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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Wayne and Patricia are watching television, but Wayne gets up to turn it off. John comes in and Wayne announces that he's going to bed. He kisses Patricia goodnight. John says he'll go up as well, but Patricia asks him to stay for a chat. She tells John that she'd like to go out tomorrow, as she's lost touch with what's been going on. She then asks John what he's been doing, and John tells her about Jill moving down, and about how he found a flat for her. Patricia suddenly asks what movie it was that Wayne was just watching, but John has to say he doesn't know. He goes on to say that he's going to help Jill fix her place up. Patricia says she'd like to do something with the South Yarra house, and adds that it's too big for just her. John yawns, and he and Patricia both get up to go to bed. Patricia says, "That was a nice little chat, wasn't it?" John looks concerned.

The next morning, at the Palmer house, Kevin notices that Lynn is hiding something behind her back. She tries to pretend there's nothing there, but then comes clean, and shows her husband a set of photos, of which she has to choose one for her composite. Doug comes in, sees the photos and says they're jolly good. He adds that he hopes Lynn got a good deal on them, and Lynn assures him that she did. Kevin tells Lynn that she looks like a professional. Doug then tells Kevin that he saw Vic outside, and he had the application forms for the bank. Kevin reluctantly admits that he doesn't have much choice left. To cheer him up, Lynn suggests that the two of them could go and watch a cricket match tomorrow. Kevin agrees, but adds that it has to be just the two of them. He goes out to see Vic, leaving Doug to say to Lynn that there's nothing like a good game of cricket. He recalls that John was good at it when he was young, but sadly adds that he probably doesn't bother now.

Susan tells John that she's given Patricia her pills. John says he doesn't know where he is with his mother, as one minute she's OK, and the next, she's like she is now. Susan agrees that she thought Patricia was getting better, but now she's gone the other way. John asks why it's happened. Susan says Patricia was the best she's been after she saw Margaret, but now she just sits looking at old photos. John asks what the photos are of, and Susan replies that they seem to be family pictures. She goes on to say that there's one picture which upsets her particularly, which is of a man in uniform. She offers to go and get it for John to look at, assuring him that Patricia's asleep, and won't know a thing. A short while later, John is looking at the photo, and Susan remarks that, whoever it is, Patricia doesn't like him. John asks her how she knows, and Susan says she asked Patricia about it, and what she could understand of Patricia's mumbling wasn't very flattering. She asks John for the photo so she can put it back, but John says he wants to keep it. He assures Susan that Patricia has been so forgetful lately that she probably won't even notice it's gone. Susan asks John if there's something going on that she doesn't know about. John says it's hard to explain, but it is important - honest.

David asks Kevin if he and Lynn are off to cricket, and Kevin replies that they will be as soon as Lynn is off the 'phone. Beryl tells her husband that John is dropping by at lunchtime to see him. She then tells Kevin that she thinks it's good that he and Lynn are having a day out. Kevin just says, "Yeah." Lynn comes in, and says the caller was Drew Stafford, the photographer, and he's invited her to a barbecue this lunchtime, and she'd like to go, as it would provide some good contacts. Kevin says he'll go to the cricket by himself, but Lynn tells him that he's invited as well. Kevin says he probably won't enjoy it, but Lynn says she wants him there. He agrees to go. Beryl tells her son that he's doing the right thing.

Rosie has prepared a tray of canapes, which she shows to Gordon and Paul, who are sitting at the main table in the lounge at Dural. She asks the men if they think having the meeting there will help, and Paul replies that it should make the board members more relaxed. Rosie then gives Gordon a present from Barbara, which is a gift to say she thinks he'll romp it in. She adds that Barbara will be coming over later with a quote for redoing the walls. Gordon explains to Paul that he wants a change, as the current colour scheme has been in place for ten years. The present is a packet of tobacco. Deciding to stop worrying about the meeting, Gordon says, "What the hell - I'll romp it in!"

Susan asks Wayne how long he'll be staying in Sydney, and Wayne replies that he should be back tomorrow. Patricia comes down and asks Susan if she's been rearranging her room, as she's lost something. Looking slightly guilty, Susan asks Patricia what she's lost. Patricia replies that it's an old photo, of a man in an airforce uniform. Wayne asks Patricia who she knows who was in the airforce, but Patricia just says it's an old friend, and it's not important - she just doesn't know what happened to it. Wayne says he has to go. Patricia says she's sure she hasn't left it lying around. Susan says they'll probably find it.

John shows the photo to David. David says the face rings a bell, but he doesn 't know who it is. John tells David that he'll leave the photo with him, as it might come to him if he looks at it some more. David says he'll try. John says he has to go, and he leaves. Beryl asks David if he's sure he doesn't know who it is. David snaps that he said he didn't, and he meant it. He then suddenly changes his mind, and tells Beryl that the man is Martin Healy, and they were at the same school, although Martin was a few years ahead. He goes on to explain that Martin moved out of the area, and only came back for the odd dance. He saw Martin and Patricia arguing one night, after he and Patricia had been going out for a few weeks. Martin Healy left, and it wasn't long after this that Patricia told him about her and David. He tells Beryl that it could be the bloke in the photo, but he doesn't want John to go charging around trying to find him, without any proof. Beryl tells David to be honest: he's worried about losing John to this other man. She adds that only David's conscience can tell him what to do.

