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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson and Karl Zwicky

Martin holds out his hand, but David refuses to shake it. Martin says there are things they need to discuss, as John is upset, but David tells Martin that it's none of his business. Martin says he just came to say that he's not taking over, and that John still sees David as his father. David snaps, "Fine," and he tells Martin to butt-out and let them get on with it. He then tells Martin that he has a hide just turning up like this. Before Martin gets a chance to reply, Kevin comes in with his book of road rules. Beryl introduces Martin as a friend of John's. Martin asks Kevin if he's learning to drive, and Kevin replies that he's sitting for his permit tomorrow. He asks Martin how he knows John, but Martin just says it's via work. Kevin wanders off to prepare for his test, and Beryl offers Martin some tea, but he declines as he's pressed for time. David tells him that they want nothing to do with him. Martin tells David that if that's the way he feels... He adds that there's an open invitation to talk if David changes his mind. He goes, and David immediately tells Beryl not to look at him like that, as he meant to be rude. Beryl snaps, "You succeeded."

At the Armstrong residence, Barbara comes off the 'phone and tells Gayle that they'd like her to start as soon as possible - tomorrow if she wants. An ecstatic Gayle quickly realises how upset Rosie's going to be, but she tells Barbara that she'll miss Rosie and her. Wendy overhears the end of this conversation as she stands in the doorway. She comes in and asks Gayle what time Paul normally gets home. Gayle replies that it's at about 6pm. She then says she has to go, and Wendy offers her a lift. Gayle, though, says she wants to stay and talk to Barbara. Wendy looks annoyed.

As Wendy and Paul walk towards the front door at Dural, Wendy asks Paul if they can go out tonight, as she needs to get out of the house. Paul agrees, but says he can't make it late, as he has to fly to Melbourne tomorrow. He goes on to explain that Kerry wants to see him for some moral support, plus he should drop in at the Ramberg office down there. Wendy remarks that it's a long way to go for someone Paul hardly knows, and adds that she could do with some moral support as well. Paul remarks to Wendy that she's being a bit snaky today, and says he thought she'd be happier now that her mother's not moving in with Gordon. Wendy then bemoans the fact that her mother has shown Gayle more affection in two months, than she's shown her in 23 years. Paul points out that there's no need to feel jealous, and Wendy immediately snaps, "I'm not jealous." She quickly reconsiders, though, and admits, "Oh, I'm jealous!" Paul tells her to soften up a bit, and he asks her when was the last time that she hugged her mother. He tells her that someone has to make the first move.

Gayle is playing with Millstone as Barbara watches nearby. Wendy pulls up in her car, and gets out. Gayle tells her that she's really going to miss Millstone when she goes away, and she asks Wendy to make sure the dog continues to attend his obedience classes. Wendy asks Gayle why she doesn't take Millstone with her, but Barbara says she doesn't think it would be a good idea. Wendy says Clive and Margaret won't mind, but Barbara repeats that she thinks the dog should stay where it is. Wendy gives in, but says she won't be calling him 'Milton' again! Barbara looks at her watch, and realises she has to get ready to go to Dural for dinner. She tells Wendy that there's some food in the 'fridge if she wants anything. Wendy looks annoyed.

At the Palmer house, Beryl tells Susan that it's a pity Angela couldn't make it. Susan agrees, but adds that Domine has been so upset lately, that she's glad to get out. Kevin is sitting at the dinner table, trying to learn his road rules. He asks David a question from the book, but David's not really paying attention. Beryl says to Susan that she can't help but wonder about the effect all this is having on Domine. Kevin asks his father another question, but David snaps at him to give it a rest. Beryl suggests to her son that he go into the lounge with Susan, so she can ask him some questions. They head off and Beryl closes the kitchen doors. Kevin jokes to his sister about being asked questions by a woman driver! Meanwhile, Beryl tells David that he might not want anyone else to find out what's going on, but he's going the right way about letting everyone know the situation. In the lounge, Kevin asks Susan what's on David's mind, but Susan says she doesn't know.

Martin pays a visit to the South Yarra house, and Patricia remarks on him not being able to stay away. He tells John about seeing David earlier. Patricia says that, knowing David, Martin's lucky he didn't get his block knocked off. Martin says he might well have done if Kevin hadn't come in. He asks John if he minds him taking the bull by the horns, and John assures him that it's fine. Martin says he hopes he hasn't made the whole situation worse. Realising that John wants to hop off and see Jill, Martin tells him to go. Left alone with Patricia, he recalls that she did warn him off going to see David. Patricia tells him that he always did do whatever he wanted - unless he's changed... Martin says he thinks they've both changed - well, he has. He then asks Patricia if she'd have dinner with him. Patricia remarks on how he hasn't mentioned his wife at all, and Martin asks if John didn't say anything. He goes on to explain that Sandra died five years ago, so he's not playing up. Patricia accepts the dinner invitation, saying, "Alright. Why not?"

The next morning, John waits for Kevin as he takes his driving permit test. Kevin soon comes out, and says he got it! He adds that all he needs now are some learner plates, and John promptly brings some 'Ls' out from behind his back. Kevin says it's a pity David won't be home from work until later, as he wants his first lesson. He suddenly realises they're leaning against John's BMW, and when John realises what's in his brother's mind, he tells him that there's no way he's getting behind the wheel of his car.

