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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

The next morning, Barbara is driving herself and Gordon to Dural, and as they pull up outside the front door, and Barbara mentions that she has a headache, Gordon remarks to his fiancée on the fact that she's had a lot of headaches since the accident. Barbara excuses the way she feels by saying she laid awake for much of the night, worrying about Wendy, as it was a shock to find out how she felt. Gordon tells Barbara to come inside for some breakfast, and he'll get Rosie to dig out some pills.

Fiona moans to Lynn that all these early mornings are getting to her, and Lynn agrees that Doug isn't very good at being quiet. Doug joins them, and says he's worried about Rosie, as she's missing Gayle. Fiona suggests they should take her out to dinner to cheer her up. Doug immediately worries about finding a babysitter for Davey, but Fiona suggests asking Bunty and Thel. She tells Doug to go and speak to them, but Doug says he'd rather not, as they're strange women! He asks Fiona where they're going to go for the meal, and Fiona says she has just the place, and it's quite near the Hamiltons'. Doug says he doesn't want to go anywhere too expensive, but Fiona tells him not to let that ruin his day, as it'll be her treat. Doug immediately complains about a woman paying. He also says he doesn't want to make it a late night, as he likes to be in bed by ten. Fiona tells him to live dangerously, and make it ten thirty! Doug reluctantly goes off to talk to Bunty and Thel, leaving Lynn to announce that it'll be back to Melbourne for them in a few days. Fiona tells Lynn that she's going to miss her and Davey.

Barbara tells Gordon that she has to take Wendy seriously - she thought she was a good mother, but her own daughter can't talk to her. Gordon points out to Barbara that she's done alright, and she couldn't be called cold. Barbara, though, says Wendy was always close to Roland, but now she resents her for not being there. She tells Gordon that she does love her daughter. She says Wendy came home wanting to talk, and she cut her out, but now she wants to make it up. She decides to go home, but before she leaves, Gordon invites her and Wendy to join him for dinner tonight.

As Barbara arrives home, Wendy is just booking some 'plane tickets over the 'phone. She hurriedly finishes the call, and then tells her mother that she's sorry about last night, as she said some stupid things. Barbara admits that she didn't like hearing them, but they needed to be said. Wendy tells her mother that they just have to face the fact that they're different people. She then announces that she has a lot to do before her 'plane leaves. An alarmed Barbara asks her what she means, and Wendy explains that she's booked a flight back to the US tonight. Barbara says there are things they need to sort out first, but Wendy replies that she's managed for 23 years, so there's no point in making a big deal about it now.

Fiona asks Doug if he knows what sort of nappies to get. Doug says they're disposables, and he immediately starts to rant about them not being 'proper' nappies. There's a knock at the door, and Fiona answers it to find Rob standing there. He explains that he's on his way home after a haul. Doug tells Rob that he'll stop and have a beer, but Fiona insists that she needs the nappies, and Doug reluctantly says he won't be long, and will bring back some cans. He goes. Rob asks Fiona if Lynn's there, and Fiona explains that she's out on an assignment. Rob says he's glad, as he wanted to talk to Fiona alone. Fiona asks if it's about Kerry, and Rob tells her that he wants to thank her for not taking sides. He adds that he said some fairly nasty things about her to Angela, and he was rude on the 'phone, whereas he should have trusted her. Fiona accepts the apology and asks what's happening next. Rob says the solicitor reckons everything should be OK, but he tells Fiona that she may be needed as a witness that Kerry dumped Domine. Fiona points out that she'll have to explain what state of mind Kerry was in. Rob snaps about Fiona making excuses for Kerry, but Fiona says that's not fair. Rob says he can't believe how people are trying to get Kerry off the hook. Fiona says Kerry was desperate. She tells Rob that Kerry just wanted to talk to him as a friend, but he was so afraid, that he wouldn't listen in case he could see the other point of view. Rob snaps that he has to go, and he asks Fiona to apologise to Doug.

Paul is at Jill's when Kerry comes in. When she shock of seeing him there has worn off, she starts crying, and she tells Paul that she only wanted to see Domine, but Angela wouldn't let her in. Paul offers her some coffee, and she accepts. Kerry explains that she hung around in the street for more than an hour, hoping for a glimpse of her daughter, but when nothing happened, she went and knocked on the door, but when Angela saw it was her, she just shut the door in her face. Paul warns Kerry that she doesn't want to do anything rash that could go against her in court, and he suggests she leave it to the solicitor, but Kerry says she can't relax until she has her daughter back - "If I get her." Feeling sorry for herself, she points out to Paul that she did desert Domine, and she adds that Rob and Angela have more money than she does. She tells Paul that he's been really good to her, but it's not fair that he's been dragged into it. Paul reminds her that he said he'd help, and that includes legal costs. Kerry asks him why he's helping someone he hardly knows, and Paul replies that it's good to use his money in this way. Kerry reminds him that he, Angela and Rob are friends. Paul says he'll talk to them, and if he puts it the right way, it might solve all the problems.

Angela yells at Paul, telling him that if Kerry had stayed away, Domine wouldn't be so upset. Paul says it doesn't sound like Domine has forgotten her mother. Angela asks Paul if he's being like this to get back at her for choosing Rob, but Paul reminds her that he told her to stay with her husband. He explains that he's helping Kerry because he thinks a child belongs with its mother. He tells Angela that it seems to him that they should be doing what's right for Domine, and they need to see if what they're doing will make her happy.

