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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

David is at the truck depot when Rob catches up with him. David says he's glad he has a half day tomorrow. They start talking about the next jobs they both have coming up, and then get onto the subject of how it's hard for independent drivers at the moment, and how the majority of work is being given to Southern Freight's own staff. David tells Rob that there's plenty of work around if you know where to look for it. Changing the subject, Rob tells David that he called into the Palmer house earlier, and caught up with Doug. David says he'll handle it.

At Susan's, Rob tells Angela that David won't admit it, but he knows he's in for a tough time. He adds that, considering it was David who got him the job, it's a real pity that he's now missing out because he's getting the work. Angela asks Rob if he can take a look at Domine, as she's been grisly, and has been asking for Kerry. Rob asks Angela what she said to the girl, but Angela replies that she wanted to talk to him first. Rob says Domine will forget about Kerry eventually, but Angela says it's a wory that Kerry has turned up again. Rob says Fiona is pretty sure Kerry has made her decision and will stick to it, but he adds that it may be a good idea if he and Angela do something to ensure things stay as they are. Angela asks, "Apply for custody?" Rob asks Angela if she'd mind, and she replies, "Of course not."

David gets home, and finds Beryl and Doug in the kitchen. Beryl asks him how his day was, but he just says, "So so." He notices that Beryl has a new blouse on, and she tells him that she finished it this morning. Doug chips in that it's a good job Beryl's making her own clothes, what with money becoming tight. He then tells David that Rob came over today. David explains that he saw him at the depot. Doug goes off to his room without saying anything more, leaving a surprised David to tell Beryl that he was expecting a lecture. Beryl remarks that there's something funny going on with Doug, but David says his father is just going soft. Beryl tells him about the groceries that Doug bought, and says she thinks he's building up to staying on. David says there's no way that's happening, and he points out that all his father's mates are up in Queensland. Beryl's convinced she's right.

There's a knock at Fiona's - it's Gordon. She invites him in, and tells him that Richard Coleman caught her at the crack of dawn this morning. Gordon says Coleman is after his job. Fiona says she's been ringing round the board members, trying to drum up support for him. Gordon tells her, "You are a marvel!" He says it'll be close, as he's taken a lot of flak for the way things have been going. Fiona remarks that if Richard Coleman had taken over from Hal Mason, the Ramberg shareprice wouldn't be worth the paper it was written on now. She suddenly notices how calm Gordon is about the whole thing, and he explains that that's Barbara's influence.

Barbara gives Gayle a book as they walk up to the Armstrong house. As they get there, they see a woman arguing with a taxi driver. Barbara recognises the woman as her daughter, Wendy, who, when she sees her mother, says she doesn't have any Australian dollars, and the taxi driver's threatening to call the police. Barbara offers to pay, and the driver releases Wendy's bags from the boot of his cab. Barbara then introduces Gayle and Wendy to each other, and Wendy apologises for her performance just then. She says she thought New York cabbies were bad enough. The three women go inside, where Wendy comments that the old place hasn't changed in two years. Barbara remarks on her daughter's success, but Wendy says success can get boring. Barbara asks Gayle to prepare some lunch, and to sort out Wendy's room. Wendy asks Gayle if she works there, and then says she thought Gayle was a friend of the family or something. She says she won't have anything to eat, and asks Gayle to just prepare her room. Gayle stomps off. Wendy says it's good to be off the 'plane. Barbara remarks on her daughter suddenly coming home, as she was doing so well in New York. Wendy realises how 'tired' she is, and she goes off to get some sleep, telling her mother that they can speak some more when she wakes up.

Lynn has packed some clothes for her photo shoot, and says she hopes she has all she needs. Noticing that Kevin looks depressed, she asks him what's up, and Kevin replies that he's seen some mates, and they're all going for interviews. Lynn tells Kevin that he'll be able to do that next year, but Kevin points out that he still needs a job for the next twelve months. Doug chips in that he was talking to Vic Hardy about the bank, but Kevin snaps that he doesn't want to work in a bank - he wants to be a journalist. Doug points out that the bank is secure, but Kevin just repeats that he's not interested. He storms off, and Lynn tells Doug that it's been a big disappointment for her husband. Doug suddenly gives Lynn a piece of paper with an address on it for studio portraits. A surprised Lynn thanks Doug. Doug tells her that they can't have her wasting money.