Kevin is sitting behind the wheel of John's car! John guides him on checking the mirror and seat, and putting on his seatbelt. Kevin turns the key in the ignition, and the car starts. He looks round to check the traffic, puts the car into 'Drive' and presses down on the accelerator. The car lurches forward! He tries again, and the vehicle pulls away more smoothly.

Susan tells Beryl that she's got an appointment to see the governor at Pentridge tomorrow - well, Wayne got it for her. She tells her mother that she'd never have thought of it if it hadn't been for Wayne. Kevin comes in and announces that he passed, adding that he always knew he would! John, who came in with his brother, asks Beryl if he can have a word with her. Beryl sends Susan and Kevin into the kitchen, where Susan asks Kevin what's going on. Kevin says that, if it was any of their business, they'd be told. In the lounge, Beryl tells John that Martin seemed very nice, and she asks him to give David a chance. John replies that David has been getting on his nerves a lot lately, and he's almost got to the stage when he'll only come to the Palmer house when he's sure David's out. He says Martin's a good bloke, and David just needs to relax. Kevin comes back in and says he's been thinking about a celebration for when Lynn and Davey return. He suggests the cricket match that keeps being put off. He says they can invite Angela. John adds that he and Jill will be in it.

At Dural, Paul pours himself a drink and Gayle comes in. She remarks on Paul being home early, and Paul explains about going to Melbourne tomorrow. Gayle says she's taking off too. She explains about the job, and Paul tells her that he hopes it goes well. Gayle wishes him luck as well. She then says she's been thinking, and she tells Paul that she's sorry she acted like such a kid when they broke up. Paul tells Gayle that he's sorry he messed her around. Gayle kisses him and asks him to write to her every now and then. Rosie comes in and tells Gayle to get a move on, as Gordon will be back soon to take her to Barbara's friends' place. As Gayle leaves the room, Paul smiles to himself.

Gordon tells Barbara that he'll have to get back soon, or Rosie will start panicking. He asks how Wendy is, and Barbara says she seems to be settling in. Gordon says he's sure Wendy appreciates everything her mother has done for her. Barbara bends over to pick something up, and suddenly puts her hand to her head, as if in pain. She curses, "These damn headaches." Wendy comes in, and Barbara quickly recovers her composure. Wendy shows her mother the photos she took at Woombai, including one of her and Gordon and one of Gayle. She offers to produce a blow-up of the photo of Barbara and Gordon, and Barbara says that would be nice, but then says she'd like two blow-ups of the photo of Gayle, so that Rosie can have one and she can keep one. Wendy storms off, looking annoyed. Gordon immediately points out to Barbara that her daughter was trying to offer her an olive branch, by offering the photo of the two of them. Barbara says it never even crossed her mind, and she rhetorically asks why she's so dumb. Gordon asks her how her headache is, and Barbara says she'll be fine.

Gayle carries her packed bag to the front door at Dural, and Rosie joins her to give her a piece of her favourite cake. Gayle suggests they say their goodbyes there, otherwise she'll look like an idiot at the station. She says to Rosie, "I love you, Gran." Rosie tells her granddaughter that she loves her, too, and then mentions about Gayle calling her 'Gran' for the first time. They hug tightly.

Paul pays an early-morning visit to Wendy before he flies to Melbourne, commenting that she seemed depressed last night. Wendy complains about her trying to become closer to her mother, but her attempts not even being noticed. Paul tells Wendy to try not to let it get her down. They kiss.

At the South Yarra house, Patricia shows off a new dress to John, and John tells her that he's glad she and Martin are getting along. Patricia says Martin has mellowed, adding that she has so few friends at the moment that she's glad of the company. There's a buzz at the front door, and John goes to answer it. He lets Martin in, and he presents Patricia with a red rose. Patricia goes off to put it in water. Martin asks John how he's doing, and John replies, "So so." Martin says that's the trouble with civilian life! He asks John if he saw his parents, and John says he did, but he got a bit sidetracked trying to arrange a family cricket match. Martin says it sounds like fun. John suddenly has an idea, and asks Martin, "What are you like at silly mid-on...?"

David asks John why he did a silly thing like that? John tells David that he's being a pain in the neck about the whole thing. David asks about about Angela, and John replies that Martin won't let her know who he is. Beryl tells her husband that he could at least try to be nice. David gives in, but only on the condition that Martin doesn't cause any hassle. John tells David that he just wants him to give Martin a go. David snaps that he said 'OK'.

Barbara arrives home to find Wendy still up. Wendy says she didn't realise it was late. Barbara asks her daughter if they can talk, but Wendy says she's tired, and she gets up and starts to walk off to her bedroom. Barbara brings up the subject of the enlargement, but Wendy is out of earshot. Barbara suddenly clutches her head, and staggers backwards, knocking over a glass table. Wendy comes back out and asks what happened. Barbara says she's fine. Wendy snaps that when she came back, she needed to talk, but Barbara wouldn't listen. Barbara starts to say that if she'd realised there was a problem... but Wendy tells her mother that she's the one with the problem, and she storms off to her room, leaving Barbara clutching her head in pain...


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