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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Doug and Rosie arrive back at the boarding house, and Rosie notices that there appears to be noone there. Doug asks what he's supposed to do with the contents of the bag he's carrying, and Rosie tells him that they should be hung up. Fiona comes in at that moment, carrying Davey. She asks where Gayle is, and Doug explains that she'll be coming back tomorrow with the others. Fiona asks Doug and Rosie if they enjoyed themselves, and Rosie replies that she can bet they did! Doug asks where Lynn is, and Fiona says she's having dinner somewhere. She suddenly notices an odd smell, and Doug tells her that the bag he's carrying contains goat's cheese. Fiona says she's sure it's gone off, but Doug tells her it's great stuff, and he suggests she try some. Fiona quickly declines! Rosie says she'll take Davey to bed, but Doug offers to do it, and he takes the baby off to his room. Fiona remarks on him being an old softy really! She then tells Rosie that she had to ring Alan Pascoe earlier, and he was saying how good Gayle was at Woombai. Rosie agrees that her granddaughter was great with the horses, and if she spent more time there, she might turn into a real country girl.

Beryl says she's glad to be home, and David asks her if she had a busy night. Beryl replies that it was the same as usual. She then says she wonders what Patricia's true confession was about, but David says it's hard to tell. Beryl says Patricia must be up to something. David agrees that that's what he was thinking. Beryl asks if Patricia really gave no idea. David says he wasn't really interested in what she had to say, as he's had a gutful of her and Martin Healy. Beryl remarks that it's a shame David didn't get the run to Sydney, now, and David snaps that John was a big help. Beryl points out that it wasn't John's fault, and she tells David to get off his back. She adds that John is trying damned hard to show his feelings haven't changed, which is more than she can say for David.

The next morning, at Jill's, Jill says she's glad Patricia has decided to come. John agrees that it'll do her good. Jill grabs her scarf and wraps it round her neck. John tells her that if anyone asks, he's not with her! They leave the flat, and outside, Jill asks John how come he got the day off work. John says he rang in sick as he's browned off with the job at the moment. He explains to Jill about his run in with Ron Jackson, and about how he was just trying to do David a favour. Jill says it's not a very good idea to miss today, but John says he doesn't care - he doesn't even know if he wants the job anymore. Jill suggests to him that he get a job like hers, where she can just drop a bowl of soup in the customer's lap if she gets cheesed off. She adds that it works every time!

At the South Yarra house, Martin asks Patricia if she's sure. Patricia just tells Martin that he's early. Martin asks her if she has cold feet. Patricia says she'd feel happier in a jumbo! Martin jokes that you can't loop-the-loop in a jumbo! Patricia says she hopes there's none of that. Martin tells her that she shouldn't go if that's how she feels, but Patricia assures him that she's perfectly calm, and they set off.

Barbara and Gayle arrive back at Barbara's house. Millstone runs around, and Gayle says he's glad to see her, as he must have been lonely. Barbara says she doesn't know why dogs have to run around in filth! The two women go indoors, where Barbara says she needs a cuppa. Gayle says she'll put the kettle on. Before she heads off to the kitchen, she says she wishes she could have stayed at Woombai. She says she even asked Alan Pascoe for a job, but there wasn't anything available. Barbara asks Gayle if she enjoyed herself, and Gayle makes it clear that she did. Barbara tells Gayle that she's glad she's so happy.

Upon seeing Martin's 'plane, Patricia remarks that it's a bit on the flimsy side. Jill says she's terrified! She adds, though, that if a member of the airforce can't fly, noone can! Martin walks round making some final checks, and he asks Jill if she's scared. Jill nervously laughs as she says, "Oh no!" The four of them get in the 'plane, and a short while later, it starts up. It taxis along the runway and then takes off.

At the Palmer house, Beryl says to Angela that it must have been hard for Rob to give into Patricia. Angela says it's not quite like that, but she adds that she knows it's going to be hard to keep Domine. Beryl remarks on Kerry putting up a fight, and Angela reluctantly says she has a good chance of winning, too. She says she doesn't know what to do, and adds that she's glad Susan gave her a couple of hours off, as being there all the time was getting her down. Beryl chips in that it must be hard with Rob away. Angela says she doesn't know how Rob will cope if he loses the child.

Fiona gets in from the shops, and bumps into Doug in the corridor outside her room. He tells her that he's heading off soon, to go and have lunch with Rosie, and see where she lives. He hands Fiona some letters, and when she looks at the envelopes, she comments that they're mainly from Ramberg. Doug queries what she means, and Fiona explains about being a major shareholder in the company. Doug then tells Fiona that he used to think she was a bit of a flibbertygibbit, but now he can see that she can't be too empty-headed as she's a businesswoman, and she runs the riding school... He tells her that he doesn't have any qualms now about having left Davey with her. Fiona sarcastically thanks him for the vote of confidence! She suddenly notices that she smell of the cheeses is getting worse. She heads into the kitchen, where she's shocked to see the cheeses hanging up in front of the window. Doug explains that they have to be cured. Fiona faintly says, "My kitchen..." Doug says if he'd left them in the bag, they'd have started to smell. Fiona says, "Started to smell...?!" She wafts one of the envelopes in front of her nose!