Doug is walking down the road, carrying Davey in his strap-on carrier, when Kevin and Lynn arrive home after the barbecue. Lynn remarks that Doug looks like a real pro! Doug tells her that Davey is a good chap. Kevin suggests his grandfather should take up babysitting as a part-time job! Doug asks how the barbecue was, and Kevin replies that the food was good. Lynn goes inside, and Kevin then admits to Doug that he didn't enjoy it, because he realised what he was missing out on, as there were a lot of journos and photographers there. Doug says Kevin will probably like the bank more than he thinks. He hands Davey over, and Kevin says thanks. Doug asks what for, and Kevin replies, "Oh, you know..."

Inside, Beryl tells Lynn that it sounds as if she had a good time. Lynn says she's got another offer for a job, and it's going to pay good money, but she can see it causing problems, and she doesn't know whether she should do it. Beryl asks why, and Lynn replies that it's in Sydney, for two weeks. She adds that it's wonderful to be asked, and it's good money, but she doesn't want to leave Kevin, and she's worried about taking Davey away from everything he's used to. Beryl suggests Lynn leave Davey behind, but Lynn says she couldn't. Beryl then suggests that Lynn should talk to Kevin about it. Lynn says that, even if Kevin agrees, there's still Davey. Beryl suddenly suggests that Lynn could stay with Fiona, who could also act as babysitter during the day. Lynn says it's great idea, and Beryl says she's sure Fiona will help. She asks when the job is, and Lynn replies that it's the day after tomorrow. Beryl tells Lynn that she needs to do some fast talking.

Rosie hands round the nibbles at Dural, as the Ramberg board members gather. She remarks to Gordon on how everyone seems relaxed. The doorbell rings, and when it's answered, Wayne comes in. Gordon curtly asks him what he's doing there, and Wayne replies that he's there on Patricia's behalf, as her proxy. He shows his father the signed paper. Gordon tells his son that they're only there to clarify the Ramberg situation, but Wayne says that maybe the problems start at the top. Fiona then arrives, and, out in the hall, Paul tells her that they have problems, as Wayne has arrived with Patricia's proxy and it looks as if he's up to something. Fiona says Wayne can be a lot worse than Patricia, so they'll just have to make sure they don't give him the chance. Everyone goes into the lounge, and Rosie closes the double doors. She stands and looks worried.

Lynn tells Kevin that she got an offer while they were at the barbecue: two weeks in Sydney, with everything arranged by the agency. She goes on to explain about her and Davey staying with Fiona, saying she doesn't like taking him, and leaving Kevin, but the job's worth a lot. She tells Kevin it's up to him, and she'll do whatever he think's best. Kevin laughs as he asks his wife what she thought he'd say. Lynn tells Kevin she loves him!

Wayne stands and addresses the board. He tells them that Patricia is well aware that Gordon inherited a lot of problems when he became MD, but in the time since then, it doesn't look as if a lot has been happening to resolve them. He brings up the subject of the Queensland branch of the company going down, and this brings murmurs of agreement from some members of the board. Paul calls order. Wayne says Patricia left it to him to decide whether to support Gordon or Richard Coleman, but he would like to hear what Gordon has to say about the downhill slide in the company's fortunes. He sits down. Paul then stands, and asks Gordon to address the board. Gordon stands, and tells the board that they're not there to discuss his position, but to hold a vote of confidence. He goes on to say that, when he took over, he made it clear that there would be more problems before the good times came along, due to some hasty decisions made prior to his appointment. At the time, everyone supported him in what he planned to do, but now everyone is making hasty decisions about his handling of the situation, and he's fed up of panic calls at all hours, about trivial little things. Everyone knew that the Queensland branch of the organisation was sick, but his strategies to help it recover might have worked if everyone hadn't panicked. There is more murmuring. Gordon says he takes full responsibility for the loss of the company. He then tells the board members that he has already put into effect plans which have led to an increase in orders of 18%, and the shareprice has risen by 2c this morning. He tells the board that he wants to continue in his position, but he'll only proceed if there is no more interference, and he has the unequivocal support of the whole board. He says it's not about whether Richard Coleman takes his chair - he just wants a vote of confidence, but if it's not unanimous, then the board can consider his resignation tendered. He sits down, and a worried Fiona tells him that he's given Wayne exactly what he needs to get rid of him. Gordon replies that he needs unanimity. Paul stands up and proposes a motion declaring confidence in Ramberg's MD. Fiona seconds the proposal, and Paul then says, "Gentlemen?" He looks round the table. The first board member nods his head, as does the second. Fiona then nods her head, and Gordon smiles at her. Paul looks at the board member next to him, who also nods. All eyes are then on Wayne. Gordon stares at him. Wayne pauses, and then says, "You have my vote." Paul announces, "The motion is carried." Gordon looks relieved.


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