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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Most of the board having gone, Gordon is on the 'phone to Barbara, and he tells her that he got the unanimous vote, but with a few of the board it was a borderline case. Barbara points out that the important thing is that he won. Gordon tells her that there was one surprise, and he explains about Wayne turning up with Patricia's proxy. Barbara tells Gordon that she hopes he put his son in his place. Gordon tells her that he took a big gamble holding the vote, but he knew Wayne wouldn't go against the whole board. Barbara says she hopes it has taught Wayne a lesson. Gordon says he doubts if Wayne will be able to keep Patricia's proxy once she's better, so it doesn't really matter. While this conversation is going on, out in the hall, Rosie is saying to Fiona and Paul that she can't believe anyone would want to get rid of Gordon in the first place. Fiona says she has to go, and Paul thanks her for her moral support. She goes, and Rosie tells Paul that it's time he ate his words about Wayne. Wayne comes downstairs with two packed suitcases, and Rosie tells him that she knew he wouldn't let his father down. She suggests he should see Gordon before he goes, and he agrees. In the lounge, Gordon tells Barbara that he's glad she's not coming over, as he's very tired. He hangs up. Wayne comes in and says he supposes Gordon's wondering why he supported him. Gordon admits that he's curious. Wayne points out that it was a big risk holding a vote like that, and it gave him a big buzz to know that his father owes his job to him. Gordon sarcastically says he's glad the decision was so businesslike. Wayne tells his father that if there are any more blues, he'll have the support to get rid of him properly. Gordon tells Wayne that Patricia will take his proxy away once she's back on the board. Wayne just says, "Maybe." Gordon tells Wayne that he's an even bigger fool than he imagined if he thinks she won't. He tells Wayne to leave. Wayne tells his father to make sure he lets him know the date of the next board meeting.

Back in Melbourne, Wayne calls in at Susan's, to see Angela. He gives her a present from Fiona, for Domine. Angela asks him what he was doing in Sydney, and suggests that he must have been causing trouble. Wayne explains about being Patricia's proxy. He adds that he can't let his personal feelings affect business. Angela says she's in a hurry. Wayne storms off.

At the Palmer house, Angela tells David that, after all the lies Wayne has told, he can't really expect her to believe him. She notices David looking at some paperwork, and asks if it's his finances. David remarks that bills always come in all at once. Angela changes the subject, and asks David for a favour: can he look after Domine while she and Rob go and see the solicitor tomorrow? David agrees, and says it'll give him a chance to make up for being so funny with people recently. Angela asks him if he's worried about the rosters, but David says he's sure Angela doesn't really want to know. Angela says she does, but David then just says it's other things - there's something he must do, but he needs to get around to doing it. Angela says she hopes David knows what he's talking about! There's a knock at the door, and Angela goes to answer it. It's Jill, who's there as a surprise for Plan C. While she's there, she also gives David her new home 'phone number. David asks her if she's seeing John today, and Jill replies that he's coming round for arvo tea. David asks if he can come along, as there are a couple of things he wants to see John about. Jill tells him he's very welcome. She and Angela then go into the kitchen. David takes out the photo of the young man in the airforce uniform.

Barbara calls at Dural with wallpaper samples. Gordon tells her that Rosie will join them shortly. Barbara asks him if there's been any word from Wayne, but Gordon says he's probably back in Melbourne now, having a good laugh. Rosie joins them, and Gayle comes in, with letters for Gordon and her grandmother. Rosie looks at the address on the back of her envelope, and says it's from Doug Palmer. Gayle jokes about her grandmother having a boyfriend! Barbara tells Rosie to tell everyone to mind their own business. Rosie heads off to the kitchen to check on the cake she's baking, and Barbara asks Gayle to go and get the colour samples out of the car. When they're alone, Barbara tells Gordon that she'd like him to come to dinner tonight, and get to know Wendy better. She suggests they should invite Paul, too, and make it a foursome. Gordon says Paul is at the yacht club, taking delivery of a boat.

Fiona and Kerry are walking along the wharf by the yacht club, when they see Paul on his boat. Fiona says she could never go in anything that small! Paul asks Kerry what she thinks, and she replies, "Nice." She adds, though, that it looks as though it could capsize if Paul leans over. Paul suggests a spin around the harbour, but Fiona says, "Not on your nelly!" Kerry says this is a very nice spot. Paul looks round, and agrees. Kerry says it would be a beaut place to have brought Domine. Paul tells her that she could always have caught the bus there, but Kerry says that $2 was a lot on her pension. Paul says he wants to take his boat out, and he asks Kerry to come with him. She agrees, and Fiona smiles as she watches Paul help the young woman on board.

