped out of uni and seems to be doing alright. Beryl reminds Kevin that he's never liked gardening, but Kevin replies that he did rake the leaves in the garden when he got home, as he had nothing else to do. Beryl tells him he could have gone to a mate's place, but Kevin says he didn't feel like it. He tells Beryl that Jill called round and invited him to join her and John to go out tomorrow night, and he supposes he'll go to that. He adds, though, that he misses Lynn and Davey, and he can understand how Rob feels now, about not wanting to let go of Domine. He tells Beryl that he reckons Rob's doing the right thing in trying to keep his daughter with him.

Jill gets home from work, and almost immediately, there's a furious hammering at the front door. She goes and opens it, and Rob barges in. He starts yelling at Paul about interfering and causing trouble. He asks him why he came round to see Angela, when he was away. Paul tries to explain that he came round to see the two of them, but he then adds that it was probably a good job that Rob wasn't there, because at least Angela listened. He suggests to Rob that they talk about it in the morning, but Rob yells that he wants to talk now. Paul says it's midnight, and he starts to guide Rob out the door, but Rob swings round and tries to throw a punch at him. He misses, but Jill immediately runs and stands between the two men. She tells Rob that if he wants to hit Paul, he'll have to hit her, first. She orders him to leave, and says it can be sorted out in the morning. As he leaves, Rob yells that he hasn't finished with Paul and Kerry yet.

The next morning, the 'phone rings at the Palmer house, and Beryl and Kevin both get to it at the same time. Beryl is the one who actually answers it, and she finds Angela on the other end, who immediately apologises for calling so early. Beryl asks what's wrong, and Angela replies that Rob hasn't come home all night. Beryl says he's not at her place. Angela explains that she called Jill, and Rob was round there late last night. She adds that she hopes he's alright. Beryl points out that he's probably just had too much to drink and went somewhere to calm down. Angela says she supposes she'll have to wait. Beryl offers to come round and keep her company. At that moment, though, Rob walks into Susan's, and Beryl tells Angela that she'll call back later. Rob tells his wife that he spent the night in the car.

Kerry tells Jill that she's sorry about last night, adding that she's surprised none of the neighbours complained. She also tells Jill that she was great, the way she held the two men apart. There's a knock at the door, and Jill opens it to find Paul standing there with some flowers as an apology for last night. He asks Kerry how she is, and she replies that she wishes she'd never come to Melbourne, and she should have left it to the solicitors. She tells Paul that she's going to catch the first flight back to Sydney. Paul tells her to hang on 'til tonight, and they can fly back together.

Angela tells Rob that she was worried about him when he didn't come home. Rob explains that he couldn't drive, because if he'd been caught, he'd have lost his licence and his job. Angela points out that there was always a cab. Rob then says he wonders if Domine will ever thank him one day for what he's been doing for her. He heads off to get some sleep. Angela smiles at Domine.

Beryl is on the 'phone to Lynn when Kevin comes in. She hands the 'phone over, and Kevin asks his wife when she's coming home. Lynn replies that it'll be tomorrow - she has her final assignment in the morning, and she'll be on the four o'clock flight in the afternoon. Kevin tells Lynn that he'll pick her up, as David's giving him driving lessons, and he should be finished work by then. A surprised Lynn asks, "Work?" and Kevin explains about his job in the lumber yard. A pleased Lynn says she has to go, and she and Kevin tell each other that they love each other. Lynn hangs up and Doug asks her if everything's alright. She tells him that everything's fine, and then asks him if he can babysit while she and Fiona go shopping. Doug agrees, but warns Lynn not to be too long, as Rosie's coming round later, and they're going to catch a ferry to buy a present for Fiona. Lynn goes into the kitchen, and asks Fiona if she overheard that conversation. She apologises for whatever present Doug ends up buying, adding that she hates to think what it'll be! Fiona says that as long as it's not cheese...! She adds that Beryl doesn't know what she's in for!

Sometime later, Doug is on the 'phone, and the caller asks him to take a message: Lynn's final session has been moved from tomorrow morning to this afternoon. Doug goes to write this down, but the pen he picks up doesn't work. He quickly finds another pen to write with, and puts the message on the pad by the 'phone. The caller asks him to stress that it's very important that Lynn gets the message. The call ends, and there's a knock at the door. Doug answers it to find Rosie standing there. He becomes annoyed because Fiona and Lynn aren't back, but Rosie points out that there's plenty of time. The two women get in at that moment, and Doug tells them he thought they'd be back an hour ago. He then tells Rosie that they can get the 12:45pm ferry if they rush. Rosie hands Davey over to Lynn and she and Doug leave. Fiona suggests to Lynn that they go to the park for lunch. Lynn says Davey will need a change first. Fiona goes into the kitchen to unpack, but, although she picks up a pen from by the 'phone, she fails to spot the message on the pad...