The 'plane lands, and the passengers all get out. John says it was great. Martin asks Patricia if she enjoyed it, but Patricia replies that it's not as good as the real thing. John says it could get him hooked. Martin suggests they should do it again sometime.

Barbara pays a visit to Dural, but finds Rosie there on her own. She explains that she's expecting Doug for lunch. Barbara says she won't stay long, but she wants to talk about Gayle. When a worried look comes over Rosie's face, Barbara assures her it's nothing bad. She says she girl seems to have enjoyed herself at Woombai. Rosie agrees that she's a different girl now. Barbara tells Rosie about how Gayle has said she'd like to live on a farm, and about how she asked Alan Pascoe for a job. Rosie says she didn't realise Gayle was that keen. Barbara then tells Rosie that she has some friends who run a guest house in the country, and they're always looking for staff. Rosie, sensing what's coming, says her granddaughter can't manage without her, yet. Barbara says it would be a great place for Gayle, with horses and cows. Rosie points out to Barbara that Gayle already has a job, but Barbara reminds the housekeeper that it's only temporary, and she adds that Gayle can have it back if things don't work out. She tells Rosie that she's made a suggestion, and it's up to her if she wants to take it further. She asks Rosie to think about it. The doorbell then rings. Rosie says it'll be Doug, and Barbara says she'll let him in on her way out.

Sometime later, Doug compliments Rosie on her cooking. Rosie says she didn't have much of an appetite. Doug comments about not letting good food go to waste. Rosie says Gayle is so young. Doug points out that the girl would be with friends of Barbara's. Rosie says Gayle's only just settled where she is. She then says her granddaughter would be none-the-wiser if she didn't say anything... She quickly dismisses this idea, though, and says she'll go and tell her after lunch.

At the South Yarra house, John asks Martin if he still flies fighters, and Martin jokes, "No, I'm a desk pilot!" He recalls that he did fly in Malaya and Vietnam, though. Patricia remarks on the airforce being a tradition in the Healy family, and Martin repeats what he told John a few days ago about three generations of the men in his family joining up. Patricia asks Martin about his son, but he replies, "Adam's been a disappointment." There's an embarrassed silence for a few seconds, until Jill offers to get some coffee. Martin and Patricia both accept, and John tells his girlfriend that he'll give her a hand. When they're alone, Martin asks Patricia if she and John enjoyed themselves, and Patricia replies that they did - especially John. Martin says John would make great airforce material, but Patricia warns him not to put ideas in his son's head. Martin says the idea's already there. Patricia says John already has a good job, and, sensing trouble brewing, Martin assures her that he's not trying to take over. He points out that he's hanging back on Angela because he knows she has problems, and he'll wait for the green light before he does anything. He tells Patricia, "I do have a heart." Patricia says, "Live and learn..."

Barbara and Gayle are gardening at the Armstrong residence when they see Rosie drive up. She gets out, and Barbara calls out, "Hi there!" Rosie asks to see Gayle, and Barbara says she'll leave them to it. Gayle asks where Doug is, and Rosie explains that he's pottering around the garden at Dural. She asks Gayle if they can talk, and they go inside, where Rosie tells her granddaughter about what Barbara said about her wanting to work in the country. Gayle agrees that she'd love to. Rosie then tells her about Barbara knowing some people in the country who might have a job. She asks Gayle if she'd like it, and Gayle happily replies, "Oh, Rosie, you know I'll love it." She says it's fantastic, but then tells Rosie that she will miss her. Rosie says she knows that. She's about to go and tell Barbara the news when Gayle says, "I love you." The two women hug tightly.

John thanks Martin for a great day, and Martin replies that the pleasure's all his. John says he thinks Patricia's glad she changed her mind. He then tells Martin that he thinks it would be a good idea if he met David, as he's not handling things well, and he can't get it through to him that nothing's different. Martin asks if there's a problem, but John just says he thinks Martin and David would get on well - but he supposes it's up to David. Martin says David will come round. He gets in his car and drives off.

David tells Beryl that it's time Kevin had his own set of wheels. Beryl points out that Lynn wants them to save their money for a deposit on a house, but David says they'll both be earning good money soon. He adds that most of Kevin's mates have wheels of some sort - car, bike, motorbike... Beryl says Kevin's not having a motorbike, as it's too dangerous. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Beryl goes to answer it. The man standing there introduces himself as Martin Healy, and he asks if he can speak to David. Beryl invites him in. She then tells her husband, "David, this is Martin Healy." David looks at Martin through narrowed eyes...


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