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    Written by: Christine Schofield    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence and Karl Zwicky

Fiona pours some coffee and asks Kerry if she's sure that's what she wants. Kerry replies that she just needed some help with bringing up Domine, and now she's going to have her Mum and Dad. Fiona points out that Domine has become settled in Melbourne now, but Kerry says she's only been there a couple of months. Fiona tells Kerry that Rob and Angela can provide Domine with security, but Kerry says she can give her daughter security as well, now. Fiona reminds Kerry that she took it for granted that Rob would look after Domine when she gave her up. Kerry says he'll understand when she's explained things to him. Fiona warns Kerry not to be too sure. Kerry assures Fiona that Rob will be alright, and she asks to use the 'phone.

Angela is laying the table, and Susan remarks that Patricia will be impressed by the trouble her daughter's gone to. Angela says she hopes Susan doesn't mind them taking over the place, and she adds that she and Rob will get their own place soon. Susan tells Angela that she'll leave her to it. Angela suddenly remembers that Wayne called earlier, and she tells Susan that he wants her to drop in as he has something to tell her. Susan asks what it is. Angela replies that he mentioned something about a business deal. The 'phone rings, and Angela answers it. Kerry comes on the line, and asks to speak to Rob. Angela explains that he's not there, and she asks if she can take a message. Kerry says she needs to speak to him about Domine. Angela asks what about Domine, and she queries whether Kerry has signed the papers yet. Kerry tells Angela that she's changed her mind, and she wants her daughter back. She asks Angela to get Rob to ring her, and then says she's sorry. Angela looks worried.

Wayne remarks to Patricia about the change of heart on Rob's part, and Patricia explains that she thinks Angela had a word with him. Wayne then tells Patricia that he has a surprise for her. He hands her a file, and Patricia suspiciously asks him what he's done. Wayne explains that he's made a few investments, and they're likely to make her a packet. Patricia immediately asks Wayne if he used her money without her permission. Wayne points out that he has her power of attorney. Patricia snaps that that was temporary. She asks where the letter she signed is. Wayne hands it over, but tells Patricia that she can't lose. Patricia tells Wayne that that maybe the case, but he won't get another chance to play with her money behind her back. Wayne says he'll ask permission next time. Patricia warns Wayne that this isn't Monopoly money but real money. She goes out.

Rob incredulously says, "She wants her back?" Angela replies, "Yeah." Rob angrily remarks about so much for Fiona saying she'd talk to her. He goes over to the 'phone, saying he has a few choice words to say to Fiona. Angela warns Rob not to rush into anything, and she asks him not to be rude to Fiona, as she probably had nothing to do with it. The 'phone rings at the boarding house, and Kerry answers it. Rob snaps that she has a hell of a hide, and he tells her that Domine is staying where she is. Kerry asks Rob to listen to her, but he isn't interested. He tells Kerry to sign the papers, or he'll take the whole thing to court, where they'll see just what kind of mother she really is. He slams the 'phone down. Angela immediately tells him that he's just made things a whole lot worse. Rob curses, "Oh, damn!"

Fiona serves Kerry some coffee, and Kerry says she never thought he'd be like that. Fiona asks Kerry if she doesn't think she might have brought it on herself. Kerry asks Fiona if Rob would listen to her, but Fiona says she doubts it. She suggests to Kerry that she go and see a solicitor, but Kerry says she can't afford it. Fiona points out that there's Legal Aid. Kerry suggests to Fiona that she might help her, but Fiona says she can't take sides on this one. She tells Kerry that she knows how she feels, but she might have another baby in the future, whereas Domine is the only natural child Rob's likely to have. She then says she has to get going, and she suggests to Kerry that she has a lot of thinking to do.

Rob asks Angela if they can't put Patricia off, but Angela says her mother's probably on her way by now. There's a knock at the door at that very moment, and Angela goes to answer it. Patricia comes in, and she and Rob shake hands. Rob tells her that she's looking well, and he then goes off to pour the wine. Angela and Patricia smile at each other nervously.

Wayne thanks Susan for coming, and he offers her a drink. Susan just asks for a soda water, as she has to work. She asks Wayne what's up, and he shows her some papers, about getting Bill transferred to a minimum security prison. He explains that he spoke to the Ramberg solicitors, and they were able to point him in the right direction. Susan tells him that she didn't expect him to go to so much trouble. Wayne says there was nothing to it, adding that it's nice to be able to lend a hand. Susan says she's seeing Bill tomorrow morning, and she'll tell him then. She thanks Wayne, who says, "Any time."