Rob awakes, and enters the lounge at Susan's wearing only his underpants. He picks up a piece of paper on the coffee table and reads a message from Angela. He then sits on the sofa and looks thoughtful.

A while later, a fully-clothed Rob knocks at the Palmer house, and Beryl lets him in. She asks him if he's feeling better, and he says he is, a bit. He tells Beryl that he's sorry he was asleep when she called round, and explains that Angela left a note to tell him she's gone shopping with Domine. He asks Beryl when Lynn and Davey get back, and Beryl replies that it'll be tomorrow. She then asks Rob what he's going to do, but Rob says he doesn't know. Beryl tells him that he has to make up his mind, and it would be better to do it sooner rather than later. Rob suddenly makes a decision, and says he'll tell Angela as soon as she gets back from the shops.

Fiona and Lynn arrive back at the boarding house, and Fiona finds an envelope on the floor, which she notices has been delivered by a courier. It's for Lynn, who opens it, reads the letter inside and says, "I don't understand." She tells Fiona that it's from Drew - the photographer - wanting to know why she didn't turn up this afternoon. She adds that she didn't know she was supposed to. Fiona suggests to Lynn that she call Drew. She suddenly notices the message on the pad, though, and says, "Ut oh."

When Rob spots Angela arriving home, he goes and opens the front door for her. He takes Domine and puts her in her room. He then goes into the kitchen, where Angela is unpacking the shopping, and tells her that they've got to get Domine's bag packed, as he gave Kerry a call, and she's coming to pick her up.

When Rosie and Doug get back to the boarding house, Rosie says she's glad to be back, as she nearly walked her feet off! She adds that at least they got a present for Fiona. Fiona greets them, and notices that Doug has a new hat. Doug explains that Rosie persuaded him! He then gives Fiona a paper parcel and tells her that it's a thankyou present. Fiona tells him it wasn't necessary. Doug asks where Lynn is, and Fiona explains that she's in her room. Doug calls to her and tells Fiona to open her gift. Fiona duly unwraps the parcel, and on seeing the contents, looks taken aback, although she says it's lovely! She wonders where to put it, and Doug suggests a spot on the main wall, but Fiona suggests it would brighten up the spare room! Doug says noone would see it there. Fiona says she'll think about it! Lynn joins them, and Fiona holds up her gift. It's a blue sculpture in a blue picture frame, and Lynn comments that it's different! Doug explains that he got the idea at the restaurant, as Fiona seemed to like things from the Middle East! Fiona nervously laughs and says, "Oh, I do..." She then goes off to get dinner, and Rosie offers her a hand. Lynn asks Doug if he took a message for her earlier, and Doug suddenly realises that she should be at work. Lynn says she would be if she'd got the message. Doug points out that he wrote it down. Lynn says it was important, and he should have told her. She tells him that it means she can't go home tomorrow, now, as Drew has gone to Brisbane, and she'll have to wait for him to get back in a few days. She adds that Kevin won't like it. Doug tells Rosie that it's not his fault. Rosie assures him that everyone makes mistakes.

On the 'phone, Beryl says she'll tell Kevin. Kevin comes in at that point, but Lynn hangs up. Kevin says he's glad his wife's coming back tomorrow, but Beryl tells him about the problem meaning Lynn won't be back for another couple of days. Kevin says he'll call her, but Beryl says Lynn asked for him not to. Jill arrives, but Kevin says he'll give the night out a miss. Jill points out that he's been saying for ages that this is the only new-wave band worth seeing. Kevin agrees to go, and heads off to fetch his jacket. Jill asks Beryl what's wrong, and Beryl explains about Lynn being delayed. She asks Jill to keep Kevin's spirits up, and Jill replies that she's had plenty of practice of doing that for people recently!

Kerry arrives at Susan's to pick Domine up, and Rob apologises to her for being so heavy. He tells her that he knows she'll give her daughter a good home. He heads off to get Domine, leaving Kerry to tell Angela that she never meant to hurt Rob. Angela says it's one of those things. Rob comes back and gives Domine to her mother. Kerry tells him that he'll still be able to see Domine again. The three of them walk to the front door, and Kerry explains that Paul is waiting outside for her. Angela takes Domine's hand, and then lets go as Kerry and her daughter leave. She then goes into the lounge, where Rob says he could see he was being heavy, and he didn't like it. He tells Angela that they can still adopt a child one day, and they'll make good parents. He says, "I'm sorry, Angie." He and Angela hug tightly.


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