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    Written by: Jennifer Walsh    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

It's breakfast time at the Palmer house, and Beryl offers David some more tea, but he declines. He and Kevin swap the sections of the newspaper, with Kevin giving the jobs section to his father. Beryl asks her son what he's got planned for the day, and Kevin replies that he might go down to the oval for a knock around. David comments that cricket on TV is enough for him. Beryl reminds the men that they've never had the family match they were planning, and so Kevin suggests they hold it when Lynn gets back. David suddenly notices a vacancy for a youth to carry out general duties for high rates in a lumber yard. Kevin says it isn't what he's looking for, and he adds that it's probably gone by now, but David tells him to give the place a call, as he won't get a job sitting on his backside. Looking at Kevin's face, Beryl tells him he's going to have to pay her a dollar if he's not careful!

At Woombai, Rosie warns Gayle to be careful of the horse, but Gayle says it was Wendy's fault before, and the horse doesn't make her nervous. She goes off to get something to eat, and Rosie warns her to be quiet, as Barbara is resting. Left alone with Doug, Rosie says she's worried the horse may turn on Gayle. Doug, though, says the girl has a way with the horses, and he adds that she's a country lass at heart. He tells Rosie that Gayle must take after her. Rosie says Gayle certainly doesn't take after her father, because Barry hated growing up at Woombai. Doug says the country is a place all kids should grow up in.

Outside, Wendy sobs that she just wishes people would show some respect for her father. Paul comforts her, and says Roland must have meant a lot to her. Wendy says she doesn't see what her mother sees in Gordon. She recalls how her father bought her her first camera, and took an interest in her work. She tells Paul that she wishes her father had been in the US with her when things were tough, as she could talk to him. Paul points out that noone is trying to take Roland's place, and he asks Wendy to give Barbara and Gordon a go. Wendy says she doesn't feel comfortable. Paul says it'll sort itself out. He then jokes that he hasn't seen much of Wendy's famous photographic skills in evidence since they've been there. Wendy laughs through her tears.

Inside, Barbara is looking for Wendy, but Gayle tells her that she saw her heading up to the top paddock. Barbara tells Gayle that she was worried about her when Paul turned up, but Gayle says he doesn't seem to matter much now, and she's over him. Barbara smiles. She turns to walk out of the room, but as she glances at the picture on the wall, it suddenly goes in and out of focus. She stands rooted to the spot, and Gayle asks her if she's alright. Barbara says she felt dizzy, but she's alright. She walks out of the room, but Gayle looks concerned.

Rosie serves some homemade cheese to Doug, and he makes it clear that he likes it. He says it would be great to live in the country. Rosie then offers him some milk, and he is just about to sip it when Rosie tells him that it's goat's milk. Doug quickly puts the glass down, and says he doesn't think he'd like it. Rosie tells him that the health shops are full of it, and she adds that it's delicious. Doug still declines, and decides to stick with the cheese. Rosie tells him it's goat's cheese!

Rob and Angela put away the shopping, and Angela tells her husband that she wants to make the house nice for when Patricia visits. Rob tells Angela that he wishes she hadn't invited her mother, but Angela replies that she wants Rob to see how much Patricia has changed. Rob says she'd better not start. They suddenly hear a noise, and Rob goes off to investigate. When he comes back, he tells Angela that Domine knocked something over in her room, but she's fine. He then remarks on the fact that he thought they'd have heard from Kerry by now, and he says he might give her a call. Angela tells him that he can't push it, and they need to be patient. Rob replies that that's easier said than done.

Kerry is with Fiona in Fiona's room at the boarding house. Fiona is comforting Davey, and she tells Kerry that Doug's only redeeming feature is his ability to calm the child down! Kerry asks when Doug will be coming back, and Fiona replies that it'll be a couple of days. Kerry says it'll be time for her to lie low again. She tells Fiona that with Doug, it's like it was at home, where you make one mistake and nobody wants to know you. Fiona asks her if she's written to her parents yet, and Kerry says she's tried, but she didn't know what to write. Fiona reminds her about replying to the solicitor's letter about Domine as well, and she points out that life is a lot less complicated when you get the big things out of the way. She gets up to go and put Davey down, and she suggests to Kerry that she use the 'phone to call her parents. Kerry says her parents don't care, but Fiona tells her that they're probably worried sick. She tells Kerry that, if she wants to, the 'phone's there.

At the Palmer house, Beryl is on the 'phone to Kevin, who tells her that he got the job! Beryl tells him it's great. Kevin says he has to go, and the call comes to an end. Beryl tells David, who is sitting on the sofa, the good news. David asks when his son's starting, and Beryl replies that he's doing a couple of hours now and will be starting properly on Monday. She says she's glad Kevin's sorted himself out. She notices David's glum look, and asks what's wrong. David says he's been thinking about John again, and knew it would be like this - once John went after Martin Healy, he wouldn't give up. Beryl tells her husband to forget about it, and come to the zoo with them. David says he doesn't want to, and so Beryl threatens to take him and stand him with the hyenas until he laughs like they do! David smiles, and Beryl says she feels like a one-person pep talk machine! David tells Beryl that he's glad he's got her. Beryl tells him not to forget it!

