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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

At the boarding house, Kerry invites Paul to join her in her room, but he declines. Kerry then remarks that at least she'll be out of Doug's way once she goes home tomorrow. Paul laughs, and holds out his hand, but Kerry kisses him. Paul tells her to drop him a line and let him know how she's going. As he leaves, he tells Kerry to keep smiling.

Fiona is at Dural, where she tells Gordon, Barbara and Wendy that she'll be lucky to have any tenants left by the time Doug gets through, what with the smell of his cheeses! She also tells her audience about the mix-up over Lynn's modelling assignment, and Barbara comments that Fiona really is in the wars! Fiona says she won't let him get her down! She then announces that she's been thinking of going to the races tomorrow, and she asks if there are any takers. Barbara accepts the invitation immediately, and she asks Gordon if he can come, but he replies that he can't, as Managing Directors tend to be fairly busy people. Fiona points out that she's a major shareholder, so she should be allowed to give the MD an afternoon off! Wendy asks if she can come, and she tells Gordon that it's a pity he won't be there, as Barbara is a closet gambler! Gordon decides that if he goes into the office early, he should be able to get away. Fiona laughs as she says she intends to let the moths out of her wallet! Wendy offers more coffee, but everyone declines. Barbara thanks her daughter, though, obviously appreciating the gesture.

The next day, at the races, Fiona remarks to Barbara that Gordon said he'd be there by two o'clock, and Barbara says he will be. At that moment, Gordon turns up - with Paul in tow! Fiona jokes about the two of them playing hooky! Wendy tells Paul that she's missed him. They party of four go inside, where Paul tries to make some sense of the form guide, but quickly gives up in favour of lady luck! Fiona asks him if he's never been to the races before, and Paul admits that it's his first time. Fiona tells him that he can't go wrong with her around, and she takes him off to place his first bet! Meanwhile, Wendy asks Barbara what she wants to do. Barbara leafs through the form guide, but appears to have trouble focusing. She soon gives up, and to make sure noone suspects anything's wrong, she announces that she'll take pot luck, and put her faith in Gordon! Gordon goes off to place a bet, leaving Wendy to asks her mother if she's alright. Barbara replies that she's fine, and she laughs as she says she's getting decrepit, and will need glasses soon! Wendy looks concerned.

Rob tells Angela that he thinks he's got everything, but he adds that he wishes he wasn't leaving so soon. Angela tells him that a long run will probably do him good, and give him a chance to see things more clearly in his head. Rob, though, says it's all too clear. He then tells Angela that the day he met her he was very lucky. He tells his wife that he'll see her in a week, and the two of them kiss. When Rob has left, Angela goes and sits back down in the empty lounge, looking lost and depressed.

Sometime later, at the South Yarra house, Patricia asks Angela if she and Rob will adopt, and Angela says they will, eventually, but Rob needs to settle down first. Patricia points out that Rob could still go and see Domine, but Angela says that would probably make things worse. Patricia says she wonders why Paul took the mother's side, and Angela says he's always a sucker for a cause. Patricia, though, says he's a pest, as he's been a pain in the neck at Ramberg as well. She goes on to explain that he's introduced some practices in the company that she doesn't agree with, so she's sending Wayne to Sydney tomorrow to speak to some of the board. Angela points out that Gordon must agree with the changes, but Patrica replies that Gordon thinks the sun shines out of Paul. She adds that she regrets the day she ever talked Paul into joining Ramberg.

Fiona and Paul cheer on the horse they've backed, and it soon wins, much to their delight. Meanwhile, Barbara is standing nearby, looking faint. She closes her eyes briefly, but then opens them again and smiles at Gordon...

Fiona collects her 'ill-gotten gains' and promptly gives $100 to Paul. Paul tells her to keep it, and give it to Kerry, as she's leaving tonight, and it'll help her with her new start. Fiona tells Paul that he's a sweetie, and she kisses him. All-of-a-sudden, a voice says, "Fiona? Fiona Thompson? Well, I'll be blowed!" Fiona looks up and notices an old friend - Harry Daley. She tells him it must be ten years since they last saw each other. Harry invites her for a drink. Fiona introduces him and Paul to each other, and Harry invites Paul to join them as well, but Paul declines. Fiona and Harry wander off, and Paul goes over to Wendy and Gordon to explain what happened. He asks where Barbara is, and Wendy replies that she's gone to the washroom.

In the washroom, Barbara carefully walks over to the washbasins, and moistens a paper towel. She dabs her face with it and then looks in the mirror, where her reflection suggests she's worried.