On the 'phone to Fiona, Rob says he and Angela have decided to go to their solicitor and arrange for legal custody of Domine. He explains that he was going to write a letter to Kerry to tell her, but he thought it might be better coming from her. Fiona sarcastically remarks on how she gets all the 'good' jobs. She agrees to do it, but says she might wait a while, as Kerry probably couldn't cope with it at the moment. Rob says Kerry must have known that they'd want legal custody eventually, but Fiona points out that knowing and accepting it are two different things. Rob just says he's made up his mind. He suggests that maybe it would be better if he wrote a letter, but Fiona assures him that she'll speak to Kerry - she just wants to pick her time. The call comes to an end, and Angela asks Rob what the problem was. Rob explains about how Fiona tried to stall, and put him off going to the solicitor's. He suddenly recalls what Jill said about Fiona being reluctant to let go of Domine in the first place, and says this would be a good way of getting the girl back again. Angela, though, says she can't see it. Rob says he doesn't want to take the chance, and he asks Angela to ring the solicitor tomorrow. Angela says Fiona is a good friend. Rob just says he won't be happy until it's all signed, sealed and delivered.

David pulls up in his truck at the depot, and John comes over to him and asks him to help move a tea chest to Jill's. David agrees, and John says he'll buy some beers afterwards. He tells David that he saw Margaret again yesterday, and has a lot to fill him in on.

David and John put the tea chest down in Jill's apartment, and John goes to get some beers from the 'fridge, saying it's easier to talk there than at the pub. David asks John if he got the full story from Margaret, and John says he did, apart from his father's name. David asks John if he's still interested, and John says he is, because he wants to hear his father's side of things. David points out to John that if he doesn't know the bloke's name, he can't track him down. John tells David that he thought he might know. He says there must have been other men after Patricia at the same time as David. David, though, says it was twenty years ago. John asks him to think. David eventually says he used to see Patricia at the local dance, but he didn't really know her until one night, they started talking, and they were suddenly going out - but he doesn't know of any other blokes. John tells David about what Margaret said about Patricia really loving him when they ran away. David says it's forgotten now. He tells John to just leave it, as the bloke probably wouldn't like John turning up out of the blue. John, though, says he can't stop looking. David snaps, "Suit yourself."

Gayle tells Barbara that she's going, and she leaves. Wendy joins Barbara in the lounge, having woken up. Barbara asks her if she'd like her to put Gordon off, so they can spend some time together, but Wendy tells her mother not to bother on her account. Barbara says she thought they could catch up, but Wendy says there's plenty of time. She then tells Barbara that she's sorry she didn't come home for the funeral, but Barbara replies that she didn't expect her to. Wendy remarks on how Barbara always could handle things. Barbara admits that the funeral was a strain, and she ended up taking refuge at Gordon Hamilton's property in the country. Wendy repeats that she's sorry she wasn't there, and adds that one of them should have been. Barbara worries about Wendy being upset, but Wendy says she's fine, and she decides to go out and get some fresh air.

Gayle is sitting outside, talking to Millstone, who she tells to stay put, and not follow her home again. Wendy overhears this, and asks Gayle what she called the dog. Gayle replies that it was 'Millstone' - a nickname. Wendy says she doesn't like it. Gayle says she and Barbara enroled Millstone in obedience classes today. Wendy tells Gayle to let her know when the first class is, so that she can be there. Gayle looks disappointed. She gets up to go home, leaving Wendy to tell 'Milton' to stay.

When Gayle gets back to Dural, she calls for Rosie, but Gordon tells her that she's in the flat, having a night off.

Barbara tells Gordon that Millstone will be a one day wonder for Wendy. She goes to pour some drinks called 'Old Fashions', which, she tells Gordon, are good ol' American drinks! Gordon asks where Wendy is, and Barbara replies that she's changing in her room. She tells Gordon that she's put some of Wendy's photos on the table for him to look at. Gordon looks at them, and is impressed. Barbara remarks on how Wendy was always an effort as a child, and she required pampering, which Roland looked after. He gave Wendy a camera when she was 15, and encouraged her with her photography. Gordon tells Barbara that he likes being there with her, as she helps him take his mind off his worries with the board. He looks at her fondly and strokes her face. Wendy suddenly comes in, sees what's going on, and snaps, "I do have a lot to catch up on." Barbara introduces Gordon as her fiancé, explaining that they're getting married when his divorce comes through. Looking thoroughly displeased, Wendy walks off, back to her room. Gordon looks at Barbara in concern.


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