Kerry hangs up Fiona's 'phone and is all smiles. She tells Fiona that her parents weren't angry, and everyone was crying when they heard it was her. Fiona says she thought Kerry said her parents didn't care. Kerry says they were so pleased to hear from her, and they want her to come home. Lynn comes in, exhausted from her day's modelling. She starts telling the two women all about it, and Fiona says it sounds like fun. Lynn says Drew is brilliant! She goes off to flake before she joins Drew and the others for dinner on a boat and a cruise around the harbour. As she walks off, she says she's never had so much fun in her life! Fiona warns her to be quiet, as Davey's only just gone to sleep. When Lynn has gone, Kerry remarks to Fiona that she wishes someone would pay her to enjoy herself. Fiona says Lynn is sensible, and will be alright. She doesn't look like she believes it, though.

Wendy is out with Paul, taking photos in the countryside around Woombai, but she says she can't really get the feel of her camera today. Paul asks if it's that difficult, but Wendy replies that it's a cut-throat business, and if you're not good enough, you soon stop being the golden-haired girl. She looks around, and suddenly sees Barbara and Gordon walking nearby. She looks through her camera and takes a shot of the two of them.

A short while later, Gordon and Barbara are back inside playing Monopoly when Wendy joins them. She tells them that she wants to say something: she's sorry for being touchy, and she's not going to interfere or judge anymore. She says she's not over her father's death, and her mother's and Gordon's relationship came as a shock. She tells Barbara that she's glad to see her happy, again, and she's sure her father would approve of the wedding, but she just wishes Barbara wasn't going to move in with Gordon until after the divorce. She says she knows her mother thinks she's a spoilt brat, but it upsets her. She leaves the room again.

Outside, Paul is sitting on the verandah. Wendy comes out and tells him that she's left Barbara and Gordon alone to talk it over. She asks Paul to leave her alone to wait, and so Paul takes the camera and goes off for a ride.

Gordon tells Barbara that he calls it emotional blackmail - and he learnt enough about that from Patricia. He adds that he's sick of Wendy trying to make them feel guilty. Barbara says it's between her and Wendy. She tells Gordon that he doesn't realise what it means, Wendy appealing to her like that - it's the first time her daughter has been like that, actually talking to her like she could her father. Gordon tells Barbara that he knows Wendy is still upset over Roland, but this is their lives. Barbara says she thinks Wendy has a point. Gordon is surprised, and he tells Barbara that she's usually so clear-headed. He adds that he just doesn't want anything to spoil things between the two of them. He says he supposes he's being selfish. Barbara tells him that it's nice to see Mr. Perfect does have some faults. Gordon tells Barbara that he'll go along with it if it's what she wants.

Barbara goes out to the verandah and tells Wendy, "We'll wait a while." Wendy says, "Thankyou." Barbara says she has to get back to Gordon. Wendy says it's time she and Paul headed back, as she doesn't want Gordon to think she's rubbing his nose in it. She looks upset.

David and Beryl arrive at Susan's to collect the others for the trip to the zoo. Angela explains that Rob is giving Domine a bath. David asks her if she's sure she doesn't want to come, and Angela replies that she wants to stay and get the place ready for Patricia. Beryl asks if Susan's home, and Angela replies that she's asleep, as she has her first shift back at the hospital tonight. She adds that Susan was also out late last night - with Wayne of all people. She jokes that Susan is probably the only person still talking to him. David remarks that his daughter has always been a sucker for a lost cause. Beryl tells Angela about Kevin getting a job in a timber yard, and says it's a weight off her mind.

Kevin gets home to find the house deserted. He goes into the kitchen and is washing his hands when the 'phone rings. He answers it, and after the STD pips sound, Lynn comes on the line. Kevin tells her that it's great to hear from her. He asks her to guess what happened, but Lynn launches into the details of her day, and she talks non-stop about the great time she's having. She eventually asks Kevin what's been happening to him, and Kevin starts to say that he got a job, but he doesn't get the words out before Lynn starts raving about the harbour cruise. Kevin sarcastically says, "Great." Lynn finally remembers Kevin was telling her something, but when she asks him about it, he just says it was nothing much. He looks rather glum.

Gayle tells Rosie that she wishes she could stay at Woombai. She goes off to have a shower, and Rosie sits down with Doug. She remarks that it's funny being a guest there. She asks Doug if he'll be heading back to Brisbane soon, but Doug replies that he might spend some more time with the family, as there are a few jobs to do around the house, and he has been asked to stay. He tells Rosie that it's been quite lonely since his wife passed on. Rosie says he must miss his wife, and Doug replies that it seems funny, as they'd fixed up lots of plans... He philosophically says life goes on... He then jokes about trying goat's cheese at his age!

Lynn hangs up and goes off for a shower. There's a knock at Fiona's door, and Fiona answers it. It's Kerry, who's looking upset again. Fiona asks her what happened to the smile, and Kerry explains that she got Rob's solicitor's letter out. She tells Fiona that she's decided to go home. Fiona immediately clicks that Kerry is saying she wants to take Domine with her. Kerry says she won't have to give her up now, but Fiona reminds her that she said Rob could adopt her. Kerry says things were different then. Fiona tells Kerry that she's going to hurt Rob. Kerry just says Domine is coming home with her, and Rob's going to have to give the child up whether he likes it or not.


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