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    Written by: Christine V. Schofield   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Beryl tells David that they need a day out, to give them a chance to forget their bickering. She suggests a family picnic, but David says he doesn't know. Beryl asks him if he has a better idea, but David just says to leave it until later. Beryl remarks on how he hasn't eaten any dinner, and how he's burying his head in the paper - anything to avoid talking about the real problem. David says it's something he has to sort out by himself. Beryl tells him she hopes it's sorted by the time Doug returns. David suddenly blurts out, "I'm not their father. Angela and John - they're not my kids."

At the boarding house, Jill shows Fiona some photos of her picnic with John, telling her that she had a great time. She then tells Fiona that she has something she wants to talk to her about. She explains about going to live with John, and she asks Fiona to understand. After a pause, Fiona says it's wonderful! - she's just surprised! Jill says that, after the way she and John were in Melbourne, she thought Fiona might have guessed, but Fiona points out that she had other things on her mind. Jill explains that as soon as she and John saw each other, they realised they had to do something. Fiona says she's thrilled for both Jill and John, and adds that it's about time they got together. She says she bets Beryl and David are pleased. Jill replies that Beryl is, but David? With the way he was when they got back from the picnic, who knows...?

Beryl asks David again about Patricia not wanting to reveal the real father, but David says he doesn't really want to know, anyway. Beryl asks him if the clinic could have made a mistake, but David replies that he can't kid himself. He goes to the 'fridge to get a beer. Beryl asks why Patricia didn't say anything earlier, when she wanted revenge. David explains that she was scared that John and Angela would hate her for lying. Beryl asks David when Patricia told him, and David tells her about Patricia turning up and seeing her outside the twins' 21st birthday party. Beryl asks him why he didn't say anything, and David replies that he thought Patricia was lying - although he wasn't sure. Beryl says she doesn't understand it - why did Patricia say David was the twins' father in the first place? David says Patricia needed a father for the babies.

A short while later, David tells Beryl that he's scared of what will happen when John and Angela find out. Beryl agrees that they'll have to be told. David says he loves them both. He decides to hang on for the right time before he says anything.

The next morning, John is woken up by Patricia playing loud music on the radio. He finds her sitting on the settee, and he asks her if she's OK. Patricia replies that she's tired, as she didn't get much sleep. John tells her that he's worried about her. He asks her if there are things that she's keeping to herself, but Patricia just tells him not to fuss, as she's fine. She says she'll go for a lie-down. John asks her if she'll be alright. Patricia replies, "Nothing a few sleeping pills won't fix." John tells her that he'll call in and check on her at lunchtime.

Patricia is lying awake in bed. She sits up and tips a couple of sleeping pills into her hand from a bottle on the bedside table. She takes them with some water and then lies back.

At Dural, Gayle asks Rosie how she looks, and Rosie replies, "You'll do!" Paul comes into the room behind Gayle, and tells her that she looks great, but Gayle ignores him. She tells Rosie that she wants to go and see Barbara - well, Millstone, really. Rosie tells her that she should wait until she's invited, but Gayle says she wouldn't have to do that if she had her own dog. Rosie reminds Gayle of what she said about that. Paul offers Gayle a lift, but she snaps that she'd rather take the bus. She goes out, leaving Paul looking annoyed.

At the boarding house, Paul tells Fiona that things are getting to be a pain in the neck - he came back from Newcastle all set to be positive, but then he struck Wayne, Rosie and Gayle - enough to make anyone miserable! Fiona tells Paul that, since she's known him again, he's always been confused, what with Angela, Patricia, the church, Wayne, Rosie, Gayle... She suggests he stop worrying, and start living. Be positive! Paul tells Fiona that she missed her vocation! Fiona asks, "Nun?!" Paul says he meant a psychologist! He smiles, and Fiona tells him to keep it up!

John asks Beryl for her help, as he wants to find a place for Jill, and she'd know the sort of place a woman would like. After chiding John for his chauvanist comment, Beryl remarks that he doesn't look too chirpy. John explains that he thinks Patricia's really sick. Beryl asks in what way, but John just asks her if she's ever known anyone who's had a breakdown. Beryl says she thinks Patricia's putting on an act, and she suggests to John that he should call the doctor. She adds that she can't feel any sympathy for Patricia, as she brought it on herself.

