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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

John and Martin shake hands, and Martin shows John into his office. He then asks John what he can do for him. John replies that it's personal, and he doesn't know where to start. Martin asks John if he can make it brief, as he has another appointment. John takes a deep breath, and asks Martin if he remembers a Patricia Dunne. Martin recalls that he knew someone of that name a long time ago. He asks John about his connection to Patricia, and John explains, "I'm her son." He then tells Martin that he doesn't know how to put this, but, "I think you might be my father."

At Susan's, Angela slams the 'phone down just as Rob comes in from dropping Domine off at David's. Angela tells him that she's just been on the 'phone to Gordon, and she's heard that Patricia put Wayne up to attending the board meeting about Gordon's job, and it makes her mad. Rob tells his wife not to let it get to her, but Angela says she'll have to have it out with her mother. Rob reiterates that Angela shouldn't worry about it, but Angela repeats that she's so mad. Rob reminds her that they're supposed to be going to see the solicitor, and he points out that it's important to sort out Domine's future. Angela asks if they can call in at the South Yarra house on the way, adding that she doesn't care how sick Patricia is - she wants to have it out with her.

John and Martin are walking outside the Defence Centre, and Martin tells John that he hasn't really given him much to go on. He adds, though, that it's not impossible. He asks if Patricia knows about them meeting, and John says she doesn't. John then asks Martin if he did have an affair with Patricia. Martin recalls that he remembers her telling him she was pregnant, and then she took off with some other bloke. John explains that that was his 'father'. Martin asks if there's really any point to this after so long, and he tells John that he thinks they should forget all about it. John refuses to, though,and he asks Martin to give him a ring when he's less busy. He gives him a piece of paper on which he has written his work number and Jill's number. Martin says he doesn't think there's any more to say. He gets into his car. As he drives off, he screws up the piece of paper, but then appears to have second thoughts, and he puts it into his jacket pocket.

At the South Yarra house, Angela snaps at Susan that she has to see Patricia now, and she barges into the house. Upon seeing her daughter, Patricia says she's so glad she's come home. Angela says she's not coming back - she just wants to know why Patricia sent Wayne to the board meeting when the decision being made was so important. A confused Patricia says she has no idea what Angela's talking about. Angela tells Patricia that she's not helping herself. Susan chips in that Patricia's not supposed to be upset. Patricia tells Angela that she loves her, and asks her daughter, "Why do you hate me so much?" She starts crying, and Susan tells Angela to leave. Angela says she didn't realise, and that she's sorry. Susan tells her to just go. Patricia is still upset as Angela leaves the house. Outside, Angela gets into the car, where Rob is waiting for her. He asks her how it went, and Angela replies that she never expected Patricia to be like that. Rob tells Angela that Patricia has pulled the wool over her eyes again, but Angela says her mother was in a really bad way. Feeling little pity, Rob says they have to get going to see the solicitor, but Angela tells him she has to go back in and apologise. Rob says she can do it later, as Domine's future is more important, and Patricia deserves all she gets. They drive off.

John is at Jill's, and he tries to read the newspaper, but throws it down in frustration. Jill gives him a mug of tea, and tells him that he did do what he set out to do. John says he supposes so, but he can't believe how cold Martin was about it. Jill points out that it was probably a shock for him, as he probably hadn't thought about Patricia for years. John agrees that Martin probably has a family of his own to worry about. Jill reminds John that Martin did take his number, but John sourly says he probably chucked it. Jill asks John if he's going to tell David what's happened, but John says there's nothing much to tell. He says he should probably just forget the whole thing.

Susan gives Patricia an orange juice, and a magazine with the autumn fashions in it. Patricia says she doesn't blame Angela. Susan suggests they could go for a walk, and they could pick up Patricia's prescription while they're out, and then have lunch in a coffee shop. Patricia says Angela has every right to hate her, adding that it was her own fault. Susan tells Patricia that Angela doesn't hate her, but Patricia then says everyone hates her, now. Susan points out that John is still around, but Patricia says he has Jill now, and he won't be worried about her. Susan tells Patricia to pull herself together. Patricia says her mind just goes round-and-round. She puts her head in her hands, and tells Susan that she doesn't want to be like this. She then says, "I'll end up in a home, won't I?" Susan agrees that it's possible. Patricia decides to have a lie down, as she's feeling very tired, but she adds that she won't need a sedative this time. She goes upstairs, leaving Susan looking concerned.

