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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Rob takes Domine back from Kerry and gives her to Angela, who takes her to her room. He then asks Kerry what the big idea is, and Kerry says she wanted to see her daughter. She adds that she's going to take her back. Rob tells Kerry that she'll have a fight on her hands. Kerry tells Rob that he's not being reasonable, and she asks if they can just talk, but Rob says there's nothing to talk about. He tells Kerry to leave, adding that her trip down there has been a waste of money. Kerry, though, says she's not giving up, and she tells Rob that she's not on her own anymore. Rob snaps about Fiona sticking her bib in, but Kerry says it's not her - it's Paul, and he paid for her flight and is going to help her in any way he can.

At Jill's flat, John tells his girlfriend that he has to get home, as Patricia will have dinner on, and he has a report to do. Jill remarks that Martin looked nice in his uniform, and says it would be nice to fly with him. John tells Jill that he reckons she'll squib out, and Jill indignantly says she won't! John agrees that it would be terrific to take flying lessons, but expensive. Jill jokes about John going out with his moustache, goggles and scarf, and John wrestles her to the ground. Jill tells him to go home! As John walks out the door, he wraps a long scarf round his neck and says, "The baron will return...!"

Kerry gets out of a taxi outside Jill's, and she walks straight past John on his way out. Inside Jill's flat, Kerry explains to Jill that all she's worried about is Domine, and she has to have her back. She adds that she doesn't think Rob is putting the child first. She asks Jill what she thinks, but Jill explains that she can't buy into it, as Angela is a good friend, and she's going out with Angela's brother. Kerry tells Jill that she doesn't expect her to take sides. She says the court case is worrying her, as she doesn't want it to turn into a long battle. Jill says Rob might come round.

At Susan's, Angela tells Rob that Domine is saying she wants to see her mother again. Rob reluctantly says the child is going to cry herself to sleep. He tells Angela that he doesn't want to leave her while he does his next run to Sydney, and he suggests asking John to get David to do it. Angela asks if it would make any difference, as they can't stop Kerry seeing her daughter. Rob says he just wants to be there. He adds that he'll see the solicitor tomorrow to see what they can do about Kerry. Angela asks if he means a restraining order, adding that she feels pretty awful, as Kerry is Domine's mother. Rob tells his wife that he's going to fight for Domine, as he doesn't want to lose her.

At the South Yarra house, Patricia asks John if he had an interesting afternoon, and John replies that he did. He adds that Martin won Jill's heart, and Patricia recalls that he always could turn on the charm - and still can. John tells his mother about the joy flight, and he invites her to join them, but Patricia says she'll give it a miss. She explains to John that, it may have been a long time ago, but she can't forget what happened. John tells Patricia that she has to give in a bit. Patricia says she thinks she's going to have a headache that day. She tells John, though, that she's glad he and Martin are getting on well.

The next morning, David and Kevin are having breakfast, Beryl having set off early for the markets. David says he has to get his truck serviced, and he warns Kevin not to be late for work. He then goes out. Kevin goes to the 'phone, looks up a number in the pad, and then dials. The 'phone in the boarding house rings, and Lynn answers it. When she discovers it's Kevin, she playfully asks him what he wants. Kevin says he's calling to say good morning. He tells his wife that he's missing her and Davey. Lynn tells Kevin that she's missing him. They both tell each other that they love each other. Kevin says he'll ring again tomorrow. Lynn asks how everyone is, and Kevin says they're fine. Kevin tells Lynn to have a nice day. The call ends. Having been woken up by the ringing 'phone, Fiona asks who wants to call so early! Lynn explains that it was Kevin. She tells Fiona that if they want to get out of the place before Doug gets back, they'd better get a move on. Fiona asks how Kevin is, and Lynn explains that he's missing her and Davey. She adds, though, that she's going to miss Sydney when she leaves, as she could get used to the parties. She then says she's feeling guilty about leaving Kevin on his own. Fiona tells Lynn that she's going to miss her and Davey when they're gone - even if it does mean Doug will have gone as well!

John pays a visit to the Palmer house, and finds Kevin on his own. He explains that he missed the train. John says he needs to see David, as he wants him to do the Sydney run tomorrow. Kevin says he'll leave a note for his father. John asks Kevin about the job, and Kevin replies that he doesn't like it, as he's getting blisters on his hands. He adds, though, that the money's useful, as he doesn't want David to have to keep supporting him while times are hard. John says he'll try and put some work David's way, but he warns Kevin not to let David know about this. He then offers Kevin a lift. Kevin says he'll get some looks, turning up in John's BMW!