Back at Dural that evening, Fiona says she doesn't know why everyone's carrying on. Paul points out that not everyone goes to the races and buys a horse! Fiona says there's nothing odd about it, and Gordon agrees that he's seen it done before, although not so rashly! Fiona says Harry was down on his luck, and adds that the horse may be a winner, but even if he's not, that's still half the fun! Wendy chips in that Fiona's right to do whatever she wants with all that money she's got. Gordon suddenly looks at Barbara and asks her if she's alright. Barbara admits that she's not feeling well, and she thinks she should go home. Wendy tells her she'll accompany her. Fiona tells Barbara to take care of her head. The two women leave.

At the Armstrong residence, Barbara is lying on the settee and Wendy brings her some pills. She suggests that she should call the doctor, but Barbara tells her not to. Wendy tells her mother that she did notice how she was at the races today. Barbara says she hates rushing to see the doctor at the slightest sign of a headache, but she agrees to see him if she still feels the same in the morning. She takes the pills.

Patricia shows Angela some exercises she's learnt, and Angela asks her mother why she's decided to join the gym. Patricia explains that Charlie was good to her in Sydney, and they played tennis, and kept fit, but since she came down to Melbourne, she's let herself go a bit, so she thought she'd sign up with the gym. She picks up the coffee cups and heads off to the kitchen. The 'phone rings, and Angela answers it. The caller asks if that's Patricia, and Angela explains that she's busy at the moment. The caller is Martin, and he asks Angela if she is Angela. Angela agrees that she is. Patricia comes back, and Angela tells her that it's for her - a 'Martin'. She leaves the room, leaving Patricia to tell Martin that she wasn't expecting a call today. Martin says he hopes things weren't awkward just then with Angela. He invites Patricia to have dinner with him, and she nervously accepts. Martin assures her that Angela has no idea who he is. The call comes to an end, and when Angela comes back in, Patricia tells her it was someone from Ramberg. Angela remarks on the call from a strange man and the fact that Patricia is trying to get fit... She asks if it's someone Patricia's seeing, adding that she's glad there's someone who's interested in her mother. Patricia just says perhaps one day...

Later, Martin asks Patricia why she's upset, and Patricia explains that she's worried about Angela finding out the truth about him, as she'd rather she didn't find out until she's more ready. She explains that if Angela does find out at the wrong time, she's likely to go into a tizz. Martin assures Patricia that Angela won't find out from him. He then tells Patricia that, as he's supposed to be her suitor, he'd like her to know that he enjoyed the other night very much. Patricia, though, says she doesn't want to make that sort of thing too regular, because as far as Angela and Wayne are concerned, he's just a casual acquaintance and nothing more, and she wants to keep it that way. Martin says, "We'll see..."

Early the next morning, Fiona strokes her horse and laughs as she tells Harry that she can't believe it's called 'Rosie's Hope'! Harry explains that 'Rosie' was his third wife, and upon hearing this, Fiona remarks that it's no wonder he's broke! Harry ignores this, and says his current situation is due to bad debts. He tells Fiona that he can't thank her enough, and Fiona replies that she's glad to help out an old friend. She asks how Rosie's Hope is likely to perform, and Harry tells her that she could do a lot worse. Fiona says she hopes the horse will make her fortune!

Martin and John are out early, running. They come to a stop, and Martin says he thought they were going for a jog, not a marathon! John asks how things went last night, and Martin replies that they were fine after they got over the awkwardness of the call. He tells John that Patricia's worried about the cricket match, but John says he still thinks it's a good idea. Martin tells John that when things have settled down a bit, he'll take him and introduce him to Peter. He adds that it's a shame the rest of the family are so scattered. John says dinner would be nice, and they could ask Patricia. Martin doesn't appear so keen, though.

At Dural, Fiona tells Paul about the horse's name being 'Rosie's Hope', adding that it was a shrewd investment. Paul laughs when he hears the name. He invites Fiona to join him for breakfast, but she just says she can't believe she got up so early to see the horse put through its paces! She asks if Gordon isn't down yet, but Paul tells her that Gordon is at the hospital, as Barbara got worse at about 9pm last night, so he booked her in for a CAT scan this morning, as Wendy thought it might be bad. He points out, though, that it might still just be a headache.

Gordon is sitting in the hospital corridor when a nurse walks past him, but she ignores him. Barbara follows the nurse round the corner, though, and says it's all over. Gordon suggests they talk on the way home, as he doesn't like hospitals. Barbara, though, says she's not going home. She explains that the bump on the head has led to a blood clot developing in her brain, which is why she's been getting the headaches. She tells Gordon, "I could keel over any minute."


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