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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

The next morning, Wendy is up early, but finds Barbara standing waiting for her in the lounge. Barbara tells her daughter that she'd like a word, and she goes on to say that she's never been so disgusted as she was last night. Wendy replies that it wouldn't have mattered when Barbara had told her the news - she'd still have felt the same. She accuses Barbara of running after another man only six months after Roland's death. Barbara replies that she and Roland were very close, and she'd never have dreamed of there being anyone else, but Gordon was very kind to her when Roland died, and she was grateful to him for his genuineness. Wendy says that isn't a very good reason to marry him. Barbara says she hoped Wendy would make an attempt at understanding the situation. She adds that it was because of Roland that she realised she could love someone else so soon. Wendy comments about her mother replacing Roland with Gordon. Barbara says she hoped Wendy would be happy, but Wendy again accuses her mother of not leaving a decent time between relationships. Barbara says she and Gordon are getting married despite what Wendy or anyone else says. She warns Wendy not to be rude to Gordon again, but Wendy snaps that she's not having anything to do with him.

At Dural, Rosie remarks to Gordon that Gayle didn't say much yesterday about Wendy Armstrong. She asks Gordon how he found her, but Gordon replies that he hardly spoke to her. Paul comes in, and Gordon asks him if he can arrange for a courier to deliver the agenda for the board meeting to Fiona. Paul agrees to do this, and heads off, saying good morning to Gayle as he passes her. She sourly says good morning back. She then tells Rosie that she's not sure if she should go to Barbara's today, as she doesn't feel good. Rosie asks her in what way, and Gayle replies that she feels off. Rosie, though, tells her that she has to go to Barbara's unless she's really sick. She adds that Gayle's to be nice to Wendy. Gayle reluctantly goes, and Rosie comments to Gordon that she's sure her granddaughter will be alright, as she thinks she's just upset over the dog. Gordon, though, tells Rosie that Wendy can be less than tactful.

Wendy is dressed for sunbathing when Gayle arrives, and she says she'll be out by the pool with Barbara if anyone calls. Before she heads outside, she tells Gayle to get rid of the dog bowl with 'Millstone' printed on it. Gayle puts her apron on, and then hears Millstone barking. Outside, Wendy is reclining on a sun lounger, with Barbara doing likewise nearby. Wendy comments on how it's warmer than New York, which prompts Barbara to ask her daughter why she came back. Wendy replies that things haven't been good with Vince, as he got jealous of her success. She adds that it happened just after Roland died, which is why she didn't say anything before. She goes onto explain that her career took off, but Vince's didn't, and he became more and more jealous, until eventually he walked out. Barbara remarks that Vince didn't seem that type of bloke. Wendy goes on to say that she also fancied a change of pace, as she wants to relax a bit. At this point, Gayle comes over to the two women and Wendy says a drink would be nice. Gayle ignores her, and says Millstone - Milton - has been rolling around in the manure out the back, and he needs a wash. Wendy suggests Gayle gives him a bath, then, but Gayle replies that she thought Milton was Wendy's dog! Barbara agrees that her daughter really should do the honours...!

Later, at Dural, Barbara tells Gordon that the look on Wendy's face was a picture! She asks how Gayle has been around Dural, and Gordon replies that it's been quite hard going with Paul, but Paul's not letting Gayle get to him. Barbara remarks on how she and Gordon are good at solving other people's problems, but not their own. She goes on to say that she and Wendy were never really close, and her daughter will probably never totally approve of the two of them. Gordon says they won't let it affect them.

Paul arrives at the boarding house, and sees Kerry washing Fiona's car. He tells her that he's going for a swim, and he invites Kerry to join him, but she declines. She adds that he should talk to Fiona first. Paul duly goes inside, and a few minutes later, Fiona finishes telling him about about how, when Kerry found out he knows Rob and Angela, she thought he'd be against her. Paul remarks on how Kerry seemed so nice the other day - not the type to dump a baby. Fiona says it seems to her, that Paul is reacting exactly as Kerry expected. Paul says he can't understand a mother giving up her child, but Fiona tells him that Kerry hasn't had it easy, as she has little money or friends, she had a child to look after, and she never got to go out. Paul agrees that it's hard. Fiona says giving up Domine took a lot of courage, but Kerry still cries herself to sleep. Paul says he didn't realise. Fiona changes the subject, saying she'll get some coffee, and then Paul can explain the board papers to her.

At Susan's, Angela emerges from Domine's room to find Wayne sitting on the couch. He explains that he's brought Susan over to collect some more clothes. Angela asks him why he's down there, sponging off Patricia. In reply, Wayne brings up the fact that Angela hasn't even visited her mother since she's been sick. Angela just says Patricia has John, and doesn't need her. Susan comes back in with her clothes, and Angela asks her how things are. Susan says they're fine, and she suggests Angela come and see for herself. She adds that she's a nurse, so she's not being taken in.