Paul is gardening at Dural when Fiona, Lynn and Davey pull up. Fiona explains that she was taking Lynn for a drive, and they were just passing. She suddenly notices a smell, and Paul explains that it's good blood and bone. Lynn notices the dog nearby, and Paul says it's Barbara's, but it keeps following Gayle home. Fiona asks Paul if the others are back yet, but Paul explains that he and Wendy came home early, and the others will be back later today. Millstone runs up to the gathering, covered in blood and bone! The 'phone rings, and Paul dashes in to answer it, letting Lynn in to go to the bathroom in the process. The caller is Angela. She angrily tells Paul that he has some nerve helping Kerry out, and she asks him if he's trying to get back at her and Rob. Paul says he's only trying to make sure Kerry gets a fair go. Angela asks who Paul thinks he is - God? Paul says he doesn't think that's funny, and he says noone else has been there to take Kerry's side. Angela tells Paul that his interference has only made Domine more confused. She tells him to butt-out, and then hangs up. Fiona has walked into the house, and Paul turns to her and says he doesn't believe it. Fiona reminds Paul that she did warn him about getting involved.

John is walking along a corridor at the truck depot when Ron Jackson calls to him. He asks John what he's playing at, giving Rob's job to David. John explains that Rob wanted to change his shift. Ron tells John to give the work to a staff driver. John says that's not fair on David, as he's been there for twenty years. Ron points out that David chose to go it alone. He walks off, and John goes outside, where David sees him and runs over to him. He tells John that he got his note, and he thanks John for thinking of him. John explains that there's a problem, and he tells David about what Ron Jackson just said. He adds that there's nothing he can do about it, but David says he doesn't expect it. He angrily says he's worked for the company for all that time, and they've throw it up in his face. A taxi pulls up nearby, and Patricia gets out. When David has walked off, she goes over to John and asks him if he's sure David doesn't blame him. John says he doesn't know what David thinks of him, but he's been trying harder since he found Martin. He says he doesn't want things to change, but David took it really badly. He says he just wants David to know that he still thinks of him as his father, and that will never change. Patricia says she's really sorry, and she wishes she'd never said anything to him. John points out that he'd never have found Martin then, but Patricia says maybe it would have been better that way.

Angela tells Rob that Domine is worn out. Rob is annoyed, and says he can't believe they can't get a restraining order. Angela tells him that they have to face the fact that they might lose Domine. Rob sadly says Domine has become so important to him - as important as Angela is to him - and he has to fight. Angela points out that it's going to cost a lot of money. Rob suggests that perhaps they could take Patricia up on her offer of help - he could swallow his pride. Angela hugs him.

Sometime later, Patricia is at Susan's, where Rob tells her about Kerry having help from Paul. Patricia says it seems very odd, and Angela says he's donig his 'good samaritan' bit. Rob tells Patricia that they could really do with her help moneywise, and Patricia says she'd be happy to do whatever she can. Rob says it'll be a loan, as he doesn't want to be in debt. Patricia says she has a lot to make up with a lot of people. Rob says he loves that kid so much, and Patricia says she understands - she really does.

Kevin knocks at Jill's, and when she opens the door, he explains that he's on his way home from work. Jill asks him how his first day was, and Kevin says it toughened his hands! He says he wants to use the first lot of money he earns to buy Lynn a big surprise. Jill says Lynn is a lovely girl. She asks Kevin why he called in, as it's not on his way. Kevin says he broke his tram journey, adding that having to catch the tram is the biggest downer of the job. He says he needs a car. Jill points out that a car costs money, but Kevin says it'll be offset by not having to pay tram fares. Jill asks him if he has his licence, and Kevin agrees that that would be a good place to start! He says he can get David or John to teach him. Jill says John would be better, as she would have loved to learn to drive in his car.

David gets home and takes a letter from the mailbox. He starts to open it when a taxi pulls up and Patricia gets out. David angrily asks her what she's doing there, and Patricia tells him that she wants to talk to him and Beryl. David says Beryl is out - and he's not interested anyway. Patricia says she really has to talk. She tells David that she understands how he feels, but she wants to tell him the truth about how she feels. She pleads, "Please." David relents and lets her in.

Inside, Patricia stubs out a cigarette and tells David that there are only two men she's ever really loved - him and Martin. She then adds that there was a third, but he was more like a father to her. She tells David that he was kind and gentle, and she loved him when they ran away. David says he doesn't see what she's trying to say. Patricia says she can't change what she's done to him and Beryl, but she's genuinely sorry. She adds that she should have kept her mouth shut about Martin, and she tells David that he and John aren't the only ones who've suffered, because she had a nervous breakdown. David tells Patricia that he can't believe her, and Patricia replies that she doesn't blame him. She tells David that she'd like to ask one favour - not for her, but for him and John. She tells him not to take out the way he feels about her, on John, as he still sees David as his father. She asks David not to make his son suffer, and then says, "That's all I came to say." She goes, and David sighs.


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