David admires the picture on the wall of Jill's flat, and Jill explains that John got it - it's a picture of a cat to remind her of Plan C until the caretaker gives in. John comes in, and David tells him that they need to talk. Jill says she'll go to the shops, but John tells her to stay. David says, "His name's Martin Healy." He adds that he doesn't know where he can be found, though, and it's up to John to take it further. He explains that Martin Healy lived in the area, and was the hero of the football team, but his family then moved away. He tells John that this is at an end as far as he's concerned, and he also points out that it might not be the guy John's after, but John says it's a good start. He says he's grateful. David tells Jill that he won't worry about tea after all, and he leaves. John looks thoughtful for a few seconds, and then says, "Martin Healy, eh?" Jill asks him if he's going to keep looking, and John says of course. Jill says David is upset about it, but John says he doesn't want to hurt him. He asks where he should go from here, but Jill suggests he forget it for a while. She adds that the photo is twenty years old, and Martin Healy could be anywhere. John says he has to start somewhere, and he could still be in the airforce. As he looks through the telephone directory, Jill asks him what he's going to say. John just says he has the name, and he's going to track him down.

Paul, Fiona and Kerry arrive back at the boarding house, but Kerry declines the invitation into Fiona's room, as she has to go to the launderette. She thanks Paul for the ride and the ice cream, and then disappears into her own room. Paul says to Fiona that Kerry hasn't had a good time of it. Fiona replies that there are plenty of girls like her around. Paul suggests that maybe he could use his money to help her, but Fiona says Kerry isn't looking for charity. Paul says he's not trying to interfere. Fiona invites him in, but Paul explains that he's been invited for dinner, and he has to dash.

At Barbara's, Gordon asks Wendy how long she was in New York, and she replies that it was two years. Gordon asks her if she liked it, and Wendy says there were good and bad points. Barbara offers Gordon another drink. Wendy impatiently asks how much longer they're going to have to wait for Paul to turn up. Gordon says he arrived at Dural just as he was leaving, and he only had to have a shower and change. Wendy says it sounds as if Paul is a dedicated young businessman. Barbara remarks that he's a dedicated young sailor, as well. The doorbell rings, and Barbara answers it. Paul comes in, and apologises for being late. Barbara introduces him and Wendy to each other. Paul tells Wendy that he heard she's a top photographer. He goes on to say that he's an amatuer, and he'd be grateful for some pointers. Wendy doesn't look impressed. Barbara announces that dinner is ready, and as they go into the dining room, Barbara points out to Wendy that Paul isn't exactly balding and fifty!

Sometime later, dinner having finished, Barbara asks Paul if he visited New York. Paul says he did, but only for a couple of weeks. Gordon says the place is too much of a rat race for him. Wendy chips in that you need to be tough to survive there, and adds that she had to struggle while she was there. Paul points out that they're the sort of people who will never know what it's really like to stuggle, and he tells Wendy that she could always have wired home for some money if she'd needed it. Wendy snaps that she worked damn hard while she was out there. Paul just reiterates his point that they're not underprivileged. Wendy says she's sorry, but she doesn't see what she can do about the poor people in the world. Paul tells her that she should just recognise that they're having a hard time. Wendy then asks Paul why, if he has such a strong social conscience, he's buying a boat. Paul says it's so that he can relax - something she should learn to do. Wendy takes offence, and asks Paul when he's going out next. Paul says it'll be tomorrow morning - early. Wendy tells him to pick her up at seven o'clock.

The next morning, Paul tells Wendy not to fall in, but Wendy snaps that she has been on a boat before. They sail off. A short while later, Paul turns the engine off, and when Wendy challenges him about it, he points out that it is a yacht. He asks Wendy to help him raise the sail, and then warns her about being careful of the boom, which could knock her for six if it hits her. Wendy turns round - and is hit by the boom the very next instant! She's sent plunging into the water, and yells at Paul, "You idiot!" Paul offers to help her back into the boat, but she says she's going to swim to the shore. Paul warns her about the sharks in the water, and Wendy hurriedly turns round, and lets Paul pull her aboard. Back on dry land sometime later, Paul tells Wendy that at least it made her smile. Wendy says she thinks Paul planned the whole thing. Paul tells her that she looks better than she did last night, when she was all grumpy. Wendy asks Paul how he'd feel if he came back to find his mother going round with another man when her husband has only been dead for a few months. Paul says Gordon's a decent bloke. To try and make Wendy smile again, he pushes her towards the edge of the wharf. She manages to keep her balance, but then grabs Paul and pushes him into the water!

Jill asks John what time he's meeting him. John says it's at 10am. Jill tells John that he was lucky to find out anything. John says it was lucky someone was prepared to help him. Jill asks John if he said why he wants to see Martin Healy. John replies that he just said he had something to talk to him about. Jill tells John not to be disappointed if Martin Healy isn't his father. John goes.

Sometime later, John stands outside the 'Defence Centre', staring at the large building. He then heads inside, and tells her man at the reception that he's there to see Group Captain Martin Healy. The man says he'll get someone to show John up there. A few minutes later, John is being shown by another man into a room, and he's told to take a seat, while the man lets Group Captain Healy know that he's there. John doesn't sit down, preferring instead to pick up a magazine. The man comes back and says Group Captain Healy won't be a moment. John puts the magazine down, and then stares into space for a few seconds. He spins round when he suddenly hears a voice saying: "Mr. Palmer? Group Captain Martin Healy. What can I do for you?"


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