Back at the South Yarra house, Wayne asks Susan what she's been doing with Patricia's mail, and Susan replies that she's been passing it to John. Wayne asks if there have been any Ramberg communications, and Susan says she's been putting them in a file, awaiting Patricia's recovery. Wayne says he'll have a look. He asks Susan about the envelope she picked up on the way in, and asks if he can have a look. Susan reluctantly hands it over. Wayne opens it, and, upon reading the contents, says it's the papers for a board meeting. He adds that Patricia won't be there. That reminds Susan that it's time for her to check on her patient, so she starts to go upstairs. Wayne asks her where the Ramberg file is, and Susan points it out in one of the cupboards. Wayne says he'll talk to Patricia and let her know that he'll take care of everything, as it'll be a weight off her mind.

As Kerry heads back into her room, Fiona nabs her, and invites her for lunch. Kerry says she isn't hungry, but Fiona persuades her to join her anyway. Kerry remarks on Paul having left, and Fiona says he's gone to the beach. She adds that he's a nice boy. Kerry says she supposes so. She asks Fiona if she's heard from Rob and Angela. Fiona tells her to sit down. Kerry realises Fiona has heard something, and Fiona admits that she was talking to them yesterday. Kerry asks if Domine is OK, and Fiona assures her that she's fine, but then goes on to explain about Rob and Angela deciding to apply for legal custody of the child. Kerry says it's the sensible thing to do, and she's been expecting it. She suddenly breaks down in tears, though, and Fiona comforts her.

At the South Yarra house, Wayne is looking through some papers when Patricia comes down. He asks her how she's feeling, and she replies that she's alright. He then tells her that there's a Ramberg board meeting tomorrow, and Gordon's head is on the block. He adds that it looks like Fiona's going to get her own way over things, but Patricia says she doesn't care. Wayne says they have to do something to look after her interests. Patricia says she'll leave it to John. Wayne goes out into the hall, and when he's sure he can't be overheard, he makes a call - to Richard Coleman at the Melbourne branch of Ramberg. He tells Coleman that he heard before he left Sydney, that he's challenging Gordon for his job. Coleman says he just wants what's best for the company. Wayne tells Coleman that Patricia thinks he's the best man for the job, but she's not well enough to attend the meeting. He asks Coleman if he could attend in her place, and act as her proxy. Coleman agrees that that's fine, as long as Wayne gets Patricia's written permission. Wayne gratiatingly says, "Then I think I can help you, Richard..."

At the Armstrong residence, Barbara tells Gayle that she's done a good job cleaning the chest in the bedroom. Gayle offers Wendy some lunch, but Wendy says the smell of the dog would probably put her off. Gayle heads off to the kitchen. Wendy comments to her mother that Gayle isn't a bad kid. Barbara explains that Gayle hasn't had life handed to her on a plate. She then tells her daughter that Milton's going to want some lunch - not just from a tin, but proper, cooked meat. She also reminds her that it's the dog's first obedience class tomorrow. Wendy admits that she can begin to understand why her mother nicknamed the dog 'Millstone'. Barbara then says she's going to invite Gordon around again in the near future, and she'd like Wendy to be more sociable. She asks Wendy to promise to make more of an effort, but Wendy says she won't necessarily like him.

At Dural, Gordon emerges from the study, and asks Rosie, who's cleaning in the hall, if Paul's home. Rosie ignores him. Gordon tells her to give Paul a break, as she can't blame him for Wayne moving out. Gayle comes in, smiling, and Rosie remarks on how she doesn't look crook anymore! Gayle explains that she didn't want to see Wendy, earlier, but she then goes on to tell Rosie about Millstone and the manure! Rosie laughs, but warns Gayle not to become bad friends with Wendy, as she doesn't want Barbara to be upset. Gayle says she's going to hang onto the dog bowl, as Wendy won't be around forever... Gordon has found Paul, and the two of them are in the lounge. Paul is talking about how he's going to buy the yacht, as there's nothing like going out sailing to help you unwind. Gordon asks if Fiona got the agenda, and Paul replies that he delivered it himself. Rosie asks if Patricia is coming up for the meeting, but Gordon says he doubts she's well enough. Rosie says she thinks it's all an act, and she adds that she doesn't know how John puts up with it. Gordon says he can deal with the business challenge, but not with a personal vendetta.

Wayne asks Patricia to sign a piece of paper, which will allow him to take care of her business interests. Patricia says John takes care of them, but Wayne points out that John is part of the Ramberg management, and it puts him in a difficult position if he has to make board decisions. He adds that Patricia should know he'd do what's best for her. Patricia still says she wants to talk to John, and so Wayne counters by saying that John would be glad to get rid of the chore of having to look after her interests, as it's been getting him down. Patricia says John is good to her. Wayne assures her that he wouldn't mind doing it, as he'd like to pull his weight. Patricia starts to say, "Well, perhaps if I..." but Wayne shoves the paper under her nose and asks her to sign it. Patricia duly signs, and Wayne says he can't wait to see Gordon's expression when he turns up at the board meeting. He gives Patricia a peck on the cheek and says, "Thankyou, mother - it's all in good hands..."


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