Patricia is lying in bed, awake. She sits up, tips another couple of sleeping pills into her hand, and then takes them with some sips of water. She lies back down again.

Jill and Fiona arrive back at the boarding house after having a celebration lunch. Jill is the worse for wear! They go into Fiona's room, and Jill remarks that she'll just be a visitor after today. Fiona suggests coffee. Jill tells Fiona that she's going to miss the place - and her. Fiona says Jill will be too busy. Jill suddenly breaks down, and tells Fiona that if it wasn't for her, she'd still be out there wondering if there was someone who at least cared about her. Fiona bursts into tears as well, and jokes that she wasn't going to do that until Jill had gone. They hug. Fiona says she doesn't want to spoil things for Jill, and she's happy that she's going to be with John, but she's going to miss her so much.

Patricia is sitting back down on the settee when John comes in. Patricia asks him why he's there, and John reminds her that he said he'd call in at lunchtime. He asks her if she's OK. Patricia replies that she tried to get some sleep, but the sleeping pills just made her light-headed. John suggests to her that she see a doctor, but Patricia snaps that she's not ill - just tired. John tells her that he doesn't like seeing her like this, but Patricia just snaps that he shouldn't be around there so much, then. She immediately apologises. She asks John to go and get the sleeping pills from her room, as a couple more might help her get some sleep. John says he'll listen if it'll help, whatever it is. Patricia just repeats her request for the pills.

Gayle enters Dural in a bad mood, complaining about having homework to do. Rosie tells her that hard work will be good for her, but Gayle complains that the teacher picks on her. Rosie points out to Gayle that, if she does the work, the teacher won't have anything to complain about. Paul comes in and tells Gayle that he heard her say she wants a dog. He tells her that, if Gordon and Rosie agree, he'll take her to the pound and buy her one. Gayle snaps that sucking up with presents won't work, and she storms out. Rosie calls after her, but she's gone. Paul says to Rosie that he's tried of trying to do the right thing - he thinks everyone should be smiling, and he's going to make a start!

Patricia wakes up on the settee. She tips a couple of sleeping pills into her hand and takes them, washing them down with more water. She stands up, but looks woozy. She heads into her bedroom, taking the pills with her. She sits down on her bed, thinking for a few seconds. She then tips a couple more pills into her hand and takes them. She then takes another few pills, and gets into bed. She lies down with the bottle of pills in her hand. She reaches to put them on the table, but the bottle falls on its side, and some pills spill out.

Gayle visits Barbara, and asks to see Millstone. Barbara explains that the dog is round the back. Gayle admits that she actually came round to talk. She tells Barbara that she can't stand school, as the teacher picks on her - she's tried, but she doesn't think she'll ever be a secretary. She adds that shorthand is the worst. Barbara asks her if she's going to give up, but Gayle replies that she can't help it if she can't do the work. Barbara says she knows how Gayle feels, as she drifted around while she was younger, until she read in a book: "A wise man completes every task." She goes on to explain that, since then, she's always made sure she finishes everything she starts. She asks Gayle if she wants to be a secretary, but Gayle says she doesn't know. She then asks her if she'd accept a challenge from her. Gayle listens as Barbara invites her to come and work for her in her house and the garden. She adds that it'll by no means be easy. She tells Gayle that if she can start and finish it, it'll give her some idea of what she wants from life. Gayle indicates that she loves the idea. Barbara tells her that she'll have to check with Rosie first.

Rosie says it's a pity to give up the course. Gayle offers to refund the fees that Rosie paid, but Rosie says it's not the money - she just wants Gayle to get a good job. Barbara chips in that things won't be easy for Gayle at her house. She adds that she'll teach the girl everything she knows about housework, so that she's almost as good as Rosie! Rosie gives in. Barbara tells Gayle to ring the school and tell them what's happening. Gayle says she can't wait!

Patricia's hand slips down by the side of the bed. John comes in and checks on her. He suddenly notices the bottle of pills lying on the table, and calls, "Patricia!" He shakes her, calling, "Patricia!" again. He takes her arm and checks her pulse. Suddenly panicking, he rushes to the 'phone on the table by the other side of the bed, and dials the emergency services. When the call is answered, he says, "I need a doctor - someone's taken an overdose. I think she's dying..."


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