Wayne and Susan arrive back at the South Yarra house, and Wayne says there's still some hope, but Susan says it doesn't look promising. Wayne reminds her that the prison governor said he'd give it some more thought. Susan tells Wayne that he's been terrific. Wayne offers her a drink, and Susan accepts, saying she's glad she doesn't have to rush home. Wayne tells her that if she really wants to avoid going home for a while, she could stay for dinner. Susan asks if Patricia would mind, but Wayne says she's going into town for dinner and to see a show, plus John will be at Jill's, so it'll just be the two of them. Susan says she'd like that. Wayne tells her that she can relax and listen to some music, and by the time she goes home, everyone will hopefully be in bed. Susan says it's nice to escape the hassle. Wayne says, "And I'll enjoy the company."

Lynn is all dressed up, and Fiona tells her she looks very nice, adding that she'd love to be her age again! She goes off to fetch something, leaving Doug to wonder what she's doing, as she's already been getting ready for ages! Lynn points out that they have plenty of time. Doug says he hopes the two biddies upstairs can look after Davey. Lynn says she thinks they should get Fiona a present as a thankyou for letting them stay. Doug says they should get something decent, and something that'll interest her. Lynn says it would be better if she got it, but Doug tells her to leave it to him. Fiona comes back and suggests they get going. Doug suddenly realises he doesn't have a handkerchief, and when he goes off to get one, Fiona remarks on him already having spent an hour getting ready!

Wendy is back at the Armstrong residence, having been out to see some old friends before she leaves. Barbara reminds her that there's still Paul, but Wendy says he probably won't notice she's gone. She goes off to finish her packing, but Barbara asks her if she's got time to talk, as she seemed to have something on her mind. Wendy, though, says she doesn't have time, and adds that it wasn't important anyway. Barbara tells her that Gordon has invited them for dinner, but Wendy asks her mother to give him her apologies, adding that there's no need for her to break her dinner date.

At Dural, Gordon asks Fiona what on earth persuaded her to take Doug to Mustapha's?! Lynn asks what's so strange about it, and Gordon explains that there's a floorshow there. Lynn asks what sort, but Fiona tells her to let it be a surprise. She then says she'll go and get Rosie and Doug. Gordon offers to show her to the flat, but Fiona says she thinks she can find the way. She asks Gordon to tell Barbara that she's sorry to have missed her. Gordon says he can't think what's keeping her.

Wendy's cab arrives, and Barbara tells her daughter that she wishes she wasn't leaving like this. She adds that she has something to say - something that she hasn't been able to say before - something that she should have said a long time ago - "I love you, darling - please don't go." Wendy runs and throws her arms around her mother, and both women burst into tears.

As the dinner party arrives back at the boarding house, Doug complains about the residents wondering about them all giggling. He adds that he should have been in bed hours ago, and tells Fiona that he'd never have gone there in the first place if he'd known about the funny food. Lynn tells him that it was Lebanese. Doug says the place wasn't very nice for Lynn and Rosie, but Lynn indignantly says she's seen belly dancers before! She and Fiona laugh, and she then recalls the look on Doug's face when the dancer waggled her stomach in his face! Fiona quietly tells Lynn that she slipped the dancer $10 to do that! Doug suggests to Lynn that she should go and get Davey, but Fiona tells Doug that he should go and get him. Lynn goes, though. Doug tells Fiona that he's worried about Rosie, but Fiona assures him the housekeeper just thought of it as a bit of fun, adding that she saw her having a good old giggle. Doug says he doesn't think it was funny. Now that Lynn has gone, though, he reveals to Fiona that he did see quite a lot more of that sort of thing when he was in Cairo, and he adds that he wasn't a bad looking lad back in those days!

Wayne tells Susan that it's nice that someone's showing him some gratitude - not like Patricia. Susan asks him if he means the deal with the shares, and Wayne replies that he worked really hard while she was going loopy, but she didn't appreciate it. Susan remarks on how noone in Wayne's family really seems to like him, and Wayne admits to her that he's done some things in the past that aren't very pretty. Susan, though, says she doesn't care, and she tells Wayne that he's been a good friend to her. She then says she has to get home, adding that she hopes Rob and Angela aren't up. Wayne tells Susan that she's been very kind-hearted towards them. Susan thanks him for the evening, and says she'll return the favour when all the drama's over.

Having arrived home, Rob asks Angela if anything happened while he was away. Angela replies, "Not much," but admits that Domine was very upset over Kerry, and she seems to be getting worse. Rob says the child will be different now he's back. Angela, though, says there's more to it than that. She tells Rob about Paul coming round, and Rob says he has a cheek, when he's helping Kerry. Angela tells her husband that Paul said some things that made sense, and so did Susan. She asks Rob if they're making Domine unhappy by keeping her from her mother. Rob points out that he's her father. Angela, though, tells Rob that he's burying his head in the sand. Rob says he won't give his daughter up, but Angela says they should do what makes Domine happy - which would probably be if she was back with her mother. Rob snaps, "No." Angela tells him that Kerry gave Domine up because she wanted to do what's best for her - "I think you've got to decide if you love her enough to do the same thing..."


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