Angela tells Patricia about the day out at the zoo, but Rob is miles away. Angela recalls the day when she was younger when they went to a zoo and Wayne was sprayed by an elephant! Patricia laughs that he's always had a way of attracting trouble! She adds that maybe it was the way she brought him up. Rob takes notice at this point, and he tells Patricia that most people don't have a clue how to raise their kids, and she's probably no exception. He immediately apologises, and Angela explains to Patricia that they've had some bad news. Rob explains about Domine's mother wanting her back, and Patricia says it's a worry. Rob says he won't let it happen, whatever strings Fiona may pull. Patricia asks what Fiona has to do with it, and Rob replies that she probably put the idea into Kerry's head. He adds that Fiona is probably going to pay for Kerry's lawyers. Patricia asks Rob what he's going to do, and Rob suggests that they could sell their block of land at a knock-down price to ensure a quick sale. Patricia offers to help out, saying money could make all the difference, but Rob says he can manage. He thanks her, anyway.

Kerry looks up a number in Fiona's telephone pad and dials. The call is answered by the answerphone at Dural, with Gordon's voice telling the caller to leave a message after the tone. Kerry asks Paul to come and see her as soon as possible.

At the boarding house, Lynn invites Paul in, and he explains that he and Wendy came back early. He asks where Kerry is, and he explains about the call. Fiona is surprised. Lynn asks what the call was about, and Fiona sadly says she thinks Paul is about to be dragged into it.

Susan tells Wayne that Bill is grateful for his trouble. Wayne asks why Bill didn't say anything about having already applied for a transfer, and Susan explains that her husband didn't want to get her hopes up in case it wasn't approved. She suddenly looks glum, and Wayne asks her if she's tired. Susan says she hasn't been to sleep yet, and she can't wait to get home. Wayne asks if the drama with Rob and Angela has been sorted out, but Susan says she's staying out of it. She then tells Wayne that next time she gets a day off, she's going up to the mountains, and she invites him to join her. Wayne accepts. Patricia comes down and says she feels wonderful. Susan goes. Wayne tells Patricia that there was a call for her ten minutes ago - a Martin Healy, who'll be calling by in an hour.

Kerry announces to Fiona that Paul is going to help her, and he's going to pay for her to fly to Melbourne. Fiona points out that Rob's probably not in the mood for talking. Kerry suggests to Paul that he come with her, as Rob will listen to him. Fiona, though, warns Kerry that things might be even harder for her if Rob knows Paul's involved. Kerry asks Fiona if she'll talk to Rob to get him to see her, but Fiona says doing that's going to guarantee trouble. Kerry says she'll go on her own, then, and she thanks Paul for his loan. Paul says he's sorry he can't be more help. Fiona writes down an address on a piece of paper, and tells Kerry that Jill will look after her. She adds that she'll call her and let her know Kerry's on her way.

Patricia tells Martin that she's sorry she didn't thank him for the flowers and note. She adds that it's a pity they didn't talk sensibly years ago. Martin says he supposes it's a bit late in the day for apologies. Patricia says she's glad it's out in the open at last. Martin agrees that he's glad, telling Patricia that he didn't know where he stood with her. He asks her if she'd mind him seeing more of John. Patricia asks him if that's all he came to find out, but Martin says he just doesn't want to put his foot in it. Patricia agrees that seeing John is fine. Martin tells her that John is a credit to her. He then say he has a light 'plane, and he thought he might take John and Jill for a day's flying. He invites Patricia to join them, and Patricia says that if Martin doesn't mind...

John and Jill are ready to go out for a knock around in the park, but when John opens the door, he finds Martin standing there. He invites him in, and Martin explains about seeing Patricia and the offer of a day's flying. John and Jill both accept the offer. John invites Martin to join him and Jill for their game of cricket, and Martin accepts.

Martin bowls, John hits the ball with his bat, and Martin catches it! Everyone laughs, and they then collapse onto the rug with the picnic Jill has prepared. Jill asks Martin how he came to be in the airforce, and Martin replies that it's a family tradition, with his grandfather and father both having joined before him. He adds that it's not everyone's idea of a good career, and his wife certainly never got used to it. Jill says she thinks it's great. John says it must be something, learning to fly. Martin says it's probably old-fashioned now, wanting the next generation to join up - he's tried to persuade his sons, but they're not interested. Jill jokes that she and John could both join up, and she tells her boyfriend that he's always welcome to polish her buttons!

Lynn tells Fiona that she can't help worrying about what's going on in Melbourne. She asks Fiona why she's letting Kerry go, but Fiona replies that Kerry has made up her mind. Lynn says it's a crazy thing to do, but she can't help feeling sorry for her. Fiona says she hopes Jill will talk to Kerry before she does anything stupid. Lynn asks if Jill will be on Kerry's side, but Fiona says Jill won't take sides. She tells Lynn that everybody's talking about taking sides, but they're forgetting the person in the middle - Domine - and they should be thinking about what's best for her.

There's a knock at Susan's door, and when Angela answers it, she finds Kerry standing there. She asks to talk to Rob, but Angela tells her she can't. Kerry says she just wants to talk. At that moment, Rob emerges from Domine's room, carrying the child. He puts her down and then notices Kerry. Kerry picks her daughter up and tells her, "I've come to take you home." Rob looks annoyed.


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