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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

John walks over to Patricia, and Patricia tells him she saw him with Martin. John asks to explain, but Patricia starts to walk off. She then stops, and tells John that he must hate her, too, now. John asks why should he? Patricia replies that, after what Martin said... John says it made no difference. Patricia says she can't believe Martin was there. John asks her to come inside.

At the Palmer house, Beryl remarks that she can't believe Patricia's got Angela on-side again. Rob agrees. He explains that, while Angela's seeing her mother, he's come over to collect Domine. Beryl says the child's in bed, as she seemed to be very tired. Rob explains that Domine has been having dreams about Kerry. Beryl replies that he can't expect Domine to forget her mother quickly. She goes off to get the girl. David asks how things went with the solicitor, and Rob replies that the solicitor is going to write a letter to Kerry to make it all official. Beryl comes back in, and Rob takes Domine from her. He says he hopes Angela's not going to be at Patricia's every day now, because he doesn't want Patricia mixed up in their lives again.

At the South Yarra house, Susan comes off the 'phone to John, and Angela asks why Patricia is at Jill's. Susan says she doesn't know, and she adds that she doesn't feel great about having left her. Angela asks where Wayne is, and Susan replies that he's out on business. Angela increduloulsy says she can't believe Wayne would work when he's got Patricia to sponge off. Susan remarks on how much Angela appears to dislike Wayne, and Angela replies that the feeling's mutual. Susan says Wayne has been alright to her, and he's shown concern for Patricia. Angela says that's only because he wants something out of it. She then says she hopes Patricia snaps out of her condition soon, as it's been nearly a month.

At Jill's, Patricia and John are having a heated discussion about Martin. Patricia wants to know what he said, but John replies that they just talked. Patricia says she thought Martin might lie about her. She asks John not to see Martin again, and tries to make him promise. John just tells Patricia that he loves her, and that won't change, so she should stop worrying.

Doug is playing with Davey when the 'phone rings. It's Fiona, who's calling to check what time Lynn's flight is due in, so she can pick her up. Doug replies that she'll be there shortly after 5pm. He reminds Fiona that Lynn will be taking Davey with her, but Fiona assures him that the child will be well looked after. Doug asks her if she has a bassinet, and Fiona exasperatedly says she's borrowed one. Doug asks her if she has any pets, and Fiona says there aren't any. He then asks about noise, and Fiona assures him that it's a very quiet place. She adds that, if he's that worried, perhaps he should come as nursemaid. Doug starts spouting off, but then changes his mind, and agrees that perhaps that's not such a bad idea. Kerry lets herself into Fiona's, having fetched in some shopping. Fiona ends her call, and then, upon examining the contents of the shopping, she realises she didn't give Kerry enough money to cover it all. Kerry, though, says she had a bit, so it didn't matter. Fiona insists on paying, though, and hands over another $5.50. Kerry tells Fiona that noone has ever been as good to her as she has - even her parents. She explains that they were good to her, but they were ashamed of her when she fell pregnant with Domine. That's one of the reasons she left, and she hasn't seen them since. Fiona tells Kerry that her parents must be concerned, and she suggests a letter home would be a good idea. Kerry tells Fiona that she's made her realise the importance of having people who care.

Angela is getting impatient as she stands waiting with Susan, when John and Patricia come in. Patricia immediately apologises to Susan, and Angela then apologises to Patricia for this morning. Patricia says she's sorry as well, but she seems to be thinking more clearly now, and she understands how Angela felt, and doesn't blame her. Patricia says she's done things, and probably deserved everything she got. She tells Angela that she's still very important to her, and asks her not to think too badly of her. She and Angela hug.

Lynn is preparing for her flight, and Beryl tells her that she's glad Fiona's looking after her. Lynn says she's excited, but she still doesn't really want to leave Kevin and the Palmers for two weeks. Beryl tells Lynn that she'd be silly not to go, and adds that Kevin will survive. At that moment, Kevin comes in, feeding Davey his bottle. He reminds Lynn to visit the chip shop they found last time they were up there! Lynn tells her husband that she wishes he was coming. David tells Lynn to get a wriggle on, or she'll miss her flight. Doug suddenly walks into the kitchen and says he's ready. David asks him what for, and Doug replies that he's going to Sydney. Beryl tells him that he can't just land on Fiona, but Doug explains that Fiona invited him. David asks him why he wants to go, and Doug replies that he'll be able to keep an eye on Lynn and Davey, plus he hasn't been to Sydney since the war, and he'll also be able to see Rosie, and buck up some of her funny ideas about gardening. Lynn looks distinctly unimpressed.

Beryl finds Davey's teddy on the floor, and realises Lynn forgot it. She remarks to David on how quiet the house is. David says he thinks that's because Doug has gone. He adds that he doesn't think Lynn was happy about it. Beryl says she thinks the fact that Doug has gone to Sydney with Lynn means he wants to stay on with them for a while, as he wouldn't spend all that money otherwise. David agrees that he and his father are getting on better now, but says Doug still drives him crazy!