At Barbara's, Gayle is on the 'phone, telling the caller that she'd love to. She hangs up, and then tells Barbara that that was Wendy, who's asked her to take Millstone to his first obedience class, as she's too busy to get home. She adds that she can't understand Wendy being so nice about it, as she's been really nasty up 'til now. Barbara explains that it just takes time for things to settle down. Gayle says she'll finish her chores, and then give Millstone some practice before the class.

Susan is writing a letter to Bill, when Patricia comes downstairs. She says she's been thinking about the photo she mislaid. Susan says she could have thrown it out with the rubbish, but Patricia says she knows she had it, as she remembers putting it in the folder. She then asks Susan directly if John has it. Susan says she's sorry. She adds that she doesn't know what it's about, but John was very keen to keep it. Patricia gives Susan the folder containing the rest of her photos, and tells her to throw them away. Susan asks Patricia if she's alright, and Patricia says she is. Susan gives Patricia a sedative for her to have just in case. Patricia suggests Susan go out and post her letter and pick up the prescription while she's asleep, but Susan says she'd rather wait until John's home, so that Patricia's not left unattended. Patricia says she'll be fine when she's taken the sedative. She puts the hand with the tablet in up to her mouth, and then swallows some water, but when she brings her hand back down, the tablet is still in it. She tells Susan that she'll probably be dead to the world until dinner time...

Gayle is trying to get Millstone to sit, which he eventually does! She suddenly hears the sound of an approaching motorbike, and rushes inside in horror. Upon seeing Barbara, she snaps that Wendy has left her to look after Millstone while she goes out with Paul. She says she could see less of Paul if she went back to Dural, and adds that she should have known Wendy would be Paul's type. Barbara points out that Wendy won't even be there for very long. Gayle snaps that Paul isn't worth worrying about. Barbara asks Gayle to think about why Paul's interested in Wendy, and then answers her own question by saying that it's because Wendy is a woman, and Gayle's too young. She says she knows Gayle loves Paul, but she warns the girl that she's making Paul dislike her. She tells Gayle that to really attract Paul, she needs to be a different girl, who needs to make a go of things until that happens. Gayle gives in, and agrees to stay in her job.

Jill's 'phone rings, and when she answers it, a man asks for John Palmer. Jill asks who's calling, and the man replies that it's Martin Healy. He asks if he can leave a message, and Jill excitedly replies that she's expecting John for lunch at any minute. Martin says he'd really like to see John, and he asks if he can come over. Jill tells him she'll give him the address, but Martin replies that John wrote it down for him. He says he'll be there in twenty minutes. Jill smiles broadly.

Angela sees Susan approaching the South Yarra house, and catches up with her. She tells Susan that she knows she said the wrong thing, and she wants to apologise, as she didn't realise Patricia was that bad. Susan says Patricia will probably be fast asleep, but they then reach the front door, they notice it's ajar. Susan rushes upstairs to see if Patricia's there, while Angela waits in the lounge. Susan comes back down and says, "Damn." She explains that Patricia's not in her room, and she curses herself for being so stupid. Angela says she doesn't think Patricia would do anything stupid. Susan says of course she wouldn't, but they do need to find her, soon.

Patricia is talking to a trucker. Although her words can't be heard, she appears to thank him. She then gets into her waiting taxi and gives the driver an address.

At Jill's, Martin tells John that it was a shock when he turned up, but he's here now to provide some answers. John asks Martin if he could be his father, and Martin replies that the dates appear to tally. John asks Martin about him and Patricia. Martin starts to explain that, when he was seeing Patricia, he was already married, and his wife was expecting another child. When Patricia said she was pregnant as well... He tells John that he always put his family first, but he wanted to do the right thing by Patricia, so he arranged for her to have a termination. John explains that Margaret told him that. Martin goes on to say that it was a shock for him when Patricia told him she'd decided not to have a termination, and that she'd found someone to marry. John says he knows the rest. Martin says he's never heard from Patricia since. John thanks Martin, saying he had to know the truth. Martin asks if Patricia never said anything, and John explains that he found out by accident. He tells Martin about Patricia being too sick to ask, but he says he will speak to her. He offers Martin a beer, but Martin suggests they leave it for another time. John says that would be good. He offers to walk Martin to his car, and the two men go out, leaving Jill looking thoughtful.

Outside, a taxi pulls up, and Patricia gets out. She watches as Martin gets into his car and John says goodbye. Martin drives off, and as John watches the car moving down the road, he suddenly notices Patricia staring at him...


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