Lynn, Doug and Fiona get into the boarding house, with Fiona carrying Davey. She tells Lynn that she and Davey will be in the spare room. Doug asks where he should put his stuff, and Fiona tells him that he'll have to have the folding bed in the main room. Doug says he can doss down anywhere. Fiona suggests to him that they go up and get the spare bed from Bunty and Thel. She suddenly realises that Davey needs changing, and hands him back to his mother. Lynn says she thinks she'll use disposable nappies while she's away from home. Doug starts ranting about those sort of nappies being bad for the baby's skin, but Lynn snaps that they're fine.

A short while later, Doug and Fiona are carrying the spare bed into Fiona's room, when Fiona sees Kerry coming along the corridor, and she introduces her to Doug. Doug asks where he's heard that name before, and Fiona explains that Kerry is Domine's mother. Doug says, "Oh, I see," and he walks off with the bed. Kerry asks Fiona if Doug is related to Rob and Angela, and Fiona explains that he's Angela's grandfather. Kerry says that at least she knows what he thinks of her, but Fiona tells her that Doug is a bigot from way back. Kerry says she can't blame him, but Fiona tells her to snap out of that attitude.

Walking back into her room, Fiona angrily asks Doug who he thinks he is. Doug says he's surprised Fiona will have Kerry here, and he adds that the way she dumped her baby makes her as bad as Patricia. Fiona snaps that as long as Doug is staying in her home, he'll have to get on with Kerry. She tells him that he has no right to sit in judgement, so he should keep his mouth shut. Doug agrees that he won't say anything, but he tells Fiona that she can't expect him to like Kerry. He adds that Fiona is too soft-hearted. Fiona growls that she can be as hard as nails when she needs to...

The next morning, Doug carries a breakfast tray to Fiona's bedroom, and knocks on her door. He calls to ask her if she's awake, and she annoyedly says she is now. She opens the door, and says this had better be because there's a fire. Doug tells her that he's made her breakfast. Fiona groans that it's too early for food. She asks Doug how come he's up so early, and Doug replies that he's already been down to the pier, and when he came back and found she wasn't up, he assumed she'd overslept, and decided to get on with breakfast. He asks if he should bring it in, but Fiona says she'll go and eat it in the kitchen. She finds Lynn in there as well, and explains that she couldn't sleep last night, so she read, and then watched TV for a while. Doug says it kept him awake half the night. Fiona asks him why he didn't sleep in, then. Doug says he did - it was well after 6am when he got up! He asks Lynn if she's ready, and Lynn says she is, just about. Doug goes off to get Davey, leaving Fiona to ask Lynn when Doug usually rises. Lynn replies that it's about 5:30am! She adds that at least Kevin got a lie-in, as he didn't have Davey to wake him up. Fiona asks Lynn if she misses her husband, and Lynn replies that it's the first time they've been apart since the wedding - apart from when she gave birth, although she still saw him every day then. She says she can't believe they're going to be apart for a whole two weeks.

John is at the South Yarra house, waiting to talk to Patricia. Susan tells him that she was up and wandering round last night, so if she sleeps in, it won't be a bad thing. Patricia comes down at that moment, though, and Susan goes off to get breakfast. Patricia says to John that she doesn't know what Martin told him, but she realised last night that it's time to tell him the truth from her side of the story. John says he has an idea what it's about - how Patricia thought of getting rid of him and Angela before they were born. He tells Patricia that he doesn't blame her, as it would have been tough for an unmarried mother. Patricia says she wanted to keep her baby - or babies, as it turned out - but Martin insisted. She explains to John that she and Martin had been going out, and he was the first man she went with. She was gullible enough to think he'd leave his wife for her, but when he discovered she was pregnant, he changed, and became angry and cold. She was frightened, but agreed to go away and have the termination. John says that's not what Martin told him, and Patricia replies that of course it isn't. John rhetorically asks if Martin has conned him, but Patricia just carries on with her story. She says she agreed to the termination, but didn't really want to do it. She couldn't go to her parents, so she persuaded Margaret to help her. They arranged for her to go to a dance, and then slip out. John asks where David comes into it, and Patricia replies that David was at the dance. He had been after her for months, but she had been with Martin all that time. John asks Patricia if she saw David as a way out. Patricia says she knew David would stand by her if he thought he was the father. She tells John that, by the time she and David ran away to Sydney, they loved each other very much. She then sadly says that David will never love her again, and John quietly says, "No." He puts his arm around his mother, and Patricia tells him that she was so frightened he wouldn't understand. John says he has one question: after going through all that, why leave him? Patricia tells John that it was because he reminded her of Martin, and she hated him. John tells her that it's alright.


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